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Alhamdulillah Allah

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wa ala I believe by the end was salat wa salam O Allah say

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you want to study while he was having was seldom at the Sleeman interferon interferon I'm about to follow in administrate on what you missed me leisure Walkman Iraqi in hola hola yo boo coulomb of 34 sadaqa Allah will ask him

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my dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanahu wa taala in the ayat recited, says Allah Allah does not love those who are proud and arrogant.

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Allah does not love those who are proud and arrogant. And obviously those who are proud and arrogant. They challenge Allah subhanho wa Taala pride is something that and that Allah does not love. But today I want to speak about the opposite of private and that is not love and does not like pride and arrogance, that Allah subhanho wa Taala loves the opposite, which is humility, and being humble. And these are qualities that Allah subhanahu wa taala loves and in the English

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language the word humanity comes from the Latin word the earth, the earth is in many ways, the epidemic of humility. And therefore the color created up from the earth means

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coffee Kofi Annan Ravi to come from the earth you are created from the earth you will be returned and from the earth you will be resurrected. And you know the Earth is the epitome of humility. One day Inshallah, one of our Lama has given a ban on the lessons we learn from being and coming from the earth, coming from sin. One day we will talk about it, but one of the things is the earth is epidemic of humility, you trample it, yet it gives you fruited vegetation. So, that is the word humanity comes from the Latin word.

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And that is the essence of terrazzo. It is the essence of humanity. And many times people, when they talk of humanity, humanity means one who is modest, respectful, not proud, not arrogant, doesn't compare himself to others, doesn't regard himself as better than others. Now, it is not the same as low self esteem.

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This is very important for us to understand low self esteem is the opposite of confidence, not the opposite of pride.

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Low self esteem is the opposite of confidence, not have pride. And having confidence is something that sometimes can be good having confidence in your iman. So Humility is a sign of power, not weakness. Free yourself from the demands of your ego and there is no limit to what you can achieve. So remember, humanity is not low self esteem humanity is the opposite of pride and arrogance. And I will tell you why. Allah subhanho wa Taala and the VA crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam loves humanity and loves us being as humble servants of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Quran May Allah Tala fermata Allah

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or Maru Maru lugar que pasa maker can I just eat a couple Kyzyl here to Annette Allah Kumar who had to do so say birther honestly, I mean,

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to say he believes me up the aapko Salatu was Salam, subaltern so much maroon wa so we have to be careful with regard to this now. Why doesn't that Allah why does Allah Tala does not love pride and arrogance and why Allah Allah loves humanity firstly, let me give you an enumerate the points The first point is that humanity is the quality of the people of Jannah maybe a creamy sauce themselves should I tell you who are the people in Jana Can you have Conoco talk to Janet makan no longer can lose

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people who are humble and people look down upon them as weak the weak and the humble people of Jana cannot cannot number two okay, Johanna makan hunger. Should I not tell you who are the people of Johanna.

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Linda was those who are proud

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record that the people of Ghana those who are weak in Hawaii, have people of humility and who are humble. They are the people of Ghana.

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So that's the first reason why humanity and loves us been humbled. The second is that Allah subhanho wa Taala raises the rank of the people of

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humanity. Mantova Had Allah here Rafa Allah, he who humbles himself before Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah subhanho wa Taala raises the rank in Behati. There's a very amazing Hadith, the via Karim saw Salam said whoever, whoever humbles himself for the pleasure of Allah Allah elevates him his rank,

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although he will regard himself as insignificant, but in the eyes of people who will be regarded as significant

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and that is the vehicle himself Salam used to make dua Allah much Alfie Avi Cervera of you we are you in a nursing career, or what not make me insignificant in my eyes, and make me significant in the eyes of people. Nebia Kareem salsa was said in a hadith, if you are humble, Allah raises you in rank, you might regard yourself as insignificant, but Allah will give you respect amongst people. And the one who is proud and arrogant. He will think that he is very highly, but in the eyes of people, he will be lower in rent than even a swine. He had this confession. So this is so important that through the means of humanity, Allah raised us we rent, but we don't do it. We don't adopt

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humility, to become proud and arrogant. So someone had said very beautifully. Humility is one of the things that you can't brag about. You can brag about humanity, then you're not humble. So, this is a situation with regard to you know, these beautiful words, I wrote a book on humanity, I hope it will be a best seller.

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So, anyway, this is some of the things humanity the reoccurring sorcerer may say, if I was given to taking oats

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meqasa Mikata ligand may occur, custom Khyati water to me 18 inches of your apartment.

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I would have taken an oath on these three things. Wealth does not decrease because of charity.

