Ebrahim Bham – Hadrat Saad Bin Abi Waqaas

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who was a successful model for people to use in their lives, and talks about her experiences with Islam and her actions during her time in the Islam world. The woman was later killed by a member of the "roda of Islam" and retaliated by the man she was waiting for her father to act methodically. The conflict between the Muslim army and the Persian Empire led to the deaths of thousands of people and the return of the city of Kufa to its former city. The conflict was part of a larger effort to support the Iranian people and encourage them to follow the same path.
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We'll select wassalam Allah Milan Viva

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La Mulana Viva la vida de la Kitagawa kitabi la Sharia Tabata Shariati

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a MOBA do photo Villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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over st Nelly immersa bhiwadi de

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Wayne jaha de Cali Toshi kabhi Molly silica be here Alma, Sara colloseum.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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from time to time, as many of us would be aware,

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we speak on a great personality of the past.

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And the intention behind that is

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that we draw lesson and inspiration from the noble lives so that we could put it into practice in our life.

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There's also another dimension to it for this week. We had gone through an event where many people the young people in particular, could perhaps be inclined to regard certain people as role models.

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It's important for us to once again refocus who really are our role models. And today the person who I would like to speak about and withdraw some lessons from his life, he said been Abi waqqas raviolo. Toronto. Sabina, Viva Castro viola, who Tran who is a remarkable person amongst the Ashura MOBA, Shara when we say the Ashura MOBA Shara meaning amongst the 10 people, that were given the glad tidings of Jenna, by our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum while in this world, in fact, he is from the tribe of bunnies O'Hara. And anyone who knows Islamic history would be aware that the tribe of bunnies Zahara is a tribe of the mother of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And Sabina beaver cos

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was the maternal uncle of nebbia cream sauce. He was in our parlance, the Mambo or the mama g of Nivea creme de la jolla. And it comes in a hadith in Sahih Bukhari one day when a cream sauce lamb was sitting in his gathering, Sabina beaver Castor, the mountain was coming. Nivea creme de la while he was sitting took great pride over this fact. And he said, Oh, people look at my maternal uncle. And this is the way a maternal uncle of a person is going to be a cream sauce. He used to have a great attachment to his maternal uncle. And this was sad in a way because he alone ran home. And in the beginning stages when nebia Kareem saw Selim called people towards Islam, Sabina beaver cast

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accepted Islam very early. It is made mentioned by his own words that he was the fourth male adult to accept Islam. And he accepted Islam at the behest and persuasion of Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu, who persuaded him to accept Islam showed him the beauty of Islam and took him to another valleys of Mecca to accept Islam at the hands of our beloved nebia Karim, Allah Allah who was why while Nivea cream salsa lamb was very delighted and happy it is Islam. His mother was not happy at his accepting Islam. And this was a time of great

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tribulation upon sad because he had great attachment to his mother. Mother loved him, he loved his mother. And his mother then said, What made you leave the religion of your forefathers. I am going not to eat, I'm going to own a hunger strike. I'm not going to eat until you renounce your religion. And everyday he used to come and see his mother getting more and more weak. And it had an impact upon sad until the ayat which I recited in the beginning there are two very similar is one in Surah lokman and one in Surah uncovered. We are letter A says I command you to be kind to your parents.

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But there is a limit with regard to obedience to your parents. The only obedience that is without limit

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is the obedience to align is our schools that allow Hollywood cinema.

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Any other obedience to any other person has a limitation. And your letter says I command you to be good to your parents, when jahad aka Allah and to shirakami but if they were to force you or emphasize upon you to Alya to Bella, so tap, associate partners to Almighty Allah, for Allah to the oma, then don't obey them. If the parents were to tell you to do something that is wrong, they are no more worthy of obedience. But in Surah lukeman, wasa

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Hey boo Murphy dunya meroofer but continue being good to them even after that. So hon Allah look at the beauty of the worse of that, to continue being good to them, even if you don't obey them in Haram,

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you know, so this was the ayah that was revealed. And they have to he went to his mother and said, Mother, I have tremendous love for you. But Islam is Islam. I cannot, I cannot, irrespective of what you do, even if you have to die in the state, the mother don't stand so his enthusiasm, his conviction, and he or she then continued, continued with her life, and he became a Muslim. Also with regard to Saudi Arabia lauter know, in the initial stages of Islamic rollaway, Muslims had great amount of difficulty from the people of Mecca. And on one occasion, it so happened that one of the people of Makkah, while they were praying, while the Muslims were busy when they divided, came to

