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The transcript describes a video featuring Jesus and Sharon, as well as a brief advertisement for a coffee brand called Helene. The conversation includes discussions of Jesus Christ's use of his second wife's name to open stores and avoid being detected by police, as well as his respect for people and language. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of loud marks, language, and symbols to show respect.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah hilmi bada

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pasado SLM wireless,

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he will mousseline who he was, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira theorem. A MOBA do photo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. May you as in sha Allah in Herman Taku Sara tala with

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respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is commanded

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and emphasize proper etiquette in every aspect.

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And this is known as Adam.

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This is known as respect.

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It is only in fulfilling the proper etiquette

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in every aspect of our life

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does a person becomes dignified. does a person become civilized? Does a person become a human being? This is a reality. in sunny Zindagi Keisha barosky Armin Van Sant Mel Joel qiandao soul, co adakah hayata

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whiskey poppin de se in sunny in San Dimas ebf de novo Misha morotai

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Nivea creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said at W europei Sonata DB May Allah taught me at

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my Allah taught me respect Allah tala name with a better in Adam Sokka

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in one Hadith, a dino kulu Adam, deal in reality is underpinned respect deal Surah Surah Adebayor, there is a beautiful Arabic saying lay self alpha role model in alpha rubella.

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There is no dignity and pride in wealth, pride is in Elon and other

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medicine he agrees that head or Elon may or may not be allowed to say everything has a value and the value of a person is in his knowledge and in his respect, the way he carries himself. Now, I will give you how Islam has given us commands with regard to respect in every sphere. The greatest respect we are supposed to show is to show to Allah tala That is why when we stand in Salah, and when we say that biretta Hema What is the meaning of that remains Haram. Once you make that beer, every aspect is haram. Now you don't think about things that you are not supposed to think all your focus and concentration is upon Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam Kay said Allah tala disharmony corojo

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kisi Cheeseman look at how the MB Allah salat wa salam showed us how we must respect Allah subhanho wa Taala gemilut Allah He masina hochiki to Harada ski chocker para nitsch our Karnataka man

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let me give an example. You believe salat wa salam

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very amazing incident. 70 years Allah Allah gave him all types of names and favors after 70 years shaytan one day told the angels that humor is Salaam is remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala because everything is going his way. If Allah tala were to take it away, he might not remember Allah. Allah Allah brought upon him great amount of calamities, sickness, his wealth was taken away his family all everything went away. And after seven years, one day his wife said, Why don't you make dua that Allah remove your difficulties and afflictions You are the nephew of Allah. So he said, Allah, Allah gave me good for 70 years. Seven years Allah is testing me I feel ashamed of asking Allah when his

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wife insisted he made where they were. Allah has made mention of it in the Holy Quran, where you were in

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aneema Sunny adura want our camera Helene. Remember when a police rat was called out to his ally and said our difficulty has come up

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Me and you are merciful. Hmm, what did he say? Suhana law. What did he say? He allowed me to permissible.

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yelahanka Nevada. He didn't complain, Polly said our law difficulty has come upon me. You are merciful. Has it Musashi salatu salam comes to Medina long story. And in Medina he comes he's a stranger. He doesn't know anyone. No accommodation. No one knows him. And he lifts up his hand in Doha. And this is in the 20th Super of the Holy Quran. Listen to the words or have been neelima and Zelda II mean hiring for the year. Allah I am in need of any good you sent to me. Hola, whatever good you can give me I'm in need of that. Yellow we would have been there petani what and what we would have said, what a long story would have made a complaint from the in De Lima and Zelda Elysium

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and he didn't fulfill the need of any good that was sent upon me. This is the other even when we ask of Allah. That is why before you ask a few needs you praise Allah. Not that you just ask. Allah give me a Kramer full of money. Allah gave me a whole host of money give me a whole warehouse full of goods.

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You this etiquette of asking Allah subhana wa Tada. After that our beloved Allah He was the greatest person after Allah subhanho wa Taala. The greatest to be to show respect to is our beloved nebia Karim. Allah has made mention of it.

