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Some work but as what a killer just hold on. So the koala with him. My dear respected all Mr elders and brothers.

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We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanaw taala who has granted us a dean that he has chosen for us.

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And we believe in the finality and the supremacy of the deen in Medina in Allah in Islam. We censor rotations upon our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through whom we have received Allah subhanho wa Taala as blessings in Allah Tala as Revelation, and we send the root upon our beloved via cream sauce. Perhaps we request each and every one to read the root upon our beloved Nivea cream sauce Malama scileanna season our interview now Modena, Mahamadou, a very

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respected elders and brothers, we are all aware of the situation. And while I was sitting here and thinking that what should I speak about, because there were so many thoughts that were coming into my mind and Chris up so beautifully recited those passages, about Philistine about Palestine. And I thought that I will start off by giving some history and bring it up to the present time, because really, we are living in an age where our attention is very, very short. We don't we don't have time to read. Today, our entire existence of reading nowadays is to read 140 characters in Twitter or to read social media posts. We don't do any intense reading with regard to the history with regard to

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understanding our situation. We don't know with regard to if someone were to ask us amongst non Muslims. What is a fight about? Why are you reporting we've been oppressed? Why? Why did this happen? By and large, many of us won't be able to answer this is a very sad indictment with regard to our situation. So we'll try to attempt to look at some of the issues that are there, some of the history and bring that history from the time of the beginning of humankind, right up to the present time in shallow resists. And we will try and do it Inshallah, before the Isha has done in shallow does it but then we'll start off by saying that we know Mercury oxide is surrounding his blessings.

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In the verse that I have recited and that Allah says material axillary, Baraka hollow, mercury, AXA and the surroundings of which we have blessed. Now what is what is the surroundings? Now normally we say are the Shang and in the books of Hadith there are special

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virtues attached to or the sham the land of Sham, as Mara made mention of some of the very beautiful a hadith relating to the blessedness of Shang in one Hadith Maria Kareem Salah Salem one day to the Companions, that Do you know what is or the sham?

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For the sake of the Sahaba said Yara Sula. What are you referring to is anything special about the land of Sham anemia cream sauce Lim said I saw the angels of Allah subhanho wa Taala spreading the wings of Mercy over the land of shell and Abdullah live near buzzworthy allowed me to say that regard to our there is not a spin of magic AXA in which a Nebby of Allah or America or an angel of Allah did not worship upon there is not a spin. And now when you see what what is what is the lead what is the blessedness so in the cases where Hadith and the via Karim sauce limited, Allah has blessed between ERATION Quran now if you look at ambition today, we normally when we call Sham, we

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translated loosely as Syria. Then when you talk about Syria, then we immediately default COMM The the country of Syria which was not the actual or the sham, the current country of Sham, the country of Syria as we know it today is a nation state was carved out by Satan besides and people but that is not the ambition that Allah Tala and the director himself said I'm talking about it with blessing. The other sham that Allah Tala talked about it being blessed. It includes fair Palestine includes part of what is today presently Syria include parts of Jordan, parts of Lebanon and even parts of Turkey. Therefore, in a hadith, a reoccurring source from said Allah has made blessing the

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land from Arish, right up till the river you freed us. Many years ago, we went to Gaza for humanitarian mission. So we stopped the last stop that we did before we came to the famous river crossing which we hear from time to time in the news. The last stop in Egypt before you came to the Rafah crossing was Irish in Egypt. Right so that is where Nebia Karim saw some said the blessedness of it starts right up till certain portions of Iraq. So all of that is blessing. Now you

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Algeria Aqsa and Sarada Medina puts itself we know from the Hadith that maybe a Khadeem saw slum and said the second Masjid that was established on this earth, who said of the failure of the ultra asna be a cream sauce from as mentioned in the Muslim era salah, which was the first Masjid maybe saw some set materia haram in our bakery will be alumnus Linda de Baca double Baraka, Houda lil Alamy and this this think about one question about that. That ayat, Allah says the first Masjid establishing this earth is in Makkah

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Mubaraka hudl Alamy it is a means of a diet for the entire mankind in the means of blessedness. Now all our massages, we try to bring it in line with the original Masjid of ours, which is materia haram. What Allah Tala says about our Mudgett materia haram it is a means of blessings for the entire Earth. I always tell people is our budget a means of blessings for the places where we are staying.

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Is our masajid a pray means of blessing for the people we are staying. And Allah didn't say it's a blessing for the night of the Muslims. What did Allah Allah says in the photo para Booba rockin rollin

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our budget is supposed to be blessed for the entire humanity is our budgets blessings for the non Muslims in our area. And if it is not, we are not fulfilling the objective of what Allah Tala has created the budget era because I'm not taking something from my own pocket. I'm giving you a head Ayat of Allah Tada that Majidi haram was not only a Hidayat for mankind, it was a blessing for the entire humanity. Our massages are supposed to be blessings not only for Muslims, but for non Muslims. But today we don't have any inclination towards that type of bringing people towards Islam. Anyway that's a matter that it is by the way brought in because so Allah Allah says the first magic

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established in this earth is Majidi haram. Then abusers a funny said jasola Then what material Aqsa and maybe a cream sauce from said what was the span between the 240 years? So 40 years between Mogera Haram in Nigeria AXA, now Majid AXA, is the lead and The Merchant of the unbelievable salat wa salam. We are all Allah Tala in the Holy Quran. In the 22nd supera. Allah Tala meets mentioned Philomath Avena Holly Hill both Marta Lohana Moti Illa. De but will arbiter coolamon SATA has actually manually salat wa salam made and establish the foundation of Majidi AXA and when he made the material AXA, he made three Dwars which is made mentioned in Jamul Tirmidhi that he said Yeah,

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yeah Allah give me wisdom. So Allah Tala granted truly manually so that was wisdom for him now has Philemon why are they no more Emma? We granted him great amount of, you know, intellect and we granted him wisdom. Then Allah subhanaw taala granted him that accepted his dua, the second dua he made proper filthy will happily Mukalla Maria had him in body of Allah give me such a kingdom that we have never granted anyone such a kingdom. Currently such a kingdom that we have never granted anyone's evolutionary manner we have Wu Xiao Hua Hua Hua Xiang wa sallahu wa Meenal, Ginnie Mae Yama lubaina Your day he begins in Arabic, Allah subhanho wa Taala says We granted him that he had the

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winds under his control. So he could do in a short period of time through the means of winds that he had in control, he could travel the distance of a month in a short period of time. And this is Allah Tala has made mentioned and Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him the authority over the genetic so the genetic Allah subhanaw taala granted him authority over the genetics. Now of course we all know Janata certain types of, you know, situations in creation that are very, very great and very, very big.

