Ebrahim Bham – Importance And Challenges In Education

Ebrahim Bham
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana via bada who will hula hula Tabata oma de la Cava kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati. ahmadu photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem ikura Bismillah Vika Liddy Hello Kala Collinson Amin. Allah ikura, Buccola chromolithograph Allah, Allah Allah, Allah insegna mala Mia alum sakalava as he

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respected all ama elders and brothers

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in the ayat which I've recited, it's a very well known Ayat of the Holy Quran. The first revelation that came upon our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is in this revelation came after a considerable period of time.

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The greatest time between revelations between the MBR Masato wasallam was a time between has officially Salam and nebia cream sauce along with the Quran refers to as photography at a time when where he was suspended in after over 600 years, 650 years. When Allah tala sends down revelation, it is about an reference with regard to knowledge Accra read, although there is an aspect that tells us the purpose of education, which I will make mention of, you know, towards the end of the talk, ikura read in the name of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala, who created this brought about an unprecedented enthusiasm for knowledge, that the first word that came down upon our beloved nebia

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Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with regard to knowledge, the Quran read. Now this creates such a great enthusiasm that we found such incidents in our history with regard to education, and the pursuit of it, which leaves a mind amazing and boggled with regard to how the Muslims pursued knowledge. To give an example. I said before I refer to lolly came to hear about the fame of the knowledge and scholarship of Mr. Mohammed, the student didn't remember any parameters.

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So when he came, he came to my Mohammed and said, I want to learn from you. I've heard that you are such a great alum. I want to learn from you. So Mr. Mohammed Rahmatullah Lee said, I don't have any time my whole day has been taken. So when he insisted Mr. Mohammed Rahmatullah Lee looked at his schedule and said, at the time when I make Wazoo for tahajjud, prayers, there is no one with me. Whatever you want to learn, come and learn it for me at that time. I said before I said, I used to remain awake whole night, that I must not miss that few moments of gems that I would have gained from Mr. Mohammed Rahmatullah Lee, that was the enthusiasm that they had for knowledge. So he used

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to remain awake, remain awake all night, that I could gain the few moments with him and Muhammad Rasul Allah. And just bear in mind that today when we talk of knowledge, we don't only talk of knowledge in the sense of Islamic knowledge and knowledge of Quran and Hadith which of course, is the most superior form of knowledge. It is the most superior form of knowledge as I will go on to explain. But of course, we also have what we today termed as contemporary knowledge. What sometimes is referred to as secular knowledge. I don't like the word and I don't like the definition secular, because secular gives the impression. And the word secular comes from the Latin, which means

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something that I don't believe in something that is beyond my perception. And I will go on to explain that this contemporary knowledge, far from it being Haram, far from it being prohibited. If we do it with the correct intention and methodology, it can also become Dean,

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no less a scholar. Then Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Lee, the great Sufi and the great scholar with you all, he spoke about knowledge and he said that there are two branches of knowledge for design and forest fire. First there is depth knowledge which isn't compulsory for every individual to know that we find nebbia cream sauce from South Florida to Allah cola Muslim. The acquiring of knowledge is a compulsion upon each and every believer. Now what is compulsory? What is compulsory upon every believer is not compulsory for every believer to become a chef or a chef or tafsir

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a PhD in medicine, what is compulsory the AMA have written and then maybe you can also put it in another way. I have a PhD in chemistry. Who does that absolve me from the level of me for either to naraku Muslim? I've got a PhD in chemistry the adage says, knowledge is compulsory, I've got a PhD. So therefore, that knowledge which is compulsory doesn't apply to me because I got a PhD not necessarily so.

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What is compulsory? Our own ama have written that knowledge you have you must know what Allah wants from you in any given situation that is compulsory. You are going for Hajj is compulsory for you to know the basic Messiah of Hajj you are getting married, it is compulsory for you to know the basic Messiah Lofa nica, what is required from you as an husband? What are your responsibilities? What are your duties? You are, for example, opening a business it is compulsory for you to know the basic aspect of how to conduct business according to the Sharia. It is first compulsory upon you. That is why the time of Omar no one was allowed to conduct business in the marketplaces until he knew the

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mosyle of business. Yes, they could be a situation sometimes that there is something that is very complex, then you can go and as the automa but the basic aspect of how to conduct what is right and wrong in any given situation. It is for design. Then Imam ghazali Rahmatullah Lee writes, but any branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind,

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any branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind, is far as a key fire for the oma to acquire it. And do you know, what does he write could be? Well, he said, like accounting and medicine, if the oma doesn't have people who are well grounded in this knowledge, which is compulsory for the welfare of mankind, the oma will be prejudice. Therefore, it is for exactly fire for the oma to have people who will have knowledge of medicine and accounting the way man because Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has made mentioned. And many times I've heard people which I feel is naive, that many people say, let other people invent, let other people gain that knowledge, we will

