Ebrahim Bham – Commencement of Bukhari

Ebrahim Bham
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mean I think I mean at the end of

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it I think a lot of you seen

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examples that

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are less painful demanding, more acting

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smart inability to have additional data and to the party you are able to lock with the

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verb okay be better known as either something that we somehow love or he will send out or overlaps

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in Ojai in

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the cable news that we

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are the obedient

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community, those are the people who

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are affected by Sofia.

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Sorry, I'm sorry, Allah. Paralegal chromosomally groggy but they may also mean that our personal at home whole Senate subcommittee Mr. Warren for the Senate to the School of Law, he's

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essentially an internal examiner with the running family equilibrium and our turnaround plan that we

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see from our winner. Again, people have done it before.

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So come along, soon as salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullah we're gonna try to

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come to the lab gives me great honor to be in your mix.

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In fact, it is a greater honor for me than it is for you. I don't regard myself worthy of being

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and giving those in

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a class of Hadith it is only Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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that Allah subhanaw taala is concealed our situation. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us this opportunity. We thank Allah Tala for that.

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Although we don't, we are not worth it. We also think Allah that He has given us this opportunity. We are all aware of the Arabic

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poem and our hip was solid in Wallace coming home Allah Allah Allah, Allah, I love the pious people, and we love the Allama of D. And we love those who are associated with him. And although we are not amongst them, but maybe because of our love for them, Allah subhanho wa Taala will resurrect us with them.

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Alma Oh Ma Ma, Ma Ma, Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma.

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Ma Ma Ma person will be with those people whom he loves. So we are hoping that because of our love for pious people love for the Halima love for the nice part of the Allah subhanho wa Taala will keep us amongst those

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who are associated with him. I recall reading a statement of official piece of jewelry.

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That he said that

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we all know that within our fraternity there are people who sometimes

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speak about the shortcomings of the fraternity. And maybe there are shortcomings within our fraternity as Alama. But he said I don't want to be resurrected, and I don't want to be counted amongst any other fraternity than the fraternity of all.

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I want to be part of the Allah. Allah has given us in some way and respect to this relationship. And that is why Alhamdulillah I studied in Karachi, and Maha Kabir as it moved to Bali essence of Taunggyi

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Rama Kalani

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myself and move Qureshi. The president of all Ceylon germinator Halima, we were roommates. And we used to have very interesting discussions on Hanafy and traffic while we were studying

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and hamdulillah what Allah has taken a lot of work from him and may Allah subhanaw taala always guide and protect him and take further work for him. And I also heard on the news but of

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Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Ali, I had the good fortune of going to some of Kenan Mahara

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and it was one of the most emotional moments in my life.

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After Of course, being the Haramain cherryfield must always have 4k Marathi, the Marathi is always very important because the greatest honor is to be in the Haramain in the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala and in the present

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So the rows of our beloved may be occurring sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But, you know, together with that one of the emotional moments in my life was when we entered the chamber, in which Imam Bukhari regularly is buried. And that is between Mahara and some of can actually close to summer but more than he

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actually grew up in Pokhara, but they after he traveled many parts of the world, and then towards the end of his life, he came to a place near some of them and he is buried near some of them. And of course, why should it not be emotional when throughout our life we have been hearing about Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Ali is amazing sacrifices for the sake of Deen. For the sake of preserving the hadith of our beloved maybe a cream sauce is meticulousness in preserving the Hadith and sayings of our beloved maybe a cream sauce from the soma is indebted to him for the standard that he accept, in preserving preserving the life in the teachings of our beloved Maria Teresa Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And of course we all know it is not the time for us to discuss it. That the sunnah of our beloved Nebia Kareem Salah Allah wa salam, the hadith of our beloved Maria Cristo Allahu alayhi wa sallam is next only to the Quran, as a source for Islamic law.

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The UT rasool Allah, Allah says Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran, he obeys, maybe a criminal law while he was still he obeys Allah subhanho wa Taala from our hotel to novice who will suffer from Anna Hawkman, who Fanta, who whatever the prophet of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you then accept it and carry it out from under How come and who and what He prohibits you from stay away from it. Now of course, it is one of the the major

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beauties of IMAMBARA melodic which is known as third geometry Bob, how number two learning has constructed his chapters and how he is entitled his chapters. And Allah might have written that the fate of Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Ali is in his chapters how he is entitled. And also the way he is entitled The first chapter of his also speaks about the the oceans of wisdom and knowledge of Imam Buhari that he has started off with how he started off, and also the first Hadith it is to do with intention in the Malama Obediah.

