Sulaiman Moola – Ebrahim AS displays respect for his Non Muslim father.

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © A woman named Mar anniversary Adam was caught on camera while speaking to her father, who was an exceptionally busy man. Mar convince her father to be a newbie of Islam, but she is concerned about being engulfed by the flames of hell. She asks her father what he wants to say about it, but the father refuses to say anything until she gets into trouble.
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Even when he sounded the alert, ma Marathi Adam. He accommodated the respect when speaking to his father, and I'm asking what about today? Well, unfortunately a scholar doesn't display respect for a scholar. A junior doesn't have respect for a senior. A sibling doesn't have respect for an eldest sibling. This is Ibrahim alayhis salam being the newbie of Allah speaking to his father, who was an idol worshiper and an idol merchant. Let me read this words again from Robert rabita with his su l activity murottal Adobe. He alerted his father to the grave consequences of persisting on polytheism and not repenting and desist in from it murottal Adam, but he accommodated the respect and the

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dignity in the communication Hi salaam you'll certainly be required by law he can be wonderful either by law soon be here. He did not explicitly spell it out and say to his father, you doomed for *. You will be engulfed by the flames of *. Rather, he said a half my dad, I'm afraid. I'm concerned. It worries me a half I'm afraid

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