The Importance of Writing

Yasir Qadhi


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Imagine you had to rebuild the world from scratch every single generation and you couldn't pass knowledge down where would we be the reason why we are standing where we are standing today, the reason why we have reached the pinnacle of technology and scientific achievement and medicine is because the Quran has taught us a mechanism of how to cumulatively accumulate knowledge how to pass knowledge from one generation to another, from one civilization to another, from one mind to another. When we write it is literally almost like magic. You know, the Mongols, Chingiz Han the Mongols. They were so scared of writing that they would execute every writer and they would burn

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every book. Why? Because they said this must be magic. How can somebody communicate from his mind to the mind of another person? This must be magic. It is not magic. It is a crumb who taught us who taught us and no other species.