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Your Alma and you're set a status I will give you further type of instructions with regard to the Hadith, I have limited time for a very active day and no one commitment after the other. But just two words with regard to this. It is amazing that in a world where we have different reasons for doing things, and most of those particular types of reasons in today's time, centers around doing things for worldly reasons for when the motors doing it for the sake of ourselves. We for our ego doing it for our pride doing it for dunya is now came in gave us a completely different perspective. It told us that beyond you, doing things for yourself, beyond doing things, for your own benefit,

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there is a benefit, far more greater in doing things for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah Allah in the Quran says worried one, Allahu Akbar, the pleasure of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatest of things that you can aspire towards, in the 19 Jews of the Holy Quran.

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In the 19, Jews, the ruku after a coup, and you know, in different parts of not only in, in 19 Jews in other parts of the Holy Quran, we find that Amelia was Salatu was Salam. When they went to the tribe, they started off what one basic concept

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here Comilla Malizia Jura in Nigeria

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or our tribe we don't want any recompense in any reward from you. You know, this is amazing human psychology is such that he likes rewards. Everyone likes rewards everyone likes to give everyone wants something. No doubt.

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We people from the Indo Pak subcontinent India Pakistan, Bangladesh, we like discount

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someone tells you something is on special dated supermarket. We'll go and we spend 200 rupees petrol to get discount 200 rupees

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because everyone like discount, as Atlanta also knows the human being likes rewards. But what Allah Tala did he changed the focus, he changed your perspective. He said ask for you

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that don't ask for human did ask for me.

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This is why the unbelievable salatu salam said yeah for NASA or for Malaysia, or what right from you, we don't want any, any reward. Our reward is

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that when Allah Allah gives reward he will give more than what human being can do.

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He will get greatly rewarded when Allah says look at our Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned masala Dean I will report on why don't you submit Allah come after you have but in unbuttered sub Asana Villa people used to Buddha till

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you give one rupee rupee in charity and let's say I multiplied 700 times below you already fully militia. And if I want our multiplied even more than that if your need is correct

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in Allah Allah will never allow anyone's pepper to go to waste you to let them Allah will reward you.

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For me yeah, I'm an auditor what in favor? Yeah, there was just an iota of good he will sit in front of you.

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In a Muslim visa Hadith was a very amazing

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we all know about Abu Lahab laterra has made mention of Ebola Africa, but

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that he will be he's destroyed because of his disrespect that he showed to our beloved the returning source.

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But just look at how Allah takes into account that a person does. We all know that when many aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam was born the slave woman for India went to give him the news that a nephew has been born to you

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and nephew has been born to Abu Lahab free debt slave woman.

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You free text a woman. Because of that Vicki stated when he is in Jang. every week or every particular time according to what Allah Allah has determination is he will be given a little drop of liquid.

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Because of this 33 The slave woman when he heard about the birth of

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my respected students, if Allah Tala can give even for that, can you imagine what Allah Allah will give for people to do something with sincerity? We cannot imagine it. So firstly in number Amaru Pina there are many, many aspects that were Allama have written, one of the aspects is, do make intention.

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We make intention. We don't make intention sufficiently. Intention can change entire perspective of a person's life.

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Intention can turn dust into gold. You make an intention for a worldly act for eating, drinking, sleeping but you make intention of Allah I'm doing it to give me strength to do good to you, to make you bother that particular one the Act becomes better.

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Make intention. Now we'll start off at if you taught me set a Muslim as a Mormon, Idris Murthy

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wrote a commentary of reversal in the oral language. And in depth under this hadith he makes mention he says, need me to take Mustafi

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that before even doing things solely for the sake of Allah to make an intention for your good deeds, is a separate

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it's a separate good

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so firstly make intention. If you are going to make an intention, do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala as I said in Nevada

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, do good deeds for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then it will be beneficial. If you don't, if you do deed for the sake of Allah, even if you do let them

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it is enough for your salvation.

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We all know maybe a crimson Allah when he was on tour mod imageable when he was sending him to Yemen, Omar after his dinner, on wild goose things for the sake of Allah even little bit will be sufficient for you. And if you don't wait for the sake of Allah, then even if you are an ally, if you are a Shahid and you are a generous person, we have not done it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala it will not benefit you and it can even take you into Germany and we are better protect us. We all know the famous adage. So now we have to do things for the sake of Allah, then Allah will reward us and from a worldly point of view, psychology psychological point of view, it makes sense.

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See, let me give you an example

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says someone builds a house for someone

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to say Musa you know,

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quarter constructed to build a house for him

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I have a build a house for Musa he went to ESA to go and ask for money. He said give me money, why? I built a house. So he saw what asked him wanted to build the house.

