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The importance of the relationship between Allah and the entire culture is discussed, including the need for spiritual fulfillment and fulfillment in the month of Aceans. The success of the relationship is highlighted, including their own health and eating habits. The importance of consciousness and fasting is emphasized, along with the use of forgiveness and mercy to avoid regret and achieve happiness and compassion. The use of fasting as a means of rewarding individuals and avoiding regret is emphasized, along with the importance of showing mercy to avoid regret and showing mercy to avoid forgiveness.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was salam wa salam ala NaVi Avada mavado favela Jimenez shatori, rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem fader for Stefan Savoie Isla Rob Baker Farah set up Allah will assume, respected elders and brothers. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the beauty and the sweetness of Ramadan. And we make dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our efforts, and our endeavors in the month of Ramadan. And I'm sure that the Anima and the Imams in the past few weeks have been speaking about various aspects of Ramadan. I'm just going to take the opportunity of maybe reiterating some of the important aspects of Ramadan. There is one aspect of Ramadan is that we use Ramadan as a means of re

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establishing our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is a very important consideration. Because when we talk about reestablishing our relationship, we talk about you know, aspects of divided zeker, tilawat,

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namaaz, Salah, tarawih etc. Now, there is no doubt that our entire life is supposed to be one of ibaadat right, even our business, all aspects of our life is supposed to be governed by the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, in that way our entire life becomes inhibited. However, there is a specific understanding of the budget. And this has been also echoed in the definition of Mubarak, which in the Arabic language is Ybarra tuna, Anita,

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it is

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an aspect of humiliation and submitting yourself before mighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in this particular way, this be bothered that we normally understand plays a very crucial role. It is the correct manifestation of our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. We don't have an informal relationship with Allah like friends. So what is the relationship between us and our Creator? It finds manifestation anywhere that it finds a manifestation in US remembering Allah, in going down in ruku insists that in Salah unzicker in tilawat so this is the correct relationship and manifestation of our relationship with our Creator. Another aspect is that without it, there is a vacuum in our

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Without it there is a vacuum in our life just as you and I we need a physical needs to be fulfilled. We have a spiritual need that Allah has kept within us, that needs to be fulfilled. And that is not going to be fulfilled by material aspects. It is going to be fulfilled by spirituality. And this has been very beautifully explained in a Quranic verse, Allah. Allah heated my Norco and Latina amanu. Those who have Eman was that my Hindu Paloma whom basically law their hearts find contentment and satisfaction and fulfillment. With the remembrance of Allah. Allah be aware, be aware, only in the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Taala will hearts find contentment without the remembrance of

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Almighty Allah in your life, I take an oath, you will find such a vacuum that you will never be able to fulfill that vacuum, but by remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala my own impersonal, no, you know incomplete and imperfect view is that many times people who go to drugs etc. They are searching for something and they trying to fulfill that vacuum what material things entertainment pleasure, not realizing that that vacuum is supposed to be fulfilled by remembering Allah. And if you don't remember Allah subhanho wa Taala you will never ever be able to fill that vacuum. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Allah, Allah

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so in this Ramadan we find that manner and method and time and maybe the environment gives us an opportunity to turn towards Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala in fulfilling such a important spiritual need. And then when we look at it, it is not only as the MBR limoux salat wa salam saw a need with regard to it. Look at Surah ambia which I think most likely, you know the people have read it in tarawih either last night or the previous night. Look at the beauty with regard to Allah tala says how the Gambia turn towards Almighty Allah, where you were either nada Rocco and Naima saniya Dora hunter Hama Rahimi and recall a you believe Salatu was salam, when he was sick and he turned towards

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Almighty Allah and the masani adore O Allah difficulty has come upon me. I have sick

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This has overtaken me under a hammer Rahimi, you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy show mercy to me in my sickness, or remember was a career in Canada Rocco and Zachary le Salatu was Salam who did not have children until old age and he made due to Almighty Allah from Bella Terra de further overload Do not leave me without children want the firewall in and you are the best of people who can give people inheritance and a legacy. So then I'm building muscle that was Salam saw that need, why can we in this particular month, in fact, we are supposed to read at all times, but we re establish, and we revitalize that need in the month of Ramadan. As an attorney raba one of our

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great scholars narrates narration, on the authority of eyeshadow, viola cranham that a group of Sahaba came to visit I shall be allowed or not wanted to tell us something about the Nivea cream sauce column, which was unusual, which was unique. And she said what was not unique about the Prophet? What was not unique about our Prophet, she said one day, he came into my room, and he shared the bed with me had my surgeon to who GLD until his flesh until his flesh, he it's touched my flesh. And then after a while, he said, Yeah, hypnotize me Bakker.

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Give me permission to be able to communicate with my Allah. Give me permission to be able to communicate with Mala. And as I share with you a lot and I said, Oh prophet of Almighty Allah, Oh, my, oh, my husband, I would like your company and your closeness. But I give preference to what you have requested over my own desire. And then he spent the entire night in remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then until his feet used to swell, and as I share with you a lot, and I used to say, Oh, my, oh my, oh, my husband, oh, my beloved, Elias forgiven you, Allah has given you such a status. Why do you Why do you exert yourself so much in remembering Allah? In Salah in tahajjud?

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Allah Allah says in the Quran, Camilla kalila nespa, who are in postman, who karela tahajjud for you and I is optional. According to the LMR tahajjud novia Kareem sosna made it for us upon himself never ever left it.

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So then nebia cream sauce, she said, he said a fella akuna

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should I not be grateful to Allah when he has given me the status, he realized and he showed gratefulness to the means of the body through the means of tahajud through the means of Salah. So one of the aspects of Ramadan is we reestablish our relationship with Allah through the best manifestation of a relationship between the creator and the creation. Now, one point that comes into mind is how does this fit? How does Rosa and fasting fit into the concept of a budget? A very interesting thing. Now normally when we talk of ibaadat, we talk of ibaadat in the sense of doing something good. So we talk about Zika tilawat, you know, salad, it's a positive aspect. Have you

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ever considered the concept of a body in a negative thing? So you're not doing something but yet it is regarded as I think about it Subhanallah So, he bothered normally we would take it to be like something that you are doing something positive, you are giving charity, you are performing Salah, you are making zeker you are reading the Quran. Here, Allah tala refers to any burden of something where you are not doing things you are staying away from food and drink and intimacy from from settle into how does that fit into the concept of ibaadat let me just spend some few minutes on this. A little I in the Holy Quran had said quotevalet Kumasi kamakoti, ballerina mean public.

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I have made Rosa fodders upon you.

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And remember when the Pharisees come from Almighty Allah, depending who gives the order, the order and the command becomes even more important. If someone tells you go from here to sentence I want you to tell me to go to center. But if the boss tell him the employer tells him go to center for some work, because he's the boss he's going to accept it. I have to go. When ally is telling you I have made it compulsory. That order becomes more important because Allah is the one who is giving the order. And why is it in why Allah contact the whole that you may gain taqwa and you may gain piety. Now, taqwa itself is a very long, you know a very long definition, but I'm just going to give

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you one small definition.

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The core means that consciousness of Allah that Allah is with me that makes you want to lead and mold your life according to that consciousness.

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Allah is with me, Maya pulumi net worth Allah 13 even if I'm three people conversing, who robbed the home he is a fourth says Allah to nature para la femme certain you are five

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He is the sixth. So that level of consciousness that aligns with me and making you want to lead your life according to the consciousness that aligns with me. That is the taqwa that Allah wants to build within us in through fasting. And how does it baby building fasting? How is it built? It is built through the means of when you stay away from halaal. You stay away from things that are blessing. Samsung is blessing. Now this awesome set to bring some time is a sign of a man to three boys thumbs up, someone tells you a sign of a man drinking. I can't drink it. You can go say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So blessed water, you're not going to drink it. Because so when you have discipline

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yourself, to create a consciousness of Allah to stay away from Samsung, what can you stay away from RM Why can you stay away from backbiting? Why can you stay away from things which are prohibited? See, so this is fasting, we take fasting for granted. It is an amazing, amazing product. Although it is an absurdity, we don't do things we make a joke with regard to anything is only about staying away from, you know, food and drink. So there was a radio to you know, show, the radio or Islam or one of those things. And there was, you know, a situation with regard to making a request for different types of aneurysms, or tilawat that you like. So one person phoned and said, I would like

