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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al Hamdulillah who had the who was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Baraka Allah. May Allah be there who were Allah early he was here, Jermaine, my brothers, my sisters, a question that many people ask is, I want to turn to Allah, I want to repent, I want to seek forgiveness. I want to change my life. How do I do that? Where do I begin?

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The answer is not complicated. Allah is your Lord and mine. Allah made you he made me. Allah Almighty does not require an occasion for you to turn so we don't have to wait for that occasion. We don't have to wait for a place or a time. We have to turn to Allah here. And now. That's what it is. You ask Allah right here and I ask Allah right now. Oh Allah, You are my Lord. You made me. You know me. I'm on your covenant to the best of my ability.

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I am trying my best. I have heard I have faulted. Forgive me. I want to change my life. Grant me goodness, strengthen me, forgive my shortcomings the sins I did that I know.

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And you bear them in mind and the sins that I did that I don't even know Allah, forgive me. Besides you I have no Lord. You are the one who made me I'm at your mercy. Oh Allah. Grant me a new beginning. Be pleased with me make it easy for me to fulfill that which is pleasing to you. Make it difficult for me to do that which is displeasing to you create a barrier between myself and sin and encourage me and strengthen me when it comes to doing the right thing. Oh Allah. Oh Allah, I ask you to make me strong that I can have a circle of people around me who will always be doing good so that I do good with them. Oh, Allah protect me from being in the company of those who do bad so I slide

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into bed with them.

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So we ask Allah, talk to Allah, speak to Him, seek his forgiveness at any time and every time. Seek it as many times as you want. The first time you ask Allah for forgiveness from a major sin that you have committed. If you have done it sincerely, you regret it. And you ask Allah's forgiveness and you promise him you're not going to do it again. Do you know, he wipes it out? The first time you asked him, it's wiped out, then shapen comes to you and makes you think, no, you're not forgiven? Not you. You're not forgiven. Don't let that happen. You repeat the repentance. Yes. You ask Allah again, not because you are doubting the Mercy of Allah. But because you're embarrassed that you

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sinned in front of the Lord of the Worlds Subhanallah you sinned in front of the creation of the entire creation. So you repeat it because of that feeling. We are ashamed and also you repeat it because we have learned from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that repetition of the seeking of forgiveness elevates your status. You want a high status, don't you? When you seek Allah's forgiveness again, he becomes happy that you're not you're not doubting him, you know, you are already forgiven for the major sin you committed. But your commitment to him is such that you understand His mercy. Oh ALLAH forgive me. You know, you see someone and you did something bad to

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them. This is a different example. But just to bring it closer to understanding and then you say Brother, I'm so sorry. I'm embarrassed. Please forgive me. I really feel bad. He says no, no, don't worry. It's okay. Forgiven. It's okay. When you see him again you smile again. You say Brother Forgive me, man. You know, I read he might tell you know what, don't mention it. You see him after some time, you might say the third third. But he already told you the first time hey, listen, it's over. You're repeating it because you love him or you really want to mend the relationship. You really want things to go right. My brothers my sisters, there is no particular time like I said that

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you must wait for because you might die before the time. So if you say I'm going to repent on Friday, you will die on Thursday, maybe I will repent when I go for Hajj you may never make such I will repent when this happens or I will do this and that that may never come it may never happen. So don't wait for a time or a place or a season. But if the time or the place or the season comes, you should be embarrassed if you have not yet repented. So you're going for Hajj and you still didn't turn How could that be? People say I'm going for Hajj I will seek the forgiveness of Allah. No, no, no, no, that's the wrong statement. I have

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toward the forgiveness of Allah, I'm going to go for Hajj and I will reiterate that I have repented to Allah and I'm going to seek forgiveness again. Not because I'm doubting the forgiveness of Allah, but because it's a blessed place, a blessed moment. Allah loves it when you cry to him and say, Oh Allah, forgive my shortcomings. Look at the Quran.

