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The holy Bible provides insight into the importance of Jerusalem in Islamic history, including the merger of spiritual shacks and the historical significance of shams in the holy eye. The shams of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Shams of the city of Jerusalem are discussed, along with highlights such as the Shams of the Shma shams and the Shams of the city of Jerusalem. The discussion touches on various aspects of Islam, including the use of dog breeds and the "hasha" aspect, and the influence of culture on behavior. The discussion also touches on deception surrounding the " whom doesn't drink" label and how it is used to make people feel like they are not living in materialism.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena Viva

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La Mulana Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi la Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado Villa homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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civetta Anna's Hubbell, Kofi Joaquim Cano Minaya Tina Raja Sabha Kala hula z

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by the respected elders and brothers before we start with requests that we ever these empty spaces please fill in those empty spaces. Please just whenever there is an empty space please come forward and fill it in to the qumola this empty space in front come forward my brother

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Alhamdulillah through the grace of the Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala this morning I just returned from a trip

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and a journey which included the Mubarak can bless it city of Jerusalem and Masjid Xi in particular.

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Now we are all aware with regard to the importance of Jerusalem in Islamic history. The blessedness of it Majid AXA, about which nebia Karim saw solomid said letter should do rehab Illa faith lsvt masajid don't make a specific journey to any Masjid other than three midgets, one of them being Majid accept, and of course, the present situation of Nigeria.

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The political subjugation, the occupation, the oppression, and we had an opportunity to see some of those aspects although it was a very brief visit.

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Then of course, the material itself the old city, the beauty of the Old City, really something to witness and experience, because unlike other places, much of the history is preserved. And when you walk in the Old City of Jerusalem, you feel you are transported back in age, you know, 234 100 years back, the narrow cobbled streets, the beauty coming into the Missouri AXA, each original state passing by vnav Kareem saw cillum entered into the merger AXA when he came for me, Raj Babu Barak, the merger of Barak, all of that was just a wonderful experience to behold. However, I have just came back this morning so I have not been able to gather my thoughts with regard to Jerusalem and

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inshallah maybe in the coming weeks I will discuss some of my experience. However, another very important aspect that during the journey, and this is one of the, the marvels or wonders of today's traveling. Yesterday in the morning, I stood at the the Cave of us Habakkuk which is just outside a man and I thought that today I will speak some aspects with regard to that. And then inshallah, as we go along in the coming weeks I will make mention of some of the aspects of Jerusalem. Now we know that people taking refuge in caves,

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to save themselves from persecution happen in various parts of the world, various parts of the world. One is the one that Allah has made mentioned in us in Surah Toka half the Bible makes mention of one cave in which people have taken refuge which is in today's near Izmir, in known as Ephesus, and you find the aspect in the Bible known as the Seven Sleepers of emphasis, emphasis is in his meal, which is in Turkey, however, our alama and those people who have studied the geographical aspect of the Holy Quran, which is not the major objective of the Quran must keep in mind, they have made mentioned that the most likely place and I'm using the word most likely, because there is no

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worry with regard to these things. But the most likely place, whether as habit have has been made mentioned in the Quran is in a man is supported by many evidences, it is supported by many evidences. And amongst those efforts. evidences is the Sahabi obata ibni, Samira Viola Tran, who, who lays buried just on the on the door of Nigeria and he was amongst those people who was appointed by God allowed him to be the administration of material after the conquering of the merger accept by the by the Sahaba. And by the Muslims. He made mention when he went to this that this is a place and which is as habit to have mentioned in the Holy Quran. Then another very important aspect, Imam waka

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de Rahmatullah Lee, one of the most famous historians in our history, he wrote a remarkable book for two Hata Sham and in there he

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had made mention of Sydney Amir and he also the savvy and also makes mention of his own incident that he went there and he spent and he made a certain McRib there and after making a certain Muslim he slept at this place. And they after the next morning he went to the place called a man which is nearby. And a man of course from history we know he is among the cities that is been in existence from the time of the Stone Age, from the time of the Romans nevermind the time of Islamic history. Nevertheless, even when you go there, many aspects which are made mentioned in the Holy Quran, are also found to be in the teeth. For example, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Holy Quran, what are