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And that Allah has created angels to protect us from the minute I'm going to talk about the Ginna don't get frightened whether Allah Tala is granted the angel and that Allah says Allah who walked the bathroom immediately, for me the Calfee persona when amarilla Allah in front of you and behind you if created angels to protect you from fitna and one of the ways that did not get to you is you don't make dua when you go to the toilet.

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Many times people say the dinar came into us what are the greatest ways that the dinar comes into you because did not want to the dinar do they go to places of faith and therefore the DUA that we are supposed to read before we go into the bathroom in the toilet Allah Almighty Allah will become and oversee will have if we don't read these types of doors and we went difficulty comes upon us. Then we complain we

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Go to the Allah when Allah Tala has shown us ways to protect ourselves from Jana.

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So nevertheless, Allah Allah has granted him. So when then the third dua he made

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and it is said that the way the first to do as we accepted, the third dua will also be accepted. Instead of Allah whoever comes to this Masjid who will love forgive his sins? So it is said whoever comes to this material say inshallah Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you said, we must make this effort to go there, because not only is it a means of blessedness Moraga made mention of one of the hadith of Miriam rimonabant, he said, but together with it, it is also a means of encouragement for the people of the land, you know, they get very, very happy. So it is something that we have to look at so so liberally salat wa salam. And of course Allah Allah says that truly morally salat wa salam

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build the masjid and the generic we're building the masjid under the authority of Soleimani salat wa salam. And Janata rebellious by an Raj rebellious Suleimani. salat wa salam, Allah Tala told him that your time of death is come. So it will Allah Allah, if I'm going to go now, the Jeanette will not complete the Masjid.

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They are presently our our workers today if the boss is not there, then we all know what happens. So today there is this whole particular situation so they easily manually set wassalam also said

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if I go with the Ginetta not going to complete it. So Allah subhanaw taala What did he tell him? Allah told him put your, your chin onto your walkingstick right. And when they look at you, when you're walking stick, they will think that you are alive, they will continue the building and construction of material. And he continued until that until in that particular way, until a certain time when he was you know he passed on and the burden came upon the stick or the ends of the stick, whatever it is when that felt so the Mona Lisa to a Salam fell. And in that particular way they they came to know that Soleimani salat wa salam had passed away earlier and we had done the construction

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of mastery XL because of the fear that Soleimani salat wa salam were the authority over us was still alive. So Allah makes mention of that incident in the Holy Quran. With regard to the contrast Quran Majid AXA, then of course Nigeria, AXA is a place of the unbelivable Salatu was Salam.

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And I always made mention of it earlier in the in the Juma that we are the true heirs of the unbelievable salat wa salam. Never ever think that Musa li salat wa salam is the profit of the Jews or Israelis salat wa salam is the profit of the Christians. No, we are the true heirs of the teachings of all the Amelia masala to Islam. The Quran has given us the true teachings of the unbeliever salat wa salam. Allah Allah says that this particular Christian who had said that the Salish salat wa salam and attributed divinity to him, Allah Tala ahead in the Holy Quran, Allah Tala in several places. Allah subhanho wa Taala have refuted that claim for call Ophelia who rose for

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call it in the Surah Al mercy.

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Abdullah Danica Colombe of ye. They say thi those things with a tongue when it is not truth in it. Allah says Makana Ibrahim who yahoodi when others Rania Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam was not a Jew or not a Christian. He was Black In Ghana honey for Muslim man. The Bible attributes black magic to Salam Anneliese salat wa salam. Allah Tala refuted it and said Wanaka for us Philemon Salam Annalee salat wa salam did not do bed Blackmagic he did not come at Cooper. So this is a land of the NVRAM wa Salatu was Salam. As I said Abdullah in your past there is not a spin in this particular blend. In this place, where it was not the Amelia who salat wa salam did not go into Syria as easy as a

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chapel as is David Abdullah Lacey's as a sphere of the Allahu Tirana, the wife of Libya, Kareem salsa went to Nigeria Aqsa after Nivea cream sauces passing away, she stood on the Mount of Olive, and she said this is a place where as an easily salat wa salam was taken up by Allah subhanho wa taala. This is a lead which saw the struggles and the sacrifice and the Ibaadat and the doubt of the Gambia animal salat wa salam Hazzard Zachary Ali salatu salam was given the glad tidings of a child in old age.

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Writing the whole age here in this material has revived Malaysia to a Salam was given the glad tidings of you know, his children to be born to him, even in old age in material, as it is Sally salat wa salam cave, and it is well known. Even the Bible makes mention with regard to Italian salat wa salam came into Jerusalem, he saw the moneylenders, he saw the people who are charging interest and he came to rebuke them.

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And he said that this is what you do. You come into this blessed land, and you come in

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This message must just and you take interest from the people and it is so surprising that the people who follow Him they are the people who are in the forefront with regard to interest. But you Sally salat wa salam spoke about and against interest. And of course we are the people who came to, to follow easily salat wa salam

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teachings with regard to stay away from interest. Therefore I'm saying we are the two heirs of Oldenburg.

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Nevertheless, if I go in that particular direction, I will go and speaking to a great, great amount of time, this is the land of the ambiance.

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And we are the ones who are the end of course, they after a time came, they were various stages, but Israel were the people who were stationed in Nigeria. And Allah Tala says yeah, Bani Israel was Karuna materiality and unto Aliko. Remember Allah Tala has favours upon you, when Allah Tala granted to superiority is no doubt that but he is Raheel were the ones who will the chosen people of Allah Tala in a time of the MBR Musella to Assam. But what they did was, they did not fulfill the responsibility that came with the privilege of being the best of people. And may Allah forbid that you must also do the same. And let the law says come to her own material project leanness, you are

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the best of people, but when you do not fulfill the responsibility that comes with being the best of people, and Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, then puts you through test. Nevertheless, they were the ones who were there and they were various stages for them. One of the stages came a time came when they disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, when they disobeyed Allah tell us is what Kadena 11 in Israel a filthy tell the truth sildenafil of the Marathi because of your corruption because of your sin because of your oppression because of your injustice because of your disobeying Allah subhanaw taala I will destroy by material twice. One of them came in the