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Allah tala has made mentioned in our cell Natasha

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de la Leto Minami la hora de what was zero what was

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Alliance and the profit of Almighty Allah with great attributes shahida Shira Juana de la Leto me know did you bring him on upon him? What do you what do

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you show him respect and dignity?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mentioned with regard to it via Karim sauce Anam Cara putana rescare attackee Kalia Latina parishad Minami la hora, Sulu.

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00 or beer zyada

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look at how the the Sahaba they respected maybe a cream so lovely was cinnamon. One day someone asked a buzzer the ultra Who are you? Elder and bigger in ancient Libya. Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam. What did he say? So Allah, what did he say so beautifully? He made mention and he said nebbia is bigger than me. I'm older than age. Hmm. nemea Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam would say for a lick and many rumors yada. He couldn't even bring upon his tongue to say that I am bigger than the Joker himself. Even if it was a fact because he was bigger in terms of age he was born before.

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What would separate? He is bigger than me. I was born before him. Subhan Allah, abou a human sarebbe villalta most incident is worth your ex thinking about when the via cream sauce lamb came to Madina munawwara

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at the House of Commons sorry. He was the host of nebbia cream sauce alum. So he asked me a cream sauce from Arizona where are you going to stay? He had to, I mean not a very big mentioned but a two flows. So let me tell him so some said people will come in visit me are coming in going. Let me stay on the bottom floor you stay on the top. I will you will serve the author who accepted then one the day the first day he slept upon. There all of a sudden in the middle of the night. He came to realize and said I am sleeping on top of Nivea cream sauce and he got up he woke up his wife and they both went to stand on the side of the room. So that in any way It must not be a porn and above

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next morning he came here so I can do this. I am setting and sleeping on top of you that my room is on top of you.

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There is nothing wrong with it. I mean it's not it doesn't show disrespect. So he agreed for a while. Well after a few days an incident happened. A water glass of water. It spilled. So the water started spreading and he took his blanket so that the water must not seep through that and then have you know buildings like as the water must not seep through and come upon him spend the whole night skipping that the water must not seep through. He came next thing said Dr. Rasulullah. I can manage this goal of our city.

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This was how they showed respect to our beloved Livia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam Ravi Massoud by the time of three to

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Would it be at all the people of Quraysh you sign a peace treaty was Mohammed Willa Hill as you might have seen, I have seen keys. I have been as your envoy to the Roman and Persian Empire. I have never seen anyone show respect to the reader the way the Sahaba showed up according to the Lotus.

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And this is not only while the sausage was alive, you know, one day a person when Murthy alotta who has an eyeshadow theologian I used to see people talking loudly when they came to visit the cover of Navy so

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they used to get angry when they saw someone speaking loudly in material.

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And he asked Where are you from? said we are from time. O'Meara villatoro said La Quinta min Aslan Medina de la jack tokuma if you are from Medina, I would have given you such a punishment because you are from abroad and maybe you don't know they have tickets I'm giving you a chance. How dare you speak loudly in the material?

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When the swim is alive look at sometimes our way we mean material number when people are posing people are taking steps to protect things videos. Yeah, what respect

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when the latter was worth the focus on the nanny. Don't raise your voice over and above the voice of Demeter in South Salem was revealed.

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In case we had a naturally loud voice, he stayed in his room, he didn't come out for some time someone said wasted sabitha Han, someone said you're a sinner when this ayat was revealed. Don't raise your voice above the voice of nebbia trim softly we stayed at home. Let me trim sauce and call him and said this is not the meaning. The meaning is to not lay raise your voice loudly out of disrespect. be added

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up near our school naturally occurring.

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Doesn't mean if you've got a loud voice, you're not supposed to speak. But this is how the Sahaba used to respect me, Mister Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Then after that,

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even aspects of you know,

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respect that is shown talkativeness that makes mentioned that

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used to come upon the member of Nivea cream sauce. He used to place his hands on the memories to put it on his face out of respect. Today we'll find people who will give back to us with regard to him, but this is how I

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used to do out of extreme love and respect for him to be a crimson.

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Also amongst our respect is to respect the symbols of a Latina woman.

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Taku wherever shows respect to the symbols of Allah, it is out of taqwa Lama have written, there is no taqwa without respect to the symbols of Allah.