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a sham sir either tell us our one caffeine that Allah mean

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that the Shema the day when they were sleeping in the cave, when the sun rose, the sun came from the south, from the right inside with a horrible room that a shaman and when the sun set, it sat on the left of them, you know, so that particular cave and the way they slept, it mirrors the very same thing which is made mentioned in the Holy Quran. That the place where they slept, it came the sun rose from the right, it when it's set, it's set from the left. And Allah tala also says in the Holy Quran woofie fetch, what do you mean that within that cave there is a hollow and today when you go in the cave, they show you that hollow that this is the hollow, which Allah tala has made mentioned

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in the Holy Quran. So this is a geographical aspect that seems that this place is a very place which Allah subhanho wa Taala has made mention of the seven young people who took refuge from an oppressive king of the time, who was inclined towards either worshipping whether youngsters of the time, they still stay stood upon tawheed and because of the fear of oppression, they took refuge in the cave, beyond the geographical aspect, or gursha mosquito sub Malika k Johannes hubback I have a joke I have a man met

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here where he had your Quran Mei Li can Quran usco perkasa Kanika Adriana is me yay yay coffee Happy Happy eater. Quran kachemak said Hey, would you Hannah Ward, some oxic Lana subbox ikana what is the what is the objective of the whole incident is kaha silky is come maraca is cassava Chi. So the Quran doesn't make mention of the geographical aspect. Obviously today you and I we like the geographical aspects. We like to know about that because it is part of our nature to be curious. But the Quran doesn't make mention with regard to the geographical aspect, he made mention with regard to the incident, it made mention of regard to the lessons. Now let us look at some of the lessons we

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don't have much time at the time of Juma but 111 or two small thing that comes to mind. Allah Allah says in the Holy Quran is our fifth year Hillel cough for Kala robina attina. Milan kurama. Elena I'm in a marina. They were a group of youngsters either Well,

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they were a group of youngsters who opposed the tyranny of the king, who wanted to impose idol worshipping or

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they were the one who believed in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and they did not go into the aspect of idol worshipping and to save themselves from idol worshipping, they went into the cave and Allah subhanho wa Taala kept them alive for over 300 years. Now, this is an aspect either will feature today, you and I when we talk of youngsters, what is our perception with regard to youngsters hamari Haskell ta giovane Javan Hanukkah mclubbe Yaqoob masala jitna masa masa de Cousteau jenica lo bathmate Unum homage perang karenga nama Spring Lake an optimum Giovanna Johanna to Ahmed Gina de amor joke which Karna Chaya Karna de

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Amari Cooper, Jana Salatu Perea Pavani you're probably hearing bad muttering. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when the people remember one thing, and I will say this, without most of humility, you are never too young to become pious.

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Where have we got this particular perception? Cam bourree Hawker. Johanna Nick banana, we will become Nick when we are old. The Quran the way that we say in English medium, I will become pious. When my one leg is in the tuber. And my one leg is on a banana peel going into the cover. Then I will become pious. Where will you make Hajj when we become old? How do you know where you will love to see that day, especially today when we are seeing situations where people are dying young people are dying in accidents. May Allah subhana wa Taala forbid. But what the point is that these were young people who became pious, who became obedient and Allah subhanho wa Taala paid compliment to

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the piety at the time of the youth

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By making mention of a surah under the name tillery of

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when you become pious when you are young Allah subhana wa Taala appreciates it himself limited to using the Humala seven type of people Allah will give shade to on the Day of Judgment. One of them is sharp una Shafi Bara Tila, the young person who remembers Allah while he is young brothers, let us tell our children and our children, our young people always keep this particular aspect in mind, that we are never too young to become pious may make your piety now so that you can you can do something about it overgenomen boora pemuteran aka push karma which is

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when you want to do something also you can do enjoy it, you know, so this is an aspect that we got to keep in mind. So this is one one of the lessons another very important lesson amongst the many lessons you know, there are many lessons that we can speak about. One of them is Allah Allah Allah Allah Quran makes mention, Wakil boomba Seaton, Dara IE bill was it le with Allah tala him, never late me whom Pharaoh Mala Mala tamina, whom roba Allah has made mentioned with regard to this particular aspect of them that the wisdom was a dog. And then the dog was placed on the mouth of the cave. Anyone who came there, when he saw the dog, he would have become so afraid and he would have

