Ebrahim Bham – The importance of knowledge in Islamic teachings

Ebrahim Bham
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100 hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah He will be here by the

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it was Salatu was Salam ala MBR even more surreal when he was having whatsoever to slim and interferon interferon a mother your

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father would you be listening legend Walkman Iraqi polyester with

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the moon Pokhara Tala Bismillah the canary.

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Set up hello.

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My dear respected elders and brothers we are aware that we are in the beginning of the New Year from the Gregorian since the beginning of the new year in South Africa also sees the beginning of the educational year. So I was children would begin the educational year

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in many instances and many institutions from the beginning of the new year in South Africa. And I felt it is appropriate that we speak upon education for today's Juma.

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The first verse that was revealed to our beloved via Kareem sallahu wa salam, as we are aware, was an indication towards knowledge.

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Reading. Now this is significant. The greatest amount of time that was between the Gambia Allahi wa Salatu was Salam was between hazard Pisani salat wa salam and our beloved maybe a clean sorcerer ally in the Holy Quran in the six Jews of the Quran, referred to it as rotten working, the suspension of what he he was knows such great distance of time between any of the Gambia then between the Saleen Salaam and our beloved maybe occurred in South Sudan. And after such a great amount of time, some Allama say was over 650 years, Allah revealed and is the first verse of that ayat was read. It was to do what knowledge and this tells us about the emphasis of knowledge in

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Islam. Read, I will go on to make mention with regard to Arabic later on in the talk. But because of this, there was an unprecedented and fusi enthusiasm for knowledge in our Chanda in Islamic history, and all types of knowledge as I will go on to make mentioned firstly, with regard to the knowledge of our D people strove greatly with regard to acquiring knowledge. I just give you one small example as Ben Porat

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came to Imam Muhammad, the famous student of Imam Abu Hanifa malaria and said I want to learn from you. I heard you are such a great argument. So Imam Muhammad Rahmatullah said, I don't have the time my whole days taken. My whole days. I got a schedule. I don't have time. So when he insisted looking at his sincerity, Imam Muhammad Rahmatullah Lee said, You see, when I get up for tahajjud prayers, there is no one with me. You come to me, whatever you want to learn, I will teach you that time. I said Ben Porat said, I used to remain awake all night. Whole night I used to stay awake all night, that I must not miss a few moments that I could get from Mr. Muhammad Ali, while he taught me while

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he was getting ready for tahajjud prayers, this is the way the Alama they used to learn. And this is something that we have to keep in mind. So Nebia Kareem Solomon says, the level for Iraq when Allah only Muslim, the acquiring of knowledge is first upon every Muslim is not Mr. Huff. It is first. So when you say tell me for either tune Allah coolly Muslim, that acquiring of knowledge is for us. What does it mean? It means just as you can have a Muslim without performing his five times daily Salah you can't have an ignorant Muslim

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and ignorant Muslim is a misnomer. How can you ever be current Muslim when acquiring of knowledge is comparison? Yes our Alma have made mentioned what is compulsory? What is compulsory? So someone says I am a PhD in Chemical Engineering. I'm a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

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Does he fulfill the requirement of acquiring knowledge which is compulsory? Not necessarily. So, what am I have written that for every responsibility of deal.

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There is a commensurate responsibility for you to know what Allah wants from you in the given situation. If you are going to read Surat is compulsory for you to know the basic requirements of how to perform Salah you're going for obrah it is compulsory for you to know how you are supposed to perform.

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When you are going for height it is compulsory for you to know how to perform if there is an emergency situation that comes about you can ask the owner for Salah decree in Kentucky but it is compulsory that's why in a time of Ultron no one was allowed to bake business in the bazaars of Medina I'm telling you the basic requirements and Messiah of of business. So it's compulsory for you to you're gonna get married. You must know what you want to do a marital you know what what is the responsibility of marriage, otherwise, you're gonna cause disaster as it is today we are causing disaster because we don't know what is required from a spouse in marriage. So this is what is

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compulsory to able to know each and everything now in our country. We have the situation where Al Hamdulillah for the basic aspect of our deen we have Makati, the mucked up system, the madressa so the afternoon our children go to madressa to go and learn DD Alhamdulillah it's a very great, it's a legacy of the Muslims in South Africa. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep this legacy going. Do not regard this as insignificant.