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Without having respect, there is no way you can have Taqwa. And look at how the AMA and look at how our people have always and literally in the Holy Quran says

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don't touch the Quran except when you are pure. Even with regard to our phones the whole time I have written that if a Quranic ayah comes on the screen, don't touch that screen without boo boo. You can touch the the form without Budo but if there is an ayat on the screen, then you cannot touch the screen without Budo Leia masuleh Al Quran

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when the Quran is recited, remain silent. This is part of respect for the symbols of Allah era comma hado Camila Surah Surah mama who,

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whenever anyone come to the masjid, don't let him spit in the direction of the masjid. Don't let him spit on the right side. Why? Out of respect for the masjid out of respect for the masjid bisher haffi Rahmatullah Allah America say boo, boo,

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boo boo boo. One day he was walking, he was a drunkard. One day he was walking in, he saw a small paper.

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He saw the name of Allah He saw chronica he took it, it was in the gutter. He took it and he showed respect, he cleaned it up, and he showed respect and he put in the place of respect the value of the time, the sake of the time, so a vision of Nivea cream. So I'm saying that go and tell Bishop the way he showed respect to me, I will respect the way he showed respect to my column, I will give him respect. So by show respect to the Shire of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Part of showing respect is also to show respect to sada to shows respect to relationships, and what is relationship for them I have made mention nessa Musharraf, Islam a bill who sues Camila Khurana, we have to show respect to you

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know, relationships, the relationship

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with maybe a creme de la

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creme de la to one day, he made mentioned to Nivea cream sauce. I was more happy by the Islam of abass than even the Islam of my father

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said Why?

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He said that Islam of abass gave you happiness. The Islam of us gave people happiness. Mr. Muhammad Ali used to stand up of respect for anyone who was from the family of our beloved to be a cream sauce from the fact that they must be worthy of showing respect by the Amal is a different matter. But you show respect to someone who is from the family of our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam This is respect for the family of Nivea cream sauce, respect for our whose dad's respect, it allowed us to say that I am a slave of anyone who teaches me a little bit of knowledge Mr. Abu hanifa

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never used to to drag his feet

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or anytime towards the house of his will start as an Hamad he used to so show so much respect to his will start as a man that he never used to you know his leg is never used to spread it out in the direction of

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out of respect. It is made meant to me wrong shaft

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that imaam Shafi Rama Talalay when he used to open the books and turn the pages in front of his will start he used to do so slowly. It doesn't make a noise in front of us.

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Today what what respect do we have for stats I don't have to say but this is the way that we are you show respect to stats and atella gratitude, respect and ultimate grant with dignity and Allah grant you knowledge we also find

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then we have respect for our parents. But Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says pinata Kula Huma Don't even say off in this respect to your parents. And you know, the amount of we used to say that if there was a word more insignificant than of Allah would have used it. Don't even say feel disrespect to your parents. I'll give you a very amazing incident. It's a very, very amazing incident. handler Rashid was a very great scholar, very great halifa. So haruru Rashid, he had two sons, mamula Rashid, and Emilio Rashid, he had two sons mamula Rashid, and Emilio Rashid mahmudullah. She was from his first wife, Amina Rashid was from his second wife, right? His subsequent wife, like many

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times it happens, that I'm not saying he's right or wrong, but the person has more love for his second wife, because every new broom sweeps clean. So now when he had his new wife, he had a lot of love for his second wife. But as far as children are concerned, he had more love from the child that was born from the first wife, whose name was Armando Rashid. So one day this wife complain, you love me so much, you got regard for me. But as far as the children is concerned, you got more love for the child or the first wife. So having received said he's got more,

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he's got more respect, says show me he's got more he says one day I will show you. So one day, Harun Rashid had a lot of Miss works in his hands, right? miswak quite a few Miss marks in his hand. So he called amino Rashid, the son of the second wife. And he said, What am I got in my hand? So he just said, how he muscle weak. These are miswak, Miss Maasai, the plural of mis works, you got miswak in your hand. So he called mavado rasheeda. And he said, What do I have in my hand? So Mahmoud Rashid fought for a while. And do you know what did he say? He said, Have he is it to Maha cynic? He didn't use the word muscle weak, but although muscle weak means the plural of Miss watts, but in Arabic,

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the word Maasai comes from the root word of bad and evil. So read in another way muscle, we could mean these are your faults. These are your errors. And Mahmoud Rashid thought it against respect, to even use the word Messiah week for his father. And he said, howdy is it to Maha cynic. This is the opposite of your good deeds.

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This is the way he didn't even want to use the word Maasai to refer to his father.

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This is respect my dear respected brothers, then we talk about other aspects with regard to every human being is worthy of respect when

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Adam granted the respect and dignity to other men

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In Nevada, Melissa Sara

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Lee told his son one day, oh my son, Allah has concealed his friends amongst people. Allah has concealed his friends amongst people. don't regard any human being as insignificant, maybe the person who are regarded as insignificant, maybe unless

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you are regarding one person insignificant, maybe that person will be regarded as insignificant as a value of law. Who are you to judge? don't regard any human being, show respect to every human being. Islam has gone on to such an aspect, maybe respective brothers, even when I will give you one. I will conclude now. It's such a long and amazing you know, one one album isn't a whole kita but

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he will show respect he's fortunate. The other business he he does not show respect. He is unfortunate. One day Mr. Refuse money. I heard this from him myself. He made mentioned he said one day we were invited by Maulana Hussain Chuck Sasha, who was known as Mia Mia, somewhere that would buy him after the after the invitation. We as young people, because they are elderly people, we want them to clear the table. We wanted to clear the desk. So as we are clearing, he said you don't know the etiquettes of clearing the desk. So instead, what is the etiquette of trading that address you have to fold it up and throw it away, said no. He then took the bones and he said this is for the

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dogs. He took the fact and he said this is for the kits. He took the morsels and he place it where the ends come. He said this is for the ends, the fruit that you ate, he wrapped it up. He wrapped it up and he said don't throw it in my neighborhood because my neighborhood is poor they can afford fruit. When they see the fields of the fruit they will feel hurt. Take this. Take this fruits, the period of the fruit and go and throw it out far away from my neighborhood. Respect for food.

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What respect do we have for food? How many times you go to hospital no hotels and the buffet style people take so much food. But after all army can eat, they won't be able to eat it after a while it is thrown away.

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You don't show respect for risk. What happened? Nothing that takes away this. My dear respected brothers this other man etiquette is such an important thing. You know, there's once in a time of Nivea cream sauce and maybe a cream sauce then one day told us some savvy, eat with your right hand, eat with your right hand and he refused to eat with his right hand he had with his left hand. What am I have written? The photo is very clear. It's not Haram. It is sooner to eat with your right hand. If you don't eat with your right hand, you are going against a tsunami that is not a sin. You are unfortunate, but because of disrespect. He said I will not eat with my right hand. After a while

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short period of time, his right hand became paralyzed. While I'ma say it was not the aspect of eating was the right hand and left hand which of course we know the reward with regard to eating whether it is sooner, it is because of disrespect and that Allah brought about such in such a situation. So, brothers, this aspect of respect is something that is fast diminishing in our community. When you look at how we behave, how we talk to one another, how we relate with one another. Our aspect of other is something that is for us diminishing from our societies yet Islam is that which has taught us so much other than Libya

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and Iraq be fast and attach DB Melaka topic of understanding.

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As to small announcements, there is a white golf. It looks like it is c f

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212 gt please remove because it is blocking the way whoever sky It is. It is not a very good announcement to make. We don't normally make this announcement, but please whoever sky It is please remove it immediately. So we don't cause unnecessary inconvenience to other people. Once more. Another imager has added Magica bahariya Cray when someone has a cable machine. De Boer Chica Maria Katana Baja, Madrid

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remian Fonseca,

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Chica Tara, I mean, what Madonna was Alicia cook Baka Doran bath Karna Fonseca phone second minute.

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Now watching it is come to our attention with great regret that people talk while the football is on. People play around with a phone while football is on. It is watching to listen to the football and for us to do such a thing. It is something that is prohibited. Please brothers are carefully warned or were made mentioned with regard to the job.