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run away from the cave without going into see who is in the cave. Because the oppressive ruler of the time was also looking for them. But the dog was there and it protected them in fact Huawei I believe so founder, the

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founder of the lotto win wants to win see this habit? And when he went there, there was a terrible gust of wind that came and he could not he could not visit it. So he also made mention of this i'd love it Allah tala him lava let me know Ferrara, if we had seen the dog in the mouth of the cave, we would have turned that way out of fear. So this some of the animosity happened even that time afterwards also, but be as it may, when it when they were there. Anyone who saw the dog would have made now what what is the lesson from here? evening It was a very great album. He said that he heard about further Joe Hari Rama Talalay speaking in the Jami Masjid of Egypt missile, saying, Oh people,

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this is the benefit of good company that a dog stayed in the company of pious people. And Allah made mention of it in the Holy Quran.

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A dog stayed in the company of pious people and Allah Allah made mention of it in the Holy Quran on this, Siracusa Rahmatullah, Allah says, if a dog can reach such a stage by being in the company of pious people, what will be the position of a human being if he stays in the company of pious people?

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Then Mufti is commenting on this aspect of the property rights to Izmir. Hum. Jessa coonara Nagato Kalia, Johanna, yeah, Barry Bashara, very, very great, great tidings. That being the company of pious people love the pious people love align is

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not that you mustn't do good things after that. But if there is any shortcomings in your good deeds because of your love for Allah and Islam, and pious people, inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will resurrect you amongst them on the day of Yama the way nebia Kareem sauce limited and Morocco mana hub, a person will be with the people of whom he loved on the day of

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a person and a person will be with him when he loves. So Allah made mention of the dog because of being in a company of pious people, you and I must also strive towards this. Then another very important aspect with regard to Soraka have in Soraka have a nebia cream sauce lm is made mentioned that companion that you must read it on Friday. And whoever reads it on Friday, Allah will protect him from the journal. And then we are also limited the greatest fitna that will come upon human beings from the time of Adam alayhis salam till the Day of Tiamat in this world would be the fitna of the gel. Even for those people who have died.

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I'm Teresa Mushtaq Adriana de jelka Fitness local yoga Jojo xinda name, Joe mucha, La Plata, delta fitna, Jenna boom

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Carrie Wyatt Maha

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are putting a cap Amara manga

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and if you say you bring a man you go into Jana Mallya villa. So the fitness of the journal is not confined to the people who are alive at that time. It is even for the people who have died. So the greatest fitna of the time would be with regard to the gel as it is and that we Rahim Allah mela Felice cover was known.

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In the last couple of decades, there has been no person more greater and more a think of this limited marble as a nebula. himolla. And he one day he said, the thought came in my mind. Why did Allah

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Tell us to read surecav to protect ourselves from the gel. What is the surecav? What is the in Surah Kahf that has a relationship with a fitna of the gel that protects you from the fitna of the jet. What is it? So he started thinking about it, and marvelous ended with a Mala Mala fleece cover with more. What a remarkable human being, even after he passed away is very bananas and Amaz was ready in the form of maca. And the person who received you know, accolades and respect throughout the world, in the Arab world in the indo Pakistani world. I heard from one person from Syria saying that when Marvel has a net, mira himolla, came to Damascus to give a series of talks, the allama of Syria were

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the first people in, in his lectures, the owner of Syria, they were the first people to sit in his lectures. So nothing I had granted him this particular respect. So he said, What is the reason why Allah said Soraka have to protect yourself from the fitting of the gel? And he wrote a whole book on this. He wrote a whole book. And in there one of the aspects that he made mentioned he said, that jarle comes from the word digital, and digital means fraud and deceit.