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form of booked another and in English is known as Nebuchadnezzar. 586 years before he sadly salat wa salam. He came in he destroyed muscaria Aqsa, the tough Syrian war Kadena Illa Bani Israel Phil Kitab Latif sildenafil the marathon while Aluna all Aveda, Zhaohua Duma, but as an alchemy madeleina We sent one of our bondsman only Barsoum Chedid. He was very strong. Why does Allah Allah call a ruler like Nebuchadnezzar would punish the Bani Israel as my servant? Because he was a means of bringing Allah's punishment and ALLAH Tala has decision upon the Bani Israel because of the rebellious pneus. Only Bassam Jennifer Josue Calella deal, he entered into the inner recesses of

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your homes and he killed your women and he killed your children. And he killed 1000s of people. Then the Bani Israel under Daniella Lee salatu salam, they regrouped they became very pious, and they regroup Allah Tala granted them baraka and blessings. Keep in mind, wherever you will see the history of generosity outside Jerusalem, it is always time when there was obedience, the people of Jerusalem, the people of righteousness, they enjoy peace and prosperity when they were disobedient, Allah subhanaw taala took them to task. This is the history of the entire history of material that Allah Tala says that another type of challenge came upon them. One did not want to join in NASA were

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afraid that I would ask them. Now this is something that is very interesting that Allah Tala says when the second promise comes our buffer serene from our part of the world, they normally when they translate this verse, they say, the second type of trial that came upon the people of material came 70 years before you know 70 years or between the salaries that was our beloved the reoccurring source, that they say that time he also came in, he did the same thing which Nebuchadnezzar came and he destroyed Majid Aqsa and he put horses into Nigeria, he made it into a stable. So this is what is meant, although in a year from the Adam Alma, they say that the second punishment that will come

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upon material according to them, they put it into a come upon the present rulers and the present oppresses Allah Allah knows with regard to the interpretation, but Allah Tala has made mentioned that two times there will be people who will come and and give punishment to the people of who are in authority in alcohol. Nevertheless, that is one part of it. Now we come to our beloved Nebia Kareem saw circumstance. When our beloved maybe acronym SOS Rammstein came, he showed us the blessedness of Majid Aqsa, the first Kibler, he made mention that monomer made mention of the Hadith that whoever reads monomers in selected materia Aqsa 1000 times more than the salad that we read in

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this and in our local massager, the via Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam was the one who made mention with regard to the blessedness of material pizza, and its surroundings. Now when our beloved maybe a cream sauce, made mention of its blesseds progressiveness. See

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Italy there was a desire within the Sahaba Ikram lead one, hula Heaton was married to conquer Majid xi. And this came through in the time of Italy salatu salam. Before that let me make mention of one important point. Now the linkage between Nigeria Haram in Nigeria TSA between the navy of Allah Tala from Bani Israel, and from Bonita smile has it more than a three standard Rahmatullah in his book sera Mustafa, which has been so well, you know, translated into English, if we ever want to hear and read the most beautiful, you know, see Rathnam Yeah, cream sauce from today, this Syrah in this

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biography of Nebia. Karim Sossaman, the life of the vehicle himself, Slim is so beautifully presented in English, then it was first in three more volumes. People don't read the contents in into one volume. And then also people don't read.

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So what do we do with regard to it? So in this image mention of a very amazing, very amazing incident. He say, an island and a scholar from the Bani Israel came to McIver Kurama came to macabre Kurama on the morning in which the VA crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam was born. Now listen to this, I'm drawing the link now between the time of Bani Israel in the vehicle himself. He came and when he came there his as the people of Makkah, tell me, was there a child that was born on this particular night? They said, yes, they took him to one particular house. He says the father alive. He said, The father is alive. You say no, I don't want that particular child. I want a child that was born in

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Makkah. The father is not alive. They brought him to the house of Amina, the mother of our beloved near Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked, is the father alive? He said, No, the father is not alive. He says, Show me the child. I want to see the child. He went to go and see the child. The first thing he did was to see between the two shoulder blades, the seal of the last prophet of Allah subhanho wa taala. The Seal of Prophethood was in the form of a raised flesh between the two shoulder blades of Nivea cream sauce. He saw this he came out of the house screaming when you look up at ESA in destruction be you're not Bani Israel for us to mean Hi yah Masha, reparation and

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congratulation be upon you all people have courage, the courage you know what I mean? Ha. Allah is taken never walk away from Belize. Right? And that Allah has given the word to Bani Israel and to the courage

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who himself Salam was from You see, a primary salat wa salam had two children, as it is morally salat wa salam N has it exactly. salat wa salam from the progeny of his aqualisa to a salaam, other Jews from the progeny of Israel the listener to Islam has the Arabs therefore, you find people talking about in the in the in the media that these two people are cousins the Arabs and Jews are cousin Yes, they are cousins. But do you know what actually happens today nowadays you will see many times in the media and from Jewish type of sources are the other bill Alia do Billa Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam union with hijab which gave rise to this militia to Salem. And the other bill

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earlier the bill that was was not corrected was illegitimate.

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So that is how they present the situation. That is why I say we are the two A's of the MBA Mr. Posada. So when we have cream sauce, Anna made mention of this, the Sahaba Crombie one who

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are very desirous that we must be the people who will take that land of Palestine, the land of the unbelievable salatu salam. Now, when the Sahaba cram in the time of humara, Viola eternal went to Jerusalem, they conquered the surrounding places and they came to Machu the Aqsa and Jerusalem and they lay siege to material.

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So, when they laid siege to Nigeria AXA,

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that time the Christians under the ruler, you know, the Christian

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priest was so so France, he they were quite well fortified. So they fortify themselves in the city of el coche. But of course, after a certain amount of time, we found it difficult. So they started negotiations with the Muslims. They said we are prepared to give you Majid Aqsa, because in our scriptures, it is mentioned that Majid Aqsa will the last prophets, companions will come to material and they will surround and they will conquer and they will win over material we want to see, we want to see your ruler, because your rulers name your rulers appearance is made mentioned in our books. It is mentioned in our books. So, that time the Sahaba Vikram obey died Nigeria they said He is the

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ruler. He was not the ruler of the Muslims. He was the gender of the Muslim army in that particular region. He said what his name obeyed I said no that is not the name that that matches the name which is in our scriptures.

