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Muhammad West
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alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato sokola Hadith for joining us in this episode number five, our series The women that are on the messenger solo send them we will discuss the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, our mothers, and before we begin Alhamdulillah we have to, of course mentioned that today was the day of arafah we are Hajaj from all over the world they stood, they made the roof at arafa as part of the Hajj rituals, this is the holiest day of the year. We know from the Hadith the Prophet peace be upon him, mentions how Allah in His Majesty in a manner

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which befits his his His Majesty descends to the people of Allah, and he comes near to them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives him, the sins He answers they do ours, they are really the most special people on earth in those those few hours from from the word time to Maverick. And Allah subhanho wa Taala even takes this day, how beautiful to boast with the angels, Allah turns to His angels and he says he says to the angels, look at them, look at my sleeves, look at how they've come from all over the world be covered in dust, it's hot, it's you know, it's exhausting it they stand the only doing is only to praise and to please Allah Subhana Allah and Allah boasts and he feels a

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sense of of pride, majestic pride. For us pride is not admissible emotion, but to Allah subhanaw taala everything is perfect. So Alice feels the sense of divine pride when Allah says to the angels, did you Will you not the ones that said that these people would shed blood and they would cause fitna when are created Adam, and now look at them. Alice is pleased with with us as a creation. So we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala accepts from our Hajaj the acts of worship Allah except the Hajj, Maqbool Hashem abroad, maybe Hajj be accepted without any shortcomings and any defects and any mistakes. May Allah grant that as they leave the day of arafah they leave the plains of alpha, that

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Allah grants all the sins to be left behind. They all leave like newborn babies and we ask that Allah remembers this, Allah keeps us almost safe as well that the daughters of the hijab answered that I will do as I answered, that those who foster today fostered in the de vida, we pray that Allah grants us that great reward, two years of sin being forgiven, all our sins for the last year and even our future sins may be forgiven. I mean, and of course we begin with attack beat Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, on the days of read the days of the sheikh, that Allah you are the greatest for the neoma and the blessing have given us Omar Omar is obviously going through tough

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times. But when we see the Hajj it reminds us that we are part of a massive family 1.5 billion people, all focusing in one direction, the Kaaba, all believing in one Allah, all loving one prophet reciting one Quran, we ask Allah to return this unity to this oma to grant the ISA and listening to return to the mean. Will hamdulillah getting back to her deja de la unharmed? Today we will discuss those last 10 years of her life. She's 55 years old. She has now you know, she after living these 55 years, 15 years she's been married to her husband Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and when he comes to her with this news that he has been selected to be a prophet basically. And she was convinced from

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the very first day when he was not sure she was sure. And she believed in him completely. She What a great honor for her deja rhodiola on her that she is the very first Muslim of this oma the first person to believe in the prophets of Allah is Felicia, Allah mentions in the Quran, the the early converts of Islam, when Allah says acerbic. hulan are one of the forerunners to Islam, that they have the highest status of all people that have the highest status. For example, you would look at these companies like Google or Amazon, obviously, those people who invested on the very, you know, the very first day or two when the company just came into existence, you know, today they are like

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Balinese, because they saw the potential in this company. Islam is the same, the very first people who heard about the message and accepted they are the greatest people of the oma. So we asked who the first to embrace Islam, we have abubaker of the law and amongst the main, he was the best friend of the prophets of Salaam. He also grew up a childhood friend, and he immediately when he when the Prophet peace upon him mentioned to him about Islam, Abubakar immediately accepted Islam. Also, those two young boys zaidan Ali, who grew up with Ming Toad and like sons of the prophets of Salaam. They embraced Islam also immediately. But of course number one on the list is Khadija she embraced

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Islam from day one from minute one. She was she embraced Islam, and in fact, she was Islam's first financier. She was the first person to really support the prophecies on them. And that's why he continuously mentioned even after her death, but she was the first to accept Islam the first time

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To support him, the first to help in the spirit of Islam. So like this new Muslim community, only a few people embrace Islam, amongst them poor slaves amongst them, the weak, the the orphans, she would be a mother to all of them, she would use her strength, she would use her connections, he would use her business ties, she will use her a fortune, basically, to, to spin on the oma. And this takes its toll on her. On her personally, on her physically on her wealth, she bankrupt her business. So she was the wealthiest woman in Makkah, she would spin in these 10 years, all of her wealth in the service of the day, even her jewelry basically giving up for the sake of the dean, she

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takes on the toll, you know, the burden upon her, she's a woman 5510 years later, I mean, she's 65 when she passes away, so she's a woman that is quite old. And she goes through persecution. Also, if we imagine and not much Hadith are mentioned about this time, but you can imagine a lady like Khadija she grew up, you know, in a well established family she always had, she was always part of high society. Now she's being ostracized. Now her best friends are talking about the gossiping about, they're laughing at her, you know, people don't want to do business with people that she grew up all her life, or looking at her in a bad way. Yet she takes all of this abuse, and she, you know,

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takes it with the the decorum and the dignity and the elegance of the woman that she was, she doesn't speak out, she didn't curse anyone, but she continues, and she continues to support her husband, also something which is quite hurtful to her, you know, a person might be able to take abuse on yourself, you can sometimes take abuse, when you see your kids being suffered, going through hardship, and your kids are suffering. There is a breaking point for many of us as parents, our own kids, of course, will not speed, the abuse, when when they when the crush, you know wants to harm the prophets of Salaam, they couldn't harm him, of course, they would target his family, they

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will target his family and that's why the debate the family of the prophets, Allah, they be the hardship of the Navy as well. They are the ones that also go through the difficulty and that's why we commemorate them and praise them because they suffer along with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when the prophets message was known, and the people got to know of his message, his daughter, Zainab, who had been married, her husband rejected Islam. So she became a string, she embraced Islam, but her husband kept her basically from her mother and her father, because he wasn't Muslim, the other Daughters of Khadija

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Rokia and Uncle foom they will engage to two young men of the kurush. And when news came, obviously about Islam, these you know, the men that mean that they were supposed to marry publicly broke off the engagement insulted them, and you know, belittle them. So as a mother to see your daughter's being publicly humiliated like this, we must be very, very difficult for her. But again, she was that strength and she encouraged him but this, this abuse they're taking is for the sake of Allah, she didn't cave she didn't give in. She didn't tell the prophets of Allah, you know, you need to stop now. You need to compromise a new mission, she continued to support her husband. And just a

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side note here after little clay Yeah, who was about to be married when, when her fiance broke off the engagement in a very humiliating way. The profits are seldom looked at his followers, and he chose a spouse chose someone that he felt would be good for her. And as far as we shouldn't be shy to do this, we should go out and look for suitable young, meaningful, suitable men for our, our sisters and our daughters. So he finds one of his followers by a man, you know, a man by the name of with man, even a fan, the great Sahabi, the man who would become the third Caleb of Islam, one of the very first people to embrace Islam, a man of great caliber and character, the kind of man that

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he was. So the Prophet proposals on behalf of his daughter Rukia. So if man accepts and they get married, and the prophets of Salaam is standing with Zaid one day, and he sees his daughter, and man, they just got married. So basically in the honeymoon phase, and they obviously only have eyes for each other and they smiling and they laughing, and the Prophet sisters aid. Have you ever seen a cute couple and the two of them, look at them how cute they are? soft side, you know, even in spite of the persecution, they're going through the soft moments that we know about. And things are tough, and there was no way out from the persecution except that many of the Sahaba many of the early

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converts, they actually leave Makkah, and they travel all the way to Africa, to to a country called ever senior today. It's called Ethiopia. They leave Makkah they leave their homes, they make the trip to ever senior to live in this country. Because the king of ever senior Nigeria, he was a Christian man of extremely great character. He was a fee and just men never harmed anyone. And his Christian faith. He was a very devout Christian. And when the refugees the young, the new Muslims came to his country, he protected them and he looked after them amongst those who lift maca is the daughter of the Prophet little clay. So the family is torn in half. Yeah, you've got Zainab.

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Not visiting anymore. You've got Rukia was on the other side of the world basically, you have a woman Fatima was still basically young, you know, having to deal with this kind of negativity yet Khadija is a way for them as a mother, she's the as the as the wife to the prophets of Salaam, she's the financing the D, she's the as the mother to the new Muslim community, our house is open to all the Muslims who need need help, and she basically Bay's the burden. She doesn't complain to her husband. Even though she's going through hardship. She understands that her husband is going through even more difficulty than her that the toll that is being put on his shoulders are even harder. So

