Mohammed Faqih – Importance of remembering our purpose in life

Mohammed Faqih
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the impact of the pandemic on people's behavior and deeds, including a gathering and Jesus as a holy spirit. It emphasizes the importance of improving deeds and staying true to Islam, especially in addressing issues such as behavior and family. The host provides advice on shortening the hotbar and enhancing one's life, and encourages individuals to take the same advice and engage in it. The conversation also touches on the impact of the pandemic on people's behavior and behavior in general.
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The from doula the mother who will say you know, Paula Sophia who was 30 What are we learning? I mean surely we'll see you know I mean so yeah the I Madalina may end level for Loma Linda or may have little fella had yella What should I do Allah illallah wa the ruler Cherie color wash Hello, Anna Mohamed and Abdullah Hiratsuka who are Sophie human being and healthy Hello, hello Bella reseller. Mann also had he had almost nowhere to live and said I'm Wiley. Yeah. Are you here living in Tacoma hopper to party? Well, I tend to tune in to the moon. Yeah, you know, to Taco rock documentary Holika MINDEF see Wahida wahala come in Huzzah. Jehovah Fleming humeri Darling getting

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along when is

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Takala holiday and whenever he will or have in Allah who can add a MerKiVa Yeah. Evalina on top of La Hakuna Oh, Colin said either. So the Hella como la como el de la creme de lugar from La mejor. Play Lahore Sula, HuFa, Japan's a frozen Alima it is indeed an amazing moment.

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A moment that we were finally able to come together, not under what we used to

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the circumstances that we were used to but nonetheless Alhamdulillah this is the largest gathering ever since the lock down or

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hamdulillah there are lots of 100 to Allah allowed us to come together.

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We ask Allah azza wa jal to improve our situation. And to allow us to go back to the way things used to be, inshallah is better individuals, individuals who understand

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that this particular situation we're in was meant to make us better people better servants of Allah subhanaw taala better community members.

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And this particular

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setup that we have right now,

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and then convenience that some of us are feeling.

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The fact that this pandemic

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reminds us of the value of this life, the fact that we see so much depth going around as well. All of this reminds us should remind us of the purpose for which Allah Subhana Allah created us.

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Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran says developability very healing muku Allah Cooley che in

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a lady follicle motor will hire Italia, blue accom, au comrades, anomala.

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He's the one that created death and life to test you Allah Subhana Allah says so that he would test and see or show Allah subhanaw taala knows show. He wants to show Subhana Allah to Allah au Santa Ana, Allah, which one of you is best in deeds, in terms of their actions and deeds. This is what Allah Subhana Allah created us for. And if this should remind us of anything you should remind us of the purpose for which Allah Subhana Allah created us. Also the fact that we're approaching the end of the the year, the lunar year, the year that matters with Allah subhanho data. And we're about to insha Allah Allah begin a new year, year 1442 of the Year of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, and Allah azza wa jal tells us that the alternation of the day and the night and the passage of time should also remind us of this journey and the purpose for which Allah Subhana Allah created us. So my reminder today as we come together here for the first time, and this with this number of people, is that we continue to focus on what Allah Subhana Allah wants us to focus on which is improving the quality of our deeds, the quality of our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala in Allah Hello I am little so the Kumala Illa Islamic Ummah, Allah azza wa jal does not care or does not look and examine your looks or your physiques and your images don't matter to Allah subhanho wa

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Taala you know how great your haircut is, doesn't make any difference. So Allah subhanho wa Taala right, the way you're dressed doesn't really make a difference. Nonetheless, we're supposed to look as good as we can. But none of these things matter to Allah azza wa jal what matters so Allah subhanho wa Taala is working on little Eli polu Armani comm Allah azza wa jal looks at the state of your hearts and the quality of your deeds has this experience.

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helped make us or help people help us purify our hearts? Are we do we have better hearts more humbled pure hearts?

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Or is it the same? Or is it worse?

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Has this pandemic made, you know made us determined to become better in terms of our actions and our behavior and the way we treat our fellow human beings and the way we treat our family members and the way we worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah are we better

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are the qualities of rds better? That's what we need to focus on I ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make you and I have those who listen and follow the best of what they listen to Apollo has a polar so for Allah He welcome First of all we have Phil welcome.

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Alhamdulillah Hamza cathedral Eva Mubarak and he was salat wa salam O Allah rasool Allah who either early he will be here on my Wella inshallah from now on, as we've been doing, actually, since the beginning of this pandemic, with a much smaller number of people.

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Our hope was inshallah we will try to strictly follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the prophet Isaiah, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam tells us that

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in them in filthy Roger, that part of someone's life, I urge you, Inshallah, to stay with me.

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In the midfield here, Roger, that part of UN's proper understanding of the religion

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is prolonging the Salah and shortening the hotbar. The whole point should be short. So what we used to do in the past, you know, due to the fact that maybe Joomla was the only opportunity for the community members to come together

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in the way we do to learn.

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That's not the case anymore.

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So, you know, we changed what used to be the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, which is to shorten the hotbar and prolong the Salah, and that's what we're going to be doing in sha Allah Huhtala and perhaps, keep this practice in sha Allah azza wa jal as a lesson learned from this. So the hot words will revolve around one point, maybe one or two points. But it's really your responsibility to take that point and reflect upon it, dissect it, right and take the message with you. Right, take the message with you to your family members, to your co workers reflect and ponder upon that one particular reminder. And again, it may not be something new, but it's rather a

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reminder. So that's what I inshallah Allah intend to, to do in sha Allah as well as my colleagues and I urge you my dear brothers, to you know, actively engage this this idea or this concept. remind yourselves, you know, and don't ever be tired of it. Why did Allah subhanaw taala create me? If if we always remember that? Allah the Halacha moto unhealthily, I blew up from your comparison Ramana we're not going to really sweat it. We're not going to regret or feel anything over something that is Miss Leakey. Let's so Allah,

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nor are we going to give up easily, as we remember that Allah Subhana Allah created us for this purpose ask Allah as we just to allow us to pass this test. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us become better individuals. And I praise Allah subhanaw taala and I thank Allah subhanaw taala that he allowed me to see you again and for us to come back. You know, together we should continue in sha Allah to Allah upon the scratch platform, Belinda indicator sumio Ali Matoba Lena indicated to level Rahim Allah from the internet Oh come on, would you bet was that in the middle of your attic? Salam at least one learning to what follows the religion on the gentleman and know what you know are fun

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along I feel like

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a criminal that to him that I think that when

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I when I talk to Elena

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Yeah, he's the younger rock medic and a silly Helena shooting in a cooler

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time. He had a lot in a lot more than I did.

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When he died a barbell in high pressure you will Moon kettlebell belt. They will come look into the karoun was a court of law health curriculum. A screw Viola and yami he has it come when are the chroma he at work? One more Huya Allah momento, Sana.

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