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In 1932 Allama Iqbal, the very great poet philosopher from Pakistan, he is the one who gave the whole idea of what Pakistan is supposed to be. Unfortunately, it might not have turned out that way. But he was a very great poet for he went to Spain. And when he came back to Spain, he told the Muslims of Pakistan and India, he said, don't regard this small madrasahs as insignificant.

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I plead with you don't regard it as insignificant. Do you know what will happen if you don't teach your children the importance of D? I have seen what had happened in Spain. 900 years of Muslim glory gone down the drain because we did not pay attention to our D. There are many other factors versus one of the factors. So he says why. Learn, learn and teach you McCleskey teach your children mucked up, send your children to Mattel. Why do we regard this as insignificant? Why is it that when we want to take our children to any responsibility, whether it be you know, sporting activities, whether it be other things it must be done in madressa time, show importance to our madressa our

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children will show importance today as it more than a man's or not money. One of our great scholars he came to South Africa in the late 60s. You know he has written a very amazing thing. He said

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teach your children mucked up, otherwise rest them becoming worthless.

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Teach your children the basics of dealing otherwise risks them becoming out of the fold of Islam. So my dear respected brothers This is very important. Now it doesn't mean that you must only the young people must study deep This is another must must no matter what local mineral Maddy Hill Allah had is a very famous Arabic saying some some have said is the Hadith but most likely is not adequate is most likely attributed to Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Rahmatullah Lee with made mention of this statement. Learn knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

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Now today what year old people they feel no we must relax we must retire there is no retirement in Islam. In Islam we retire in the cupboard

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we retire in the cupboard you know they see one elderly person went to a doctor so when he went to the doctor, he said Doctor my my my head always spins doctor said old age. Can you see it? You know, my dude have good digestive system all the time. You know? I'm I'm having problems with my stomach. Doctor said old age. Then he said Oh Doctor, my knees are painting. So doctor said old age. So you got very angry. You got so angry with everything I'm saying I'm old age. I didn't come to you to tell me about my age. You know, so doctor says this NGO also old.

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Clothes also holy. By we don't believe in them.

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A human sorry, the ultra no was 90 years of age. When he went to go and fight. And today his cover is in Istanbul. He went to go and fight against the Roman Empire. He told the leader of the Muslim army put me right in front. So when I die, I'm writing that is why

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He's buried under on the doorsteps of Istanbul at that time he was a tossed salad in Cassandra and Kalani was 90 years of age when he became an imam of Hadith. He became an imam of IDT at the age of 90. So we are the ones who are supposed to learn middleman.

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There are so many different situations nowadays, you have different types of situations of earning and learning knowledge. And what am I have made facilities available for people to learn? Don't Don't disregard this to learn the human asset versus OLALIA it's an amazing thing, if you humbly Rahmatullah Lee has made mention of his statement, nothing is more rewarding than say I take an oath nothing is more important than 11. Even other Ibadah is not as important as Philip and his resort in it therefore I learned the Holy Quran says,

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Allah Allah, Allah have knowledge that is no one worthy of worship besides Allah will um I have written, Allah makes mention of before too

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far alumina hula Ilaha illa Allah, then Allah, Allah, Allah. And then even here, Imam Hassan vs Rahmatullah says, If Unum was given a physical form. If Killam was given a physical form, it would have been even more beautiful than the Sunday all its splendor, the moon in all its radiance, and all the stars in all its glory. If Killam was given a physical shape, it would have been more beautiful than anything. Now, one of the things that is very important for us is what do we make about contemporary knowledge? So our children go to school, they go to university, what do we do with regard to that type of knowledge? Our Alma has been mentioned with regard to the Imam Ghazali

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Rahmatullah Ali, in his famous fer alma de DD has made mentioned every branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind,

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you can go and seek, Imam Abdullah says any branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind,

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it is far as a key fire for the OMA to acquire that knowledge.

