Important Reminder – Mothers-Fathers Day

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The speaker discusses the importance of showing love to family members during Mother's Day and Father's Day. They emphasize the need to show caring and kindness to family members and avoid wasting time. The speaker also talks about the painful experience of losing a family member and the importance of showing love throughout one's life.

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Viewers, there's going to be Mother's Day or Father's Day coming up and you're probably thinking get outside there Bryson, President, take something for your mother, take something for your father, give it to them on Mother's Day or on Father's Day. First and foremost is my friends. This is commercial, they're trying to make you buy something every single year on one particular day. What we're supposed to do as muslims is we're supposed to show our, our care, our kindness, our lovely relationship to our parents every single day. If you want to go and buy presents for them, you want to make them cheerful and happy. Do it on random days, across the whole of the year. Don't let your

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mother or father sit there and wait for 365 days until you come with a present to them just to make them happy on the one day, and then after that you disappear. Now the result is that you're you are a product of your mother and father and you spent our whole nine months in your mother's body. And now you're going to come and just pay your respects to her for one day or another day. My friend, listen to what Allah has said in the Holy Quran. Don't even say off to them don't even say

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don't even

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Don't say any of that to them. Forget anything beyond that saying harsh words to them, you know, raising your voice in front of them saying Why Why? Why is that? Because the they say you appreciate something before you get it. And after you lose it. You don't appreciate your mother and father right now because you have them. And what will happen is one day when your mother's gone, or your father's gone, you will then think oh my Allah, if only I could bring them back alive in front of me right now. I will give them everything I could. I will sit there talk to them. I will I will show my kindness towards them. But guess what, they will never come back. I just want to tell you brothers

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and sisters. When I lost my father, it was painful. But when I lost my mother, it was very, very, very painful. I actually actually felt an extreme pain I never felt ever before in my life. Because of the because of the hurt that I had. It was like somebody had just stuck a sword right through my heart. And for six weeks I was zombified. And it hurt me so much that I wasn't even I wasn't even here in this world. You know you like you're like you walk in someone you don't even know where you are. My brothers my sisters I want to tell you that do the best to try and look after your mothers and fathers as best as you can before they go. And when these mother's days and father's days come.

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Don't get duped into one day, one day of the year for mom and one day of the year for dad. Okay? You be happy with them. You give them smiles throughout the year. Give them presents throughout the year. Give them gifts throughout the year and if you can't give any of that no problem you just make sure that you show them your love throughout your life. And that's your Janna for you because Jana is under the feet of your mother inshallah between La Silla Warwick Murata library

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