Ebrahim Bham – Saad Bin Abi Waqaas RA – Lessons From His Life

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the personality of Jesus, a former member of the Holy Spirit Church who was initially hesitant to accept Islam until he was called his mother. Jesus eventually took actions such as shooting a worker and using a gun to kill them. The interview and comments on Islam continue to be described, including the importance of certain aspects, the use of drugs in the past, and the sad incident of Marita's death by a man claims to be a man of natural birth. The conversation also touches on the rise of alcoholism and the use of drugs in the political system, as well as the importance of learning from great individuals and students.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah.

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Allah kita Baba kitabi who Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado Villa hamina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wasabia una una manera mahadji Rena Whelan's or Wen Latina de

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la Viola one humara one

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set of

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respected elders and brothers. From time to time, we speak about great personalities of the past, together with other contemporary issues that we touched on on the time of Joomla. Today I would like to speak about one such great personality. He is a great hobby among the ASHRAE MOBA Shara and he is none other than hazard sad b&w, of course, who has a tremendous life and tremendous lessons from his life that you and I can learn from. work done for

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30 K, brahmanas shucks Yaki Birmingham couscous calacatta takoyaki Zindagi sama Cush, Fido, Raj has a sub interview of Casa de la Tanaka bar meme which does care for mine Ganesha Allah has a sad Minami workers, he's among the ASHRAE MOBA Shara. He was amongst the foremost people to accept Islam rewired make mentioned nourish generations mentioned that he was the third or the fourth Sahabi to accept Islam.

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Tariq sama potential Takahashi Rama Shara meseta oteiza aadmi, Joe Islam say Mashallah for these three aadmi, the third, or the fourth person to accept Islam. And when he accepted Islam, there was an amazing thing. He was very close to his mother, who said whenever you accept a massive war,

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so when he accepted Islam, his mother was not happy with us. So mother said, I'm going to go on a hunger strike. I'm not going to eat anything. I'm not going to drink anything until you forsake your religion until you forsake your religion. So as I said, when we were Casa de la Tina was initially worried. He went to the VA creme salsa who explained to him the importance of Eman

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala on this occasion, revealed an ayat of the Holy Quran which is in the 20th juice of the Holy Quran

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was in Santa bydd hippos. Now Allah tala commands you to be good to your parents, Allah tala Carmen have them on my bucket Casa chip teleco chest lucro windjana Kala and Khushi Kabhi Molly's la cabeza Fela Kuti oma Kanagawa Kamakura curry sherpur to spoke on kitamura knee, but if they force you to do something that is wrong, and if they force you to associate partners to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala then they are no more worth your obedience to Sat Nav workers when this hired was revealed. He came to his mother and said oh mother, I've got tremendous love for you. However, Eman is even more important. And this particular aspect you can do whatever you want, I will remain steadfast upon

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Islam. This was a * This is and that is why Nivea cream sauce them said la Tamiflu prima Seattle Holic there is no obedience to creation. If it means this obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. Only aligned is Russell's obedience is absolute. Holy align is Russell's obedience is absolute. Nevertheless, this was amongst those aspects. As at sapien, epi waqas was related and from the claim of the mother of our beloved navia Karim saw cinema. So now via Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to call him my mom, my maternal uncle. There are many are hardy that nivia Kareem saw Selim, one day has been me workers will be allowed and who was coming in when Nivea creams Allahu alayhi wa

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sallam saw him. He said, Look at my uncle. This is a way an uncle is

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a cream sauce from South Africa.

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Mata Ki has a sad interviewer. cosmetri mama Kay was maybe a cream sauce Lemke walidah. He had done

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too many salsa used to call him my my uncle. So vanilla What a great amongst the distinctions of Serbian me because he was the first person to fight and to retaliate with regard to Islam. Initially, Nivea cream sauce lemma told the Sahaba no matter what the people of Makkah, do myxoma don't don't retaliate. So one day, some of the workers was performing salad when someone came and harass them. So sad when Mr. Castle the ultimate took the * for camera and hit him.

