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Being ME – Muslimah Empowered Toronto was live.


AI: Summary © The host introduces three hedge story individuals to present their first ever hedge story at home. They discuss the importance of hedging the hedge story for the hedger's " hesitation, trusting the people, and laco in Islam" for shaping behavior and bringing forth behavior. They emphasize the need for patient and continuous support to achieve success and emphasize the importance of obeying guidance from Allah and not giving too many excuses. The importance of patientism and faith in a woman who lost her life due to hardship is also emphasized.
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Assalamu Aleikum, everyone Welcome to huch Chronicles being me Canada is presenting this in sha Allah and we welcome you to our program and we hope that inshallah you will be able to catch some amazing gems today. And the purpose of having this program today for Hajj Chronicles is to commemorate the month of the hedra. And to think, to remember our brothers and sisters on Hutch right now, as they are embarking on their journey while on their way to Mina. And you know, we're making the law that less than about Allah make it easy for them and accept their journey in sha Allah. And we have such amazing speakers for you today. We will have three and inshallah we'll be

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starting off with sister Zohar sawari and she will be presenting stranded in the desert the struggle of mother and child. After that we'll have Sister fusina Mohammed reaping the blessings of the hedger. And last we will have the sister have said Dean Thompson, who will be presenting the theme of Hajj at home in sha Allah. So first we're going to start off with sister Zaha and we will be getting her on to the presentation inshallah.

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Can you hear me? I can hear you. Great. Can you hear me? Yes,

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sir, for joining us today sisters, Aha. inshallah we will be presenting, you will be presenting our first topic and we're so excited to have you. And we, if you wanted to just go ahead and begin and I'll just quickly go over your bio. Sorry, my apologies. Before you begin. Sounds good.

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Okay, everyone, sorry, we just had a technical difficulty, but I was able to fix it. Perfect. I'm so sorry. Sorry, is an author of 15 books international speaker, entrepreneur, publisher and homeschools her own kids. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology, a master's degree in business administration, and she's currently taking classes for a bridge program to obtain a master's degree in Islamic Studies. She has been seen on Fox News, ABC News, CBS News and other TV channels. She has had many radio interviews and magazine interviews. Her passion is teaching Muslims to become the best they can be while teaching non Muslims about the true Islam as a public speaker and Muslim life

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coach. So her focus is on helping people achieve their goals and working with individuals on business.

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Solving specific challenges within their lives. Thank you so much sisters. All right for joining us today and inshallah we're happy for you to begin

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to do that go ahead and for having me

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in Alhamdulillah Hinata who wanna stay in the hospital when I was a bit ly Miss Judy and fusina amin say at the marilena Maya he la palma de la la, or my little fella howdy Allah was shadow and La ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika or shadow Anna Mohammed and of the hood a suit. And my bad luck with that the way our Sibley MD looked at the Middle East and Africa who co lead of disegni in Miami, In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most magnificent, All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Universe, we praise Him and we seek His help and his forgiveness and we seek His protection from the curse Satan, whomever Allah guides will never be misguided. And whoever he

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allows to be misguided will never be guided, either witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah who is one alone and has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is a servant and Messenger May the blessings of Allah be upon him, his family, his companions, and the righteous will follow them until the day of judgment. amny

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Alright, so my dear sisters, I want you guys to for a moment, I want you to imagine something for me. For all the women out there, I want you to imagine something, I want you to imagine a husband coming home and telling his wife to get dressed up. And, you know, get ready and let's go out. And so she's all excited. She obeys. She goes and gets in her best clothes, and she gets dressed up and and he says and bring and bring our baby. So she grabs the baby with them. Everything is in the car, they get in the car and he drives far away. Seems like hours and hours until they reach the middle of literally nowhere. I completely deserted area with absolutely nothing around them. And I mean, in

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America, we have obviously Nevada, the deserts of Nevada or Arizona, that we have areas like this. Now imagine that boom, you're in this hot area. There's nothing around you no food, no water, no trees. You're just like, Okay, what are we doing here? And then there hasn't been asked his wife to please step out of the car with a baby. So she gets out of the car, the baby, he gets out. He leaves some food and some water. And he gets back in the car. And she's like, Whoa, what's going on? What are you doing? And he doesn't respond.

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And he's starting to take off and she's like, what do you do what's going on? She's running after him. And he tells her that this is just fulfilling his duties. She asked him Did God asked you to do this? Did Allah asked you to do this? And he says yes. And she says, Okay, that's it.

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So today's topic is all about hedging the alohar and her trial and tribulation with a smile and a slump when they were laughter

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how'd you ask?

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Sorry, sisters. Aha, you're just you're just cutting out a little bit.