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use it as if if you are going to gain that knowledge from other people who will not be prejudiced, they are going to gain it and they are going to dispense of it according to the norms and values. And today, we are seeing the harm that is caused to the oma that they have not been able to keep pace with having knowledge in all branches of knowledge. So he says Imam ghazali says to have that type of knowledge is for the occupier. And the oma together with the expertise and Quran and Hadith have also acquired expertise in this if you go and look at the history of Islam. ibni Haytham many years ago wrote a treatise on the Milky Way galaxy, that time when no one knew about the Milky Way

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galaxy galaxy. He was a scholar in optics mentioned is made that he was a first person in this history of humanity to conduct the cataract eye operation in interface was the first person to do the the observation of the parliamentary blood circulation, something that was attributed today in the in the world to William Harvey, but William Harvey came 300 years after evening of his evening furnace was the first person to do an attempt of what we will call today aeroplane flying, he was the first person and this is a reality with regard to it. If you hold on a sociologist of such great skill and expertise that he wrote, he tabula river 1718 volumes, his muckety muck of that, that the

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introduction of that was a very volumous first volume only the introduction kita to his kita believer, and that was such a study of society. Knowing the trends of society that the British historian Arnold Toynbee wrote the greatest work the greatest work ever compiled by a human being irrespective of the time and place Muslims are among the people who have to go in the first world map was thrown up by Allah greasy at the request of the ruler of Sicily. Muslims were busy at that time going to invent and going to go and explore new places and you will find it because of this tip number two Tarot you know, travel 75,000 miles. You can imagine if he had a loyalty card, how much

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miles you would have earned 75,000 miles. Muslims are among the people who came to different parts of the world which were not explored, and they gave names to it. They came to an island and they saw that the moon is so beautiful and so brilliant here. They called it juice

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and today it is known as the word Eskimo Comoros.

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islands, they came to an island and they found that that particular island was full of winds and they were very fierce winds they call it juice all However, today it is known as Hawaii they came to a place and they saw that this was a place where the Persians had made the station and they call it maka Dasha. Today it is known as Mogadishu I can go and give you an example with regard to it. Muslims were amongst those who not only earned and they not only became masters in the Quran and Hadith they also became masters in various disciplines. And that is why in our Sharia you know, the ideal situation that they shouldn't be caught me between the two Yes, the Quran and Hadith will

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always be superior, why will it be superior to all the other disciplines the knowledge that has to be acquired, has to be acquired within the parameters that will be set out by Islamic law by the Quran and Hadith and then that will be the reason why it is superior because that will become the framework for all other knowledge to be to be pursued and to be acquired. Another aspect with regard to the superiority is that the Quran and Hadith comes from Allah tala there will never ever be a change and you will not find a change 1400 years ago and what is now it is not as if interest was haram that time and it is now in any way because of it becoming widespread and prevalent somehow

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there is an accommodating nature towards it. What was haram then is haram now and of course in this contemporary knowledge, we will always find an evolving we're always finding evolving. So we find that what was 2030 years ago they told you butter is unhealthy for your health and you must have margarine today they say no butter is better than Marjorie because this is an evolving science. There is no evolving in the Quran and Hadith what was haram then is haram. Now, what was halal then is Hello now. So this is that will always remain the framework the most superior, it provides the guidance for us to gain the other knowledge. But the other disciplines, far from it being haraam is

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for is a key fire and sometimes can according to what we do it with attention and methodology can become Dean, let me give an example. A person one day walks into the room Diovan. And he comes in he asks, he comes to one Arashiyama gumbo he was teaching something and he's teaching logic could be the book of logic known as could be. And he comes and he says a near and dear one of mines have passed away. I want you to make a salad so I want you to make a reward for the person who has passed away. manana Rashid Ahmed gumbo Rahmatullah Allah says that I give the reward of this lesson of logic to your near and dear one.

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He was surprised he expected that knowledge and that there is of Quran and Hadith. I will give you the civil reward for it, mana Rashid Ahmed Ganga Rasul, Allah says, No, I am giving the the the reward of the lesson of logic to near India.