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So they said and even his appearance is not the same. So I will be diving in Jarrod was very very wise. So he said you know

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So let me let me start thinking what are they doing? So he bought Halloween will never be allowed to Halloween will never be allowed to look was very, very similar in appearance to the O'Meara Villalta No, they looked at Halloween holiday and said no, the appearance matters what is written in our books, but what is his name College? Sorry, the name doesn't match. So a way David just said what is a name? He said Omarosa, a woman is our is our is our ruler. He said, Let him come we will match his appearance with what is in our books, and if it is safe, we will give over the keys of Majid, etc. So, Amara, the Allahu Turon, who started coming. He came as it were who Vedado tomorrow? This is a

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situation. So, tomorrow, the Allahu, that I'm made, matura, Alere, the Allahu Allah was the one who said, Omar, go there, go and take the keys. It is just appropriate that you are the ruler you will take the keys and it will save bloodshed and we will get them over and city without any blockchain. What are the ultimate left? Now you must be thinking that tomorrow the ultra who has set out of Medina when to go and get the keys of Nigeria? What What a great retinue was what a great delegation He must have gone. No great delegation, one person within 11171 slave and one, one camera. They used to take turns in dry in writing. Humala Villa sometimes and then the seventh is obtained until they

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came to a place called Java. Java where where the Sahaba Ikram with one light damage machine we're waiting for O'Meara the Allah Who Toronto and then who would only allow Thomas for him, what are the ultimate cause became very angry to cause Tony, he did in a direction because they, you know, Sham was that particular place of civilization. So in that particular time when they saw He saw them that they were wearing fine clothes, good clothes, and they had changed the way from the simplicity that was prevalent in Medina, he became angry. So the Sahaba said, what do we do? We are living in such a time we are living in such a place, we have to adopt this type of means because this is what

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everyone is doing. It has not changed our heart. Tomorrow the lotto said okay, if you are saying so I accepted. It was also a job here, where the famous incident took place, when as a beloved the Allah whatever was there, he was also waiting for Omen, and the time came for Salah. And Omar told Bilal who will give the Hassan and because I have not, I have taken an oath that I will not give the Assad after maybe a cream sauce. And one of the reasons was whenever I read a shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah previously when I used to make him a weak as I'm and as you say, I said why Muhammad was I used to feel in my heart that maybe a cream sauce to him is now going to come out and I will seem

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to be a cream sauce. After that if I have to keep us out after the time of nebbia cream sauce. I couldn't I cannot bear it anymore. But of course when he insisted he said Homer because of your insistent I will make the Azad when he made the Azhar all the Sahaba crab who were they were crying like babies, because they were thinking of the time of our beloved via creamy sauce. While they were in Javea the people of the Christians came and they came and said What will you do with us if we give you the keys? So Mara the Allahu Allah said, we will allow you to worship we will allow you to keep your churches we will not destroy your churches and we will give you security of your life.

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We will give you security of your life. And the next day when they came they were sitting while model he allowed to know what's coming. They were sitting with his Scriptures to see oh my god Allah will travel I read in one Kitab in one book that O'Meara Viola with Ron who you know first of all, he was supposed to come and they gave him a horse. So when they gave him the horse, you know they said no you can go in a camel camel riding in a cabin is like you know not according to the status of the people. We have to go out of convenience it is a covenant to the to the to the occasion. So you have to go with with a mule or with a horse, you can go with a camera. And O'Meara Dorado said

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okay, let me take the horse. When he came in, he took the horse that horse, horses the horse, it showed a certain degree of you know, arrogance, and it started jumping up and down on one side and leave the horse give me that my my camera and they put some beautiful clothes upon humara the alotta No, he said take this particular clothes and all this progress we have given me which is a very smart type of clothes, give me back my own particular type of Kota. So and he said a very amazing thing that look almost as an Allah who will Islam we are a nation that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you know is that in respect with Islam, Allah didn't give us respect with conveyances our respect is

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not by the type of truth we will have the wrong in when includes in Allah Jamila Abu Jamal, the via Kareem salsa as jasola Is it okay to wear good clothes? Is it pride? No in Allah Jamil Allah is beautiful, Allah loves beauty. As long as that good clothes doesn't make you feel better than other people and give you pride, then it becomes wrong. So what are the autoset we are a nation and Atala is given is that with Islam, so Omar are the ultra when he took the key and then a famous incident took place. He was at a particular time place with sufferance.

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Then at that particular time, it was time for Salatin to Farmer stolen, come into the church and go and read on Amazon and almost said no, I will not read my Muslim. Because if I read it here, afterwards people will say, Omar read namaz in the church. And therefore we have to take the church and make it into a masjid. I don't want that. I don't want that a church is yours you remain in it, we might not agree with regard to what your ways of, of worshipping is. But we as Muslims, we will not destroy your church's brothers, I always tell people that remember this, it is something that is a lesson of history. When you are strong, you are tolerant.

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When Muslims were strong, they were tolerant. They could tell a Christian that keep your church, keep your ways of worship, it won't make an impact upon our iman. And when you are we will become intolerant. Today we are intolerant we can even take the view of another element. One element two alums can can't get along because they are fighting. To me it's it's it's a lesson of history, that your intolerance is because you are weak.

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And when you are strong, you are tolerant, you could be able to say well, go ahead, do your worshiping, he will make it better for us. Because we are weak, we are intolerant. And just look at the intolerance, especially in South Africa. And people feel proud about it. In reality, it is a manifestation of weakness. It's not something to be proud about. So, this is the eternal and that is happening. So over the last from that particular time, Muslims are always in control of material and they did the right thing because you see, we are the right custodians of metadata. Why? Why are we the right custodians of material? Because every prophet that came to material itself, we are the

00:31:48--> 00:32:25

ones who revere such a profit. So we really are the primary Salam mousseline Salat, wa salam mysoline salat wa salam, the reoccurring sauces. It is not true for any other religious group that Christians do not reveal the via creams are allowed Islam although maybe a cream sauce Salam came and maybe a Kareem Salah listen and read the Salat in mirage. The Jews they don't review easily salat wa salam. Up till recently, the Christians and Jews used to fight because the Christians used to call them that they are the killers of Christ. So that is a different matter with regard to it. So we are the only ones that every respectable prophet that came, we show respect to him. If you

00:32:25--> 00:32:49

don't regard him as a newbie, you are not you are not a Muslim. One of the Allahu Taran, who and one of the reasons of our alumni have said that nivia Kareem saw Salam came from Masjid Al haram to materia Aqsa and let the prayers and the Imam and made him Ahmed of the Amelia who salat wa salam in Majid Aqsa was to show amongst many other reasons that Allah Tala has transferred Naboo word for money, he's trying to convince me

00:32:51--> 00:33:35

now from the time that Muslims were in till the time came, the Crusaders came into 1099 The Crusaders when they came, they came in they destroyed you know, they completely destroyed much of the Aqsa when they came, they completely destroyed much of the Aqsa they came in and they killed 1000s of people. They were like barbarians, something similar to what is happening today. complete disregard of human life, they even burn. They even burn Jews in the synagogues, burnt alive. And they kill so much so much when they came into Jerusalem. The blood of human beings were up to the knees of the horses of the Crusaders when they went into Nigeria.