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Can you hear me now? I can hear you great now. Okay, sounds like didn't change much, but it hadn't been.

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So when had you asked her husband? If it humanized him, she said Did Allah is a widow commanded to do this? Ibrahima, my salon replied in the affirmative. He said yes. And it was at that moment that hija de lohana replied beautifully with a conviction. Well, if allows us even we're not going to be lost. Since it is the lowest command Did you He is with us. Now so many of the rites of Hajj are taken from the struggle of this God fearing woman alone. And today I'm going to go over some of the lessons of her life and what happened? And how can our hope and a legate us through all these hardships in our life that we were faced towards upon. We're going to be inspired by the story of

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this amazing woman who braved the harsh desert, and who fought for the survival of her son and herself. Against incredible odds though against her. So what is the first lesson that we get out of this? Number one we hear and we obey, we hear and we obey Allah, how many times have we opened the Quran and we've read what Allah has asked us, and we've disobeyed. We know what's right, what's wrong, but yet,

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we don't obey. One of the most inspiring things about the human life was that he carried out his duty without anything. And this has he's been tested with this over and over and over and the majority of the messengers of Allah azza wa jal have just you they hear that way. That's it.

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That's it. They don't question. And he was commanded by laser Delta leave his family in Mecca and he did so, in the same way, that today we need to learn to follow the commands of Allah and fulfill his obligations without hesitation and so on. So some things are more difficult than to do than others.

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If something is difficult, we'll find so many excuses to say, we can't do it will complain? What are you in real Pew questioning? And the some of these, for example, a sister will say it's too hot to her he jumped. Or you know, the beard, the brothers or the beard is when I get old? And what if they make fun of me? You want me to pray in front of everyone? What if they make fun of me? What if they hit me? So excuse after excuse? we deny our rights, our laws rights, and we don't do things. But when Abraham Isilon was commanded he did not once question why, nor did he complain, he'll beta laser agile and did what he was told to do. Nor did have hazard question or complaint. They both

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knew it was a command from Allah. And they accepted him the law because they knew that if Allah is or Joe with command them, that he would never neglect them

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a lot, because they were being obedient to Him.

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And this was upon a lot, how much they trust them a lot. So this is the special characteristic that we as believers need to cultivate within ourselves. Whether the command is easy or difficult. That's do it without falling into the whispers of Shakedown. This is where we suffer we fall into the whispers of shaker, and what we need to do is become stronger inshallah, and be able to just obey and continue moving forward and shut up. So number two, to laco in law. The second lesson that I want to talk about is that the laco in Allah

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subhanaw taala, her trust, and the law was so strong,

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that all she did was ask a human a salon, if this was a last command. When he confirmed, she was fine with that entire situation. My dear sisters, this is trust. I mean, think about it. If today, our husband decided to leave us in the middle of a desert and the hot he would know home food, water, bathroom, bed, blankets, or even attend.

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And then as if that isn't enough, it's not harsh enough for us. They give us a baby to stick with us. So to have

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that Holstein, which freak out just about all of us. We couldn't even imagine it in our wildest dream. Yes, Alhamdulillah. We believe in a lot. Yes, we know that he's with us. But do we really trust them? And the majority of us will honestly say no.

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And this is the truth. What does this mean to us? is we don't have enough to walk all In alone, though. We need to do our best and leave the rest in the last hands. No, it was the longest if you have a lot by our side, we have everything. And ally is Oh, Joe says instead of a lock, I am number three. And whosoever puts his personal law, he will be enough for him. Hi, Jodi lohana showed us through her actions. What this verse really meant not to remember that the next time a hardship comes our way, though we end up thinking that we're doomed. That let us remember that we have a lover on our side, so long as we happen with everything. So

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the third lesson I want to talk about is having patience during times of difficulties. This is easier said than done. This is easier said than done. We all know, mankind was created to be anxious. But however, as my children's bed is unique, we need to chew more and more. So we need to relax and go with the flow. I say this to myself first and then to everyone else. It's really hard sometimes because we want everything to be perfect. But that's not how life is. Nothing will be perfect. So Pamela it'll be as a lot wants it to be and that is perfect. If we think about it. If it is, as a long wants it to be done. So Pamela that's perfect.

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We see her just being patient. Not only that, not only about what Eliza just decreed about being left there with her suckling Baby, I don't know her, but we also see her patient towards her husband.

