Moutasem al-Hameedy – Humility

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The concept of Islam is centered around humility, pride, and arrogance, which are core values associated with individuals. The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding pride and comparison in one's life, as it is a natural and healthy behavior. The speaker also discusses the use of pride and arrogance in social media and how it can lead to negative image of oneself. The importance of staying in check and embracing one's own success is emphasized, along with the history of human confidence and the waste of time in achieving goals.
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Have our ultimate love and devotion but the Almighty Allah alone. And I testified and Muhammad Sallallahu he were early he was salam, his his servant, and His Messenger or you who believe. Fear Allah as you should be feared and die not except in a state of submission to your Lord as Muslims, or mankind, be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person, and from him he created his wife, and from them both, he created the many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all watched over you all you will keep your duty to Allah fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to

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righteous deeds and will forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are those of Allah. And the best guidance is that of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was setting up, and the worst things in the religion all the newly invented matters. For all the newly invented matters in religion are an innovation and bid and every bit is misguidance.

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Allah subhanaw taala describes the believers in the Quran by saying what a bad dog Rahmani leadin am Shona and an ugly how on earth

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and the servants of the Most Merciful, who walk upon Earth with humility.

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They are humble. When they walk around, and they go about living their life.

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Allah subhanaw taala addresses Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam and he says to him, Look fib Jana, how can you remove meaning and lower your wing for the believers? This is an idiom that signifies humility, that you are humble. You treat people with dignity and respect. And you will never boast you will never

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place yourself at a higher pedestal when it comes to your relationship with others or your treatment to others. Allah subhanaw taala also describes the believers in the Quran, when he warns the Muslims not to fall short. Not to abandon their religion, not to abandon supporting and championing the truth. Allah says Yeah, you heard Adina M and o me altered them in command Dini, for Sophia to LA who be home in your head boom.

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We had Warner as the letting meeting result in added caffeine, or you who believe if you turn back on your heels. If you give up on this way of life and this religion you don't stand up for its truth, then Allah will replace you with another people.

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And the description of these people that Allah gives

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is that he loves them, and they love him.

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Then he says, The Latin and ultimate meaning they are humble before the believers,

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they humble themselves. They are kind respectful to the believers is that an adult McCaffrey? When it comes to the arrogant disbelievers, they are full of pride and dignity in front of them.

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That's the description of the believers.

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So this concept that is called in the Arabic language at Tao

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and that means humility.

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It's the opposite of pride. Arrogance. haughtiness

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is the opposite of puffing one's chest up, viewing or deeming oneself to be better than others,

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to be higher than others to be more worthy than others. When in reality, Allah subhanaw taala has dignified all of the all of the sons of Adam. Allah said, What about the Koran now, Benny,

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we have dignified the children of Adam.

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This human race has this inherent default dignity about them that no one has a right to violate.

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And so natural trait that humans have personal dignity, a sense of dignity and honor, it is part of our football.

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Yet, when we don't live from our football, we replace that with one of two traits, either disgrace, and loneliness,

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or the opposite, which is arrogance and pride. We try to make up for the lost dignity. We make up with what with either pride, false kind of pride and arrogance. We try to pump our self esteem.

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We try to emphasize I am better than others. I'm so special. I'm at a higher level than others. Why? Because we try and to compensate for the natural, healthy feeling of dignity that is lost.

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And the world that we live in today, with all of its challenges, with all of its attractions, stripped away a human being from a young age from the natural sense of dignity.

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Either in the house, by unhealthy forms of parenting, or in the school where there's a lot of bullying, whether from sometimes teachers or other students, or even the society itself or even the media.

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Children, younger people are bombarded with messages,

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passive aggressive messages

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of inferiority that indicate inferiority, if you are not behaving in a certain way, they give you the impression that you are inferior, that there is something wrong about you, that you are lower than others. If you don't pursue these fashionable lifestyles,

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then there's something wrong about you. So they make you question your inherent dignity.