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ridicule and came to interrupt the prayers. And while people could sometimes bear that, as a top up were custodial, often on one occasion became very angry. And it took a bone of a camel to hit the person who was ridiculing him to eat him. But then the Quranic ayah came was Allah Maja Kowloon wa Jerome hydron jameelah, that in the time of Makkah, the command was not to retaliate. No matter what the people of Makkah, do, don't retaliate. So, while SAP in me will cause over, overwhelmed by emotion on one occasion did retaliate. The after the Quranic ayat was was Mira lahmacun mix up our upon what they say and leave them don't retaliate and that is a Muslims life mighty respect to

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others, he is not driven by emotion. He has to see the commands of Allah He has to see situations. Sometimes you have to like to retaliate sometimes you also like to act emotionally. Whereas a times to act emotionally might not be the proper cause for Muslims in a particular situation. And that is what the Muslims despite the fact that they felt heard they felt them every time they came to nebbia cream sauce alum give us the give us the permission to retaliate nice awesome said no Allah tala said no retaliation. While you are in Makkah, that is your position. When they came back to Madina, munawwara made hatred. Allah says in the Quran, who Zener Isla de una you gonna be unknown Zulu, now

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you have been given permission to retaliate. Now you have been given permission to make jihad. And what is amazing is that in the first expedition expedition, sent out by nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam under the leadership of obey rebny haridra Viola O'Donnell, Sabina v. Workers says is is made mentioned in Sahih Bukhari in nearly Arab, I am the first Arab Rama pasa amin feasability la after the permission had been given to retaliate into fighting the cause of Allah to set out an arrow to take a bow and arrow and take that arrow in the path of Almighty Allah. The first person to let an arrow from his bow and arrow was going to be what class was he allowed to know, in this

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particular way he carried on he was among the four prefer forefront of the people who was in the striving for the establishment of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Battle of butter, he went with his 14 year old brother and his brother initially was not given permission to take part in the battle you are too small and obese Aslam told him to lie much more you gave permission to this person. I'm more stronger than than him. I will overwhelm him. I will overcome him in a wrestling match. And he did so in front of him. Maybe a cream sauce alum gave him the permission. And Sabina b workcast took his brother, but he came back from the bathroom without his brother because his

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brother was amongst those 14 people who was martyred in the Battle of butter. Then in the Battle of war had, you know, sad BJP workers played a very prominent role. He was amongst those who guarded nebia cream sauce from when the people of Makkah were out for the life of a cream sauce alum and he was a very expert Archer. He got it nivia Kareem survivalism to such an extent, that nebia Kareem Salalah sell him while he was you know, letting fly his arrows via cream sauce Adam said yeah, sad. Enemy feeder kabhi. Swan allow fortunately the Sahaba Oh, sad. Continue snow firing the arrows. May my parents be a ransom for you. May my parents be ransom for you? And as a leader the ultimo says my

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Jama the way helia had an illness. I never saw nebia Karim saw cillum using these words may my parents be a ransom for you except for Sabina be workers. This was at the time of ohad and then they'll be a cream sauce alum made dwarf was a Sathya Latino on the Battle of ohada

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Allah who must do the remainder who achieved

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Oh Allah, whatever arrows he sends out, make it reach target and accept his dua. And we'll come back to that particular aspect of his door, how maybe a cream sauce Adam gave him this aspect of he was Mr. Java dog, because of Nivea cream sauce comes da da da and because of nubby sauce, limbs advice. Now another very interesting incident that took place was after the conquest of Makkah was sad. And it gives us many, many lessons. The Serbian me was because keep in mind, Muslims Sahaba left Mecca to migrate to Medina. So they left their hometown

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to go to another city for the sake of Allah. So when he came back to Makkah after the conquest of Makkah, he became ill. And his worry was that I'm going to die in Makkah. And I don't want to die in a place which I left for the sake of Allah.

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I don't want to die in a place although it is Makkah which I had left for the sake of Allah. So we went to nebia Crimson eurosla make dua that Allah tala keep me alive. And we saw some midwives who said you will stay alive but then he was still worried. So he said, You're a Summa I got wealth. I want to give my entire wealth in the path of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that we are criminals who said no, you can't give your entire wealth in the path of Almighty Allah then he said yes, Allah allow me to give one half the mistletoe said no, you can't give one half of your good then he said you're a solar Give me the jazzy to give one third. So, let me let me set one third is

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permitted in Sharia, but what follows huka theory There is also too much

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and then look at what may be occurring so Muslim said what a great lesson we love. He said all sad to leave what a Sokka alchimia Hiraman Antara humara to leave your family members

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well maintained and looked after independent, self sufficient is better than to leave them dependent upon other people who said Don't do it. Don't give all your wealth in the path of Allah. Leave it for your children. To leave your children self sufficient is better than to leave them dependent upon other people. And then maybe a creme de la la Sallam said because whatever you spend for the sake of your children, Allah tala will reward you But of course, we got to have the balance. So today we can use the our situation today is 99% is ready for the children and then 1% also we find it difficult to give in the cause of Allah, that is also the right balance. Here he wanted to give

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all one, one half and we saw some preventative, but when he came to 170 pesos and said one third, you have the permission.