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What does the gentleman that gel Catriona Mushtaq or the gel detail say the neckline or the gel commit lie kisi ko for a piano kisi ko de Cadena or the whole aspect of the gel, his teaching would be

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10 and today the dominant civilization of the world symbolizes the dominant aspect and the dominant civilization of the world symbolizes the fitness of the gel, because that dominant civilization will turn and go in the fitness of the gel, because they will represent the job, they will represent the gel. That is why that is why we say he Sally salon will come as a savior. For us before the day of gamut. The Jews also believe in a savior, they also believe in the Savior, but the Savior would be the gel an hour and the gel would be the very antithesis of the Savior. So they say via would be the gel and what is the dominant aspect of that civilization? What is the dominant element? I will come

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to that but just me to cover that today aspect with regard to digital means to flow to be to deceive people and look at the deception of today's world. Today, they tell you that until you don't drink look at look at the adverts in the in the in the newspaper. Look at the adverts in the TV until you don't take wine, you're not happy. But they don't tell you behind that particular deception. When a person takes wine, he becomes his eyes are blurred, blurred. His eyes become red, the accidents that are caused because of that. The throwing up what happens to the wife when a person and her husband is drunk. They don't tell you. They only give you the other aspect. When you drink wine you will

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become happy

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to tell you interest without interest. You can't run a business. They don't tell you what happens when you take interest. Look at the eurozone, the eurozone crisis. So this whole world today is based on digital. It is based on deception. And that is why the surah huff is one of the aspects and the major aspects of Soraka have is to remind you of the deception and remind you of Allah subhana wa Tada. That is why when

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he wrote this book about surah Kahf

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What did he What did he keep the name of the book, faith versus materialism? He man muddy it he man the macabre idiot what indicate the name of the book, faith versus materialism that journal will represent materialism. And we as Muslims, we represent faith. And that is the central challenge and the central

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collision of the age that we are living in materialism.

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materialism doesn't mean that you can accumulate lawful wealth. That is not materialism. materialism means you have made that the goal of your life hamara syndicate comm mcsa da que pasa Camana

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or aka Adriana pesa come on up nice

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to see ya. You can eat too much say banana adaptiq Maja hustle Nakuru Mira qui se na miracle Kamini that is something that is against, let me conclude as to is to make mention with regard to this. If you take a lot out of the equation, my dear respect for others there is nothing left for us to live in. Allah makes mention of two things in the Holy Quran. With regard to this faith versus materialism. One Allah makes mention of one poor person who was advising a rich person that owner of the two gardens. This rich person was the owner of two gardens was very rich in his time.

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The person who was advising him such a beautiful advice, allow me to mention of his advice in the Holy Quran. Allah Allah if the halter Janata Kakuta, Mashallah hola La quwata illa Allah, why didn't when you enter your garden See? This is the quadric of Allah Why didn't when you go into your business see this is because of Allah gave me not because of my acumen Don't forget a line your equation, if you forget a line occasion what what is left with you, but as if we forget Allah what is left with us? So Allah says, Allah Allah Why didn't when you enter your garden c'est la quwata is no code but Allah subhanho wa Taala

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this this is that this is one of the central themes of surah Kahf that another place and let me conclude with this one at the colon militia in in the file on della casa de la shala. Don't say I will do this tomorrow. Except, say Allah, Allah if Allah wills I will do it tomorrow. inshallah Johanna is not only for us to use to to make the Czech Republic Gemma to go away from our house inshallah manga No, no, who inshallah is not for them. We got myka leacock and he was waiting to go and sell his horse. So someone said where are you going? So I'm going to sell my horse. He said don't just say I'm going to sell my house say inshallah, I'm gonna say my house. He said Why must I

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say inshallah, Allah has everything inshallah inshallah, I'm going to go sell my house, there is a market that people are selling horses, Alcoa and Selma was there, what is it to say inshallah, on the way when he when someone stole his horse, so when he was coming back, the person met him I said, Now what happened? He said inshallah, inshallah hamara Jana yoga inshallah.

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inshallah was going inshallah my was was stolen inshallah won't do it again. This time, inshallah brothers is a repetative drill, which casts its shadow on our life.

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You are nothing without Allah.

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You are nothing without Allah. You can do nothing without Allah. That is the message of Sora cough and that goes against the journal. That is why Marbella Sen. Antonelli writes, we are supposed to read surah Kahf to prevent and to prevent ourselves from the fitna of the journal. Because the journal will represent materialism will represent a life without Allah surah Kahf tells us You are nothing without Allah. May Allah given a topic of understanding and making Amel