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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misconceptions of Islam and how it can lead to pride and confusion, as religion is not a means of achieving pleasure but rather a means of achieving a better state. They emphasize the importance of practice hard until everything works out and acknowledge the need to balance life. The speakers emphasize the importance of education for building a better Muslim lifestyle and educating people on the middle path of Islam. They also discuss the challenges of educating people on the Islamic side, including the lack of knowledge and the need for students to pursue the path.
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He asked you what is in this rule when it comes to?

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Does anyone know? Know?

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Exactly. Meaning we don't add things we don't have every day we have a new every day we have something new. We only have those fewer eba that was legislated for us.

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Some people make the dean over complicated, right and the dean will love you becomes over complicated. When you go outside, the sooner the profits of the local police. When you start stepping outside the sun Nova center, yes, of course it can become complicated. But if you live your life if you worship Allah azza wa jal, according to the Sunnah will not he will only bring you out half your soul will be contented Yeah, your body will at times be tired, your body will feel difficulty. For example, getting a professional is difficult. Sometimes we all admit that. Right? Most of us find it difficult to get it for pleasure. But Islam says to you that if you are too

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tight, if you're going to tire your body for the sake of a job,

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you will give rest to your soul.

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That is the

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so there's

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the regular actions. And there's LACMA, even Indeed,

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the other misconception, people say a lot if I become religious, then people will start asking me all these questions. Why do you do this? Why do you do that? What is the ruling on this? What is the ruling on that? And I tell you about brothers and sisters, that that is the wrong way of looking at it. Because you as a Muslim allies, doesn't hold you accountable for being a scholar, meaning you don't have to have an opinion regarding every single matter out there. And this is one of the misconceptions that leads people to believe that if you become religious, all of a sudden, you have to have a stance on this and have a stance on that. Brother, what is your opinion on the length of

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the beard? Brother? What is your opinion on this? What is your opinion on that? Just because you're religious? And why all you have to say is what a lot of our email will say, when they didn't know the answer to something.

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And if you say that you have protected your religion, right? And you say that we have an email have been that we have is a knowledgeable person, go ask them. Right? You don't have to answer these questions. You try to follow the religion to the best of your ability. You follow somebody whose knowledge that you trust, and who you trust as being a trustworthy person. And it's easy, it's seven, a lot of the companions when they had a question, they didn't overcomplicate stuff, they went to the person, and they asked him and told him what to do.

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He does not expect that every single person in the community has to be an island does not expect a lot expects that you find somebody trustworthy. And you ask him first.

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Ask the people of knowledge. If you don't know, God is what you're responsible for. Right now is what to expect from me. And then when you get the answer, you try to worship Alliance origin to the best of your ability.

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Also, people say

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I don't want my religious friends to start judging me by by non religious friends, meaning a person. Let's say they have friends that are not so religious. Okay? So if you're not religious, for example, you'll have friends that are not religious. And then your fear is, if I become religious, then people are gonna look at my non religious friends, and begin to judge me by those friends. So how am I gonna make this separation between my religious friends? And my non religious friends? Right? Do you know what I'm talking about? Right? So the fear is that's parallel, if I become religious, that I have a stamp on me.

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Right, he is with our idea that he is a religious person. And if they see me somehow to love hanging out with someone non religious, then there's going to be an issue. Right? They can be like, What kind of person is this? And

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they say, another track from chat bot, right? Making you worried about these trivial issues, right, making you worried about who I hang out with and what people will think. Right? You're not responsible for that. You're responsible for picking the right friends for yourself. lasha no doubt, right. You're responsible for making sure you keep the right company around you. But if you happen to for example, this has happened to some brothers. It's very common story. A brother starts practicing becomes religious. Then he's in the Superman gets religious. He gets married, handed out, he's in the supermarket with his wife. And then he sees some some girl that he knew and agenda to

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him. And he's freaking out, right? He's in the supermarket, and he sees this girl. He knows what he sees me. He's gonna be like, Hey, how are you doing?

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Let me get a hug. Right? And that's gonna be a problem What? I'm what I'm going to be so embarrassed whenever, and I say to you, why would you be embarrassed? Right? You know, if you see this person, say, you know, I'm a practicing Muslim now, and I can shake your hand, I can hug you. But this is my thing. What is there to be ashamed of have there is in Islam that

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made you someone who is trying to attain the pleasure of

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right? There is in Islam, and you have to apologize to Noah, rather you should be happy, you should be happy if somebody sees you, and they see some just some person who is not a religious come up to you. So they can see this a lot. He used to be like them, but he made a difference in his life. He consciously or unconsciously made the choice to become a better Muslim. They, she he or she made the choice to submit to Allah azza wa jal. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

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Right? I used to be myself had done, I was not always a practicing Muslim. And I used to fear running into somebody that I know around around somebody who was more religious. Right? Then there came a day when I said, Why do I care? Right? Rather, I should be happy that I meet somebody from my days when I was not practicing. And I can give them the messages, though. That ended up in a lot, you won't be able to do that you won't be able to be happy about telling someone about Islam until you have very new thing, until you have pride in your deen. And you said, it

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took me away from Jen and brought me to Islam.