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He does not give her any explanation. He does not utter even a single word, but she's not losing her cool or going ballistic. How amazing is that for patients, my dear sisters. We don't know if my son ever returned back to Hagit to continue spousal relations with her or not. However, he did later returned to visit their son to complete

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his duty to Allah as a prophet and messenger, patience is a key to color code. According to the honor map, patience is the poor virtue of a believer, we need to understand what that really means. A simple definition given by skull

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is to hold ourselves a firm, and we were supposed to do and to hold ourselves firm and staying away from what we're supposed to leave. Patients has many aspects to it, and sometimes given different names, depending on what it relates to, for example, it related to trials, it is referred to as sub, if related to steadfast in danger, it's related to cut courage, and it's related to remaining resolute on our proper conduct. Others provoke us it's called forbearance. hilum is related to acting in good matters. And you can be firm or hard with someone it's called clemency. We have to bear each trial with patience, and the more tests we pass, the greater patience we're getting for

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the future test is shala. no difficulty lasts forever, and two tests will be the same channel. So patience is a vital vital quality we need to have and keep working on. Number four, the fourth lesson is hide. Good in every trial, I believe Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, How amazing is the fair of the believer, there is good for him and everything that is and that no one but the believer, if good comes his way, he expresses gratitude to a lot and that is good for him. And if hardship comes as he endures of patiently, and that is better for him.

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And this you can find them and the book of potty inshallah. Now let's reflect upon the moment when hajat de la Honda was running between the two hills between Safa and Marwa her heart must have been broken, she must have been crying to seeing the pain of her son dying possibly in front of her eyes. She was a believer she was a righteous woman. And unless I was testing her, he was hiding from her something amazing from the future. Imagine I had the Aloha being resurrected and she gets a chance to see what Muslims from all over the world are doing today at the time of Hagit. Suppan alone. The Sunni Muslim world talking about has regular contact going up and down south and motorway and that

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is why we go between stuff in Ottawa, we're following the footsteps of hatchet. Men and women are following the footsteps of hijos

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imagine millions and millions since her death. Billions Mashallah tomato cola. If had you knew that a time would come? When people would be going from all corners of the world to follow in her footsteps should have gone through this between death and murder with a big smile on her face. This is a gift from Allah azza wa jal project in this world. We cannot even imagine what Allah is our job has saved 400 in the hereafter. This is a lesson for us to have fevers when we go through these trials and tribulations. Let's remember that has you went through the same except even harder than us allies in a job provided with her with something even better than she imagined something Eliza

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was hiding from her. You and I also need to have patience and we need to be cool and collected. And this is where we're going to be successful our trials tribulations and inshallah Allah azza wa jal not only reward us in the dunya but inshallah Allah, but he is testing us to see if we really have a patient that will have to walk out when you feel deserted and alone and no one to talk to my dear sisters. Remember that a lie is always out there. I remember the story of hijab the Aloha and have to remember what she went through and at those bleak moments of her night and day in that desert in that hot heat the woman have complete faith in a laser job and what his mercy was to her

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that's a great reminder for all of us a laser and john says and he provides for him from sources he never could imagine. And if anyone puts his trust in a lot sufficient is a love for him for a low surely accomplish His purpose. Verily for all things have a lot to do proportion. And this is sort of block number three.

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We just have to remember if we put our complete trust in Him that He will never ever fail us inshallah Allah. In the fifth lesson I want to go over is let's make draw and take action. Haven't the local is not it, my dear sisters, we need to act as well. And this is what

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Have you read the law on her did she's not just simply sit there and make law. And the law does not just provide her by just sitting there. She ran between suffering mother was seven times looking for water for people for anything. After which then I thought so Joe made the water of Zamzam flow for her. And that's Libya. lohana reported that a person asked the Prophet Should I tie my camel and have to walk, go trust them offer protection? Or should I leave her untied and have to walk away, the sooner loss and the loss of pride, tie her and have to walk away and this can be found in the book of therapy? So what does that mean to us? We need to have actions and then as the same time

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have to walk and make bla and believe that Allah is going to help us. But we need to tire Campbell, we need to take action as well run around and do whatever we need to do on our part in sha Allah. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Al Anam I 162.

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All right,

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the our hearing and the source of peace and they give her a piece at the source of relief and victory. We've given that up the moment we give up hope. And we don't believe this is an essential points. Remember, as soon as we are hit with hardship, we have to remember to support the law, not only trust in the law, and hardships, but remembering that after hardship is after hardship, there's ease.

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And this is very hard for a lot of people when they're going through that difficulty. And this is why before we go through our difficulties, we need to be close to Allah we need to know Allah, we need to know his attributes and his names, and we need to understand them. And the moment that trial and tribulation come and shake bones whispering otherwise, we are going to remember inshallah, these amazing, you know, things we have learned. And I'll tell you really quick Subhanallah a story that recently happened to me. And I don't know how many of you guys, you know, read it on my Facebook post or not. But I'm going to share it really quick with you guys. inshallah.