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So he was the first person to to do an action and aggressive action on the aspect of Islam. Then maybe a cream salesman told him that no remain calm mixable thereafter, then, of course Cuccinelli Latina yakata una be unknown Zulu, you have been given permission to fight against those who oppress you. Colette's had been everywhere Casa de la Toronto. That was in the beginning stages. The first is concerning fighting in the path of Almighty Allah to Sabina Bua Casa de la Bronwyn and he says it is an honor for me in the last hour Arab Rama pasa Min De Sevilla, I was the first person to to let go off and arrow in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala unlucky marami subsea Penny Nisa,

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or tear money Allah shucks Sabina new Acosta he was the first person to take an arrow and put it in the direction of the enemies in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. He was so well known he was very brave. his bravery was well known he took part in the Battle of brother, his brother achieved martyrdom. Sabina we were Casa de la to news to regret and said, my brother achieved martyrdom I have not been able to achieve then you know what, there was a very amazing incident. In an era the Allahu ta who says and never ever heard maybe Kareem saw cillum give these words to anyone, but 200 sad when satrapy allowed and who was you know, fighting against the enemy? nebia

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Kareem saw Selim says Oliver the lotto said he Assad. Me. indica abirami Oh sad. Oh, sad fight. May my parents be sacrificed for new

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wave whites Amita despard maybe a cream sauce them Mr. Obama for bancaire who had made me as a sad sad for my anemia Karim salsola tear Paco nerima Bob Harper corbon nerima Bob Harper Coburn, the only Sahabi that we find in the history that nemea Kareem has used these words. Oh sad. Me Fidel kabhi will me go and fight me my parents did sacrifice upon me. In one in one occasion he was also no it was a bodyguard of Nivea cream sauce them once the hubby makes mentioned and is in a hadith in Bukhari Sharif, that nebia cream sauces in one day made dua let's redolent sorry, honey. Hello Sunni. Gosh, maybe he feels that way. Nick Adhikari

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maybe a cream sauce they made this dua that may a pious person come in God me. So that as I said, we heard a noise. And we came out and we saw Who was it? It was sad whenever your class? Why have you come He came with two people. You had a soul I just had a fear that someone could harm you. Therefore I've come to protect you. And maybe a cream sauce and a new student. If anyone goes to Nigeria, number one in the industry tunes that is closest and adjacent to the covers of our beloved let me start with a couple of them. You will find one soon. That that su tune of hearts. That's where the bodyguard used to set stin they after the Quranic ayah came here, you and maybe you have

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spoken law, or maybe Allah is enough for you.

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Allah is enough for you. So when we came into the Sahaba, that you go away from year from now on a level protect. So this was as a sad interview with us who was the bodyguard of our beloved navia Kareem sallallahu wasallam amazing human being some amazing qualities. In one occasion, he went to MCI mocha Rama, Rama, right it was either the time of Kumara Kolkata or it was a time of hijikata one of the two occasions he came to MCI mahkamah when he came to MCI he became very sick. Now when he became sick, he became very, very perturbed. Both para shanwa Maka miyakawa Mr. Hogan.

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Now listen to the reason why he was split up not because he was sick.

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I this only as a hobby can think this way.

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happy and sad sad did not want to die in Makkah mahkamah madman he? He didn't want to die. And the reason is I left Makkah for the sake of Allah. I don't want to die in the city which I left for the sake of Allah. So he was very worried and he said yeah you know and I'm gonna talk about sada What was his name was also sad Mashallah he's getting happy smiling.

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So, so maybe we may Allah subhanaw taala give us this quality so he didn't want to die in Makkah, because he said I left mocha for the sake of Allah. Why am I here? So nobody's allowed Islam came to visit him in the resource the made to offer him and sorrow sad. Allah will give you a cure. He was very worried.

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When a number of cabinet slim Anakata came Macaca charata, man Allah tala kurama or Allah Kalia. I don't want to die in this particular place. So that particular time maybe salsa made dua for him and told him Osada will take a lot of work from Mr. And has it such a plan we saw slim put his hand on my chest, I could feel the coldness of the hands of Navy cells, silicone my chest, and then he said jasola I only got one daughter, and I've got wealth. I want to give all my wealth in the path of Allah. Let me sell some said no, you can do that. He said, Okay. Ira Sula. Three quarters

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of them said no. Then he said yes oola half my wealth in the path of Allah let me sell them said no. Then he said 130 Ursula maybe saw some said okay one third with fuka theory but one third is also lot and then let me sauce them gave him the reason he said also all sad for you to keep your children independent after you die is better than to leave them in poverty or sad. Leave something for your children. To keep your children independent is better than to keep them in poverty as a job appneta mom donut cola kurama DERA k rock economia cream sauce from the Mana Mana for Maya or kiya for Maya apne Ola Kahoot matar Sharona Who the *

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is a better one there's a sad whenever your class came to them via cream sauce. You have a pseudo law would allow her to Allah a Jelani Mr. Java

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jasola make dua to Almighty Allah, that Allah must accept all my diwas Allah has made me much

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progress listen to this, all of us want our doors to be accepted.