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I used to worship this dunya I used to worship the cars and the money and the women and this and that I used to be involved. That's all I cared about the life and Eliza made me to a person who I care about the creator of the creation. Now, I created I care about a lot.

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And that is the most important thing. This is something to be proud of. Right? That you are someone who truly embodies the word Muslim, someone who does is not someone who has submitted to Eliza,

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something to be proud of. Right? So don't let that fool you and say, listen, once you become practicing, you're gonna have to watch your back all the time, or you're gonna have to somehow figure out what you're going to do and you're not going to just friends.

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one of the misconceptions that people have about becoming religious, is they say that

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I don't want to be known as a Procrit. Okay, what I mean by this is, they say if I become religious, and I give off the image, that I'm a religious person, and I make a mistake, right? If I commit a sin, and I'm gonna be a hypocrite, right? I tell people to do good. I dress like I'm a practicing person, and I make it and I commit a sin. And this is one of the smartest strict ship on planet people telling them that either you're perfect or don't bother being religious, or don't bother being a Muslim. If you can't be perfect, then the reason why this is such an amazing trick is because none of us are perfect. If we lived with that ideal, saying that either I become a perfect

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Muslim, or I don't become Muslim at all. Either I become a perfect religious person, or I shouldn't even bother. Are we ever good? Are we ever going to reach that status? Well, we say to ourselves, the love of perfect Muslim.

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Is there a perfect Muslim?

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in the Navy, so

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he was Muslim? Yes. Can you ever say that we are ha sinless, we have not a single?

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No. So if God is telling you that listen, either you become that amazing person or don't even bother, then you're setting yourself up to fail. As the President said, could anybody

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in the room, right, that all

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makes mistakes, they sin. But the best of the centers are those who make Toba. Unless there's some, there's something on the authenticity of it. The scholars have said that the meaning of data is is right.

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So it doesn't ask for you to be a perfect Muslim. Right? A lot doesn't expect that you will be perfect Muslim, but a lot all allies are asked to do is that you try and you keep trying until the Angel of Death comes upon you. And that's what we can hope for. Right and you live your life. With that in mind. I don't have to be perfect, but I have to try meaning every day is going to be a struggle. Right? And all I can hope is that if I die with this struggle, I will have the Shahada upon my tongue. I will say no.

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Because I'm always trying and that is all that is required of us when done.

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The other misconception which is part of this and this is my last point inshallah Dara is that

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come to you and say to you, why are you even bothering trying to become religious when you commit certain sins? So I know brother came to me. He said, he said, I'm sorry, I have a question for you. He said, I want to come to the machine. But I drink alcohol sometimes. And I don't think that I can. I don't feel right. Coming to the masjid, if I've had alcohol the night before. Right? And, you know, I just don't feel like a clean person. Right? Because I am sinful. I don't I don't think I can. I'm worried the upcoming two dimensional, right? had a lot of progress is out of love. If you act like this, right? Then you're shutting the door. Right? If you close the path to the machine,

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that if you close your your connection to saw your connection with a love, you're set up with a love that how are you ever going to improve? And shaitan is definitely one if he's kept you away from the machine. Just because a person sins doesn't mean that they should not do any other good action. Of course, we should try to correct our sins, but we should never ever, ever let a sin stop us from doing other good deeds. Right. And this is why the scholars say that regret is a good thing, that if we committed sin, and we regret this is a wise overjet because this regret, and this is the only type of regret which is good, the type of regret which leads us to make Toba. So if the regret leads

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us to become disheartened and say, you know, I'm just a sinful person. What's the point? That type of regret is a bad type of record regret. The good type of regret is a type of regret which brings you back to a wiser origin. So if you're feeling regret, said 109 is the mercy of Allah his origin that I committed a sin and I feel bad about it, meaning My heart is not sealed yet, there is no room for the message to penetrate my heart. But hamdulillah I feel this regret and therefore I will try harder. I will make Toba because Allah xojo keep forgiving our sins, as long as we keep making Toba. Right. And the only thing as a part of us that we keep trying, like I said, Remember this, this is

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one of the things I wanted to mention real quickly are the stages of religiosity. And this is a trap I think a lot of brothers and sisters go through when they become religious. So there's a lot of the second step.

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Sometimes what happens is, is a brother or sister becomes religious. And because of that a lot less than with the zeal to do everything they can do. They try to do everything 150%. And the reason why I say 150% it means more than 100, meaning they went beyond what was required of them. Right. So they begin to look at everything. So one of the things that happens is

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they'll start looking at photos online, right? And they see why this could happen this issue. So the correct answer must be the most difficult one. Right? So if they say that some scholars census, some scholars that this themselves said this, and the most difficult one is this, they'll say this must be the right opinion, because it is the harshest, right. And we don't say that, you know, this is out of some bad intention, their intention is to do the best they can do. But at times they can go too far. Right? This is the first step. And sometimes this leads a person to the other extreme, right? They live in this extreme of trying to do everything too much. And then they become

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overwhelmed by the team. Right is too much for them. They can't handle it. So they go to the other extreme. And the other extreme is what?