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Anyone who forgives another person, he does not decrease his stature. He increases his stature. And the third thing that we are Kareem Salah while he was still limited, he who humbles himself before Allah Allah raises even

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who would have taken an oath on these three things. 30 Why why is the old situation with regard to an addressee you to any person Dida has yet you have some separate agenda

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IGC in San Kahala, Karnataka and then the third thing The third reason why humility is so loved by Almighty Allah subhanaw taala it is the correct cob and attitude for us before Almighty Allah

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it is the right attitude, the right you think attitude to adopt before mighty ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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see greatness, my dear respected brothers and elders only suits Allah not

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greatness only suits Allah not Uli.

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For us what is our greatest quality? What is our greatest attribute? What is our greatest honor to be a servant of Allah? Jamar Lee subset subset burqa as as yet Kim Allah Tala de bunda look at Libya Karim Sol serum Allah took him up into the heavens fifth greatest attribute the greatest honor Allah Tala granted him taking up towards the seven heavens and in the presence of Almighty Allah. He can electron it was Macaca Subhan Allah the Astra be Abdi Glory to the one who took his bondsman who took his server yeah Maria subscriber is as yet aka Monday. Not that we are great. Her greatness only suits Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe a cream saw Solomon said Al Kibriya or a day with

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asthma to Azadi you know greatness is my Garmin

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pride is my sheet. You Allah Tala he,

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he Allah Tala he

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keep writing Malika honey hum to Monday. Yeah, Maria Zaza. So, the third reason why humility is so greatly loved by Allah is that it is a correct attitude for you to come before Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. To come in humility, that God will drive.

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The area you stay in. The resorts that you go in for a holiday does not define you. Let me repeat that. The car you drive, the area you stay and the results that you go for holiday. That's it.

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define you. What defines you is that you are a servant of Allah Tala. That is what defines you. Unfortunately, we have taken different aspects of definition. And unfortunately this is the things that we want to define us. The greatest definition for us is, we are the ones who have Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So this is the third reason why ITC and humanity is to love Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala I just see Allah Allah Cuban DOCA piranha Kibriya is Allah Tanaka? Maybe a cream sauce from Kavita could see him keep an eye on Allah Tala fermata marriage, or as much Mara labasa or Jo Marisol was kebari kriega

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Johanna, who will throw him in Jana. The fourth reason why humanity is so loved by Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Humanity open up opens up for us the door of opportunity.

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It opens up for us the door of opportunity. When you give up the thought of whether you are better than another person or is superior or inferior. There is no limit to what you can achieve.

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I'm here at UNM, I'm macabre career corner better. I'm happy. I'm sad that perhaps

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now half our time is going in that takeaway. The takeaway is a competition. Go and see how much you will achieve.

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So the first thing with regard to humanity, it opens up a door for so many things for you to do. Half the time we are busy worrying about competition. And in the competition, we are destroying ourselves.

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Take away the competition, get the fifth Gen aapke kacica. The

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fourth reason why humility is so great. It opens up the door of opportunity. Fourth reason my dear respected brothers and this is so important to humanity is when we realize the Grandia in the greatness of Allah and how we're in significance.

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Then you will realize the need the need for humanity. Then you Please assign it to your committees babka Shahada. Kibriya is Allah Allah Allah, Allah Tala Kia Kenya. And once you realize you're, you're here 16 significance of the Hasidic chi up the Kapoor kurtosis this case what is the reality of yours every pride and arrogance. Firstly, look at your origin. Look at the origin where you came from. Write a dirty drop of fluid. After you die, you are going to be a lifeless corpse. If people leave you in the world for one more day, they will be a stench emanating they won't be able to take the step. That is your reality. In between you are full Your powers are full of yet we're taking

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Understand your reality, understand your your situation in terms of Allah subhanho wa Taala has greatness in the vastness. People who have been following the news must have seen the images of the James Webb telescope.

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It's amazing. There is no doubt with regard to go to Google and you'll see those images you will be will be taken aback. What is our reality we are a small speck, the Earth is a small speck compared to the vastness of creation, then we are even a smaller speck in the creation and in the earth. And yet when on a couple of days acdi what is our reality with regard to him, the sun is 109 times more wider than the Earth. If the Earth if the sun was a hollow ball, the 1000s of Earth could have fell into the sun. Light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.

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At that particular speed it takes the light of the sun eight minutes to reach us the nearest sun that the nearest star

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it takes the light of the nearest star traveling it under will 86,000 miles per second. Two years to reach us and the James Webb telescope. And of course this is a marvel of science. But you see the main thing with regard to the marvel of science is that we forget the greatness of Allah in talking about science. Someone has very beautifully I read the statement praising science is like striking gold and then praising the shovel. Praising the shovel. You went to find gold you left the bone and you place the shovel. Science was supposed to teach you about Allah subhanho wa Taala you talking about the scientists you don't talk about? St. James Webb Telescope found galaxies the light that is

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cave to the earth after 13 billion years traveling and hundreds

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86,000 miles per second just die just set my dear respected brothers traveling at 186,000 miles per second not even money that particular to that particular galaxy the debt light is reach Earth after 13 billion years

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and we our significance compared to that and yet we think we are very grateful.

