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And hungry

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, Ala Moana Viva La Mulana Viva la Vida Amati hiraki Tabata kitabi hula Sharia Tabata, Shariati a mavado for the villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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cuanto, Alona in many said a colloquialism.

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Respected elders and brothers,

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they are always two ways of looking at anything.

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Whenever we are faced with anything, there are two ways you can approach it. One is the positive way and one is the negative way.

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A person who looks at things in a positive way, he will achieve more, he will be more happier than a person who looks at things in a negative way. And the person who looks at things in a negative way, he will achieve less both spiritually from a DNA point of view. And also from the worldly point of view, he will be unhappy and he will spread unhappiness. He see bhi Murata Hol Sydney mapnik le m doTERRA K, eight mas battery K or eight mn Federica Jo mousse battery case m

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tcgs codekit was yada yada who schrager? Who shall skin is wet? JOHN Murphy suits a tcts kodaira, OSHA's compiler nahusha or upsold gi kaleida. Now, this aspect is something that we normally call a pessimist and optimists. a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. And an optimist sees an opportunity in every challenge and difficulty focus on solutions is what Sharia has taught us. Not on problems, look for opportunities, don't look for excuses, maybe a cream sauce and I'm told us don't say low. Never ever say if I had done this, this would have happened. Low opens up the doors of shaytan. If, if I would have done this opens up the door of shaytan optimism allows even a person

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who does not have a good sight to be able to see light. Whereas a peasant pessimism makes one see nothing but darkness even if he's his eyesight. Now, normally, you know, there are one important point that we must make. Many times people when they talk of optimism and hope and having a positive way of looking at things. Then it is assumed that there is no difficulty.

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Joe moose bottari Casa de caza Laguna Seca hanga aqui mosquitonix Ahmed Masekela to hear these challenges. But the situation is if you look at those challenges, and you look at life positively, it is a mindset that will achieve and yield more results.

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It means that there will be challenges but you would be able to be more likely to have success with what the challenges are. And with hard work and an effort. The way it is. sybian said, arose gullible. He'd never complains that it is in the myths of thorns. gram curato a communicator. A metal can take a Damiano. I mean, the motto of thorns, it blossoms in the midst of thorns, a rose blossom in the midst of thorns, and it shows that we can blossom in the midst of challenges. And that is what I will try to prove has been the way of the Quran and Hadith. And what maybe Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us. For example, I'll give you an example. Maybe a cream

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salsa one day if someone came and said you're a sly kamatera Guna I committed a sin. Huzzah. Guna hoga. So what it may be a cream sauce and I'm saying follow it up with a good deed.

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In al Hassan RTU, hipness CR the good deed will wipe away the evil deed. The challenge is there you committed a coup now What must you do now? Go and now do another good deed. The good deed will wipe away that evil deed What a beautiful way. So the challenges will be there. And a positive mindset will make us look through those channels.

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And obviously people make normal types of jokes with regard to and give examples with optimists and pessimists. And they say, optimist says it looks at a glass that is half empty, it is half full. The pessimists say it is half empty. And the realist while they were fighting, he drank the water

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and therefore they say also an optimist looks at the donut. The pessimist looks at the hole in the donut. They say the optimist and a pessimist one day we're in a tunnel a train tunnel. So the pessimist seeds Doc, the optimist a nice light at the end of the tunnel.

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They see the train is coming and the engineers say they are three idiots on the train tech track. So now let me see this. How do we deal with this? Firstly, let us look at what the Quran says. And not the Hadith gives us examples. Movement k mamilla hamesha musataha Nivea cream sauce from say the affairs of a believer is always positive. How did he say this in a hadith as yeah polyamory in. One dress is a situation of a believer wondrous is a situation of the believer. If any good comes upon him, he makes sure

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we say three k equals j. k morphic morphic. Shuker k Johanna was just a pata, pata anything good comes he makes sure he gets a reward. any difficulty comes upon him he makes supper he still gets a reward. What did nobody saw Sam said actually Emeril Moomin amazing is the affair of the believer for him his only benefit. So we see Firstly, how nebia cream sauce Islam and Islam taught us the aspect of positive for your thinking. Secondly, the owner might have said and when they look at the life of nebia Karim salsola we find that Nadia Karim saw Salaam Suna and inclination was always to look at the positive. How many examples can be caught Subhana Allah when Abu Bakar in Libya, Kareem

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saw cinema alone in the case against an entire city to people against an entire city and Abubakar villatoro looks up it from the cable phone and he sees the footsteps of the enemies right on the foot of the cave. About to find them. at such a time maybe a cream sauce lamb tells Abubakar law

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in the law hermana Don't be sad allies with us and Latin America. Look at the positive attitude. This was our beloved nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam. apcera Allahu alayhi wa sallam applied to shmona Kalia be hamesha

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he made dua despite rumor being against nebia cream sauce. Oh Allah give Mr. Sharma. A hotter and hotter becomes a port Islam SubhanAllah. You know, in budaya, when the higher is an amazing incident. I sometimes wonder about how is this that a person was one day leaving Makkah because of the persecution of the people of Mecca because he was on Islam? Mormon Jenna Medina mercato cassata. So at the bus station, the at the bus or maybe there wasn't a bus but a station where they leave Makkah. at that place. The husband and wife was sitting, the husband had to go somewhere. So the wife was sitting alone, Omar came and Omar said where are you going? He said, You have made it

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difficult for us to stay We are leaving now. So Omar said May Allah Allah protect you may the almighty protect you. So when the husband comes back, when the husband comes back, the wife says, first time Omar said something kind and positive about Islam and Muslim they said Allah protect you. Maybe he is becoming soft to Islam. You know what the husband said? He said that donkey of Qatar can perhaps accept Islam. The son of Qatar won't accept Islam. After one week he became a Muslim. When he came home,

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he told well, he'd been bullied the brother of Taliban Walid overeat, raised your brother Khalid

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Abdullah, he left MCI you couldn't even see you. And let me occur himself. Sam said such an intelligent person cannot remain oblivious of the beauty of Islam for a long time. When he went to Intel, Khalid Khalid Kareem saw Salaam was looking out for you and he said, You are such an intelligent person you can remain ignorant of Islam Khalid bin Willy becomes a Muslim. Now via cream sauce, almost always someone who looked at the opt out at a time when the via cream sauce is digging a trench against the enemies doesn't have enough resources to protect himself. And at that time, they couldn't come and they couldn't remove one boulder and maybe saw some took an axe and while

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hitting there were sparks. And at that particular time while there were sparks nebia Kareem saw some said, I can see the treasures of the Romani.

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Persian empires at the hands of the Muslims Subhana Allah at such a time, can you imagine what it would have done to the morale of the Sahaba? They were, the lives were at risk. They were facing an entire army a collective army of the Arabian peer people in the tribes in the NBA Kareem sauce from said, Don't worry, very soon Allah will grant us victory over the superpowers of the time. To be positive is the way of our beloved nebbia creme de la Hollywood cinema. Cinema have made mentioned the 30th aspect with regard to having a positive outlook, optimism and having good expectations of Allah is in a bar that in itself maybe a cream sauce from I said in a hadith which appears in theory

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hoping for good is also an act of worship to have good expectation of allies also an act of worship Raja yet or most but geez mazepa pellucid cheese petite na Mustafa libertaire a cheeky mais Ratna Joby Allah tala key but it must therefore be occurring saw Salaam said Anna in the ANA in the Zen the Abdi I am according to the expectations of the believer. If the believer look upon me that our Allah will be merciful. Allah will be hopeful Allah will give us this then Allah says I will deal with him in accordance to how he thinks about me. I have good expectations of Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah Allah tala will deal with us accordingly, obviously doesn't mean you must have good

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expectations without doing anything. Then the Sahaba said that anyone who have good expectations without doing anything that is deception,

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do everything then have good expectations of Allah? Allah, Allah, Allah

