Purification Of The Heart #16

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna via bada mavado photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Will Garvey Amina la Vega will I have in an in

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a colloquialism respected viewers and listeners beginning by praising Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing with our program purification of the heart. And in the last two programs, we had looked at the harms of anger, we had defined anger. We had also looked at the different types of anger we had said sometimes it can be a positive motivator for considerations of truth and justice, the way and we give examples of our beloved Nivea cream sauces and the Sahaba. In this regard, however, we said, given the capacity and the propensity of it even been going beyond the beyond the limit, the alama

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and in the Quran, and Hadith from the Quran, and Hadith, they have told us to always remain wary and to always be aware of the harms of it and control it. That is why we quoted the ayat of the Holy Quran, we Allah tala, when he speaks about the believers, he says, when either the Bohemia furon, that the believers are such that even when they are angry, they can forgive. They never allow themselves to be controlled by anger to such an extent that they do something rash or imprudent, and they cannot control themselves. We quoted the statement of Imam Hassan Basilica to lolly who said a believer never allows anger to get better of him. Then we gave many other examples. Today we are

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looking at certain measures, and certain treatments and cure with regard to controlling and managing anger. And among the things that Salama and the scholars in this have told us in the Hadith via Kareem salsa has also shown us methods. The first thing amongst the methods, one of them is look at the causes of anger and eliminate those. First find out what causes anger. And among the things that causes anger would be pride, prestige, honor, and haughtiness. We need to eliminate it. When you are angry. ask yourself a question. Why am I getting angry? Is it because I regard myself as superior to the person whom I'm directing my anger towards? Is it because I'm not getting things my way? These

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are underlying causes, which Stokes about another spiritual disease which we have to be careful about. Another important aspect with regard to controlling our anger and managing it is to be very careful, and that is stay away from the causes of anger. When one day we were students, we went to see us at Mara masuleh sobre, la la, and we asked him for for advice. So he said, WUSA, pass mud on Idina don't allow anger to come near you. And in this particular regard, stay away from places stay away from people who provoke or aggravate your anger stay away from those places. So you would not get into a position of getting angry and another aspect is your own imperfections whenever you're

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directing your anger towards someone for something that he might have done or his error or his mistake, your own imperfections must stop you from directing your anger towards others. Just feel how how do you want last Hanover tala to treat you with regard to your errors and your mistakes. In a similar manner you deal with the errors of someone else. So always bear this in mind you own perfection, the future of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala how you want Allah tala to deal with your imperfections, you must deal with the imperfections of others in a similar manner. Then let me occur himself Allahu alayhi wa sallam also showed us other methods in Buhari sharing, there is a hadith

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that our beloved never cut himself one day so people, you know who are arguing and they were angered angry at one another, and they were directing their anger and they were verbally you know, at odds with one another. And then the via cream sauce from said, I know a sentence, if they were to repeat it. And if they were to read it, Allah subhanho wa Taala will extinguish and Allah tala will control the anger and then maybe a cream sauce and say, let them say, I want to be law him in a shady regime. I seek Allah's protection from shaytan at first, because shaytan loves people to get angry because it causes harm. Therefore, when you say how to be let him in a shady regime, you eliminate

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shaytan from even exacerbating your anger. And then nebbia Kareem Solomon said in a hadith which comes in Abu Dhabi, Sharif, that if a person is angry

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You know, and if you're standing with him sit down, and if he still does not control his anger while sitting while sitting down, let him lie down. So hon Allah, what grade was them from our beloved nivia Kareem saw so many benefits in this one of them is that it allows for critical breathing space and the diversion may help you regain composure. Another aspect with regard to it, you know the, the possibility of doing harm when angry while you are standing is more than what you can do while you are sitting. And the possibility while you are sitting is still more competitive to what you are doing when you are lying down. What a beautiful advice our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum has given

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us. Another example our beloved nebia cream sauce, lemon said that anger is from shaytan shaytan was created from fire, and water extinguishes fire. So when you are angry, use water upon yourself make guru, you know those who are in the know, you know those who are experts in this field. They tell us that when you make buzu you will actually feel that the water of that fuzu is extinguishing your whole anger. Then also look at the rewards of curbing anger. How are we a cream sauce lemon spoken highly about the one who curbs his anger nebia Kareem shallowness elements at least this pleasers shady Ruby surah. He is not a strong person who wrestles other people and overwhelms and overpowers

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them in the machete hula de em liko nafsa, who in the hubbub that you know, a strong person is He Who controls himself, and he's able to restrain his anger? And then of course, no sometimes you must also look at how we look when we are angry. It doesn't make for a very pleasant sight. You know, and you know, sometimes when you are angry, it doesn't make for a pleasant sight and human being can never agree with or be happy with that type of way that he looks and his appearance is towards others. These are just some of the beautiful methods that are beloved to be a creme de la jolla was selama shown us to control our anger. Let us take lessons from this. Make what Almighty Allah

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subhanho wa Taala that our anger, if it is ever directed, should be at the right place. right time. Right reason, right intensity. Otherwise we should always be controlling our anger. May Allah give us a tofik zero Dhawan Alhamdulillah