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So just keep this beautiful balance. It also tells us how we how is important to look after the family, how important it is to use wealth constructively to leave your children you know self sufficient, so what great lessons we learn from these particular type of incidents. So anyway, this was also one of the incidents that took place in the time, the time of our beloved Nivea cream sauce them maybe a cream sauce and pasta. These are some of the incidents that happen. Now the one I would also like to make mention, one day has a Saturday a Latino came to me via cream sauce Lamia, Rasulullah, Allah tala Alani Mr Java dot, O Prophet of Almighty Allah, make dua that Allah accept

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all my prayers. So now we saw slim told him he said, Atiba mud amaka the Cousteau Java What? Oh sad, eat halaal Allah will accept your prayers yesod atip matamata coolmuster Java dot o sad let your what you eat is hallel May your income be halal, and if that is halal, Allah will accept your prayers, how important it is for us that we should always have our food and our income. Hello, we here we learn from this one beautiful conversation between Serbian epi workers and our beloved nebia creamy sauce them after the time of nebbia Kareem salatu salam, a very major aspect of photography ultimos life for which he is very well known. He is after the Muslims in the time of Monrovia lotano

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you know, manage to make a serious dent to the Byzantine Empire the Roman Empire. In a decisive battle in there was the Battle of Yarmouk as one of the Latino started concentrating on the Persian Empire in Iraq. And as the Latino wanted to leave the Muslim army against the Persian Empire. Now, the long incident the reason why the Muslims at that time, went to confront the superpowers of the time because they want to bring the justice of Islam in a world that had not seen justice at a time or in a world in which justice was was lost. There was no justice. So nevertheless, as a theologian who wanted to lead the Muslim army towards the Persian Empire, he called all the Sahaba and he made

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a Matura and he expressed his desire to lead this expedition

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to Syria, Omar, you can do that.

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Because if you go and something happened to it to you, then the Muslims will be weakened throughout. We are busy fighting the Roman Empire. And at that particular time something happens to you, then it would actually be a great have a great demoralizing effect upon the Muslims. You don't need them. So anyway, as Omar said, Who do you suggest? He said, we've got a person, a person who is a lion in his den. So who are you referring to? His I'm referring to the uncle of Nivea cream sauce lamb Sabina, because everyone felt it was a it was a very, very good opinion because Sabina because of the alto was known from the very beginning to be in the forefront of various expeditions. That's gonna be I

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gave him many beautiful advisors. You know, some of the advisors I will just read one or two of them. He told him when he was appointed as the commander of the Muslim army towards the Persian Empire. In Allah Allah Yamaha say they see in Allah Allah em casa de ce. O Saad, Allah does not obliterate evil with evil. Allah obliterates evil with good in Al Hassan adhesiveness. Surya says Allah in the Quran, good, obliterates evil. So when you have evil, follow it up with good, the good will obliterate the evil that you have done. And that doesn't obliterate evil with evil. And obliterates evil was good. And then oh, sad. We're in the La La Sabina who Urbina had NASA on Isla

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de Tati. So Angela and he wanted to say this too sad because sad, could have taken pride. I'm the uncle of Nivea cream salsa. He said, Oh sad. Allah has no relationship with his creation. Allah doesn't have a relationship of blood relationship. Allah doesn't have anything that he owes you or you are in title from Allah illa bheatha it except through his obedience. What words of wisdom OSA Allah doesn't owe anyone anything neither are you entitled to Allah from Allah tala to me from anything from Allah tala except bitter it except through the means of obedience.

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That is a relationship between us and Allah. That we must make it that then Allah tala will will reward us if he wishes. And then as Assad Ravana went, and first Morocco told him to go and send people to go and give them the message of Islam. What is amazing in this particular aspect was the dignity with which the people went with a message that sadly, the ultimate sin 14 envoys sent 14 invoice, different invoice, ie one cent, maybe even a hammer, and then you send different others

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to either the commander of the army of the Persian Empire sometimes to her to the to the to the Persian Empire himself. He sends them all and he says in the very same that in this very same envoy, maybe Abner repeatedly Amir, who made that remarkable comment, which still today shines out in the history of shines out in the pages of Islamic history. When the Persian Empire maybe more the commander asked him who would it be why people come from Arabia will ever come here to confront us, is it No we have not come on our own. Allahu Allah, Allah has sent us dinoflagellate, a bad memory bottelary bad, he bought a terrible a bad Elias centers to take creation, away from the bondage of

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creation and put them in the bondage of the creator of creations. In the same same sad baby workers who simply leave the army as an envoy to tell the Persian Empire this, we have come to take you away from the bondage of creation, you know, to put you in the bondage of the creator of the Islamic ballot setting.

