Ebrahim Bham – Purification Of The Heart #18

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of moderation and being protective in life, as it is essential for well-being. He uses the example of a woman named Rhonda who wanted to avoid getting into trouble and achieve her dreams. He emphasizes the need for individuals to test and evaluate their potential for success. He also mentions a woman named Rhonda who wanted to avoid getting into trouble and achieve her dreams.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, ala Mulana via via a mavado photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, aloha como Taka through Hatters or tamale Macario Serra de la Vela Zim, respected viewers and listeners beginning by praising Almighty Allah in settings the rotations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing with our series purification of the heart. Yesterday we spoke about the harms of greed. And among these harms one is it takes you away from your objective in life and Hakuna Matata castle hotels or tamale makabe. Allah tala says rivalry and a desire for more and more for the castle. For you know more and more

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and having abundance have diverted you and you will come to realize your folly when you go into the cover. And then the second thing with regard to greed we had made mention of yesterday was extremely distressing. Because there is no satiation with regard to green no endpoint and recorded the holiday data via cream sauce them it said even if a person has two values of goal, he would not be happy, you would wonder third and only the sand of the cover would fill the stomach of humankind and human beings. And therefore because of it being such a distressing condition nebia cream sauce them specifically sought allas protection from greed. Then we also define that greed is an inordinate and

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grosman but something that is you know, in grosman with something and in his various guises. It leads to many evils like for example,

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arrogance is greed for fame, and immorality is greed for us. However greed is known. Mostly it is used in common parlance for an inordinate desire and grace meant with the material world and we have to be aware, and great alumni and scholars have written with regard to it as a cheerful headed as a man as a career.

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In his cutoff, as Alice Sarah Carter has written, wealth in itself is not unclean and undesirable. It is the perversity of the heart and the wrong usage that makes it condemned. If one steers clear, if one steers clear from its harmful aspects and earns and utilize it, according to the laws and procedures which have been prescribed by the Sharia, then it can become praiseworthy is Nivea cream sauce 11. The Hadith makes mention and the rewires make mentioned Nirmal masala, originally Sally, very good is that wealth which is in the hands of a pious person. Lavazza ballerina eliminate tequila was azzawajal. There is nothing wrong with well for a person who fears Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. However, the propensity and the challenge is that normally it is it is inclined towards negativity, it leads many a time towards negative aspects towards attributes that are not positive. Therefore the Quran and Hadith more often than not, warns us with regard to IQ. And for example, a little in the Holy Quran says here you have levena Armando laterally Kumamoto, como Allah, Allah, Allah, O believers don't allow your wealth to take you away, divert you from remembering

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the Quran and Hadith and the Quran many times says in the manhyia to Daniela Ivana, the material world is an amusement of play and play now via Karim salzkammergut, said in a hadith in the liquidity Mateen fitna were on fitna to home material man, that each and every Amati. Each and every Ahmed had a trial and a trial of my own but his wealth, the negativity and the harms, and the evil that a person does when he has abundance of wealth. Even a fraction of that is not achieved, or a person doesn't do it, when he does not have the wealth. And this the reason why that we have to be very careful with greed, towards wealth, and in ordinate and an attachment with regard to material

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world that we occur himself Islam is to make this dua Hello mulata God dunya Akbar Amina

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Amina Hola, todos Medina, Ola don't make this material world the be all and end all of our desires, the reason why we gain knowledge and the ultimate in terms of our achievements, this is what now when we have

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aspect that there is a warnings with regard to greed towards material things that what is the treatment and cure. Now there are um I have given various treatments and cure today I'm just going to very briefly make mention with regard to it. We don't want to go into a much very long discussion and maybe tomorrow we will start to have another discussion and other spiritual disease. One of them is contentment, how you save yourself from greed, contentment, and what's the meaning of contentment, contentment is, you are, you are satisfied with what Allah has distributed, and ally has allotted for you in terms of material wealth, you are satisfied with it, you are content with

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it. There is nothing wrong while being contented that you also pursue more there's nothing wrong that is not against contentment, and will lie contentment is such a great treasure that you can make the life of a poor person even happier and more satisfactory than even the life of a king. Therefore, therefore the Hadith lay celery Nam Casa de la creme de la

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creme sauce limited, that abundance of wealth is not prosperity, but prosperity is king enough's. What is the prosperity of the heart content cloud tokens? That cannot and contentment is that treasure which will not be destroyed wealth can and will be destroyed. Second treatment with regard to in moderation in spending. My Allah Monica said that he who adopts moderation in spending poverty, we're not overtaking our spending. And let me repeat this is not only on the basis of the amount of wealth we have, but other other moral consideration. And if you want to save yourself from greed, be moderate in your spending, utilize your money also in giving it out in the path of

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Almighty Allah noble causes. Thirdly, what is known as total among excessive ambitions and false hopes. You are all the time planning and looking at false hope and excessive ambitions to plan to a certain extent is okay. But when it becomes an obsession, the reoccurring source Lim has warned us with regard to it. In one rewired in one example maybe occurred himself the one day came to the Sahaba and he placed one item here, nearby him and he put another item at a distance and he said oh my Sahaba Do you know what the meaning of this is? This is human beings death. And that is his ambition. And his hopes. His hopes and his ambitions far supersedes even his life. I grew up in a

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motorcycle and he got a motorcycle Bashar nahi Simon sobre scalpel Cabernet UN report that said no one knows when he is going to die. Salman sobre ska he is planning for 100 years. He doesn't know whether he will be alive for the next blinking of this. So the third aspect is avoid obsession with regard to false hope and you know great amount of excessive ambition. And then the fourth thing and we will conclude with this is don't look at envy with what Allah has given someone else in terms of material wealth. Well let them identify in a Kayla Mamata and Abby has what a minimum Zathura Tanya don't look at NTV with what letter Allah has given certain people about 13 months of this material

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will mean of the NaVi Allah has given him for the sake of testing him in UI envy. So these are some of the tips the allama have given us the volume of selfies have given us with regard to safeguarding ourselves from greed. May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy wife, Rhoda Juana

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