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Allah tells us we learn from this as husbands as wives, Allah subhanaw taala mentions that of the reasons he created us in pays, that we may find one another Lita schooling, Elijah, who may find Sakina Sakina means tranquility in one another, that when life is difficult for one spouse, the other one should look at how can I bring take away that hardship? How can I make life easier for you? How can I give you the strength to continue the Prophet peace be upon him is also love is being abused and cursed physically abuse, he was almost choked to this. He was being spat on, he was, you know, everything his community could do short of killing him, they had done to him, and he would

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come basically like a broken man at home every night. But what would recharge him and give him the energy to go out in the morning calling them to Islam would be hadiya. She would encourage you encouraging and all of us you know as husbands as wives, we should aspire to be like that. Allow mentions in the Quran, that the Bible man that those who truly worship Allah amongst the qualities is they make this very special do are one of the most beautiful to us in the Quran. Allah says the bad Roman they say regularly robina Hubbell and arminas wodgina Allah gift for us from our spouses with Leah Tina and our offspring kurata iron, let them become the coolness of our eyes. Now, what

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does this mean the coolness of our eyes. It's an old Arabic phrase that the desert dwellers of Arabia would say they would be in the desert, and they would maybe be caught up in a sandstorm. So the sand is blowing, it's obviously burning hot, and they would cover the faces up the nose, the ears, they would cover everything up to keep the sand out, the only thing that would be open would be the eyes. And the sand would blow into the eyes. It's hot, it's stinging, it's, you know, it's corrosive on your skin. And this would paint this would be extremely painful, then they would find a place of shelter, they would find some shade on oasis. And then they would say Alhamdulillah kurata

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ayeni, my eyes have now become cooled, meaning my hardship has come to an end. My difficulty has come to an end. You know, all my stress has been really I'm relieved from my stress. So Allah says, we should ask, Oh Allah, lit, my wife, lit my husband, with my children, be the coolness and the comfort that takes away all my stress. That no matter how difficult life gets, whether it is your job, whether it is your finances, whether it's whatever difficulty it is, you just need to look at the picture of your kids on you know, you just need to pick up the phone and speak to your wife speak to your husband, you just need to come home to them. And no matter how difficult it is, no

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matter what mountains of stresses on your shoulders, they take it away. They bring such peace and happiness. They are the coolness of your eyes. Yala. Our spouses and our children always be the coolness of our eyes. How deja was that to our profit solar system. She gave him let's think

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the last three years of her life with the most difficult three years of her life. So the persecution means that they will be publicly ostracized, they will be they will be cursed, they will be insulted. Her money began to you know, she went began to go bankrupt as a result of this dour, but the worst that the Qureshi did to the to the Muslims was in the last three years of her life she was 62 years old. The courgette now said to the Muslims, if you will not come back to our religion, if you don't give up Islam, and you will not give Mohammed to us so that we could basically kill him. Then we will draft an agreement, which will say that they will we will no longer interact with you

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they will be a boycott. So they drafted this law that said no Muslim will be allowed to buy and sell or to marry a non Muslim. No Muslim will be allowed in Makkah at all. You will be completely ostracized and boycott and all of you have to leave Mecca. So the Muslims, the small Muslim community, the profits of them hadiya his family Abubakar, the very close members of the family, and even some family members of the Prophet and him were not Muslim. Because of the love for him. They lived Mecca, and they basically lived outside of Makkah in the middle of the desert. For three years. They lived in the valleys you know, in the in the in the desert where there was no no one to

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Knowing to buy from them when to sell to them. And they can, you know, they went through extreme hardship, they were on the brink of starvation. And this continued to the point when the profits or some comes to the kurush. And he says, I have an agreement for you, I, you know, I have, I have a solution. You want to kill me, fine. But let's let's make an agreement, I will bring you a miracle. And if that miracle is true, you will in this boycott, but if the miracle is false, then I will hand myself over, you can execute me. So what is this miracle you will bring? Oh, Mohammed, he says, that law that you wrote it, so they wrote a document that you placed inside the Kaaba for safekeeping. I

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will tell you that when you open it up now, three years ago, that document that you wrote, I promise you it has been eaten up completely by insects, except for two words, in the name of Allah, which you wrote as a as a heading of this document. So they don't document In the name of Allah, we liquidation hereby declare that the Muslims will be called out and we will not allow them to interact with us. the prophecies of this document that you wrote, has been completely eaten up by insects, except for the heating In the name of Allah. So the Qureshi, we agree we'll check it out when they opened the doors of the car. But of course, they found as the profits also limit promised,

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the entire document had been eaten up and the boycott came to an end. So this was the hardest years for Khadija imagine for a woman that had lived in the lap of luxury all her life, to have to eat grass from the floor. Yeah, Allah, she had to eat grass from the floor. This was the only food that she had. And it took its toll on her. Even though the boiler had come to an end, it was very clear now that her body had suffered severely from the boycott.