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Allah Almighty makes mention of Adam Alayhis Salam, he does not say Adam Alayhis Salam said it so many times forgive me. He said it once abana Allah

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Fuson were in Townsville, and what our ohana learner Coonan Amin Allah enhancing beautiful statement from the heart. Oh our Lord, we have wronged ourselves what we did was wrong. That's what Adam Alayhis Salam is saying, and if you don't have mercy on us, and if you don't forgive us, we are the losers. My brothers, my sisters, if Allah doesn't forgive you and I who is at a loss, the Lord of the worlds are you and I Subhanallah I'm at a loss you're a teller. So tell Allah Oh Allah, I have no Lord besides you. No one can forgive me but you Oh Allah. And if you have wronged a fellow human being, go and make peace with that person, you have done something wrong. You may be spoke in a way

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that hurt their feelings you might have done whatever. At times, people say you know, when I was little I pinched to this and I did that. I want to make peace. Go and make peace. Don't be embarrassed. Go and make peace. It's better to be

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feeling that feeling of belittlement in the in this world than to feel that feeling later on. I'd rather come to you and say Brother, I spoke a lot of rubbish about you please forgive me because I fear the day I'm going to stand in front of my Lord giving account for my deeds. Forgive me. He may say yes, he may say no. If he says yes, you're sorted, masha Allah, if He says no, you can do better in sha Allah, Masha, you can ask Allah to soften his heart. You can seek forgiveness for yourself for the brother, whatever else it may be, you can do a lot but did you try did you go and seek forgiveness because I tell you on the Day of Judgment, things we thought were small will be very

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big, both good and bad. Sometimes you do a good deed that is small, it is so huge in the scale that you will be so impressed and so thankful to Allah but the opposite is true. Sometimes you say something light, and it is so bad in the eyes of Allah subhanahu Hayner hyena, well who are

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the Allah here, alim. You think that it is something light but in the eyes of Allah, it is very serious, especially in this particular verse of the Quran, accusing someone of immorality who is not even immoral.

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accusing someone of infidelity when they that is not the case. We think you know what? This guy here? Well, he's having an affair with so and so that statement might have taken you a split second to say, but do you know what the Hadith says if you were to drop it? similar statements? If you were to drop it in droplet form into the ocean to change the color of the whole ocean? That's how serious it is in the eyes of Allah. So make peace with people seek their forgiveness. Don't be embarrassed, because you will save yourself the embarrassment of the Day of Judgment. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness. So getting back to the question. If someone were to ask, I want to turn to Allah I want to

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repent. Where do I begin? What do I do? The answer is here and now say, Oh Allah, I am ashamed of what I did.

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Forgive me, grant me goodness, forgive my shortcomings. I promise you I won't do it again. Strengthen me so that I can fulfill this promise of mine unto you that I won't do it again. Let's listen to something known as say duelist. So far, the master or the leader of all forms of or should I say of all wordings when it comes to seeking the forgiveness of Allah? Allah Houma. Antara be oh Allah you Oh, my Lord. La ilaha illa Anta Halekulani. There is none worthy of worship besides you. You made me. Allah made us Subhanallah where were we before the date of our birth, for example, wherever Allah wanted us to be, man is so sophisticated, so complicated, yet, without revelation, he

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would never know where he's going after he dies. You wouldn't know. You need revelation. It's Allah your maker, the one who made entire creation. La ilaha. illa Anta Halekulani none worthy of worship besides you, you made me wonder Abduch I am your slave. I am your slave.

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You know, to use the word slave.

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If it is for mankind, it is derogatory. If it is for Allah, it is an act of worship. Look at the most beloved names Unto Allah, according to the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he says, A humbler smile Allah He Abdullah who Abdul Rahman, the most loved names Unto Allah Abdullah and I'm

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Rama, the slave of Allah and the slave of the Most Merciful slave,

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as inhuman for human beings, it's an insult for Allah. It's an act of worship. I am a slave of Allah. Allah Abdul. Allah DECA Wawa, DECA must Dota two, I am upon the covenant and upon the promise that I have made to you of iman.

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To the best of my ability, what is the covenant to begin with? A shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah is that not a covenant? Wa shadow Ana, Mohammed and Abdul who rasuna? Who is that not a covenant? Let's look at the first part of it, which is of prime importance. I bear witness there is none worthy of what will be of what I bear witness there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, do you really bear that witness? Don't you render acts of worship to others here and they? May Allah protect us. It's called Sheikh Allah says, that is the biggest sin one could commit. So that's the covenant Unto Allah. Oh Allah, I will not commit *. That's the meaning of Asha. Do Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Allah, Oh Allah, I will not worship anyone but you because there is none worthy of any act of worship besides you. That's the meaning. So this is the covenant wanna Allah Allah deca, Wawa DECA master esta to are also becoming Felicia Rima Sana to I seek refuge in You from all the bad that I have done. Wow. Look at how we are asking Allah's forgiveness. Initially we're declaring the greatness of Allah, how helpless we are, how Allah is the maker how there is not worthy of worship but him how we are the slaves of Allah. Then we say, Oh, do become in Quran Michelle Remus. annato I seek your refuge, I seek refuge in You from all the bad that I have done. A boo laka being in

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America. Yeah,

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I acknowledge, I admit the gifts upon myself that you have favored me with Ebola Kobina Motyka, Allah, Allah has favored us with too much too much more than we deserve. In actual fact, I've said it before, that if you were to count the favors of Allah, you won't be able to count him there are too many. And if you were to count the challenges that Allah put in your lives and the difficulties, you can count them because why they are just a few. I asked you Brother, how many problems do you have? You will mention? Five? Or if you really have a big disaster, you might mention 10 What else? The rest of it you forgot? May Allah Almighty grant us goodness abou LACOB in America Allah will be

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them be Oh Allah, I admit, I acknowledge my sin. You have you acknowledge I did this, I did this I did this. It's between you and me.

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If Allah has,

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if Allah has not exposed you while you were sinning, chances are he he's not going to expose you when you are seeking forgiveness.

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Man is such that when you seek forgiveness

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he will remind you 10 years later you know you did this you did this you did this and you're embarrassed but brother didn't we make peace but I'm just reminding you see, that's min

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Allah says we wipe it out, we will make the angels Forget it. It's no longer in the book. And if you're fortunate and you did a lot of good thereafter, it will be converted into good on the right side of the scale. Like Allah says in the Quran, I'm sure we know that that happens. Converted

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you but dill Allah Who sejati him Hassan And you come on the Day of Judgment, no even mentioned of the bad because why? A ta EBO mean Adam become Allah than Bala at the mercy of Allah. Allah says the one who sought forgiveness from a Sunni is equivalent to the one who did not commit the sin. Now who Akbar imagine the Mercy of Allah. So what are we saying here? abou be them be fulfilled, Li Oh Allah, I admit my sins.

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So forgive me, forgive me for in our whole life, by Allah and because there is none to forgive the sins besides you. Oh Allah, that is known as say, do they still far, brothers and sisters memorize it? Repeat it on a daily basis with a heart sometimes we recite from a book the Arabic without really knowing what you're exactly saying, but it's powerful, what you're saying, Oh Allah, You are my Lord, I'm your slave here. I am admitting you made me and so on. I've wronged myself, forgive me, I admit and so on Mashallah. That is known as seeking the forgiveness of Allah. I tell you, my brothers and sisters, life is very short.

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Very short.

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You know, we used to say here today.

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And what about tomorrow?

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Gone Tomorrow.

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It's no longer like that. Here today. Gone later the same day. That's how it is. How many have we heard they're with us and suddenly who? What happened? I don't know. Sudden Allahu Akbar. It's going to happen to me. It's going to happen to you. How do you prepare? It's a little bit scary. But when you have Iman, it's not scary. It's reassuring. Oh Allah

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Give me when you're happy with me. The prophets Allah Allah Allah Salam used to say, Oh Allah keep me alive for as long as you know that life is good for me. Take me away when you know that it's better for me to go. Can you make that dua

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May Allah make it easy for you what will happen to everything that you leave behind after you're gone? Well I tell you better things than those that happened while you are around perhaps. Now Allah grant us goodness. So my brothers, my sisters, we have no guarantee turn to Allah. If you would like to prepare for death, one of the best ways is seek the forgiveness of Allah and together with that, change your life. You must be strong. And every time you falter, come back. Don't let anyone make you think, you know you sought forgiveness, you fell you sought forgiveness, you fell you sought forgiveness, you fell. You are running a race my brothers my sisters, the idea is to finish that

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race. Even if you fell 20 times in the process, you got up again worked you got up again worked one day you will cross that finish line and Allah will be pleased with you. Why because you continue to turn to Allah Allah ma Abdi Allahu rockburn. Yet who beat them beware of Pharaoh who wish he to come and near of Tula. According to one ration, Allah Almighty boasting to the angels saying, you see this worship of mine, constantly seeking forgiveness, falling back into it unplanned, seeking forgiveness, falling back into an unplanned seeking forgiveness. I want you to bear witness that he believes he has a Lord who can punish him or forgive him so I'm forgiving him. That's Allah, a

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mercy. That Mercy of Allah is a topic on its own. May Allah Almighty grant us true forgiveness. May he help us to prepare for the day, the best of days, the day when we meet him. When we meet him, may He not embarrass us May Allah Almighty gather us in genital fear those may He increase the love in our hearts may Allah Almighty bless every one of us Akula colada, or sal Allahu wa salam ala Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad