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The food that we eat is of utmost importance. What we put into our mouths determine what the lemons will do. So, if we are to put something halal and good into the mouth and to eat it, then the nourishment will be good. And the flesh that grows from that nourishment will be good. And if we are to put something haram into our mouths and eat it, then the nourishment will be haram and the flesh that grows from that will also be evil and bad. And that is why Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says manda Batum in socked in for now, oh, Allah, that which has grown from haram, then the fire is more deserving of that, meaning the fire is more deserving of that flesh than anything else.

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Yet today, if we take a look at how people are so greedy, to the extent that they don't mind where the income comes from, to the extent that some of us will actually go as far as saying that I will make Toba later, but I need the loan right now. So it doesn't matter, let me take that loan. Yet. If we look at this person, often times they are chasing what is more, they have a roof over their head, they have food enough for the day, they have enough for years on end. But unfortunately, it is such people that are chasing more, those are the ones that are going to the banks, those are the ones that are going and taking loans for interest. Those are the ones that are deceiving a person for

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some goods, etc. Those are the people the ones who don't actually need it are the ones who are doing this. So it is very important for us to remember that whilst is good, Allah subhanho wa Taala he named it as Halal in the Quran, goodness, so you should go after it, you should look for it, you should seek it and it becomes a means of Ibadah it becomes an actual worship when you do it for the sake of Allah subhanahu Attallah seeking only that, which is halal. But when you don't care where that income comes from, or perhaps you ignore the fact at times, we have a deal that comes our way. And it is so lucrative that we feel you know what, in this case, I'm going to ignore the aspect of

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haram in this 70% of it is halal. It's okay, let me do it. No, even if 1% of it is haram don't engage in that deal. This is different to those who are forced into transactions with the bank where you have to deal with the bank and they force forcibly give you interest and you take it out. That is a different case in a different scenario. But when you willingly go and you take a Reba Reba based loan, and you know that you can actually do without it, you would survive you would live then this is where the problem comes. Many of us today when we go to a restaurant, we will first ask where is the certification? Is it Halon? Was it slaughtered in the correct manner? Are you sure

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there is nothing wrong here there is no pork no alcohol, we make sure that what we put into our mouths is halal. But that which both that burger and that which bought that drumstick and that chicken we don't really bother to ask yet. If we take a look at the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Abu Hora Yahagi Allahu Anhu he says that Allah horrible is that evil Jellal commanded the believers by that which he commanded the messengers so whatever the messengers were commanded to do the believers are required to do as well and he says yeah you heard also don't call whom you know by ye but you aren't mad oh sorry. Are you will have believed oh you Oh messengers,

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eat from that which is good and do good deeds. What does this mean? This means that you if you eat of the good food, then you will be enabled to do good deeds. You will be enabled to go to the masjid you will be enabled to perform your Salah you will be enabled to give you as a car and the Hadith continues to Medaka Raju

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Up to sufferer. Then he mentioned a man that takes a long journey. This is a man that normally and usually would be responded to in Doha. Why? Because the dua of the Mousavian is answered. So one extra reason for him for his dua to be responded to. I shot the bottle is disheveled and he is dusty. So his clothes are dusty his hair and his beard is disheveled. This is another reason for the person's dua to be accepted. Because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says ru Bere* bara lo XM Allah Allah Hina Ababa that they are people from amongst us, they are disheveled and dusty. But if he took a person mon Allah subhanahu wa taala, Allah would make that come true. If he only said

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that wala He Allah Who will do this, Allah who will make it happen because of the man and the caliber of the person that he's seeing that that is the second reason for his dua to be except Except it was Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I shall borrow.

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Your M would do ELA he won't do. Yeah, they he last summer. He raises his hands up to the heavens. So that is the third reason he is calling out in dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala Why would Allah not respond to such a man and the fourth reason is Yahoo ruya B. B He calls out and he increases in his calling, repetitively calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is something that Allah loves when a servant calls out to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he says, yah, yah Rob Oh my maker Oh my maker, and he calls out again man again Allah loves that. That is the fourth reason for this person's dua to be accepted. And then he says, Well, no tramo haram oh no woman who haram on Oahu via Bill haram

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ephah and use a bully Dalek and his clothes his food is haram. His clothes are haram and his drink is haram. So where is such a person expecting to receive a response from where would such a person receive a response from this is not simply saying you will not be responded to Allah he's giving you the ultimate denial that you will most definitely not be responded to. Where do you expect such a response to come from Yfp one whom you according to when he told you to eat halal and you couldn't do that much. The beginning of this hadith says in Allah Hatha evil indeed Allah is good Leia Caballo Illa Yeva. He does not accept anything except for goodness. So when you put something into

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your mouth, don't only think of where that chicken and that beef came from. But think also of where the income that both that chicken and that beef came from. That is important, just as important as how Halal the food is.