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So that was when humanity makes you realize what is your significance compared to the greatness and the vastness of Allah subhanho wa Taala has created Now one other important thing is many times you and I

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we do have certain achievements Allah has given us sometimes Allah Tala history that someone beautiful Allah is God certain people have gotten eloquence some people can read nice some people have got certain skills so sometimes a person makes a joke it's hard to be humbled when I'm so great.

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By the thing is for you to realize where did you get that skill from? Did you get it from yourself or do you get it from Allah Tala? When you got it from Allah Tala What are you taking pride for referring that to a

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job it has to be has to be conceivable up nitro of monsoon Nakuru and

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that is humidity. So there are many You see, when we have humidity, you will find that you will stay away from arguments. It's one of the greatest reasons why people fight is because of pride and arrogance. Because it's just not the Dalai Lama has said that the cornerstone of of unity is Taoism.

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And if you don't have humanity, you won't have unity. So one of the reasons why there is no unity is because there is no humanity.

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Therefore Allah says the one who stays away from fighting is the one who is humble with a hat.

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And lastly, before I give some examples of humility is, the more achievements you have, the more you will be humble.

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The more achievements and qualities you have, the more you will be humbled to let them if you don't have any achievements, we'll be proud and arrogant to correct himself. Rahmatullah used to give this example of three which is laden with fruit. Now a tree which is laden with fruit trees, the branches will be hanging down

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and a tree that doesn't have fruit, the branches are shooting up towards the horizon. He had me come Salah agar aapke past which is an occipital to Africa under was octopus Cushnie? Organa to the couple.

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That's the reality like a tree like a tree, which is layered with fruits, the branches are hanging down, it is humble. That means he's got he's got quality. As a shepherd, he doesn't want as a carrier Sobrato legacy. Whoever regards himself as wealthy he's a sure side he's not worth

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your time so much time spent. He's come a club,

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whose keepers coach's name, and that is the reason why I won't be able to be a dream sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and our great scholars in the Sahaba had such great humility. They didn't have pride and arrogance, maybe a cream sauce seller when he entered into mucca Fatah Maka conquering Mata the people chased him away and he's coming into the Mecca triumphantly. Sir Sahaba said he was his head was bowed down on the camera.

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And he was saying Al hamdu Lillahi wa. Nasir Abda. One just a word was the word he was praising Allah. He didn't say my mind and my power. I'm coming back to Mata and they said Nebia Kareem Salah Salem used to be an accepted hours of people. People used to bring cold water in the pool of Medina wannabe saucer him to put his head in resourcefulness to put his head even if the water was cold. Let me utterance are seldom used to in the house. He used to clean clean the house. He used to store his own clothes. He used to do the domestic choice. Nothing he didn't feel anything with regard to it. He didn't feel that he's against his shot. As a neighbor, you have to do all those things. Maybe

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a cream sauce did all of these things. Today if someone does it, Girma curry took care by Raja

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I teach lettering social and building our own elderly Lola so if you look at this particular husband, he has become the slave of his of his wife that he's doing the domestic things. But let me say something it has an overthrow the ultra it really became the Khalifa. He said I'm not the best amongst you. If I do anything right healthy if I do anything wrong, then you correct me as a member of the Allahu Anhu when he came in to become the Khalifa instead of the member that he said one place where as a overcorrect maybe sauce No sir. And he said overtake yeah Shan hated you massage. It took one step down. And he said one step down he said murky hockey get here. He can one step

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down, now has allowed him to was called khalifa to Rasulullah the Khalifa maybe a creamy sauce over when he became the

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California said what was your call you? You said I don't have the guts for you to call me Khalifa Rasulillah call me on your remote.

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One year, an old woman, all human corrected O'Meara the Allahu Anhu on one better. He got off the member and said coolness at the moment are human hurtle Agile is everyone knows more than Omar given an old woman knows more than Omar.

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On his deathbed. He was he was on the lap of his son Abdullah in Oman. I find this very amazing. He told his son Oh my son, put me away from Allah put me away from a nap put me down on the ground. He put his his head on his cheek on the ground and erupted on the ground. And he said we will

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meet up destroyed in a photographer and that data doesn't

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make you be destroyed. It doesn't forgive you. This is this is Omar about who knows this awesome said Luca buddy. Nepean Latina Amara musica de this was someone has ever moved to LA. Is someone writing your autobiography? We did so many achievements. You said yes. Kira and Cardi B does it by

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Robin catimini is like in my autobiography, My dear respect of others. This is what defines us that we are become humble servants of Almighty Allah. Keep away from pride and arrogance. We'll find a remarkable change in our life. And that gives us a vocation from day one.