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Recently, I was actually going to help a friend out and my daughter, my my sister in law, we had just finished our Taekwondo class. And so we were going over there it was the evening about seven o'clock, I parked the car, I send my daughter up, and my friends not home. So I'm calling her to see where she's at. As I'm doing this, another car pulls over close by me, they park the car, the gentleman walks out, this is white male now walking towards his three of the house, I guess, or his apartment. And as he's walking by my car, he looks at me, and he starts cursing at me. And I'm like, I'm kind of puzzled at the moment, then trying to leave my friend a message. And I hear this. And

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about maybe two, three minutes later, females walking behind him. I'm not sure if that's his wife, fiance girl. And I don't know who she is. But she's walking behind him. And I looked at her so this is speaking to me is he's talking to me. And she's like, Yeah, he is. And I said, Why? Why is he cursing me out? Like what did I do to you just because he can.

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And he's not just cursing at me. But he's also be very vulgar and, you know, to Muslim woman that he job and I can use them. And I'm just like, wow. In that moment. I will not lie to you at that moment. She thought it was fitting me good. Get out of that part and show him what your Taekwondo is all about in that moment. Like I am a black belt just got black blue, and the next six months it's going to be a black belt and I'm mind you my six year old is also a black

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White belts. So if there's anything we've learned how to defend ourselves and have in that moment, this is what I'm being whispered to from Chicago. But Subhanallah

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at that same moment, I started doing my VIP kid. And I said, No, my friends not there. I got, we get, you know, driving the car, and I started driving, and I started doing my VIP kid and my God, my daughter asked me, Mom, why is he cursing at us? And I said, because he's not because he is not guided. He is misguided. That's the only answer. And I'm just doing my ticket and blah. And I'm asking a lot for patience and to call me down. As I called out, by the time we get home, which is about four or five minutes later, I tell my kids the story, my kids are sitting there and I tell them, and as I'm telling my kids this story, my boys are really riled up. They're like, no, that's

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just mom, that's disrespectful. He should have never treated you that way. You know, and my boys are like, you know, we all have for the rest of my family. They all have black belts, most Sharpie marker, and my mom and my kids, I should we all go with our black belts. I was like, No, remember what happened with a particular lesson of a bucket?

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I will not get the lock, sitting there with a promise similar products. And someone comes and they're cursing at Abu Bakar and being rude and, and one of our curricula when he sat there, and the province wasn't smiled as he was sitting there saying nothing. But the moment that I

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reacted, and he started using that language and he started to defend himself the purpose of aloneness and gets up and walks away.

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And I will look at the long runs after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Yana sumela Why is it when he was being disrespectful to me and cursing and you were smiling? But the moment I defended myself, you get up and leave. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked at Abu Bakar the loan? And he said, Yeah, Abu Bakar when you were sitting there and quiet, and taking it the angel, or defending you and person come back, but the moment you decided to get to his level, the angels walked away from us. And that's when I walked away. So I told my kid, what is the beautiful lessons of his being patient and remembering that we're better than that? Subhanallah Yeah, I could have, you know, gone out

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there, and I could have probably beat him up. But what, what good would that have brought? Nothing. Be patient, in times of difficulty is walking away and being strong, when you know, you could do something. And so just a little lesson, and we'll constantly be getting tested. And we constantly have to know when to have self control. If he was attacking me. Yes, that's a different situation than I would have to defend myself. But he wasn't physically attacking me. So I didn't need to do I needed to do that as well. So with that being said, I want you to remember these words, do not be afraid of being neglected. Allah never neglect his people, so long as they're obedient to Allah and

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worshiping him in the right way. This woman has already lohana faced her difficulties saying Allah will not neglect us. she experienced physical struggle, emotional struggle, psychological struggle, spiritual and even existential struggle. She could have doubted the words of faith that she had other than the beginning, but she remained steadfast. That is our lesson, to remain steadfast to know that we can't give up.

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The relief eventually will come and the angel and that did come through from the angel repeating the same words to her. The angel told her Allah will never neglect his people. This is a live embodiment of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us I love the exalted says I am as a slave expects me to be and this is in the book of Bahati for some shared good expectations of the law, and a lot can only beat her expectations, but he gave her above and beyond what she expected and what she paid for. That being said, my time is up inshallah, I'm going to finish off with some Monica lahoma will become bigger I showed online Illa Allah and Africa to be like, how perfect you are for

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a lot and I praise you. None has the right to be worshipped except you I seek your forgiveness turned to repentance to does that go Hi to salaam aleikum, what a

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wonderful reminder and there's truly so much to learn from the story of hunter and we pray that inshallah everyone was able to take benefit from your talk inshallah. And

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thank you so much as

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So inshallah, we'll be moving on with our next speaker in LA

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and that is going to be sister for Santa Mohammed