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to make a request said what request I would like to be a person must be sounded now in the course of the day. So we look at the benefits of Rosa. Another aspect maybe after himself, some said, Ramadan is a month of kindness and compassion. Now why they

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specifically say it's a month of kindness and compassion when we are supposed to have kindness and compassion throughout the year. It is such an important quality has it I shared this awesome set. Oh, I share a big, big, kind and compassionate because a lie is kind and compassionate. And he gives for kindness and compassion which he does not give for harshness. Why didn't we saw some serious amount of kindness and compassion. Let me tell you. The reason is my dear respected brothers, sometimes it's difficult to income inculcate kindness, when you have a comfortable way of living. When you have three square meals a day, you can understand the pangs of hunger of a poor person. You

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can understand it sometimes. So that is why we know the very famous statement attributed to Maria Antoinette, the queen of France at the time of the French Revolution, when she was told that the people are protesting. And she said Why are they protesting? They said they're protesting because they don't have bread to eat. And she replied that he they don't have bread, let them eat cake. Because she couldn't understand that they have to they don't have money to buy bread. But when we are eating three square meals a day where do we understand the pangs of hunger of the poor person. So enlighten us as to the means of hunger through the means of fasting when you get some form of

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hunger, you come to realize that there are people who don't do it because of a religious obligation. They do it because of circumstances. Now via Kareem salsola said in a hadith so Mali, we're an adze be fasting is for me and I will reward it. Now, last week, I gave six different interpretations of this. This beautiful Hadith I will just today because time is running out I'm going to give tu tu tu n understanding of this hadith whenever he saw some said, fasting is for me what an adze be and I myself will reward it. Or if you utilize and said we're gonna put zabi I if you read you can do either with a Fatah,

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Fatah or with a with a sama right? All the way we would normally say that's how they would say it in Arabic. In the Gujarati stay, they will see with a zipper or a fish on a TV when I would zabi it mean I will I will give the reward and

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I myself will be the reward.

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Now amongst the interpretation of this verse, one verse one interpretation of this hadith is in every other ibaadat there is an indication and there is a sign or there is a possibility of doing it for name and fame. You can be performing Salah people will say what the what what of namazi person how pious he is, he comes to the masjid half an hour before Salah, and he goes right last.

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I'm not saying people who do that.

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But there's a possibility you could be giving charity at the time. People will say what a generous person look at what a donation he gave. But in fasting there is no possibility of name and fame.

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This is what he bought it there is no possibility of name and fame, whoever first for the sake of Allah he's doing it solely for luck. And therefore nothing says so Miss for me and I myself will reward it or I myself will become the reward for the person who who keeps first. Then you find that in one narration you know there is there is an indication towards them.

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That kahraman 30 beat every other act, every other egg becomes apparent for them. Salad taken report to records of Salah 20 because of tarawih. Right? How much of concentration was it Allah knows but they will they record it you make 20 records of turabian hamdulillah you read half a Supra you read the Jews you made one, it can be recorded. But how do you record fasting? How do you record fasting? The kinnaman can't even go to a lion city.

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How do we record the reward of fasting? So Allah tala tells them, oh, my angels, don't record it. You don't have the possibility and you don't know how to record it, leave it to me, I will reward it.

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Leave it to me, I will give the reward Leave it to me I will become the reward of the person who is fasting. So when we talk of ibaadat I gave the example with regard to why you but it is so important, but have we ever considered fasting as an invalid? And how significant is it as anybody

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therefore would now you realize that why navia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the time of iftaar after eating one cat or having a bit of water, he used to make this dua and it is something that I would like to recommend that we make this to the hubzilla the Hubba Zamasu with the little rock with a button, inshallah repeated after inshallah, the Hubba Zamasu wept a little rock with the bottle, Oh Allah, the thirst has been quenched. The arteries have been moist, and inshallah the reward from you is guaranteed.