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And thus, over time, it really gets to you then we start to make it we try to make it up. How do we make it up? First, we feel that we lost this dignity, that we are unworthy we start to have what is called self esteem issues.

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We start doubting ourselves and feeling that deficit of dignity we try to make it up. But then we try to make your up the wrong way by pumping our ego by

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inflating it to make it as as big as possible.

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So that we end up on the other extreme, we start comparing ourselves to other to the others. We start to define dignity by means of how low others compared to us. It becomes more about comparison. And that's not the right way to go about dignity.

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And this is why the prophets of salaam warned against this because it

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If you start acting from this place, that means you're acting from a place of ego and knifes. And when you act from that place, there is no balance in your life. You don't have an inherent sense of dignity and a healthy sense of self. You just have some kind of fake, fabricated false sense of pride and self that is merely a reaction to the lost dignity. And that's the wrong way to go about it. And what are the signs, you're always comparing yourself to others, trying to put others down and push yourself up.

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And that's what's called in the Arabic language to Kabul,

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being prideful, being arrogant, because it comes from a very unhealthy place. It's a departure from the understanding of human nature.

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when you engage into a curveball and an arrogance, you are tearing yourself from the reality of this life and the reality of existence. There's no place for arrogance here. There are no there's no place for self importance, because this life is not about you. It's about the mission that was given to you which you are supposed to fulfill. It's not about your ego. It's not about your reputation. It's not about your name. It's not about your self esteem, all of this is out of the question.

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None of this is is is in a place of doubt. But when you swallow whatever has been given to you from a young age, you start doubting yourself and your dignity. Then you start acting from a deficit and you try to make it up because you feel there is something wrong that something needs to be fixed.

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So we start acting arrogantly, we start we try to muffle we try to cover up that lost dignity by a false sense of pride.

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But it's exaggerated. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said no, you're totally Ginetta moto camber.

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A person who has arrogance they will never they will not enter paradise.

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They will not enter paradise.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says and another Hadith, you're shoveling water can be your own net he can value your thoughtfulness will be academic, those who are arrogant those who deem themselves better than others who look down upon others. These people on the Day of Judgment they will be they will be brought up they will be resurrected on the day of judgment in the size of ants so that people will step all over them.

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That's the punishment because they put themselves up where they don't belong. They thought they were better than others. So they receive a do punishment.

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So back to the first Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim says they had followed a janitor mortar camper, an arrogant a prideful person will not enter paradise for Colorado, don't ya rasool Allah in a headliner, you himbo and your Cornetto, who has an n when I know who has an but one of us loves for the government to be beautiful presentable, to be nice, and for the shoes to look good. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified he said,

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In Elijah need on your headboard.

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Indeed, Allah is beautiful, and he loves beauty. This kind of beauty Allah appreciates it. What a kin Kidbrooke kibra

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will help

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about or better will help the wantonness but the reality of arrogance is that you see yourself higher than the truth,

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more important than the truth

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and you look down upon others. That's the reality of arrogance. So it's not about what you wear. It's not about what you say it's about where this comes from. Does it come from the spirit of you seeing yourself better than others? Or you are too big to accept the truth? Um, put yourself under the truth and submit to the truth. If this is where it's coming from, even if you are wearing worn out rags, you still arrogant

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and still, this will be

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an obstacle between you and Paradise. It's the spirit. It's where it comes from. You

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another Hadith the Prophet SAW southern clarified as a general description who are the people who enter paradise and who are the people who will enter the hellfire. This hadith is narrated by a man created by the man Muslim. The Prophet SAW said and said, Allah Akbar will come be led Jana. Shall I net? Shall I not tell you of the people of gentlemen? Who are the people of gender, prophets of Solomon is going to give the scholars who commented on this hadith they said the prophets of Salaam is going to give us a description of the general spirit of the people who enter paradise. He said, Cool, low bar, even motoboy, eighth minute, minute, minute minute.