00:33:36--> 00:34:00

So, you know, we sometimes think that you know, there hasn't been worse times in our history from 1099 of the common area, till level 187 There was not one solid performing material. Material AXA was turned into stables, and it was desecrated. And thereafter they say cometh the hour cometh the men, Allah Tala Cletus Salah Adina

00:34:01--> 00:34:06

Salah will dinner up Rahul Ali brought the people together. Many times people don't know the history of sellout.

00:34:07--> 00:34:52

sellout. Dean was an amazing human being. He was a foodie, he came from Europe. You know, one of the first things that I would bring up regularly did when he said that I'm going to I'm going to conquer machu the Aqsa, I'm going to conquer Majid Aqsa and bring Masjid AXA back under Muslim rule. So when he said that he made all the effort with regard to it. So Muslims were even at that time you see our when Monica made mention of the Hadith, that even if you can go there, some olive oil to be burned it that means our aloofness all the time be with Majid Aqsa. So even at that time when the Muslims were not in control neuroticism gear, Abdullah Ali made a specific cedar member made of cedar wood,

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

which is a very expensive wood and it is, you know, indigenous to Lebanon etc. And he said the day we conquer Marciniak support

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

that number in Nigeria is the remaining material access until it was burned by the Zionist in 1969. So that particular member was made. So we still had that tallow set out in a UB Rahmatullah. What he did was the first thing he did. And I told someone I've made mentioned with regard to it early on Friday. He, he for 10 years before he fought the Crusaders. He moved, he made the Muslims one united. He said, I'm not going to fight until the Muslims are not united. So they were four major cities, the time of the Muslims, Mosul, in northern Iraq. And it lived, Damascus entitled, he brought all the four rules and said until you are not with me, I'm not going to I'm not going to

00:35:43--> 00:36:24

fight with the Crusaders. So I always tell people until we are not united Allah as a systems will not come upon us a lot more than I used to sub Rahmatullah. They said, even if you are your nemesis rich, and you read the 100 numbers, until you are not united under that as a system will not come upon you. I don't know why. Sometimes when we make mention of the means of gaining a metal as assistance and the solutions when we talk about Ibaadat when we talk about dua, why don't we make mention of this, that Salah Adina up rang Talalay said until Muslims are not united, I'm not going to conquer material. Then Allah subhanaw taala gave him and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the,

00:36:24--> 00:37:03

you know, amazing foresight, amazing courage, amazing justice. Allah subhanho wa Taala then brought Majid accept that into the rule of the Muslims 1187 He brought everyone together and then he you know, amazingly we talked about Saladino up Rahmatullah Lee, they said, he never ever must chama salah, especially Serato. Gemma, he always had an imam who was with him all the time, that whenever the time was allotted, you read Sulaco Java, and I made mention of an incident in the time of Joomla it is something I heard from one of our alumni, he came to South Africa many years ago. Let me relate it again, to tell you how sallahu, Deena up used to make dua at the time of one of the most

00:37:03--> 00:37:49

crucial battles, which I think it was a battle of 18, between the Crusaders and the Muslims, the the army was very, very, you know, was, you know, very, very closely matched. And it is something that we you need to understand, Islam doesn't tell you that you must go and fight, you know, in such a way that you put yourself in such a manner that, you know, you you don't look into making proper arrangements, you don't make proper ASVAB every battle of near term sources of he made us Bob Saladino when they went into the budget at such a time because the battle was very evenly poised. And the news came that a flotilla of ships have left Europe to come and join the war. And he was

00:37:49--> 00:38:25

worried that if they come, it will tilt the balance in favor of the Crusaders. So he went and then he made dua the whole night. Oh Allah help the Muslim Delta Muslim and he came out of the masjid after further he saw a pious person and he asked him and he said, you know, make dua that Allah subhanaw taala change and Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, briefer to the situation and he outlined the situation to him, and the pious person looked at him and said, Sarah was Dean your tears of the night have some blue chips the DUA they committed night it is Samuel shops, and immediately happened the way it was after a few days. You know, this happened. So Saladino Uberaba, Tulalip.

00:38:27--> 00:39:05

Read took Missouri AXA sellout in a UB was known for his justice, even up today, up to this day, Western writers when they talk about chivalry, and they talk about justice, and they talk about people who are true to the word, they speak about salah who did not call him Saturday, right? So they also make mention with regard to it, that Such was his path, justice. Such was his tolerance. Such was his fair play. This week, you know, many people have written books about it. Rider Haggard has written a whole book on Santa Fe, a Western novelist, he spoke about the justice of the greatness of slavery. There was one type of exception, that sallahu deal made with regard to his

00:39:06--> 00:39:49

dealing with a captors and dealing with them because he freed all of them. Even cibilia, the queen of Jerusalem, when an agreement was reached, they must give certain amount of ransom and then they must leave Jerusalem with whatever they can take, and they will not be harmed. She didn't have enough money to pay a ransom Salah would be paid her ransom on her behalf ago. This was set out in a UB but there was one exception he made. And that particular exception was about reginal who came from Kerak not correct child. So correct is a place in Jordan. So this particular person when Muslim Hodges we're going to Makkah, he he caught a group of Muslim Hodges and when he was executing them,

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

he said, Go and call your mama to help you can call your mama to help you. So this was the one exception that sallahu Dean made in terms of teaching a cat

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

Troops. When he met Reginald. They were all other leaders were there. He said, I will show you all mercy, but this person I will not show mercy. And when he took out his sword to execute him, he said an amazing thing which is in the books of history said, Muhammad has come to the rescue. You said Go and call Mohammed to help you here is promise alter Islam, and he killed him and executed him. So this was sallahu. Deena up

00:40:26--> 00:40:46

and said I would you know, you were able to rally. You know, I always tell people that sell out and we say he was pious, but Salatin a up when he was fighting, he made such meticulous preparation. They said in the time when he was preparing the time we used to fight with cameras, they used to be 700 cameras laden with arrows

00:40:47--> 00:41:09

in the battlefield, that anytime when a Muslim needed, they don't have to go anywhere. The arrows are on the, on the battlefield. Now, I asked you the question, you see, we like to sometimes look at things very simplistically, where are the Muslims with regard to armaments today? You take armaments from your enemy, and you expect that one day you're going to fight against them.