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It is far as a key Fila

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Tip Be well hisab any rights like medicine and hisab and accounting? If we don't have Muslims in medicine, we don't have Muslims in accounting, we will be prejudiced, we will be lucky. We are the ones who are supposed to be in the very forefront of all branches of knowledge, as was done in our glorious period, not now. In the last 200 years, we have gone very, very far away from the ID. We were the ones who picked up there was money. And I'm actually one of our great scholars, right? That Tehran University, he said Tehran University, they used to be a university in the initial stages was simply the one who still first established universities. Now we say we can go to universities we

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established it.

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We were the ones who established. So in Tehran University Mutata was money rights, that today even the spots of those colors are still determined where they used to teach. Can you say kidney roast used to teach philosophy, if you hold on us to teach history, and sociology, and as the years they used to teach,

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in one university, they used to teach us this is what they used to do. Now for whatever reason Alama if you know for whatever reason, our situation has become we got different dichotomy. So this is an institution of knowledge and being this institution of other things, but my dear respected one is go and look at our history. Haytham he was the one who first discovered the Milky Way galaxy. We talked about Milky Way galaxy. Imam Haytham. He was the one who first showed the world

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that it was a Milky Way galaxy. He was the first one who did an operation of the cataracts. I went to stay many times I went twice to spend in the in the in the museum in Granada. There is surgical instruments that the surgeons of the time used to use for operation

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that surgical instruments are perhaps the very same with very little difference that are used today in modern day surgery was put up by Muslims. Imam, he was the one and you look at it. Imam Razi Rahmatullahi Ali was the one who first showed the world ways the best place to make a hospital. Encyclopedia Britannica writes that the first time people heard about short smallpox, and the whole person who still to show to people was Imam Razi Rahmatullah Lee and I can go on giving so many examples with regard to it. In a fist was the first Muslim to show people the parliamentary motion of blood in the body how

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Blood, the hands in the body, you've made a piece. And today in science, it is attributed to William Harvey. William Harvey came 300 years after evening of his.

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I once gave a talk somewhere I think it was in the United Kingdom. And I made mention of this point. One doctor came to me after the talk and says Maulana you today touched upon something very interesting. He said there was a medical journal, which says that the preliminary motion of the body was first shown by William Harvey, I wrote them a letter and he said, You are wrong in a piece was the one who did it. He said, he came back, the medical journal corrected themselves in the next in the next journal. We were the ones who were that hate me in astronomy, and then you know, you can go on Musk food environment. Today we talk about environment, Massoud, he was the first person to tell

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people about the environment idrisi In geography, this Sicilian government called upon receipt to make a world map the first time a world map was made was the increasing erosion powered and philosophy today we have become docile recipients of knowledge once upon a time we were the people who are giving people knowledge. Now, when you become a docile recipient of knowledge, then you are not the one who makes the solutions. You are not the one who makes the solutions you are so today we complain about pharmacies and how much money they are making, who what do you expect? We are you in the equation you were the first who are no more than. So, now what you are doing is you are the

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docile recipient of other people's knowledge, when you should have been in the forefront of the way it was some time that can some centuries back. Now the situation is they are the ones who are doing the things now we only have one option. Go in with Mustafa

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take what is beneficial take away that which is not beneficial. So my dear respected brothers, Allah subhanaw taala has given us but we are forced we have a situation of knowing the limitations of each and everything. While we have permissibility of doing all of this. You see one of the important things is that our own AMA, sometimes I find it very amazing people say that they say we must not acquire this understand to think which one of our camera actually use writes in one of his great books. He says that every person must he goes to the university must go but he must go with certain conditions. He doesn't say don't go, he says go with certain conditions. One of the conditions is

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you must keep the Ilocos de he must keep a relationship with Allah ma. He must keep that someone recently told me that one of our scholars who comes to South Africa many times he used to come here as pastor artifacts of Rahmatullah Lee, he purchased a land next to the university. So someone said why are you purchasing the land next to the university, he said, I want to keep the look with university students

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today must know that while they are studying, they must keep close to be they must keep close. So whatever we do in our Sharia, there is an objective of knowledge.