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He saw what he wanted to buy the house for. He said I build the house for Musa so what will he start telling me to build the house for Musa while coming to ask me for money? When asked for money? Why does it make sense on

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the day of camera tell us your good deeds to show people you are pious. Why are you asking me for your twin ask them for your

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because it makes sense. If you don't do things things for the sake of Allah Allah, Allah has every right to tell you why you so Musa is you build a house constructible the house for Musa went to ask isa for money. He said we're telling you go for Musa when asked Musa for money, don't ask me for money, unless Allah is entitled to ask us and to tell us we didn't do it for me. Why are you asking me for the work? That is why our ama was very, very particular about the sincerity. Very, very particular.

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If you can imagine out particularly well with regard to the sincerity

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and delight, nobody

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was in jihad against the Romans.

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covered an island means he had he covered his

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face, no one can see. He showed great bravery. And then we went into his tent. Someone followed it to see who it is. And when he removed his tent, we removed the scarf people saw them I

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said don't disgrace me by making mention of my

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weekly will say

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show me whatever making mention of it. Don't disgrace it by by making mention of my name. This is how they did.

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They said about CF Ismail Shahida valley to give a talk in in Jama Masjid in Delhi. And he gave a talk to 1000s of people. And then as he was coming out of the budget after giving a talk,

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a person came running on the steps of the German budget. And he came to me he was lamenting, he was sorrowful Why are you so sorrowful. He said I came from so far and wide. I had some challenges on the road, I came to listen to your talk, I couldn't make it.

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To say this matrix or artillery said nevermind. Come into magic. We will put in the budget

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the same fervor and passion that is home to 1000s of people he gave the same talk to this one person in front of you.

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So his disciples and students said you have such a busy man for one person, you gave the entire talk once again for him.

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And what was his reply? What was the reply?

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The first time also it was for one

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the first time it was also for one even 1000 people it was also for

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so when I spoke to 1000s, where they spoke to one because

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so therefore it is very important that I remember fondly luckily with great wisdom it started off the

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history with Indian Malama Lavinia, I would love to have spoken to you about why did he start off with what it causes the highest form of knowledge. beyond our own, I've written different ways of earning, seeking knowledge, through the means of our five senses, we come to know that this is made of wood is not made of stainless steel. We all know that for the winds of five senses, then beyond that you get your intellect, but beyond the intellect comes with the highest form of knowledge. And therefore, when we say something comes from what he what he doesn't need to prove it to us intellectually, because it is a branch of knowledge beyond intellect. It just has to tell us it

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comes from Allah, it is our duty and our talent to accept it and to submit towards why because it comes from the highest branch of knowledge, how they will be able to give you a little bit of talk on why what is

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the highest form of knowledge. Again, one of the wisdoms of remember

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that he started off is a with this beautiful chapter because in many ways it is the essence of our healing. The essence of our deal is to submit the essence of being is to submit

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for Manasa Medina milkman

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who is Dean is greater than the one who submits to Alaska.

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inequality has so beautifully and so prudently it was so full of wisdom started off

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as is the status of women both in terms of his wisdom with two very important lessons

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the philosophy yet and submitting to what at the highest branch of knowledge may Allah Tala give us a trophy. In your letter make us understand these two important lessons in the very first chapter in your little of your Baraka in your studies. And yet Allah give us the topic of understanding and looking

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at along with the handbook of ion batteries early was utilizing this photonic philosophy was suddenly we're very fancy and on the Vietnam War and maybe we're ready to say hello Monticello legal system developer organometallics. You had originally with a

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Moroccan mini

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Hello, we are Your very weak seven.

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We are weak in every way Allah, Allah we have one strength. That strength is Allah we acknowledge you to be our signature, we acknowledge you to be our maker. We have fully opinion conviction that in obeying you realize there was success and going against your commands is our failure. There now we have never ever

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put our head down sit down in front of anyone who says we have we have this weakness but we also have the strength to know you forgive our weakness and our shortcomings and reward us with regard to our strength.

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Students have started off the scenes of our beloved military install cylinder in the compilation of demand,

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which has been acknowledged as a sample report to rebut the data. That the most authentic book in our DNA after the Kitab of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala given this last in the we have to study it correctly, and more importantly, to practice upon what has been studied. And now we are very wiki Allah to forgive our sins persons are many to forgiveness even more greater than ourselves. Can you help us in fulfilling your commands? Yeah, Allah you help us in receiving your knowledge.

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You help us your life fulfilling the responsibilities of his knowledge, and the Allah will help us in making our own the knowledge that we have received the example you grant us good interest Well, Grant was good in the afternoon. Let me ask if we are left with the means of this knowledge to the means of your greatness to the means of our beloved Navy aquarium so while he was still fulfill all our ambitions keep us away from all our challenges you end up

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good upon us good good upon our families and our communities. And above all, you Allah we ask of you, never to leave us even for a moment, even for the moment of the blinking of our island without your assistance without providing your protection in every endeavor, in every walk of life for some amount that is need enough. One of you know when I'm looking to get ready for somebody to hire me another visit to MIT supplements seminar.

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