00:41:10--> 00:41:24

You got no armaments, you have your own. You don't even have a finite agenda to ever be able to hold 54 Islamic States ways ways is going to come that you're going to get victory. Victory comes with both things as Val and dua.

00:41:25--> 00:41:57

And if you forsake as well, then how are you going to be able to gain victory sallahu Tina, UB God is victory because his preparation was meticulous. He was the first person who created that particular type of catapults that were catapulted. And he got fame in a particular source which maybe some people might be knowing with regard to. So, this is Salah, who did up Rama Telerik they after Muslims remaining their right till 1980 Muslims in various particular type of guises were always in control of Majid Aqsa

00:41:58--> 00:42:41

and in 1980 when the Muslims in the world war finished, that's the time when the British took over, took over Palestine. They were given the mandate of Palestine although multiaccess still remain under Jordan control. In between in 1517, Sudan Salim took over material acts up from the 40 minutes the Mamelukes. The movement looks where she has ruled over Egypt in Nigeria acts as a tank. Initially they started off well and after they became oppressive, and thereafter when the Ottomans came, the Ottomans, Sultan Salim was the one who first came and conquered material except from the, from the so called Muslim psycho thing, right? So it was still under Muslim control. He took it from

00:42:41--> 00:43:20

the mob looks. The Christians one day they came when he came into Majid Aqsa, they showed him the the, the agreement that Omar the Allahu Tran who had given them had given them the the agreement, that we will give you freedom to rule your churches and put you know, to to run your churches and to and to be able to worship and you will not harm you will not kill you. So Tom Selim took that particular he looked at an agreement, he put it upon his eyes and he cried. And he said, the commitment of OMA commitment of whomever you allow through Sudan Salim will not go against the commitment that tomorrow the ultimate debut. And Muslim still gave them that particular type of

00:43:20--> 00:43:30

right, in 1918. You know, they were they took over Palestine at that particular time, when John lamb came into Jerusalem, he said, The Crusaders have returned.

00:43:32--> 00:44:09

This is our situation and our weakness, and it remained up till 1967, of course, then the NACA took place. And of course, it just very briefly again, then after the World War Two when the Jews had been killed, and they have been oppressed by by Hitler, normally, I tell people, brothers, Muslims didn't have nothing to do with what Hitler and they had nothing to do with regard to the killing of the Jews by Hitler. We were not responsible for it, and neither should we take responsibility, and live in a public platform should we show happiness with regard to when we don't show happiness with regard to it? It just puts you on the backfoot and is against our way of our war. We've never done

00:44:09--> 00:44:51

that in our world, our Islamic ethics with regard towards far more greater than that. So we don't take responsibility, and neither do we show any happiness don't show happiness with regard to it. Anyway, back to the sad part is that the European Jews had killed the Europeans have killed the Jews, and we as Muslims were made to suffer the consequences of the guilt of the Europeans. So they started bringing, you know, Jews into Palestine. So when they started bringing Jews into Palestine, from 1933, they started bringing Jews into Palestine. And it will be surprising to you and maybe you might have read it when we were talking about the centenary of the janitor Alama South Africa in

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

1936 1936 37. The Obama of the Jimmy Dore Halima transwell, the Jimmy Alama you

00:45:00--> 00:45:54

wrote a telegram, to the League of Nations and to the rulers of all the Muslim countries, that the migration of Jews into Palestine can cause a major catastrophe to the indigenous Muslims of Jerusalem and Palestine. Please sit with that you deal with this matter, the alumna of this country, warn the people with regard to the migration SubhanAllah. And although there was great amount of encouragement of migration of Jews from Europe, into Palestine, in 1947, when the Israeli situation was brought up, Jews were only 33% of the population, and they only own 6.5% of the land. And they were given by United Nations resolution 54%, of historical Palestine. Right now, that also is also

00:45:54--> 00:46:33

something that you have to know the history that normally the United Nation works in such a way that General Assembly's resolutions are not binding upon member states, only the Security Council resolutions are binding. And the Security Council is 15% 15 countries, five of which are permanent, we have veto powers. This particular resolution, the resolution of forming Israel even went against United Nations resolution, because it was not the resolution of the Security Council. It was a resolution of the General Assembly. And then also the General Assembly, the poor countries were, you know, they were bribed. And they were coerced. And they were intimidated to vote in favor of that,

00:46:33--> 00:47:15

although this was a situation and I will you know, they initially Theodor Herzl, he could have brought up this whole aspect with regard to time is very helpful. Now can I got another 1015 minutes? So Theodor Herzl started off with this whole particular thing that we must go for alone without people, for people without a land, a land without people Palestine is a land without people for people without land, the Jews of Europe. So he came up with this. So that time there was a group of rabbis Muhammad Hakan, has written about this in the history of Middle East. So he writes it he says that a group of rabbis from Vienna went to go and see what he was talking about, you know, so

00:47:15--> 00:47:51

they went to Palestine. And they went to Palestine. They sent a telegram that time, the means of communication was a telegram. They sent a telegram back to the congregation. It was in a very amazing telegram. In his what was the telegram, it said the bride is beautiful, but she's married to someone else. The bride is beautiful, but she's married to someone else, meaning the land is beautiful, what you are talking it's a blessed land, we can see these fertile land, but there are people staying there. How can you see it and then without people. So now when they realize this is a learn without people is a fourfold is a fully there are people who are living there, then they

00:47:51--> 00:48:33

created the Nevada catastrophe. And you will recall that every April the 14th and the 15th April, Arab and the Palestinians, they call the Nakba, the catastrophe, because they know that particular day, they started, you know, terrorizing the villagers in which Muslims were. And of course, the most sane, famous type of terrorizing was in DRC, where they came one day after fajr. And they rounded the entire village. And they mercilessly slaughtered each and every person, woman, children, men and everyone distorted. And this created a certain degree of fear. Because of the floods, there was no one there to you know, to help the Muslims. Even the neighboring countries were there who

00:48:33--> 00:49:11

escaped but they couldn't do anything with regard to the Palestinians. You know, so I just recall it in that they call it the Israel call it the War of Independence. And they they they take credit that they they defeated the neighboring countries because all of us, you know, so they call an island, they call an ally, one of the neighboring countries before that particular army went out to go and fight. You know, Israel that they must not expel the Palestinians, they call an ally. Sometimes you don't regard the alliums as simple. The alliums are not very simple, they know what is happening. Sometimes they might not have the particular power, this ultimately make dua before the ally the

00:49:11--> 00:49:18

Army goes out. The Alim came on the stage and he made a DUA, you know what to do. I mean, if only you are ours,

00:49:19--> 00:49:59

if only this army was ours is not ours. You are fighting for another course, you have been told where how far to go, where to go enter with where to go, because ultimately fully you ours. I want to make dua that you could have been fighting for the OMA, but you are fighting for vested interest. Nevertheless, in 1948 happened, whatever happened in the 1967 in the 1967. War, Gaza in the West Bank, and Jerusalem was annexed. So when we talk about 1967 And when we talked about the Israel, of course, there's different types of situation, the three, three regions, one is that the people who left in before 1940 They were that time 600,000 People who

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

fled into the neighboring countries, they became part of the Palestinian diaspora. Now there are 6 million people. So when you talk about the Law of Return, you talking about the law of returning those people who are previously in historical Palestine, who don't have to come back. So there is what we talk about the first group of Palestinians, then you get the second group of Palestinians, who are part of what is now Israel. So they call them Israeli Arabs. And then of course, you tell the people who are occupied, who are taken in 1967, because 1967, whatever happened, was not internationally recognized. And therefore you all the people who were defeated and annexed in 1967,

00:50:39--> 00:50:48

they are called upon the as, as the people who occupied so there is a small history that I have given, and I've cut out many, many situations that instances.

00:50:50--> 00:50:51

So from that time,

00:50:52--> 00:51:35

the people who are there in an historical Palestine, well, they are part of what is known as Israel to this time, you know, Israel is a state whether we agree with them, or it is a reality. And this particular, you know, the occupied lands are the ones in West Bank in Gaza. And in Gaza, of course, in 2005 days, left Gaza, but they left Gaza, and they evacuated, and they went away from Gaza. But they control the borders of Gaza to such an extent, they can control how much food must go in how much nutrition must go in how much this must go in how much cement must go in. Now, those particular people are living under such great persecution, such great oppression, such great injustice, and

00:51:35--> 00:52:15

every now and then, many times people say October 7, October 7, whatever is happening now is because of what happened by October 7, for this day, when killing people before October 7, in 2019. They killed 22,000 of people in 2014. They killed two 3000 people, every now and then they are bombing. And you You and I, many of us, I've seen in groups say why did Hamas did what they do, why did they go and attack it? Who are we doing judge those people they are living under such great persecution? Sometimes, you know, a bully bullies someone one day a person gets up against the bully. And then you blame the victim and said Why did you go and confront the bully? Allah subhanaw taala knows this

00:52:15--> 00:52:55

situation. And therefore we they are the people who are in the trenches, it is our responsibility to make dua and support them. They own situation Allah knows, as I made mentioned in Joomla, I went once to Jerusalem I went to a house that person was you know, given $12 million to sell his house which is right on the outskirts is outside Majid AXA and he said, I'm not selling this house. It doesn't belong to me. He said who doesn't belong to it belongs to the mafia or beloved cream sauce. These are the people who are fighting on our behalf, who themselves never said in a hadith, that they will be a group of people who will remain or have they will always be a thorn. To the to the

00:52:55--> 00:53:30

oppressors and to the tyrants they will always be a thorn, and maybe a dream. So someone said Yeah, Rasulullah who are those people and where will they be? They'll be a cream sauce and said they will be in Jerusalem and its surroundings. These are the people who are fighting they're gonna be a cream sauce and said they will always be fighting, they will always be a thorn, and they are a thorn, because they create a such a psychological fear. And Allah subhanaw taala has made mentioned with regard to that fear and in conclusion that we say brothers, we never we never lose hope. When Allah made mention with regard to IQ that we never these people give us inspiration. Our life is our life

00:53:30--> 00:53:39

is not forever we don't want to live in this world forever. We are going to go into the ashram and when we go into the hash rate what do we want? We want Felicity we want genuine

00:53:41--> 00:53:42

we want Jana

00:53:43--> 00:53:45

so Libya crimson Islam i said in a hadith

00:53:47--> 00:54:16

OMA This is Ahmed Allah Tala has mercy upon Lisa ha. Phil after Allah Tala who normally punish this home but in the afternoon in the asset and that Allah will show great amount of mercy upon us. It comes in one Hadith that you will be surprised at the mercy of Allah Tala on the day of Qi Allah, Allah will say go, forgive, go go go inshallah. And then of course Jaffa, Delia Angelica even Almighty nebbia cream saw some said my Chicago will be for those people in the Midwest committed major,

00:54:18--> 00:54:37

major sins and maybe a crimson would make sure far you will make sure fight for the the only you won't make sure far for the for the Alama and this hadith is when you go to see on the road or when you go go to make Serafina pa cream sauce on the left. Try and see you will find a hadith written in brass shefa theory.

00:54:39--> 00:54:59

My intercession is for my buddies who have committed major components so that we are cream sauce and said Lisa will fill after that we'll have to dunya the other bits in this world. Alphington well cattle welzel trials and killing and earthquakes. So this is the trial that Elektra is putting we make dua brothers we are very required

00:55:00--> 00:55:20

Allah Allah must forgive us for this we must make to Allah was never put us to try. We sit here in judgment with regard to the whole world. And there is no trial that came upon us as Muslims, whatever trial we get this so as citizens of this country, if there is crime, crime is general to everyone, we have never been put under trial as Muslims per se.

00:55:21--> 00:55:26

And as the people who are put trial that they are killed because they are Muslim at the Quran,

00:55:27--> 00:56:05

Allah are you being are you killing us because we say Allah is our Lord, we have never put been put in that particular treadmill Ultra savers. We don't know what's going to happen with regard to as you see trial, can can change a person very greatly. We don't know what's going to happen when you have difficulty, one at some other time regularly. I used to go to Mr. Many times to his body. And one day he said, I was at the time of partition, that India, Pakistan was been partitioned. He said, I saw two groups of people. And I when I used to hear this as the Yala what great was the we have given us? He said, I saw a group of people who had long, long beards, who are pious, who have a good

00:56:05--> 00:56:10

rest according to the Sharia. He said when the trial came, they shaved off the beards.