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accumulate work at a gala Marita Mambo Coca Cola

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to navia creamy sauce.

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He has a deep mud hamaca coolmuster java.oh sad eat halaal Allah will accept you it was a sad halaal cow

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Oh sad eat Allah. Allah will accept you to us. That means if you don't need halaal Allah will never accept it was. This was a sad one of your customer. villalta No, I believe me I might have been asked a lot. I know that it's a very amazing incident. He said one day we were sitting when it happened for three days in succession, the Indian sky, Nivea cream sauce,

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stirrups, a janati some nayada. A person of Jelena will come from here. And three days who came the rewired many rewires don't make mention who it was in bedarra one Nehemiah evening Kathy Rahmatullah. Allah has made me sad whenever you walk us three days in a row from your personal agenda will come so sad whenever you will cascade them alive now, Marina said why didn't Muslim say that this man is of gender. So he went to Saudi and he said shot. Me and my parents we have some sort of, you know, disagreements. I want to stay with you for three days. So SATCOM, stay with me for three days. He stayed with him for three days. After three days he said, Sir, I get no problems.

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My parents never saw us and said You are a man of Jenna. Therefore I came to see why are you a man of Jana? Let me occur himself some syrup gelato to hear man so much naturata vocab genetic, you know via cream salsa make you here for Maya, but yet I didn't see anything untoward. So sad. I didn't see you making so much rebar that I didn't see you getting up and reading salad the whole night. What is it that maybe saw some said you are

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such a moody petani? I also don't know. So then he went away. So then Sam called him. He said Abdullah, let me tell you something is amazing. He said my heart never ever has big thoughts and hatred against any other human being.

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My heart doesn't have hatred, and doesn't have bad thoughts against any other human being

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kisi Kumara mucho

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mucho sobre el de

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la de la Marina said that is a reason why you are genetti

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that is a reason why you are a gentleman. You have no bad thoughts against anyone. This is something that is in such short supply anyway, maybe a criminal law while he was selling loved him maybe a criminal law while he was selling passed on. And sadly Navy workers was a man's actually Mashallah. He was very, very greatly liked by the Sahaba. Then an amazing aspect happened in the time of tomorrow, the ultra O'Meara theologian who saw the Persian Empire was starting to have bad and evil designs against the Muslims. So you had to now fight against the Persian Empire. So Coppola, Sahaba, Kabbalah, how do we go? And how do we go and fight against the Persian Empire? Because the Persian

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Empire was a superpower of the time. So at that time, what did they say? They said, Omar, some of the Sahaba says, Omar, you lead the army to go and fight against the Persian Empire, to have the Sahaba who are not in favor of it. A little yellow.

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Omar, you don't go if you go and you lose your life, it will have a bad morale against all the Muslims. So who do we go? Who do we who do we appoint?

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I know a person who will lead the Persian and lead the Persian expedition, or Medusa.

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What do I know? Caracas wahama supersalon baringa he will become our commander, corn sharika punja. The Lions claw cones have been heavy workers. So Maria loutra, who then made him and appointed him to become the leader of the commanders and the leader of the Muslim army to fight against the Persian Empire. When he when Kumara villalta when he went to Morocco used to communicate with him. And some of the advisors Moreau. villatoro gave him was amazing, something that we have to keep in mind all the time. He said hatanaka I command you to fear Allah, because piety is the best weapon against the enemy has Romanenko catolica Mapco was co founder CEO and co founder

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of subset bharathiar

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the biggest type of situation and I command you and your soldiers to fear this obedience to Allah more than you fear the enemy. douche Manasa belcarra APNIC Ganassi after a