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So when we eat halal ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala responds to our to our earthly Mathematica tekun Moosejaw but that way, when you purify your food, then you will become one whom Allah responds to you raise your hands to Allah subhanahu wa taala and you ask him beg of him and the next day next moment you see it has happened. What is that? That is because you made sure that what went into your mouth is halal. So it is very important for us to ensure that what we eat is halal. You see, the other aspect is not only halal, but that which is good as well. Today we have what is classified by everybody as junk food. And we eat this over and over again we find ourselves eating crisps and

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eating that which was fried and eating that which is bad for the health. And then we expect to be active and we expect to have the ability to go around and do what we want to do. Yet the beginning of that hadith says yeah, you are rasuluh Kulu Minato Yi but eat that which is good one MaryLu sorry ha and do good deeds, what does it mean? When you eat that which is good, you immediately have the ability you eat that which is healthy, that which will give you the strength for your Ibadah then that will give you the ability to act out with the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala Now, one interesting occasion or story narration that comes from Ali ibn Abi Talib Radi Allahu Anhu a man

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comes to his house

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And he's begging, asking for something. So he had this habit where he would never turn away a beggar. So he says to his, the man that just wait at the doorstep. And I will come back with something. Let me go and see. So he goes into his home. In the meantime, the man sees a bridle, you know, the bridle of a horse, he sees it in the house. So he picks it up. And he runs away with it, he steals it. And he goes to the marketplace and he begins to sell it. So he sells it, he manages to sell it. And this money, he takes it and he eats it, it's gone. Now in the meantime, Ali Albee Allahu Anhu comes he finds that the bridle is gone. So he says Wallah, he

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take this money, that I was going to give this man and go to the marketplace and look for a bridal he gives one of his servants and says, go to the marketplace, look for a bridal and buy it. So the man goes to the marketplace and he looks for a bridal he finds it and he buys it. So he comes back to Ali ibn Abi Talib, Radi Allahu Anhu. And he says, Look, this is what I found. So he begins to look at the bridal and he says Wallah, here it is as though it is the same one. It is as though it is the one that he took from my own house, had he waited a few more moments, you will never receive this money with Hallahan because the very money that he was going to give to the beggar was the one

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that he eventually received, but he received it with Hala. So sometimes, all we lack is a bit of sub patience. The fact that we are suffering now doesn't mean that we are going to suffer forever. And this is where your son or van biller kicks in, you're thinking good of Allah subhanho wa taala. You need to think to the best of Allah Allah is that you will Jarrell because when you know that Allah subhanahu wa taala will come through for me he has promised to come through for me, then you will wait patiently knowing that your turn is coming, knowing that Allah subhanahu Attallah will not let you down. Allahu Bucha is that you will Jalil promises as this woman

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that you feel I'll be in Allah here is for her and there is nothing that walks on Earth, except that the risk of that particular creature is with Allah subhanho wa Taala he has guaranteed to sustain that creature of his he created the creature so he will sustain that creature. If we understand this and bear this in mind what Allah He we can never go to haram. We can never accept even a dime or a penny of haram knowing that Allah has promised me how well it will come. Allah has promised me Halal it will come one of the people of the past he would give so much sadaqa that the people around him would say Wallahi Why don't you leave something for your heirs, your inheritance those who are

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coming. And he says to them, his response is profound. And this is something that we can all learn from. His response is amazing. It shows his mentality with regards to money. He says As for the money, I have left it with Allah subhanho wa Taala for myself. As for the money I left it with Allah subhanahu wa Tada for myself. And as for my ears and my inheritors, I left Allah with them. Allahu Akbar. What does this mean? He taught his children to eat halal to do that, which is good. So he left Allah with him knowing Allah who would never let them down. And as for himself, he made sure that he sent as much as he could to the era. If we understand what our money is and what our wealth

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is, then there is no way no way that we can ever eat something haram or Kulu. Lee Marley, the son of Adam says it is my wealth. It is my wealth. Well, Hala kami Malika Lama Caleta Abdullah eater, and is there anything that belongs to you except that which you ate so it passed? And it went, Oh, let me stop for half meter or you or it and it became ragged and target it worn out and you had to throw it away or give it away? Oh, Tessa, Tessa, beta oh you gave a sadaqa of it. So you carried it forth to the Akira. These three basically what you use and what you give of sadaqa is yours. Your Money, Your wealth is the access that you have to it. 70 years, eight years you have access. That is your

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money. You are plugged in for that time.

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As much as you can do in that time do because there will come a day where you can't. So use it, use it on yourself, use it on your children, give it in sadaqa that is what will benefit you, the rest, whatever they inherit, they will take it, they will use it they will enjoy it and they will to pass on. It is just a cycle of life. So your wealth is the access that you have to it, make the most of it and those of us who feel like we don't have much then it took Allah however there will be Shipley Tambora or it Hakuna wallow Bishop Kitamura that fear the Fire placed a barrier between you and the fire, even if it is with half a date. Even if it is with half a date which one of us can say we

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don't have half a day to give him some data that may end up being your barrier between you and the fire may Allah subhanahu Attallah grant us the right understanding of our wealth and may Allah Allah will is that you will generally give us the ability to give for his sake and give us the ability to eat that which is halal and consume only that which is good May Allah subhanahu wa taala forgive us all.

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In Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen