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The importance of knowing and actions in order to judge a situation is emphasized, along with the need for evidence to support actions. The lack of success due to confusion around the Guna En signs and language use is also discussed. The concept of judgeability is discussed, along with the history of shaming certain individuals for their actions, including the actions of a woman named Zina Sir who committed seven daughters.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah NaVi Avada another dofollow Villa humanus shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for that was a cool, full circle.

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Who I am ob Manny Taka Sara colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah azza wa jal has given us a complete and perfect deal

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in this deem good and bad vice and virtue have been completed, finalized and perfected. Now, no one no imaam no Mawlana no chef can change the deen of Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada. It is completed, it is perfected. And this perfection and completion of Diem is not based on the individual opinions of people. It is based on the commands of Allah azzawajal Allah tala didn't it didn't get that milk at the end. Her char Veronica jatukam is McCoy Kumi patient the Hickey just

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a gal qui Bri Carla how to here How am I how care can Bri corral

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a child or Baraka fessler hotaka. So on this basis on the basis that Allah subhanho wa Taala has already determined right and wrong. We've got the right to say a person's actions is right or wrong.

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Someone is reading five times daily Salah you say this is right he's reading five times daily Salah you don't have the right to say whether Allah is accepted or not. That is in Allah's hands. But you got the right to say the deed is correct. Someone is not reading Salah you can say because Allah has made five times daily salad for us. You can say that he by not reading Salah This is a wrong action of his or for example, he is drinking alcohol. You can say drinking alcohol is haram and it is is wrong. Gregory Shapiro Taka haka? kenickie ki yes shut up enough.

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But after making mention of that, and there is also another aspect sometimes a situation is such that you're not sure whether it is right or wrong. Then hazard humara Allah who has made mentioned whenever you see an action of a person, were you not sure with regard to the right and wrong always interpreted in a manner that is good. Try to give a good interpretation give a good opinion with regard to a word or action that is in between Marvin kager qui amalco 200 O'Meara Viola from Cusco, Cusco, Peru who sneezes and rock they were said that beer are correct, okay.

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So, this is the reality with regard to it, that when you can determine whether the person's action is right or wrong. And if for example, it is in between, you always try to give a good interpretation, interpretation. However, having said that, we do not have the right to judge a person labeling labeling him determine whether he is successful or not determined that I am better than him or determined that because of this Guna Ensign, he is going to jahannam or because of this good deed he is going to learn that we don't have that right. Because that is the domain and the authority of Allah. And if you start taking that authority, that this person is going to gender your

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gender or age and number two here Allah tala you taking the right of Allah Allah upon you you got no right Sahih Muslim is a hadith that novia Karim salado. Solomon said, whenever a person tells another person because of the Guna that he has committed, that he is going to jahannam and Allah won't forgive him. Then Allah Rama becomes to the fore and Allah tala says Who is there who is determined and made a judgment on my behalf. I will forgive the person who has committed a sin. And I will put this person who says that Allah won't forgive another person. I will put him in jail.

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This is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim we don't have that right? We have the right to say this is right this is wrong but we don't have the right to say this person because of that wrong is going to join them because of this right is going to generate all because of this I'm better than him or he's successful or is a failure because of that. Bribe Kenny Shandy comma club DNA comm sky just say logo god joshna shuru kar de, or on purpura Honecker level llegada fear kisi ke km Eb or na kabhi comma Dara is Bri Kota. Hi yah Farah apne up on say Berta or better so Manila. Happy Allah tala Cafe is live. Now in this particular regard, few points I want to make first point is that we cannot judge

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the man of another person, whether that a man is sincere or not, or whether he is proclaiming it or not, or correct in doing it. We have no right to say that he is the man is not correct. Very famous incident Osama bin Zayed Ruthie Allah with Ron who went into the battlefield. And when he saw they were fighting, two people ran away one they ran away and they ran away now what would you think that they are running away from the battle the fighting against us? And he surrounded them when he surrounded them? If they said Lai la Jai lava Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, and sorry, was with Osama bin Zayed, he stopped. He said, Osama he has read the kalama