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fear the you're gonna ensigns more than you fear the enemy. And then when he went on to gain said, if an if an army fear sends more than the enemy, Allah brings a victory, Allah grants and victory. He said many times, you know we have the situation where they have more resources, they have more power, they have more, you know, ammunition, and we have righteousness. If we become equal to them in sin, then how are we going to feed them because they've got more resources? We hate righteousness. If we lose that also, how are we going to fight against them? So hon Allah what a remarkable type of advice that he gave him. It was in this very same expedition, you will recall

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that sad when he was sent away

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to the commander of the Persian Empire, it was Rustom and Rustom said, You Arabs, you used to be disgraced. You never used to fight whenever you want to even fight with you. We don't even want to take over your countries. All of a sudden we have become so great. You have become so powerful that you are now knocking at the doors of the Roman and Persian Empire. What is the reason?

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The What did he said? Lino kujala bird mean a bird, a bird, a bird, a terrible a bird?

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amin Delta dunia ella siata. Woman Jor el erian Isla de Lille Islam, Rue Santo nomina creepy hidden ammirato rustem it is something that has become the means of all you know the beauty of Islam.

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We have come

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Lino, Faisalabad, Minerva tillery ba de la vida therapy but we have come to take people away from bondage of the creation and put them in the bondage of the creator of creation. Miss Leah Logan co mukluks Annika alcoholic.

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We have come to take people away from the narrowness of this world to the vastness of this world in the year after, and we have come to take people away from injustice to the justice of Islam. And then of course, they fought 14 Garcia and Allah granted them victory. One very interesting incident. Let me make mention of and we'll try and conclude now. There was one Abu marginata coffee. So annaleigh very famous warrior, but he had a small he had a bad habit. What was his bad habit used to take alcohol

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Now when he came into the battlefield, he took alcohol, so sappy Navy workers will be allowed to put him away in prison. Because in Islam, to take alcohol is a sin, it's an offence. So Sabina before class will be allowed and locked him up in prison. He was put in a temporary type of prison. When he was put in this prison. Of course, he was a warrior. And he heard the battle. He couldn't take it. He wanted to fight but he couldn't fight because he was in prison. So one day the wife of Serbian army workers went past and that time, sadly, the middle class was sick. So he was sitting on the balcony overlooking the battle, because he couldn't move. You know, so sad. Whenever your cousin's

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wife come up, watch and said, I begged you just allow me to be free in good fight in the path of Allah. She said that you are in prison, I will get in trouble. She said you won't get in trouble. I will go. And if Allah tala takes my life, then of course, you will have no blame. And if I don't get a comeback, I will come back and I will tie myself I will put myself back into that cell cell. So she out of compassion. She, you know, freed him and gave him the horse of Sabina be workers because he was not using it, he was sick. So this person, I would imagine completely changed the entire battle. The battle was 5050. Wherever. Imagine when he scattered and dispersed the enemy, Sat Nav

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workers were saying and looking. He said, If our margin was not in the prison, I would have said that there is a good margin. And that particular horse look like my horse. He was putter but didn't know what to do that afterwards and he came back at night his wife told him the entire incident. So as I said before, we will consider the ultra low end. And Sabina workers told him that from now I'm going to feel and imagine said from now on never ever touch her.

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Sometimes, it takes work from even people who are you know, people who think well, who are we to judge? A woman was a person who was

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in prison for alcohol and made him change the entire battle scene of panacea and Allah subhanho wa Taala granted them victory. Allah tala granted and put the Persian Empire the Angelo Muslims submitted to Casa de la to establish Kufa and he was made the governor for some time, he came back to Medina and he was the last of the questioner to pass on. When he was about to pass on his wife, his wife and children were worried. And he said don't worry, Allah subhanho wa Taala has guaranteed those people who fought in butter Jenna, right. And then he said, I have one old joopa you know, I left it one place going take it out. It was a one old Japan and he said

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put me in the cover with us. He said Why? He said I fought in the Battle of Britain with this. I fought in the Battle of the dead with us. And we said we need to be workers will be allowed to leave this world. May Allah subhanaw taala for his cover letter give us the opportunity to learn from these great personalities. The beautiful qualities Allah tala you know this Sahaba was a means of us accepting Islam. They were the means of us, you know gaining Islam, we will always honor them. Not Allah grant us trophy quatro.

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