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She goes through this hardship, and her life now at the age of 65, is coming to an end. She never complained, she always supported. But for example, we know Heidi tells us how difficult it was that once as she's going through this difficulty, Allah Subhana, Allah sends gibreel down to give her a message, not the professor lumpar to give her message. So the prophecies Oh, hi, deja, this is jabril he has come to give you some lamps from Allah, Allah gives his lamps to you. And he has come to give you the good news that Allah has promised you a place in Ghana, made of poles where there will be no hardship, there'll be no fatigue, you will hear no noises or discomfort. There's only

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happiness. Basically, your place in general is guaranteed.

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So this was an indication of how difficult it was for her. And in fact, now she's on her deathbed. Now she's about to pass away the prophets of alarm. You can imagine how devastated he was. First, just before her DJ passed away his uncle with reasonable quality, he also died. And he was he in fact did not die on Islam was a very deeply sad moment for the Prophet Salam. Now, Khadija also passes away, and this year, the 10th year of his prophethood this year is known as the Amerson Leah of sadness.

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When Aisha would ask him so many years later, Ayesha asks her husband, you know, tell me Rasulullah what was the worst time of your life? What was the worst day in your life? Was it the Battle of word? Because in the Battle of boyhood, the prophet was almost killed, you know, he was struck, he was severely injured, he almost died was the worst day of your life now in all of us to think back on the worst day of our life. The prophecy is no, it wasn't the worst day of my life. The worst day of my life was basically the, the day of thought if, after 10 years of calling to the people to Islam, my people rejected me. So I went outside to call a city called I've called them to Islam, but

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almost only two days, so I had to run back to Makkah off, you know, off stoned to death. And obviously, when he got there is no hadiya she just passed away. So all of these things combined, had put him he had hit rock bottom, he was at the lowest point in his life, because not besides that things were tough. Not having Khadija the to, to assist him coming home, after being broken and being tortured and abused, opening the door and finding the Khadija isn't there anymore. This was the hardest thing for him. This was the most difficult moment in his life, to really understand how bad this was. The profit center was very optimistic and strong men. Allah mentioned this period in

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his life when Alesis for example, sort of went to her mouth dakara buka wanna Cora, your load has not deserted you I have not said goodbye to you. Mr. Koller. And I don't hate you or Mohammed Salim. This is not even a hardship you going through. This is not how it's going to end and allies to tell the professor for in America seducer in the Maluku surah, Mohammed, this difficulty you going through soon after it will come ease and already peace, second time with hardship will come ease. What hardship is the Prophet going to that Allah has to mention these if it is the it is part of it is the death of a teacher. After she passed away. This wound in his heart would never ever be healed

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and he would continuously maintain

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Even though he would marry other women, we'll talk about them in our series. He would always remember how much the frustration of some of his wives like Ayesha, she wants this to him. You speak of her deja, as if though she's the only woman on earth, the way you speak about her, as if a lie that made anyone like Khadija and he says no one is like Khadija when he would cook van. Now we think about the caravan that we need to sacrifice. Now, how many of us make an effort to actually give some of this could have been to the, to the Friends of our spouses, you know, to our husbands. He's best friend to our wife's best friend, let alone the family. When the Prophet would call a

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band. He would make sure a portion of the school band would go to her Aegis family and to her friends just because they were good to her DJ just because they were people that she liked she loved. He honors them even after she had passed away many years after she passes away. He still honors them.

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Remember that Nicholas? We spoke about when her daughter Zainab got married.

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We see that hadiya gave Zainab a Nicholas Susanna wheezes Nicholas of the of the sometime the Battle of Badr occurs xenex husband we see they're not embraced Islam. He's captured and taken prisoner and part of the ransom. So any so we'll talk about insha Allah in the series, the prisoners of war, when a person is taken captive during a battle, we allow the family to ransom them to give to pay for them to be set free. So Zainab is informed your Zainab of course is in Makkah, husband at fought against the Muslims. He's taken prisoner of war mentioned the son of the Prophet Salaam is fighting against him. So now that he's a prisoner of war, he contacts his wife and he says, I know I've been

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taken prisoner of war. They demand X amount of money as a ransom, please can you send the money so she puts together what savings she has? It's not enough. So she takes her Aegis Nicholas, her jewelry, and she puts it as part of the ransom money. And unless you seem to Medina to the, to the person who was keeping, I will ask as a prisoner.

