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The speakers express their desire to protect their personal information and apologize for their actions, while also acknowledging the negative impact of speaking about people's behavior and reputation. They use examples such as seeing family members doing wrong or speaking about alcohol. The speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging negative comments and not bothering with them, while also criticizing people for saying "helpful" and "helpful." They also discuss the "weird" behavior of bankruptcy and the potential for destruction.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen illa Allah Al amin ob Nina serene one also uncle Maha Tamil Gambia you email me more serene Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine Allah malesan

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salah and tetteh john hasn't either she doesn't learn Allah BSL wala are still with me We'll hear what we can study in. We thank Allah Allah azza wa jal for having gathered us here today. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us with the meta iica and to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the MBR oregano Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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most of us would not murder another human being, we would not consider harming that person we would not consider stealing from them or committing Zina.

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But when it comes to speaking about that person, all of a sudden we feel like we have a green card. It's okay. It doesn't matter. Why? Because I'm just wagging my tongue away about that individual. It doesn't affect him in any way. Well, you know what, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says very differently, more Isaac, no jumper, Allah and who? He's standing with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says, uh, you will marry have been? What actions are the best. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam takes hold of his time. And he says Kufa Allah.

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Protect yourself from this tongue of yours. Protect yourself from this tangle of fuels. How does a person protect themselves from the own tongue? Because when you utter something about another human being, that you are not supposed to attend, that you are not supposed to say, then you actually mean yourself. jahannam with your own tongue, Allahu Akbar. And the rest of the Hadith says exactly, that's why it looks at Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam astonished and he says, unwelcome to be manapul will we be taken to task with that which we say? So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, well, hallelujah, cook manassa Allah will do him finallly in alpha, he do insanity. He

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says, Is there anything besides the harvest of the tongues of the people that will cause them to fall into the fire? Is there anything else? Oh, more meaning the most, most of the people will enter into the fire because of what their tongues have earned them. They speak about others they let their tongues wag and wag. Yet in reality, Allah IE that tongue can lead you into the hellfire. It can lead you straight into the hellfire. You see your pseudo masala Why then your Salah sallam,

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he was a person who protected his tongue and he said man augmon Lima they nearly Yeah, he was the he they he of my language, the one who protects that which is between his jaws and that which is between his legs. I will guarantee him Jana. You see when you commit something against Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah, Allah is that he is a man he is a Rahim. He is a fool. He is most forgiving, his most merciful. But if you commit something against your brother or your sister, that person is not awful. That person is not Rahim, that person is is not rough man. What do you have to do is go back to that person and ask them say, I seek your forgiveness brother. I asked you for your

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forgiveness in this world. Why? Because I said something bad against you. I don't want to come on the day of piano and find that you are taking my good deeds or your bad deeds are actually coming on to my scale. I'd rather not have that. So forgive me in this world. And those people who say that just give out a sonata Allah He that is not enough. What law he that is not enough. Yes. If you feel that that approach going to your brother and telling him to forgive you is going to cause animosity, hatred, and further discord and unity. Then in that case, perhaps perhaps if you are lucky, a third of a third of them will be enough. Allah

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pound of water Allah will forgive you and compensate that brother. But the rights of people do not fall away so easily. When you've done wrong to someone go to that person you had guts to speak behind his back, have the guts to go and tell him brother I said such and such a about, you know this has become a pandemic on its own. It's become a pandemic on its own. Why? Because community is rife with backbiting. We are all guilty of it, we find ourselves talking about a brother yet in some cases, we are engaged in the very soon we are talking bad about him. You know, with regards to we are talking bad about Intel, talking about Xena, for example. And we ourselves are engaged in Xena,

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we are talking about theft, and we are ourselves are stealing from other people. We are talking about murder, and we ourselves are sending people to murder people. Allah What? Yes, maybe I'm taking it but it gives it a bit far with the examples. But I want to bring it into our minds. Why do we talk to about other people, when we ourselves have got our own sense? You know,

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as I was growing up,

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when we go for a car ride or we go some way, then my father would tell me and he'd always say that, you know, when we see somebody else they don't cuddle is open and they are driving. Check our car doors, make sure our car doors are okay. Make sure we have closed everything. If you see that their tire is slightly flat, make sure our tires are okay. You see if they've got an oil leak, make sure we don't have an oil leak. And the same applies to us in our lives. When we see something wrong with our brothers. We see them engaged in Zina. We see them drinking alcohol. What should we do? We should look at ourselves and say me what sins do I have? What wrongdoings have I done? Why can't I

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clean myself before I begin to talk about others? And the attitude that we should have when we see someone doing wrong is how can I help my brother why and move newly mini Kenny Boone Yan you should do you should do bah, bah, bah, the movement. They believe that? For a believer he is like a structure like a building like a wall. Have you ever seen how bricks fit one on top of the other, they strengthen each other, they strengthen each other. So the bond of a man is like the mortar of the building that literally strengthens that bullying brings it together holds it together? What are we doing? When we speak bad about all brothers? We've destroying that building all together? We're

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bringing it down? And to what end? Absolutely nothing. It's just juicy gossip. Do you know such and such a person? His daughter? Did this x, y and z? Do you know she's going out with such and such a person? Do you know they're doing this? How do you know that person drinks? Do you know that man smokes cocaine? That has nothing to do with you? What have you achieved by speaking about enough about a brother approach the brother approach the system? Go to them? Ask them? How can I help you? How can I be of assistance to you?

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And when you hear someone speaking bad about your brother about your system, stand up, stand up, that person does not deserve your attention. That person does not deserve he he must know that what he did is wrong and has an adversity or the alarm war. And there was a man a man who came to him and said, Look, this morning we were sitting in I imagine this in a gathering and someone spoke bad about you. He said such and such about you. So do you know what he said? Ma Ma Roger the shaytani r sulan said she didn't find a messenger besides you. He found you out of all people to come to me and tell me that this man was speaking bad about you. One what he did was wrong to you are coming to me

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with that tale to tell me of what he did. Do you think it's going to change the situation? Do you think it's going to help in any way? And then he took a gift, a gift? And he went to this man's house. He knocks on his door he says hey, I've come to you with a gift. He looks at him says ah you know it's not to eat. There is no occasion at the moment. What's What's the occasion? Why are you coming to me with this gift? So he says, Look, I heard that you gave me some of your good deeds this morning. So I thought I'd come and compensate you Allah.

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What a beautiful way to teach this brother. I heard that you are speaking bad about me. I'd like to give you a compensation. You gave me some good deeds this morning. So I'd like to give you a gift in return. So it makes the man feel

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ashamed at the same time, you are not shaming him in front of society and community. It feels bad for TD. I shall not be alone. We're

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sitting with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she speaks about her co wife. She speaks about Sophia. And she says in Canada, our Cather She is such an such an she put her hand down to show that she is a short person Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, You said a word no message yet. We met in bagni Lucy jet we met in the hurry lemme, lemme suggests that if you were to take that word, and put it into the ocean, it would have overpowered the ocean. She never said anything. She never really said anything she just said in Canada or Canada and she pointed, she made any shower. She made a gesture, showing that she's short. What did Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam say? He says that word is so better. It's so better that if you are to take it and put it into the oceans, it would have made made the oceans better. Allah Guatemala today, our tongues wagon way. And we don't care about what we are saying. We don't bother. And the funny thing is that today it is their turn tomorrow. It is our turn. We do it to them. They do it to us. And we constantly do it in community and society. Why? For what? To what end? Are you not insane? Are you not a human being just like the person that you are speaking about? Don't you have your own sense? Why can't you focus on yourself? Why you have to speak about others. You see gela had to see nanny level to me

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while I am Tama Jolla high Lisa Johansen, the cuts that the Schwartz make on a person, they have a healing period after some time that wound heals. And that which the tongue cuts, has no healing at all whatsoever. People will remember forever and ever until they die that this person said such and such about me. So it destroys the unity of the community. It destroys that unity you find people hating each other. Hey, I hate that person. You know what he said about me? 10 years ago, he said such and such 15 years ago that person mentioned this about my daughter and he mentioned that about my son, so they hate you. It breeds hatred in community. Isn't it time that we cut this cancer out

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of community? Isn't it time that you say enough is enough? Let's not talk about others. Let's focus on ourselves. Let's change ourselves. Allah subhana wa tada says

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is on

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new bone as me

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what nissa

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nissa in

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boon oh you will believe let's say people not mocking just another people perhaps those are better than them. And let men not mocking just about others. Let the women not mocking just about others perhaps those women are better than than perhaps the person you are speaking about. is closer to Allah subhana wa tada then you These are the words of Rob bull is that he will Jelani and then what does he say? What?

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Bah bah. And one of you should not speak bad about the other he should not back by the other. You hit

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a cooler. He may

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carry two wood one of you love to eat the dead flesh of his brother. you dislike it. If someone was to tell you that here's your dead brother. Here's a fork and knife, cut him beat, love, whatever. It's morbid. You'd look at it and say hey, how can you even suggest that? But that's what you're doing every time you speak about your brother. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala says not me. Every time you say something about another person, that is evil, that is bad. Imagine yourself cutting into the flesh of your dead brother.

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Love work are not meant to carry to move. You hate it. you dislike it, you despise it. You don't want it but you are doing it day in day out. It's about time we cut this habit of backbiting out of our community and you know what? It's not that we should think about the next man. It's not that we should say

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Hey you know such and such a person backbite know, each one of us should ask ourselves whom do we bang by? Whom do we speak that about? Perhaps those people are closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala than us Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, I do know many movies. Do you know who is the bankrupt person? So they said, Now we are sued Allah and mostly Sue mela India What am I? The one who has no goods and he has no wealth he has no literally is bankrupt is broke, that's the roofless so the sooner Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says a lovely suyo malkia Manya to multi water Jetta Maha. What? What occurred Amanda ha that was Africa dhammapada

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Hashanah t Hashanah t even funnier Asana to Wookiee then he said he matory have enough love work but he says that the bankrupt person is the one who swore that person and misspoke bad about the other person and he stole from the other man. And what did he do? He spilled the blood of another so his good deeds will be taken on the day of pm and given to that person his good deeds will be taken given to that person. And then when his good deeds are finished, they over there's nothing left this man's Salah is being taken handed over take it because you spoke bad about you. Take it take this account, he gave him his life. Take the solder pads that he gave he expected a good deed with Allah.

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There's no good deeds for him today. Take those good deeds give it to that person that he spoke bad about. In Infineon hassanal to when he is good deeds are finished. No more good deeds left. What's the currency there's no good deeds, how is he going to pay it? All he that means he tdtomato de la the bad deeds of that person will be taken put on to this person from Missouri happy now. Then you will fall into the fight. You see why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that you can protect yourself from this and is holding his tongue. Why? Because it can lead you to the fire and it can genuinely take you on the path of destruction. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us And may Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our tongues. I mean, also Allah wa salam o Baraka, I learned

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early he was happy as a marine