Ebrahim Bham – Purification Of The Heart #2

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of purifying oneself with the use of a spiritual impurity, and how it impacts one's health and success. They also mention the converse of small things being small and small, and how it can lead to wealth and fame. The speaker emphasizes the need for sincerity and a desire for a natural beauty.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Allah helped me bother me. Well if we bother kurata was Salatu was salam wa Salem BIA you will study while he was happy, was seldom at the Sleeman Catherine Cathy Rob, Amanda do photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem mulatos in Yo yo

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yo Malayan

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illuminata la Javier Caribbean Sally Sarah callowhill Azim respected viewers and listeners We begin by praising Almighty Allah for the favors he has bestowed upon us a praise that is equivalent to His Majesty and His greatness. We send salutation upon the greatest benefactor, upon humanity from amongst his creation, our beloved Nivea creme de la Halima selam. Continuing with our series, purification of the heart. In the first part of the series, we spoke on the importance of purification, which was one of the objectives of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. outlined in the Holy Quran. We use a key him that nebia Karim saw slim was to purify humanity from spritual Hills. To do

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with a heart. We related the ayah to Allah tala says on the Day of Judgment, neither your wealth your children will be able to help you eliminate Attila Have you Calvin sorry, except the one who comes to Allah with a clean and a pure heart. And he also narrated the Hadith that Nivea cream sauce limited, there is a flesh in the body, that is correct, the entire body is correct, if it is corrupt, the entire body is corrupt an hour here and that is the heart and we had alluded to certain aspects with regard to the heart. Continuing from them, there are many other verses which also speak about the aspect of purification of the heart. In surah, Allah subbase market of Allah Harmon aka

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Allah tala says successful are those who purify themselves from spiritual calamities, illness, and that Allah in also goes on to say that after humans are caught in spirit to chumps also something which is in a similar light, maybe a cream sauce from one day to another, they allow you to run, you have an idea in Kolkata, and to speak our tongue See, all my son, if you can, then perhaps do this whole particular aspect that that you spend a morning or evening laser physical power has shown that in your heart, there is no malice towards anyone in this universe, to so telecomm insanity, this is my way of life. And I have to assume that if I could have been he, he will loves my son, not in my

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ways loves me, and he will loves me, he will be together with me in general. So these are some aspects of it speaks about the purification of the heart. And when we go and speak about the purification of the heart, we need to speak about those attributes, which which impacts negatively on the heart. And when we look at the books of Hadith, most of the books of Hadith, they start off the compiler nation with a class insincerity in novel Mr Roubini. Yet fairly, thieves will be judged according to your intentions, and Mr. Bahari, and many have placed this idea in the beginning of the compiler ation, this would mean that perhaps a good way to start would be to start off by speaking

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about the converse, which is Ria. And I will be using this word for this purpose of today and today's today and tomorrow's program, which is to do something for the sake of name and fame and to seek someone else's pleasure other than Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a spiritual impurity and a spiritual calamity. And it is part of what we are doing to purify the heart from the spiritual calamity and impurity. But before we go there, very briefly, let me speak about the importance of the positive of this, which is to do things solely for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. To do things with your class and sincerity is the life and soul of our deeds, without which our

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deeds would not exist. Like you and I, we do sometimes seek rewards. That's why people like freebies, but what we should be doing is to seek our rewards with regard to our deeds, not from anyone else, but Allah subhana wa Tada. One of the comments

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Ways of the Emilio Salatu was Salam. He's they used to tell the tribe yakko la leukomalacia Jarrah, oh my tribe from you. We don't want any reward in Nigeria in La Jolla. Our reward is back with Allah subhanho wa Taala Nivea cream sauce and I'm speaking about this two World War II in what I call masabi okudah. in one direction, he said that congratulations be upon those who do things with sincerity, hula masabi hula, hula, they are the lanterns of guidance. When you do things with sincerity, it has a completely different type of impact. It shows it has Baraka, it has rewards it has an impact. And therefore nemea Kareem salsa and Tomas oma have to think sincerely. And if you do

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things with sincerity, even if you do little, it will suffice from you. You know, these in the books of the seal the on the iron Roma omero, in Delhi, Abu lahab, Sinhala within, you have been commanded humankind to do everything solely for the sake of Allah mentioned is made, that when this verse was revealed, the Heavens and Earth Stood Still, because of its impact that humankind has been commanded to do things solely for the sake of Allah. Now, the converse of that is real, and what is real and real means, amongst other things, showing off, amongst other things to perform deeds for other than Allah subhanho wa Taala to perform deeds for worldly benefit, or even pretentions of a display of

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virtue. It is one of the greatest spiritual calamities, and let me end up for one Hadith via Karim sawston, one day to the Sahaba and he said, I feel for you Shirky as a minor schilke and they said jasola what is minor ship? And he said Rhea, to do things for name and fame. And then they'd be a cream sauce them said, either juiciness will be a marry him, that when the people have been given, they have been recompense with regard to the deeds, and I will tell them it Habu either Latina contura, una Fredonia. Go towards those people whom you have done your good deeds for him when asked them for reward. Allah won't give you a reward. May Allah tala keep us away from reward, and that'll

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keep us away from rehab. And let Allah grant us sincerity and inshallah we will continue with us tomorrow.

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