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When the Prophet sees the ransom, and he sees this necklace. Now this is 10 years of the marriage I passed away. You know, he, he basically like cracks inside and he feels so, so sad. And because he remembers Khadija and something which is not, you know, common in the CLR, you'd find the professor lamb asks the Sahaba, please, can I take this Nicholas, take the ransom, but keep this necklace to one side because it's hideous Nicholas, you attach sentimental value to this to this necklace? Just to kind of conclude on the story of what happened to us. So after I will ask, you know, is ransom is paid? The Prophet says to him a blast, you know, you better go back to Makkah, and you need to send

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my daughter and my grandkids, send them to Medina, you you I'm freeing you on these terms I will ask was not a Muslim, but he was an honorable man. He was a man of honor. So he went back to Makkah, and he sent his wife Zane up. And he's Keats, the prophets, grandchildren, to to Medina. And of course, then the laws of nicaea were finalized this marriage because he's a non Muslim came to an end. A few years later, have losses and learn his lesson. He's once again, he's found in Muslim territory, and he's captured and he's taken prisoner yet again. This time Zeynep stands up and she says, I'd like to take I will ask as my guest. Now back in the day, this is ruling the Sharia, that anybody can

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give a visa to an outsider. So she gives us this permission. And the Prophet says to Zainab, listen to my daughter, he's not your husband anymore. Remember, you can take him as your as your guest, but he's not your husband, you can't be alone. So she says I agree. And I know the rules. So I will ask now stays with Xena for a few days. Zainab is telling him you know, embrace Islam. I miss you, your kids miss you, Ali and Mama miss you won't you embrace Islam. He doesn't seem interested. So he leaves. He leaves Medina, few days, you know, a few weeks go by, I will ask comes back and knocks on the neighbor's door and he says, I'd like to re propose to you. I'd like to marry you again. She

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said how can I How can I marry you? You're not a Muslim? So he says no, no, I've embraced Islam. And I went back to my people and I basically left you just to pay all my debts to sell all my properties in Makkah, I've come in I've made hegira would you have me again, a beautiful so now I will ask us to go back to the Prophet Salaam of the rejected Islam of the foot with him in by the henna, Austin obeso salam, my ID marijo designup and the Prophet Sallam accepted and so Alhamdulillah Xena and oblast once again, they got married on Islam. So this was at the age of 65 hadiya passes away, leaving behind her daughter's leaving behind her husband. And she has the highest place of course as

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we sit amongst all the women of this room. She is the greatest woman of this woman. The mother that really birthed this woman is her teacher and she had been through so much in her life from fighting the the limitations placed on women during the days of je Leah. She became our own person, her own Empire. She chose the man that she she wanted. She went and chose a man that she loved saw the goodness in him. She lived together.

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dinner with him. They had a house, you know, household they bought together. And then of course she was the first person to embrace Islam and support Islam. And then she passed away about the law and how Allah subhanaw taala Allah be pleased with her. And the highest place in Ghana Of course, alongside the prophets of Salaam is with her. When we look at hedge. I want us to think about these millions of people and the billions of Muslims across the world who would not have been they had not been for Allah and the sacrifice of Khadija we are the children of hadiya and the product of her effort. She saw the potential of this Deen and the truth to it and she was committed to it. And

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Subhana Allah Look at this. Look at the the sacrifices of mother Khadija rhodiola and her

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so after the death of the Hydra, of course, the Tao doesn't stop Islam needs to continue the Prophet needs to continue. And Allah subhanho wa Taala would have it such that the Prophet peace of would marry a woman of the hijab and support him in this difficulty, but who could possibly replace Khadija we will discuss our second mother or the second character in the series, soda being designed around the law in the next chapter of the series Alhamdulillah we also from myself and merchantable Ronald Islam we'd like to wish all of you a blessed and happy eat with family and friends may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all of us to have a blessing eat and Allah bring happiness to this oma and

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may inshallah, as this year comes to an end, Allah subhanaw taala granted the year to come be better than the previous year. Well hamdulillah Hope to see you soon sokola Solomonic Baraka wabarakatuh

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