Nobility In The Face Of Hostility

Sulaiman Moola


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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim every human intrinsically aspires for prominence, fame and a good fortune. The key question, however, is a good fortune defined by who. Those who look with the material eye. They were blown away they were mesmerized by the wealth, affluence, opulence and flamboyance of qarun. They said in the hulagu, Hamelin RV, this is a very lucky man. Now contrast this expression to a verse in the 24 Jews of the Quran Chapter 41 verse 35, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If you possess good character, what are you locked in London in October Oh, one are you locked in love to have been Avi, then you are a very lucky and blessed individual in the eyes of the

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Almighty. And that's my message for today. And I share with you in this regard a very amazing incident. It is just 16 chapter 18 verse 77, Moosa and honeyeater Allah May Allah He a Salah with Islam, passed by a community is stopped Brahma Aha, they asked them for some food and from this we learn Java so so our render verdura and let me let that aha that it is permissible to ask for a need, which cannot be delayed to another time you are hungry at the moment no food is available. It is permissible to ask for about a year before these people refuse to entertain them. In Arabic They say Sharon Cora allotey turbo Hello belterra. The worst town locality community are those who minds

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when it comes to hospitality, not withstanding their uncouth behavior. As they exit in the town. They observe that a wall is about to collapse for uttama how the rally is Salam miraculously and single handedly straighten the wall. In biannual Quran it is written we learn from this and soon it jameela la utako. Well, Omar Ali ami, continued displaying kindness even if the recipient is an uncouth individual. I challenge you and I implore you go and smile to your phone and go and do an act of kindness to those who have snubbed you beat your spouse, sibling or neighbor