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subhanaw taala

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Rahmatullah like to naramata love those who have Eman, those who have do righteous deeds, those who make those who strive, he must have hope in the mercy of Allah, having good expectations of Allah is an absurdity in itself. The fourth thing I want, whenever I have made mentioned is that hope should should prevail over death, especially closer to the end of our time, and closer towards death. This is what our beloved nebia Kareem sallahu wa sallam has told us

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when when we are in this world, when we are young, then Allah say the fear of Allah must dominate. But when we are old, and we are coming closer towards our time, and especially the time of death, then the hope in the mercy of Allah must prevail, via Karim Sol Sol in one day came to a person who was at his deathbed and he said, How do you find yourself with regard to expectations of Allah? And he said, Yeah, jasola I'm fearful of my Guna and since, but I am hopeful of the mercy of

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what, what an answer Allah has given us. That presence of mind, that at the time of death, we can think like that. May Allah give us all that presence of mind and then consciousness? what they tell them is awesome. Yeah. Rasulullah I'm afraid of my sins, but I have opened the mercy of Allah.

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Karim sin Allahu Allah, he was celebrated. When a believer has these two things simultaneously. Allah grants him security from his fear. And Allah fulfills his hope that he has in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says that part of this whole hope must prevail over fear, especially closer to the end of our time. And then amongst the aspects, that navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us with regard to having a positive way of looking at things. He's nebia creams and Allahu alayhi wa sallam told me Jamal Ravi Allahu taala. Who when when he sent him to Yemen, and Libya cream sauce Salaam told him Oh, Yemen.

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Omar as you are going to Yemen, be a bearer of positivity. Be a bearer of someone who gives good tidings of Moscow, Yemen, Jackie Rekha bashira. Tuna Fira yesira wala to

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give people glad tidings. Oh mas logo immediately low logo may Nef, retina pilau logo Kalia Asana para crow mosqueda para Nakuru omaze give people glad tidings don't make them afraid or don't make them so afraid of Allah that they lose hope in the mercy of Allah and make things easy for

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People don't make things difficult for people. In your own Amal, there you choose that which you feel you can bear. But in terms of making and dealing with people make things easy for them. This is a son of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Then amongst the aspect of having a positive attitude, look at this most beautiful expected what maybe a cream sauce alumnus taught us. He said be positive and productive, telling your last breath. Tell your last breath be productive and be positive. And where can you get a more better teachings on optimism and positive thinking. Then this same of our beloved nebia Kareem saw Selim, he said if anyone of you

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if anyone of you while you are alive, and you hear the sound of the comfort of Tiamat and the Day of Judgment, and you got

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a seat with you that you need to plan

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and someone will say yeah, fighter, huh? What benefit Am I going to get off planting the seed is kiama Nivea cream sauce, lamb said, If kiama comes and you got a seed to plant, then don't say that it is chiamata I'm not gonna plant it. plant that seed at that particular time.

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be productive. Up Nafisa stuck, mustard or Ajay subito agar up Nivea cream sauce una familia que siempre chiamato akiho to Jihad Nagar Chota ser poda home to Scooby Lago yenagoa chiamata calf idi What a beautiful teaching be positive and be productive till your last breath. So this is another aspect with regard to it maybe a cream sauce William taught us positivity in terms of how do you deal with making dua to Almighty Allah nebia cream sauce from said make dua to Almighty Allah and be certain that he will answer your prayers via cream sauce alumna Cartagena dua mango to you most pathetic as a

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crook Allah.