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This, Roza, which we take for granted witness do it because I'm supposed to stay away from from this time to This time, I'll stay away from food and drink, do you realize the significance of it? So the second point that I would like to have made mentioned in today's trauma was one, the concept of ibaadat why it is the right relationship between us and our Creator. The second thing is, the concept of Rosa isn't the burden. And lastly, in the last few minutes that I have, I would like to make mentioned you see one important point that we have to keep in mind. Islam is not only for those who are super pious and those who

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it is, for each and every one. Yes, we do respect those we have piety, there has always been a sense of respect for the people who are pious, when we read the key tabs and we read the books and we find that mention is made that this one made so much of ibaadat. And as an ad for Antonelli for so many years, he made, you know, a photo of a salad with a resume of all of that we come to we come to admire it. It might not be the norm. Right? In Not everyone can, can reach that, although we aspire to it.

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We cannot reach it but we aspire to it and our hypersaline want us to remain home. I'm not a pious person, but I wish to be amongst the pious person. And I love them because of my love for the pious maybe Allah will resurrect me amongst the pious people. But at the end of the day, we are also people who are those who commit sin and get Ghanaian sin. And I say he Muslim is a very amazing Hadith and please don't misunderstand this hadith. novia corinthos Lim said, If you do not commit sin,

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if you do not commit sin said Nafisa Salaam, Allah says I will create another nation who will commit sin.

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If you do not commit sin, I will create another nation who will commit sin. And the reason for that is very easy to understand many of the qualities of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. To Do With forgiveness and mercy.

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Allah is before Allah is the one who forgives. Allah is a fool the one who pardons if you're not going to commit sin who is going to forgive him Pardon?

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So I'm not gonna say his name is awesome said if you do not commit sin, Allah will create another nation who will commit sin and then they will ask Allah Allah for forgiveness. And then when they ask for forgiveness, Allah will forgive them. We do not justify our own. We do not justify our own. But we believe that maybe a cream sauce limited khulumani Adam are hotter on each and every human being other than Emilio salatu salam has committed wrong and the best of those people who have committed mistakes are those who turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and remain in repentance. So spin in the motherland is a time for equalize equalizing a time for us. Also to be

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counted amongst those and an opportunity to come closer towards Almighty Allah and have that particular type of taqwa to be counted amongst the servants of Almighty Allah to be counted amongst those who have some form of devotion in the turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and repentance, not justifying the essence saying that he Allah we have committed them said that the essence of

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Toba is regret. If you want to give one word to Toba. What is one word to describe Toba? It is regret over the wrong that you have done a remorse over the wrong that we have done. Show that remorse. We are halfway through with regard to Toba. And then when we do that we bear in mind that never occurred himself. Solomon Latella says yeah, but the lady in Astra for Allah unforeseen. Oh, oh, who says Allah, Allah, Allah tells me is awesome. Those who have done wrong, don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah will forgive all types of Guna and let me conclude with one beautiful poem hadn't been awesome Rahul Allah says, I was in the Kaaba and in the darkness of the night that and

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they never used to be much light. So I heard someone singing poetry. And in this poetry he was saying this yummy, huge evil monster of Islami. Oh, the one who responds to the distressed person in the darkness of the night. Well, yeah, cash shuffle ball wah. Well done. Yeah Kashi for Derby. Well, Belle Wharf is circa me. Oh, the one who removes the distress of the distressed person. In Karna Judah Kala Yara jus suffer in Oh Allah if your generosity and your mercy is only for the pious for me to to build US economy, who will show mercy to the center's heartbeat as Sam said, I rush to see who are saying these beautiful words. I saw it was

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the great grandson of Nagisa assylum, the son of Hussein that he allowed or No, and I said, Oh, grandson of him is awesome. You are the family of no vehicle himself. What makes you say this great poem, this great poetry. So he said, Hakeem, don't you know that a letter in the Holy Quran says by the mafia, hafizullah and Sabina, whom when the day of kiama come, they will be no consideration given to family. I'm also in need of that. And look at that words are live you don't show mercy to us who will show mercy. So I've concluded with three important messages in this Juma talk. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us a topic