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Every, again, the literal translation of the Hadith might be tricky here is why it requires explanation. Every week, person among the believers who is you usually not looked up to by others who's not really appreciated and valued by others who's underestimated usually underestimated by others?

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Why would the people of Paradise be that kind of person because they are not boastful?

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They are not boastful. They are so focused on fulfilling their mission on obeying Allah subhanaw taala, on leading the good, healthy lifestyle, that they are not consumed or preoccupied with putting on a facade, or a boastful kind of image, public social image, they're not busy with that. And for most cultures, for most humans, they're so preoccupied with the social image rather than the reality. So if you are not demonstrating your excellence and your strength, for them, you are lacking. That's why so bragging and boasting becomes the norm in most societies. And when you don't engage with this, you don't market yourself. People think that's because you're lacking, so they

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don't appreciate you.

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That's why the province of salaam gave that description.

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Then the provinces and instead of Bureau can be added Now shall I not tell you about the people of the fire?

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Kulu to Lin Jo, wha when was checkable?

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I'll tell you about the people of the Hellfire, what is the spirit? What's the general demeanor of those people? He says cool to learn every ritual, what is the ritual or tool is someone

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who is very aggressive towards others, disrespectful, defiant, he always shows this defiance and disregard to others. He has no issue violating the rights and the limits of others. That's a tool, someone who holds no sanctity for no one.

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That sort of tool. And if you fall in some state of competition, or disagreement or enmity, they deem you to be an open target, they will do anything, whatever it takes to bring you down, even if it's unethical, they'll go all the way with their enmity and hatred.

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That's what will jawab

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is someone who's so busy holding money and wealth, why, in order to secure a higher social status for themselves, because they tried to feed in their arrogance and their holiness. And they're supposed high rank above the others. They want to back it with as much finances as much possessions as much fame as possible. Some of the other scholars they said Joe wealth jamun ones who count the ones who accumulate as much as possible, whatever it is, whether finances, whether it's reputation, or whether it's number of followers, or even it applies to people who are so great when it comes to their physique.

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Their physical composition is very strong and big, so that they use it to establish social status among others and intimidate others.

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Most Mr. cubit mistake but again, seeking a higher rank to be higher than others so that they look down upon others, they see themselves better. This is the general demeanor of the people of the Hellfire, again collected by the Imam Muslim from the prophets of Allah, why do you send them

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one of the biggest problems with arrogance

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is that those who have it

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don't read

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realize it for the most part.

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The problem with arrogance is that it consumes even your perception that you don't realize that you have this issue.

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You take it for granted that I am better than others. And that's it, you start acting from that place, so you become blind to it.

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And a lot of the arrogance is actually is fed into our minds and our souls from a young age, sometimes by well meaning parents who want good for the children.

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But they just don't realize that they are not instilling dignity but they are instilling pride

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and arrogance.

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So what is the solution? It's important to keep ourselves in check.

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Keep yourself in Jack. Am I acting arrogantly? When you reason with things when you treat someone badly?

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Ask yourself why am I treating this person badly? Sometimes when you're thinking about others, you think, Oh, I deserve better than others. Ask yourself, why do I feel that I deserve better than others?

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Why should I be getting preferential treatment? Why do I see myself better than others? Am I arrogant to not put yourself to the test because that's something you don't want to meet Allah with arrogance. You don't want to meet Allah, having any slight of arrogance the profits house and then says Laird. Hello, gentlemen, Kenneth. I'll be here with with Carlos, thinkable.

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A person who has an atom's weight of arrogance in their heart will not enter paradise.

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So it's serious.

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It is serious. So it's important to keep ourselves in check. And always ask ourselves the question on my arrogant in every situation where you feel there's a hint, where you deem that you have more right than others, that you have the right to have access to things more than others, or that you should be getting something special, or that you treat someone badly. Or you treat someone as an inferior or you see yourself as superior. Ask yourself Have I swallowed the pill of arrogance? unknowingly? Let me keep myself in check. Because as I said, you don't want to meet a lot with an atom's weight of arrogance. Apolo kolyada was tough.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was heavy into money and were bad prophets lots of them says and another Hadith collected by also by Imam Muslim.