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Allah tala will accept now via cream sauce in one day so a person making dua Allahumma fairly in our life you want to forgive me over life you want to forgive me, maybe a cream sauce, you know, rebuked him and said this is not the way you ask of our life You won't forgive me. When you make dua to Almighty Allah make dua with firmness and have this firm belief that Allah tala would inshallah accept, why do you make to allow mcfeely in our life you want and if you feel that you must, you must forgive me, this is not the way a person makes dua. Then another aspect is an optimist is a people's magnet. A person who thinks positively people will surround him. If you are positive

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people, people love to be around you. Whether you are in the muscle Li base, and you are all the time looking at solutions instead of talking about problems. You are looking at finding ways to resolve issues. People will love to be with you in your workplace. Those people who are looking for solutions, who are optimists, you will find people who will they will attract people like magnets, and people who are all the time talking of doom and gloom all the time complaining all the time winning after a while one two times people will listen to you after a while How long will they listen to you? After a while they will also leave you. So a person who is an optimist, he gets

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people together all the time. So this is another aspect that we learn from, you know, experience. And then of course, perhaps one of the most important things when we look at the life of the Sahaba crammed in one hula eternity. We find that they were people who are always optimist. optimism is a legacy of the companions of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum. They were replete of positive examples on focusing on the big bigger picture on looking at how to resolve issues, how to take things forward, from the time of fidelity Allahu taala has profound words of comfort to our beloved nebia Kareem saw Selim when nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Khadija and said some

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balloony zombie loony Cover me in the cache to add an FC I'm afraid whether I will be able to bear this responsibility or not. What it may be a Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at that time in need of comfort. What is a Khadija say? Kala Holla Holla musica la vida Oprah for prophet of Almighty Allah Oh my husband Allah will never disgrace you positive attitude. Even at that time in the vehicle himself Salaam was worried as a fiduciary allowed Amma is giving positive words of comfort. So it was was it a Chateau de la la despite the fact that she had letters all the time giving all the time giving to such an extent. One day she had some wealth, gave everything the slave girl said

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leave something for you.

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Nothing. He said Why didn't you speak early I would have left something for everything is now given positive attitude. This is a way so it was with Jaffer Bina Vitaly and Mousavi nowhere, whenever you

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send them to present Islam to new, often hostile communities, they went to give a positive positive interpretation and a positive message of Islam. Jaffa Vitali went to go and speak in the port of negus and Musab the mayor changed the face of Madina munawwara they gave positive messages of the beauty of Islam to often hostile, hostile communities. And so it was what, above enough. And believe me Raja Ravi Allahu taala, who, who publicly professed Islam, despite the unimaginable cruelty, they had to suffer from the disbelievers. But they were positive and they remain, and even while they were being persecuted, and while pillar was dragged through the streets of Mecca, and this

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particular sound was resounding amongst the people of Makkah. I had I had the oneness of Allah, the oneness of Allah, Allah tala is one. optimism is the legacy of the companions of our beloved in the vehicle. He said a lot while he was sallam, what does it take to be an optimist few things. Focus on solution, not problems. There is enough problems. And if you're going to add problems, this will become a big problem. Stop the problem start looking at solutions via Kareem saw serum. And the Saba looked at solution when the BA Kareem saw Salaam was on the verge of what 300 people they pulled out of the better let me turn themselves around, still remaining the battle and he and he kept the army

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in such a way that it was so strategically sound that the Muslims were on the verge of victory, despite being overwhelmed by the resources and by the odds against them. So focus on solution not problems Keep your eye on the bigger picture. Develop creative ways and innovative ways of dealing with situations. develop trust in Allah. Allah who has he relies upon Almighty Allah, Allah tala become sufficient for him. Find the balance between hope and optimism. Yes, there will be challenges how do we deal with a person challenges take into account risk factors and then always make dua start off your day with us. Start off your day with the morning do us start off tonight with evening

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do us inshallah Allah, Allah will make us positive allows you to make our situation such that we will find that Allah subhanho wa Taala will yield positive results, we will be happier, we will make other people happier. And we will bring about an atmosphere an environment of good in our community. When you become pessimist and complain and complain, you bring about an environment of negativity in the community. And that is not the way we are supposed to be. What are the what are maybe a cream sauce, even after the Battle of Allah Allah says

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Don't be overwhelmed. Do not be said one two alone you will be successful if you are true believers and that is what believers do. They always look at the positive aspect. They are optimist by nature. They look at the hopeful things and inshallah Allah subhana wa Taala. If we have that particular type of mindset, Allah tala will give us a desired result was an Al Hamdulillah