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We're exegete etc. to Quran semester as our sisters as our assistants data admin, that one sits there that you find difficult to make in front of Allah, Allah will free you from making Sr 2000 other people make once a day to Allah tala that will free you from being dependent upon anyone else. So he said we have come to take people away from the bondage of creation, and put into the bondage of great operation. We have come to take people away from the injustice of other religions, and to bring them to the justice of Islam. And we have come to take people away from the narrowness of this world to the vastness of this world in the after.

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The after it after 14 invoice they still felt although they had the hesitation because they could see this was proof. Therefore they had this agitation they asked for envoy after envoy, and then when there was nothing could come up and they were still bent on on fighting. Then the Muslim has fought and this particular battle took place cardassia took place, which was a major battle that broke the back of the Persian Empire led by Serbian heavy workers for days. Many 1000s of people were killed in this end, Serbian heavy workers was sick. So

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He stood on the top and he directed the Muslim army. Because after Zora, when he read the takbeer and he sent people out in up in the in the path of Almighty Allah, and Allah Allah granted them victory. It was a very interesting incident of a woman, a woman was a poet, poet have their own ways. They have their own particular inclinations. So what Mahajan was imprisoned by sad for being drunk.

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So when he saw the better he couldn't take it. He sent a message to sads wife, and he said, Please, I want to fight in the path of Allah. Even if I become drunk. Even if I've done wrong, I want to commit jihad. Please free me, I will bring myself back and tie myself back and imprison myself. Sad wife, you know, did that she freed him. And sad Benepe workers says I never saw anyone who was more brave in the battlefield. And he said I looked at him closely. He looked like above margin. Reasonable margin isn't in prison. But then when he came back, and I realized that it was a woman sad whenever you were cast with a lot of freedom. And then after that, it broke the bear the back of

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the Persian Empire. Then Allah tala gave granted victory to the Muslims. And they cross cross over the river Tigris in its flood, to take over the capital city of the Persian Empire, because that time, the leader of the Persian Empire was killed, and they fled in disarray, and they went into the city feeling that that would be safe. But when they saw the Muslims crossing the river Tigris, in full flood, with great enthusiasm with a man, they left all the posts, and Allah subhanho wa Taala granted victory to the Muslims over the Persian Empire under the commander, Commander ship of the Serbian happy workers, one of the one of the great people of Islamic history. And you know what,

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maybe a cream sauce lamb said at that time, when the Muslims were in great difficulty. They were putting stones on a stomach because they were hungry. They didn't have food, and the Sahaba came to complain. And they were cream sauce them said, Don't you worry also have a time will come when the Persian Empire will follow the hands of the Muslims. And the people the monastics in Medina made a joke. And they said they don't have food to eat. And they they seen dreams of conquering the Persian Empire. From that time, whenever sastra made this remark in 15 years and Atala granted victory to the Muslims over the Persian Empire. So hon Allah and then he continued, he founded the city of

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Kufa, the city of Kufa became a very great city of Islamic learning. The city of the library must good. We are delighted Massoud gave lessons of the city of Malmo and the family. That city was founded by Sabina purcahse. Even today, the Jama Masjid in Kufa, is related or people say it was started off by Sabina Bua castle the ultimo. And he passed away the age of 18 is a very interesting thing. If you do a Google search on the two of us, you will find that to him it is in Guangzhou. In China. The Muslims in China say that Serbian people Casa de Botton who is buried in China, although Muslim historians don't agree with that fact, they said it could be another savvy, it could be maybe

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sad baby workers sending people to China. But in China, if you go it's commonly known that it's the crib of sad baby workers, although historically, it is more common that he's tied near in Iraq somewhere. And he died at the age of something 84 so and before he died, he told his children. I have a jumper that I wore at the time of the Battle of whether, you know, Barbie was at Jabba, but even with a jumper that I wore the time of the Battle of other In this way he died, leaving behind a remarkable legacy and leaving behind an inspiration and lesson for us to follow. Because after all, Allah has commanded us in the level of support of the Quran, to follow those who are the Vanguard's

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of Islam. And undoubtedly, Sabina Bua cos rhodiola Houghton, who was one amongst them, May Allah give her a topic of understanding and making among and following the life of such great people.

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