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from Abu Dhabi Allahu Anhu.

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The prophets of salaam said man across the country

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what is the undertone BF when Illa is

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what matter wha donde la ilaha

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the prophets like Selim says Sodapop will never decrease and undermine the value of a well a person's wealth.

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And the person who acts with forgiveness who responds with forgiveness,

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Allah will increase them in honor and dignity.

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Allah will only increase a person who acts with humility, Allah will increase them

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with higher status.

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That's how Allah rewards and that's how Allah gives.

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So if a person is humble, the more you humble yourself, the more Allah elevates you. Now, this is our bloggers. And the reason why arrogance is such a serious thing is that we humans are dependent on Allah in everything.

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Our existence

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is from Allah. We don't have an existence. We don't have an inherent intrinsic existence. Allah brought us into existence. So we were dependent on Allah for our existence, then our sustenance, continuation of our existence, we're dependent completely on Allah.

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For our mental functioning, emotional functioning, physical functioning, spiritual functioning, all aspects of our life, were completely dependent on Allah. So why be arrogant? You don't even own yourself. You haven't even made yourself you don't have anything of your own. Arrogant for words.

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You haven't made yourself to be arrogant of yourself.

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Pride belongs to Allah Himself alone. That's what Allah says in the Divine Hadith

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and Kibriya

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Is my garment means a special to Allah. Why? Because Allah is the only true God. The only divine being the only one who's capable, the only one who's Almighty, the only one who's eternal and infinite and perfect. That's why he pride is right for him. It's due.

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But we humans, we don't have any reason to be proud of what you don't even even everything in you is dependent on Allah. So no reason to be proud. So when you are proud, you are acting out a huge lie. A huge lie, you're not even self sufficient in any sense, or in any area, no matter how tiny it is.

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So arrogance has nothing to back it up at all. So when you are acting with humility, it's not like you're putting yourself down. And humility, by the way does not mean lack of self dignity. That's also against Islam.

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Humility means you recognize who you are, and what you're what you are here for, and that you are for Allah and you belong to Allah and that Allah gave your inherent dignity, you embrace it, and go about doing your own business. That's what humility is. You're not busy comparing yourself to others. making yourself better than others are lower than others. That's that's a waste of time. It's a waste of life. This is why if you look at the history of the Muslim ummah, it the history of all of humanity, the concept of confidence, self esteem.

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You hardly find any traces of it in history. It's pretty much a modern phenomenon.

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Because people are just busy comparing themselves.

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Especially in the Muslim tradition, there's no the word confidence which is called the in Arabic fear of enough's. You can't even find it.

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Despite the huge amount of writings about humans and their behavior in the Islamic tradition, the word confidence doesn't even exist. Self esteem doesn't even exist, it was never a question.

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Because you should be yourself Am I worthy or not? It's a given. You have a basic inherent default dignity, embrace it, don't busy yourself with Am I good enough, good enough or not? That's a waste of time. You are here to fulfill a mission focus on it live for it, you live healthy. It's that simple.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide our hearts and help us understand this basic dignity that he has given all of us and we pray to Him to protect us from pride and arrogance and to make us humble so we fulfill the description of the believers Lama Philomena when not me not when Muslim you know when a Muslim Mandela hear him and I'm wondering what gloma Felina I don't know when or why Serafina Amina with a bit abdominal sadhana Hello COVID Catherine along with Elena well you already know what will happen Elena arithmetic Al Hamdulillah I mean, long everybody had a Lomatium

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your atrophy or attic whatever that he had Roma sciatic or your movie Nikita because it may be because of Milan already he worked he was a lot of masala was suddenly mobile Nicola Nicola sweetie come Mohamed early he was the one bidding woman to bid on BSE in your midday.

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