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The speaker discusses the importance of walking on the earth with humility in Islam, as it is the only way to achieve the second quality of Islam, which is humility. The speaker explains that people who are humble and consider themselves to be a good person the eye is on the road, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the ear is on the ear, the

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Under Illa illa Huwa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna me about anomala NaVi about matava Mati calacatta, Baba kitabi I'm about to fold the villa him initiate on Hiroshima, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem erodible rock man in the UNAM, Shona, Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah Allah has him respected viewers and listeners. This is the second part of our series on abajo Rahman is

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the special servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yesterday we mentioned that to be able to Rahman, the special servants of Allah is a very great honor. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is entitled people with this great quality and then define them in 13 qualities. Yesterday we spoke about the first quality and we are continuing with this. Then Allah tala goes on to say another very amazing attribute of those who are a battle Rahman aladeen I am Shanna Allen, the hoonah those who walk on the earth with humility. Now if you look at this, there are two aspects and two very important lessons that are to do with this quality of environment. One is walking on the earth with humility.

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And the second aspect is humility itself.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran in several places has spoken about the way we are supposed to walk, walk, see the fee machig says a line surah Luqman, walk in a moderate pace. Walk in a moderate situation. Walk moderately in terms of every aspect because Islam is a religion worker Delica Jana matassa we have made you adjust the balance.

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The second aspect with regard to this is a letter Allah tells us not to walk with proud pride and arrogance and how beautiful illiteracy is in Surah Bani Israel. Without them she fell out of the Mara hub in Nagaland African out. While I'm taboo, LG Bala Tula, don't walk on the earth with arrogance, you cannot split the earth. And you cannot reach the mountaintops by walking on the earth with arrogance and pride. Now that is in a negative sense, don't walk on the earth with arrogance and pride now here is in the positive sense of the hohner. Walk on the earth with humility. Now, many times people would feel that, you know, humility would mean I must walk slowly. climbers walk

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in a manner that gives the impression that I'm a very great Sufi. Now people will try to walk in with an outward appearance of humility and being a Sufi that is not what is recorded. And that is what what is meant in here. Because it is in the Shama that when the reoccurring sauce that I'm used to walk, he used to take quick and firm steps used to walk with purpose. And you know, maybe sacrifice upon the Sahaba how they beautifully, you know, captured every aspect of the vehicle himself, life. So the Sahaba say that it was as if the earth was shrinking for him. That's how our beloved heavier cream sauce

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the time of you no matter the Latino or Latina one day so you know people who are walking with a very outward exaggeration of piety outward expression, I'm using this word very deliberately. So as I said, it allowed me to ask the people why they walk in like this. They said they are pious people they are Sophie's so that I should have said Omar was more greater than them in taqwa. Omar was greater than him in taqwa. But he walked with a purpose. He didn't walk like this. One day, Omar himself saw people walking, you know what an exaggerated aspect of, you know, showing that as if we are big Sophie's walking slowly, almost What is this? He said out of piety. Omar rebuked them, and

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some of the reasons that he took out his work and he said what time work properly. But whatever it is, working with humanity doesn't mean that you walk slowly. Point an exaggerated way of piety. What it means is walk in a way that is moderate. But don't walk with arrogance, walk with humility, and of course be purposeful in the way you walk with a bird or Rama yasunari or the owner The second aspect and you won't be able to complete it in today's lesson we will continue it with the next lesson. And that is the aspect of humanity

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Allah loves those who are humble. Allah loves those who adopt humility. Now what is the meaning of humility let us try and understand what is the meaning of humility many times we gain the understanding of things by its opposite, the opposite of humility is

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proud pride and arrogance and pride and arrogance being being conceited and having a very high notion of yourself and in the identity it is known as ojibwa conceitedness may be occurring southcombe said among the three qualities Allah tala dislike one of them is conceitedness where a person have a very, very high notion of himself, maybe qui cheese Oh, I'm also someone I'm so and so, you know. So this conceitedness is what is known as Raja conceitedness. And of course, pride then goes a step forward by regarding yourself superior to another person. So being boastful, arrogant, regarding yourself superior to another person is pride. The opposite of that would be

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humility. So humanity would be, you know, things that in terms of being humble, a sense of humility, it doesn't mean meekness, and it doesn't mean a low self esteem, then having a low self esteem is not something that Islam has recommended.

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It is not permissible for a believer that he disgraces himself in disgrace to disgrace yourself and meekness is not part of humility. But humility is something you know the word humility comes from the Latin word, which means crown so it means someone who is humble, who is not arrogant. Can we need to protect ourselves from pride and adopt humility. So in the second quality with regard to ebird Rahman, Allah Allah says that a bad rap man, the first quality we made mentioned being a slave of Allah who submits to the will of Allah. The second quality is he walks on the earth with humility, we explain that and now we are explaining humility itself, which is the opposite of

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arrogance and pride. And it means someone who is modest, someone who is humble with humility, he is not proud, he's not arrogant, he is not boastful and inshallah we will continue with this explanation of the second quality of abajo ramen tomorrow in our lesson. So the second quality of the bottle ramen noodles, walk on the earth with humility. Mila make us among the bad Rockman can inculcating this quality work through their one on

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