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So we we have to gain this is a challenge that we have, that we have to gain these knowledges within the framework and make it also Dean. And that was what was previously close money writes that after the formation of Pakistan, his father militia was asked to write an educational model and system for Pakistan. And he wrote this model which he called the system of zaytuna, which was the university in Tunisia, one of the first universities that was, you know, established by the Muslims. And in that particular University, there were people like kidney Holden, who was teaching history, they were people like averroes, if niroshan that was teaching his discipline. And there was 30 years that was

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teaching Quran and Hadith. And they were teaching it in such a way that there was no distinction everyone was doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, Juarez me is known as far as me is known as the father of algebra. But if you read his book, which Holly Baig has written with regard to his book and his introduction, his introduction to chemistry will read like the introduction of a book on Quran and Hadith. He praises Allah subhanho wa Taala. He talks about Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when we look at this, we find that Muslims are supposed to gain expertise in all of these branches of knowledge and disciplines. Unfortunately, we have created this dichotomy much to the

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detriment of the Muslim Ummah, and to the progress of the Muslims. However, there is also in this challenges.

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One of the greatest challenges is not in the content, but is the environment in which these knowledge and disciplines acquired. So we find that the knowledge and of course the university environment sometimes is not conducive. Now what good challenge is supposed for us to bring about the knowledge of those disciplines, according to the Quran and Hadith, according to the right environment, that will remain a challenge for us as a Muslim oma. And until we do not do it, we will be failing in our duty. Having said that, in the absence of having that particular type of disciplines been taught in

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ideal environment with a correct intention with a correct methodology was the correct content according to the Quran In addition, until that time, what do we do? Now we have a situation and what is that situation? situation? I can't generalize. But these are reality. The people who are going out into that environment, the university environment, given the fact that I've said that sometimes these disciplines Never mind be permissible,

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but we have a situation that they are going out in the environment. That environment nowadays speaks about rebelliousness speaks about freedom. Now, bear this in mind that there is a in Islam. Knowledge is a means towards an objective. It's not an objective in itself. The objective of knowledge in Islam is to come closer towards Almighty Allah, not to breed rebelliousness in arrogance.

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The objective of knowledge in nama yaksha laminaria body, the learner are those who fear Allah, those who got degrees look at what the definition of knowledge Allah has given us. The learners are those who fear Allah subhana wa Taala What's the use of having the greatest amount of knowledge that we can have PhD this and that and we don't recognize your Creator? The Quran it said, Yeah, Allah Muna Sahara mineral hierarchy dunya. Well, how many

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people know about this material world, but they are neglectful of the year after Managua has said that he has given this example of knowing much, but not knowing about your objective. He say a group of Muslim students went out, you know, for a boat ride. And while they were going out on a boat ride, they started poking fun at the boat rider and they said, Do you know any geography and he said, I don't know what we're talking about this a quarter of your life is gone. Then they say do you know history? He says I know the history of my grandfather more than that, I don't know. He said, half your life is gone. Then you say you know mathematics. And he said, I know how much money

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to take from you more than that. I don't know no myths. They say three quarters of your life is gone. And while they were sitting poking fun at them, a wave came in, and it was now certain that the boat is going to capsize. And he asked them with a certain you know aspect of crime crime because of the fact that they were poking at him. He said, Do you know how to swim? They said no, this is your whole life is gone. Now can you imagine on the day of kiama Donatella asked you who created you, I got a PhD in this, but you don't know who created you. This is the same example. That time what knowledge Do you need when you need it? Most. Knowledge is never supposed to make us

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rebellious. That is Allah tala. When we read this is Accra. I find it amazing. We only read Accra, but we don't read the whole iron. Read In the name of Allah. Read In the name of Allah did read that knowledge must bring you closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala not make you rebellious. Mr. Malik Rahmatullah Lee. You know, one of the greatest callers in our history was asked 48 questions by a group of students 32 He said, I agree, I don't know. A person one day came from Marrakech, North Africa came to Medina, hearing of the fame of Imam Malik and said, my, my neighborhood, my village have sent me to ask you a question. And he asked the question, Mr. Malik

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said I don't know. He said, what I'm going to tell my people they sent me from North Africa to Medina to ask you the question. He said, Go and tell them your family doesn't know the answer.

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Layla says I met 120 Sahaba. And they used to say every time a question was posed to them, you can ask another savvy. I don't want to take the responsibility. Knowledge doesn't make you rebellious doesn't make you arrogant. Today, however, we find that many times. Again, bear in mind the entire talk that I'm giving you, these disciplines that we learn can be well hisab counting medicine, not only permissible sometimes for the key fire, rewarding I gave you the example of one unwish Maharaja Ramadan going, but sometimes in this environment, it is creating a situation of rebelliousness, arrogance, freedom of thought, without the framework given by Allah subhanho wa Taala. There was a

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recent study that was carried out in America that 23% whether it is true or not, but it does gives us a source of concern. What was this, that in this particular study, it was found that 23% of born Muslims by the age of early 20s, they have a doubt, and they no more identify themselves with the religion of the birth 23% many of them perhaps exposed to these types of situations. And then on the other hand, Allah tala is amazing Allah subhanho wa Taala is honey, Allahu Allah honeyville Hamid, they said 23% of the people in America who are born not

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as Muslims, by by the age of 20, early 20s 23% of them are inclined towards Islam and Muslims Subhan Allah. Now what is the solution with regard to it, the solution is for us to be guarded with regard to it, be aware with regard to it. The solution, unfortunately, is not that we stigmatize those who are going in those fields, there is nothing wrong in acquiring that knowledge. By stigmatizing those people, you are leaving them on their own devices. And one of the greatest reasons why people rebel against Islam in such environments is that they don't have a sense of identity and belonging. And I find it amazing that sometimes the solution is given stigmatize them and leave them, you are leaving

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them out to those people and those forces that could even leave them more towards going towards a path of, you know, atheism or going towards the wrong path. The solution for us as a community, is to bring those people within our phone, give them identity, give them a sense of belonging, give them the necessary skills and Eman and the necessary Islamic tarbiat for them to go into those particular fields, and still excel in those fields and remain as Islam and Muslims. I find it amazing that sometimes you find people giving the examples, that these people have gone out into the rain, and therefore if they got wet, therefore it's their fault, not our fault. It's not the example

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we are supposed to be given the example we are supposed to be given is, it's raining out there. We are going to give you umbrellas to protect you. We are going to give you umbrellas to protect you, those people who are going out to gain those disciplines. It's not wrong. In fact, it is first a key fire with the right intention and methodology. They must be taught to learn those skills and disciplines with the right intention and methodology. And we as a community in the religious sector must be helping those people. And that is a reality, my dear respected weathers and you know, today's time, we are not going to change people by harshness, we are not going to change people by

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you know, in a situation of trying to stigmatize them and leave them alone, because in that particular time, everyone will make him create his own mission. We need each and every one from this coma. And we need to be working together. The way the way navia Kareem Salalah cillum change people and brought people together was through the means of Mahatma and kindness and love.

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He told us a mother the allowed ones Yama in the book. Oh my god, I love you. Yama.

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Yama, I love you. After every salad read Allah Almighty Allah.

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Allah helped me in remembering you and making a budget of you. As a master. I never ever forgot that door for the rest of my life. He didn't tell him, you know.

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He didn't tell him that home was I love you read this after every select. He told Abdullah he told us it have Serra de la once. Your brother is such a great person. He's got such great qualities. If only he can add the 100 prayers in his qualities. When Abdullayev no Omar came to know about it. He said I never mustered after it.

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He didn't say is such a bad person either. I'm *. Abdullah is such a wonderful person. He's got such great qualities If only he hates that, dude. That is the way we change people. That is the way we approach people. And in conclusion, our save in our beloved maybe a cream sauce. silom taught us always to be optimist. Muslims are always optimist. The via Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He said Actually, I'm really amazing and wondrous is the affair of the believer. everything for him is good. When he gets something good, he makes sure he gets reward. If something untoward happened to him he makes about he gets rewarded. I mean, for him, everything is good. Maybe a cream sauce

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taught us to be optimistic. Maybe a cream sauce was optimistic, even with regard to the worst enemies of Islam, who are amongst those who are hostile towards Islam in the Muslims. When he came to Makkah once he asked Villepin Walid Walid Where is your brother Khalid Where is your brother Khalid so when he said jasola He can't even he can't even bear to see you. He has left maka. And what did Mr. Aslam said will lead an intelligent person like Khalid can remain oblivious of the beauty and the truth of Islam for such a long time. Tell him to come and see the beauty of Islam. Dead Khalid, who cause the death of 70 Sahaba was the cause of the setback in the Battle of ohad

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when he came to hear these kind words, quote, nobody saw slim said Khalid can such an intelligent person he can remain oblivious of the beauty of Islam. He started looking

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In Islam and he became a Muslim, we lose hope of our own.

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We are casting our own aside and you're the Navy of Allah is giving doubt and making people feel wonderful and making them feel one that who are outside and saying, an intelligent person like Hadid can remain aloof from Islam for such a long time, my dear respect for others. In conclusion, we spoke about the importance of knowledge.

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The first the first revelation came, then we said that there are two types of knowledge for design we gave the example with regard to it first, we said that contemporary situations are not against Islam. Sometimes with our correct intention and methodology. They become rewarding. I gave you the example of my Russian American boy, I told you what my mom has said sometimes it feels like a fire, but it has to be done within the framework of Islam. Today, unfortunately, we find many people while caning the different disciplines are far removed from the objectives of knowledge in Islam. Because knowledge in Islam is supposed to bring you closer towards Almighty Allah not make you rebellious or

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make you arrogant. And then we made mention with regard to a certain type of solution, Milla given a topic of understanding and making work

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