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who sama said he is reading the calima to save his life. He is not reading it to be sincere. Or Messiah Teresita who sama

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cattlemen or a young man, he seek open

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data on kohala katakana got on kalama panache Rukia to bursitis Electra Tatiana apne Jan botanical Yeah, yeah, so Osama bin Zayed killed him. And when the VA Kareem saw Selim came to know about it, now via Kareem saw slim rebuke to sama and said Osama Did you kill him after he said kill him? Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah. Did you kill him after you said kalama? What answer Are you going to give to the Taliban on the Day of Judgment of ganja?

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What what answer you will give Subhan Allah, as I said, I wish I could have not brought a man before that day and I would only have brought him on Thursday. I felt so embarrassed. It is another highlight of the Holy Quran. Allah Allah. Allah molesta Amina, do not tell tell people who make Salam upon you that they are not.

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Who are you to judge whether they are moving or not. And in this particular regard, it's something that we have to be very careful. Who are we to judge? Sometimes it happens in our situation. I'll give you a

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contemporary manifestation of this. A person becomes a Muslim at the time of marriage. Right? We have no right to say why he's becoming a Muslim. He has become a Muslim, we accept him to be a Muslim. What what what intention is between him and Allah subhanho wa Taala he has become a Muslim. It's our duty to regard him as a Muslim. As Ramadan. The Latino said, You judge on the apparent you will leave the intention for Allah subhanho wa Taala. You are not there to judge his intention. So the first thing is we don't judge the man and the sincerity of the proclamation of the demand of a person.

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Another aspect we do not regard ourselves superior to another person.

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I'm a Koi Hockney points jockey

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is administered better or better. Yet Allah tala coffee is life and that was a coup and full circle. Don't praise yourself who are Taka?

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conjunta Allah apne janta. How can we claim superiority and piety for yourself? When you do loads of good deeds, the only time the good deeds will be beneficial if one accepts kissy keepers liquor Waiakea

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does anyone has it in writing that Allah tala has accepted it, you go somewhere you get a receipt we have paid. So you can show that receipt to someone you ever got a receipt from and after reading the masala is accepted, no one has got into how can you claim piety? Allah tala says

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do not ascribe purity and piety to yourself, who are and

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only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows who is pious. It is compulsory to strive to piety. But haram to claim it.

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It is compulsory for you to strive.

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Okay, what are

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they can kisi ko jervois neogen is nekia Dawa correct my motto is compulsory for you to strive, but you don't have the right to claim it for yourself. And today we find people constant constantly condemning other people. This often breeds a superiority complex image because Allah Malala had said I will not

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Even regard myself better on a one to one basis than a non Muslim who comes in front of me. I've yet okay set a min Caf Russia or China. Or

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better you can say a caffeine is better than a Muslim.

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A Muslim is better than a caffeine. But you don't have the right to say one to one I'm better than him because he might because he says that person, that person can become a Muslim and Allah Allah can take away your Hidayat maybe a cream sauce, Hadith. Sometimes a person does so much good deed is one spend between him and Jana. And sometimes a person does so much better Betty does one spend between him and janome. Allah tala intervenes, Allah makes the pious person goes away from deed, and Allah makes the center he makes him pious and the one who was doing good deeds, he becomes a person from amongst the image of Johanna and vice versa. So we don't have the right with regard to saying

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we are better than another person. Shaytan said Anna hi Roman. I am better than Adam Ali salat wa salam What happened? He became a cursed and he went far away from Allah subhana wa Tada. His mercy.

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Mufti Taqi SAP is written there's one incident in Russia. I think we made a mention of it before, once a young person got into the habit of reading taboo. So one day when he got up, and the other people in the family were not reading tahajjud So he said, These people are not reading tahajjud and I read the hudgell choice father told him what an amazing thing. He said oh my son, and avita not even was mahana demon. Oh my son if you would have slept and you would have got up with a regret that I didn't read the 100 was better for you. Then to read an A bita Eman was Baha marjaavaan and is better for you then to read the hazard and getting up full of pride over other people regarding

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yourself superior. Second, thirdly, we cannot judge a person by his past. We have no right to judge a person by his past. A person might have done wrong and might have committed sense, but we have no right to judge because of that particular aspect. That we cannot have the right to say because of death. He is now he done wrong previously is going to janam

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now this is up near aapko. Berta Nicola sattaking kisi Allah tala kapa haka con Berta are better hair kisi k mas eco samnee rocker was command Junko, or here Naka o que schemas eco Decker ke s add me here.

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You got no right to say that. Based on his past, what has happened has happened. Allah knows after that he might have made Toba look at Amara the Allahu terrano What an amazing example. humara The Allah set out to kill NaVi akademischen Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Today he is sleeping next to the vehicle himself. navico katakana qui mahmoodi but

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to kill a prophet of Almighty Allah tala is is it a normal thing? Is it an easy thing? It is the greatest of sense as a woman to set out to kill himself cinnamon, or ash nebbia Kareem sallallahu wasallam kisara Come on. Today he's sleeping next to the vehicle himself when he was sending. every saint has a past. every sinner has a future.

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every saint has certain things that he has committed Guna and every sinner has a future, no matter how much sins you have committed. Let me say this brothers. Listen to this very carefully. every saint every sinner, no matter how tainted he is, and no matter how many sins He has committed, his future is innocent.

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His future his innocent.

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Child kidney Guna got home they can use to join the high end that is in the game. Yeah, Bill komatsuna.

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He is he's no matter how much sins you have committed. Your future is completely thankless and it is innocent. So be very careful with regard to this whole particular don't judge a person by his past.

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One Sahabi di cultura de ultimo came to me a Kareem salsa. jasola want to accept Islam, but I'm afraid whether Allah will accept me or not. In the book, The tears and laughter of Nubia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam this incident is made mentioned. So they called me Kim said jasola want to accept Islam but I don't know whether Allah will accept me or not. Allah will accept my Eman. So let me so some say when you become a Muslim and that Allah wipes away all your previous sense of other Eman now again Tamam akiyo Bri or groom now, Islam to just say well, Mitch,

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so he said the other Sula, are you sure? Do you know what I've done?

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Do you know what I've done? What have you done? He said he assumed I buried seven daughters alive.

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I buried seven daughters and I

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know via Kareem salsa also started crying. And Nevis also made dua jasola you know what is going to happen with this person. Let me let

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Allah revealed Islam will wipe away he makes Islam Allah will wipe away that sins. Now we saw Islam cried and may Dwyer Allah this year buried seven daughters alive and you have forgiven him

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How will you treat my own but on the day of karma will you also forgive them in a similar manner

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he committed seven daughters alive and today when we take his name he said a viola

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is we have to say reveal our not because he's a savvy, but what did he do? Come Perry seven daughters alive. Brothers we have no right to judge a person with regard to his past.

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how easily we condemn people of the past we don't know what happened after that.

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We know the incident with regard to

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a woman of the unsavoury right she committed Xena Sir Sir they stone her she passed away now via Karim saucer went to read janessa zania ora Chan has a para para que

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tomar nikka rasulillah What are you doing? What are you doing? Are you going to read the genesis of a woman who committed Zina

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nebia Kareem saw Sam said Omar she made such Toba that he that Toba were distributed among 70 people of Medina it would have been sufficient for her. I'm reading the janaza

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zanya cake or a cream sauce?

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Maybe a cream sauce lamb read the read. So we have no right with regard to that. Then we have no right to say a person is going to gender to jahannam because of what we feel is in our parents circumstances. We don't have the right to say yet Allah Allah will forgive or Allah will judge we all know the incidence of an immoral human who gave water to drink to a dog and Allah subhana wa Taala granted agenda and we know the incident of Bursa which is made mentioned in anime super of the Holy Quran, who made so much for 300 years and then he got caught up in one particular deception of shaytan and he's gone to jahannam

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How do we know and how do we have the right to say this person is going to gender to this person is going to Jannah when immortal human gave water to drink to our dog and Allah tala granted agenda and a very pious person who may keep it for 300 years. Allah tala put him in jahannam is a little as made mentioned in the nine superar of the Holy Quran. We don't have and we cannot judge by the apparent circumstances. We have go no no right

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kisi ki masika Samia Raka whose coma Junko O'Meara Viola Tanaka, Miss la la novia cream sauce from Kolkata can electronically or Arjuna via cream sauce Lim cassata kisi ke eight comes you call Missouri committee NASA wrecker was Cobra NACA Whoa.

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En kisi ko Jenna Tia Jana Jana Mahoney kebari muchnick esatto N A pata kishwaukee Kuya de la Ko, just make bizarrely or at ko kutak put a company pirana ky just said Janet millgate. So we have to be very careful with regard to this. And do not don't haste to judge a person by an apparent circumstances you don't know the circumstances sometimes the circumstances might look in a particular way. And it could be something different. The way they say is just take this example a Muslim sister enters a taxi and sits in the front passenger seat together with a male apparently looks wrong. And you have started judging her because of the apparent circumstances. A Muslim

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brother walks past past the masjid and he sees the Assam be made he doesn't read numbers he goes past a another man is greeted with a Salam alikoum he doesn't reply the Salaam right. And you can give me example like that. The sister maybe she got up and she went into the taxi because next to her was her husband.

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How do you know you saw their parents circumstances? You made a judgment? Maybe a Kareem sosna was one day sitting and talking to his wives. When as a hobby pass by. And himself. Sam called him and said oh my Sahabi I'm speaking to my wife's the minister. This person said I have no doubt. He said you didn't have doubt shaytan put a put a doubt that who is my Navy speaking to.

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So you look at it apparent circumstances you don't know. That person who didn't say salam alikoum was deaf. He didn't hear your Salah, the person who was passing by the masjid

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maybe he read in another Masjid where Salat was earlier. So how do we know how can we judge we can judge with regard to people of imagine for coffee let me please conclude with this incident of emergency coffee was a very famous warrior, known for his strength in the battlefield.

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Initially fought against Muslims then he became a stout and very sincere believer in the Battle of qadisiya. He had one weakness and Kate comes to shut up.

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So he drank alcohol is going for Jihad and he drank alcohol. So sad whenever we were Casa de la to put him in jail, put him in a prison locked

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then he saw that the people were fighting him cardassia he couldn't bear it because he was a worrier. So he gave, you know, beautiful poetry. It is sufficient sorrow that you see a person deprived, abandoned in shackles and in change, while I scan these patterns, fair fetters detain me while other Muslims are fighting. If I'm freed, I will never drink again. And he's saying this poetry in such a heart rendering way. The wife of sad baby workers heard him singing this poetry. So she went through I said, Why? What are you doing? She said, I made this mistake. I made this mistake of drinking alcohol. But I want to go and fight in the path of Allah. Free me, I give you a custom,

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that if I go and I made Shaheed I made sure he no one will ask you. But if I survive, I promise you, I will come back and I will tie myself again back in this very same cell. So she felt very ashamed. And she untidy submission, went into the battlefield. Wherever he went, he changed the whole battlefield. Wherever when he went into the ranks of the enemy, and he created turmoil. And all of them wherever he went in whichever direction he went, Muslims gain victory, and sad whenever he will cause the leader who put him in jail. I saw this and he said, Who is this person? Subhana Allah showing such bravery. If it was not that I tied up with Michonne. I would have said it is imagine,

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but he is tied up. So he wasn't sure who it was. He comes back at night his wife said, I saw a boy imagine he was crying. I feed him. He went into a battlefield. He granted Muslims because of his bravery. serving me. Well, custodial, often when we when said, Come I'm freeing you. Is it sad I take out for now or not. I will never ever drink and call a person who has a shabby. Look at what he done. Who are we to judge brothers. Let us get away from this whole particular type of mindset that is sometimes emerging in some small sector, of the community and the number one