00:56:11--> 00:56:25

And I saw a group of people who didn't have beards. All of a sudden they started keeping beards. He said, I went to the people who have who have had beards and said, Why are you cutting your beard? He said, We are being targeted as Muslims and we are being killed.

00:56:26--> 00:56:52

We have been targeted as Muslims and been killed. We are taking away the traces of our humanity that we are not looked upon as Muslims and we save our life maybe. He said I went to the people who didn't have beards and they were keeping a beard. We said Why are you keeping a beard? Look at the Reflect. He said it is so much of uncertainty with regard to our life. We felt that we might not be able to live for a long time and we might die. Let us die with the Sunette Have

00:56:54--> 00:56:57

you realized what trial does and people who sit in judgment.

00:56:59--> 00:57:29

Allah if trial comes you don't know what's going to be your reaction. So my respective letters, these are the people who are fighting on our behalf. It was a youngster was really you know, one youngster was was you know he was saying and when he was sitting in he said they think they control the skies. But they don't realize the one who's beyond them controls the one mother when all you know all her whole house was demolished. She made mentioned and she said what an amazing season. This is our emsam and our sacrifice for Nigeria.

00:57:30--> 00:58:17

We think we take another assess whether the Quran trophy Sevilla what what Hadith and I will conclude with this. The Vietnamese Aslam said on the day of Kiama Allah when us a person with become shaheed Allah will ask a person who had become shaheed will ask him, you have sacrificed your life for my sake. Tell me what you want. I'm prepared to give you anything you want. You sacrifice your life for my sake, tell me what you want. And you know what you will see. So Allah, the joy we got, when we sacrificed our life, give us the joy of getting the joy we got when we sacrifice our life Give us that particular joy again, don't be disappointed that Allah knows. Sometimes they will be

00:58:17--> 00:58:24

defeated, sometimes there will be victory, it doesn't make any iota of difference to our conviction in Allah subhanho wa taala.

00:58:25--> 00:59:02

So I've tried in a brief to give you a the reason why I gave the the history is for us to know whatever is happening, I could have also made mention with regard to one or two of the popular myths. But now time is going to evince anything that anyone want to ask maybe after an hour, they could ask, there are one or two things that you know, the Israelis are making mentioned with regard to it. As I made mentioned, I answered one of them. October 7 was the reason with regard to nonsense who've been doing it all along, man. You don't need an excuse. Since when do you need an excuse to kill the Palestinians who have been doing it in 2019 2014? In 2016? What are you saying and telling

00:59:02--> 00:59:40

the world you see one of the things that that what is very today's world, and today's war is also a war of words. So the war of words and the war of narratives, the war of narratives is you try to bring sympathy for yourself and you make the opposition less than human. So we make them less than human, then you justify the killing. So they try to bring out the Palestinian terrorists. These are less than humans. They are beasts, they did this. They killed a woman and children which has been proven to be false, that even the White House had to issue an apology with regard to it. So when you create people in such a way to justify the killing and justify genocide, the same thing they learned

00:59:40--> 00:59:59

from the from from Hitler, what did Hitler do? Hitler called the Jews, rats. And they after when he started killing him, no one said anything because they were dealing with threats. That's how we presented them. It's our responsibility to change the narrative. This narrative all the people of your own always be changing for your own use.

01:00:00--> 01:00:02

Alice, Walker alto,

01:00:03--> 01:00:11

alto and terminal Catherine Phil own who used to kill small children who used to execute babies the moment they were born.

01:00:12--> 01:00:54

He told me Sally salatu salam and Musa told him I'm Silvana ballislife. Bremen is live with me I cannot have punished him. What did he tell you? Sally said you kill the person. You kill the person. Yeah Allah you kill 1000s of people. You kill 1000s of people you execute children when they are born and you tell him who salicylate to salaam you kill the person and whistle example Saddam said yes, I killed a person my mistake. How are you equating the two? Look at how who said change the narrative but how he wanted to change America who say you kill the person and who said told Pharaoh what are you targeting Kenya Matan? tamanu Ali and Apicta Bani Israel, you have enslaved Bani

01:00:54--> 01:00:56

Israel, you telling me about the killing that I did my mistake.

01:00:58--> 01:01:07

Why? Why are we not changing? Look at our South African situation in 1994 80%, or 90% of the black indigenous people supported Palestine.

01:01:08--> 01:01:18

Right now, what is the situation? Black politicians getting up and speaking in favor of Israel? Why? Because they have managed to push forward the narrative

01:01:19--> 01:01:22

and what are we doing? Nobody can speak to the interface.

01:01:23--> 01:01:36

No one say that our our our deal is equal, but why are you not engaging them? What will happen in 510 years from now, if you don't change the narrative and the author a black person broken the person was put into you are terrorists

01:01:37--> 01:01:50

because we have done nothing, we have nothing to change the narrative. And we just we sitting in completely sitting in giving fatwas and calling and labeling people who are trying to do something to change the narrative.

01:01:52--> 01:02:00

Open our eyes with regard to things. So this is a some of the things that we have made mentioned. May Allah subhanaw taala do another topic work from day one and

01:02:01--> 01:02:08

all of a sudden he was setting a very color scene and whenever you know Maulana Muhammad you are very seldom alone with the ceremony me

01:02:09--> 01:02:09

when I was

01:02:11--> 01:02:19

a lot more open as Illumina and we love to fill in our Tarhana and put in the middle has read a lot of kuruva body the data in our

01:02:21--> 01:02:31

country we have a lot of feelings I mean we almost live in our Muslim I won't be vain or Peruvian who has a very similar setup. Well I think women

01:02:32--> 01:02:50

are generally who are well fitted Malzahar I mean how am i button Allah more radical enough? Yes mine our setting our Illumina was watching pissouri I think I in the content the wobble Rahim Allah, Allah, Islam or Muslims, Allah one three Muslim in a fearless Philistine

01:02:51--> 01:03:11

Allah Maturana Allah amatsu muda I do with why do we have the Mohammed Pancho matter Mohammed? Mohammed Mohammed Arabic Mohammed on Zoom Mata Muhammad Sallallahu Taala on the season I want to be in Oman and Mohammed you already facility. So Hannah Robin Arabic, Amaya Cipolla