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The objective of knowledge, whether it be dealing knowledge people just when they see these types of knowledge, they just refer to it as maybe contemporary knowledge that the objective is to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala.

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So Allah Tala in the Holy Quran has made mention I showed in the beginning of the talk, he cracked this mirror. And I didn't only say we read in the Name of Allah,

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that knowledge must take you closer towards Allah. What is the use of that knowledge of takes you away from Almighty Allah? And you do a PhD? And then you come in you as the person who created the universe, you say, I don't know. I'm an agnostic. That better than you your PhD is a five year old Muslim child who has to ask Him who created the universe, the universe? Even if he's six years of age, he know that answer. So we are supposed to be why we learn all that we are supposed to print our knowledge. It's a means towards an objective. Allah in the Holy Quran says yeah, the moon is a mineral hieratic dunya we're human.

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There are many people who know a lot about the material things, but about accurate,

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what is the use?

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Condemned some people while you do all of your knowledge, the knowledge is supposed to bring you closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is some even with regard to dealing knowledge. We all know the famous Hadith that maybe a cream sauce Solomon said three types of people Allah will call first on the day of Tiamat. First will be Shahid on will be an alum on will be a generous person. Allah will ask them, What did you do? And Shahid will say I gave my life in the

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Part of Almighty Allah. So Allah will say I propagated this. And I had knowledge and I propagated my knowledge. The generous person who will say I gave her, I gave charity, Allah will said you didn't do it for the sake of Allah. You did it and you get the name and famous. People must call you brave. As a Shaheed people must call you, you know, very knowledgeable in terms of an argument. And people must call you very generous in terms of being someone who gave charity, but you didn't do it for the sake of Allah, therefore going to Jana, so any type of knowledge we earn, the objective is to come closer towards Almighty Allah. Hence, one of the other objectives of knowledge is knowledge, because

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of its very great situation will make you humble.

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Not a humbly will make you humble. So you can be unafraid also, you can be humble you also. But what I'm trying to say is knowledge will make you

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a person who becomes arrogant and proud because of his knowledge. He has an acquired knowledge. Imam Malik, Rama, Kalani, and let me conclude with this. Someone came from North Africa to Medina Sheree, to come and ask them Multicraft actually, while he was in Medina, no questions. So we asked him certain questions my mother thought and thought and he said, I don't know the answer. So the person said, What are you What am I going to tell you my village say, send me all the way to come and learn deen and get the answers to these questions from Imam Malik, you know, the Imam of Ghana. And what I'm going to tell them, you say go and tell them Imam Malik doesn't know the answer.

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It doesn't know the answer. This is the WHA hoo that comes with knowledge. So, in short and in conclusion, we made mention with regard to the first the first hire the importance of knowledge, the level early for either to another career Muslim acquiring of knowledge is for us what is for us, I explained to you and then I made mentioned with regard to the importance of knowledge, the statement with Mr. Hasson Busey Rahmatullah, the land made mention of some of the incidents with regard to people how they, when when acquire knowledge, young and old, I gave you certain examples, I spoke about contemporary knowledge. What is the Islamic ruling with regard to it? I told you what our

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Islamic history had been with regard to being at the forefront of all branches and all types of knowledge today we are behind. And because of that, we are prejudice that I made mentioned with regard to the objective of knowledge. He was a topic of making homage to that one

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