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When they completely give up and say, you know, this is too difficult. I can't do this. What's the point of all right, and they give up? And it's well, it is very sad when people get to that point. And they stop, right? Because what is required of us is to find a path between those two paths in the middle, workaholic agenda

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that we have made. And so we have made you the waterflood nation, the middle nation, the balanced nation, right. So we seek a balance in this life. Right, because a lot of what Jen has given us her boundaries, our job is to seek that balance. One of

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the main problems, you know, and all the stuff that I mentioned, and even the last one that I mentioned, you know, the main problem is

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the what is the thing that that is the overlying problem with everything that I mentioned. There's something that can solve all of this. What is that problem? Anyone? No, no,

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no, but even bigger than also fear or something that will lead us to most of the What

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is that?

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Right? The issue is a lack of knowledge. Right? So person doesn't understand that these are tricks of the ship on so that you being here today and taking time out of your day.

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To come here on a Thursday evening to learn means you have good intentions, you want to better yourself as a Muslim. So I congratulate you, that advisor, which has given you the Delphia, to come to the machine, inshallah to Allah with your prayer intentions, that you want to become a better Muslim to educate yourself, right. And the issue is education, we need to educate ourselves about the middle path, right? And this is why the panel, I prepared this class, because people are on one of two extremes when it comes to chilling or entertainment, either it's, we just chill. And that's all we do. Right. And, you know, I'll talk about some of the examples of people who just chill,

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mean, they're on one extreme, and the other extreme of people were like, crunchy, how everything's *, you cannot chill if you choose your battles, right? And these two extremes are taking over the message of Islam. Right. And we need to learn and teach people that Islam is balance, right, we need to seek this balance in our lives.

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That's what I have for your data. And

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for calling me out in the community. I'm actually very, very honored to be here. 100, I very much enjoyed visiting communities and meeting new people. And from the bottom of my heart, I'm very honored to be here with

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Sue panicle of New Zealand. And as I still feel about what do we make? Quite often, if you have any questions, I'll take them now. If I can answer them, I will try and jump.

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Where are your lectures? Can you repeat the questions? Okay, I was asking, Where are my lectures? That What do you mean? Are you going to? Oh, yeah, I'm teaching a class. It starts tomorrow. shala. It's a weekend seminar. It's called the fifth of Chile.

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And the Islamic perspective on recreation and entertainment in stuff.

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The brother can give you the details. And

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so Friday night, it's at Canton, Michigan, tomorrow night and then Saturday and Sunday all day at University of Michigan Dearborn.

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Social Sciences Building.

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Era noise.

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So tomorrow, it's at Canton, Michigan, at seven o'clock, right? at seven o'clock at Canton machine is the first part of the class and he'll actually go over material, and that's free. that's open to everyone. Saturday and Sunday. If you can afford it, that's great. It goes down when they do more programs, but if you can't, they're willing to work with you guys. Saturday, Sunday at University of Michigan Dearborn. 10 to 7:10am to 7pm. There's breaks there's food. It's really nice. And there's a lot of there's a babysitting is there babysitting. Yeah, this time there is babysitters actually even a mother's room This time we actually managed to get one and we're looking to even display the

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class or somehow connect the class that's going on in the room to the mothers that are in our community so they can benefit while they're taking care of their children. I've attended many classes brother Amir has attended many classes. It's really it's really nice. If you want to go and do it. It's a it's not it's not boring. It's really fun.

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No, no Anyone? Anyone? Not?

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Yes, I can definitely I can definitely do that in the class inshallah.

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Or they can follow the path, the educational path that you follow. I think you are a computer programmer, but you did a

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four year degree in Medina University. How is it possible in the American education system?

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High School above highschool, me personally actually not a computer programmer, I studied graphic design. I finished my degree here at the University of Maryland, actually, my bachelor's in graphic design. Then I applied four years, yeah, then I applied to the University of Medina. And then I got accepted, accepted acceptance rate is actually quite low. So it's not that easy. Like, you know, it's in the hands of a lot of Xhosa. But the main thing is that I wanted to seek knowledge. Right. And I firmly believe that a person is that if a person sincerely makes this sincere intention that they want to seek knowledge and allies that will open the door for them.

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They were coming

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becoming doctors. As long as they balance they're there.

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They're there.

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A lot. Well, there, there is a way. See, that's why we have this this

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program, it came to to actually fix this, because a lot of us, I met him, he said, like these D schools are very demanding of you. Right? So you're going to school five days a week. And then the weekend is the only time that the institute found that was free for people. So what he did was a crunched a semester long worth of material into a whole weekend. So if you do the math, this $85 that you have to pay, it's over 2220. If you're spending time with the shift himself and going to the hotel with him and getting to know him, it's about 23 to 25 hours of education. If you do the math, that's about a semester. That's really about a semester of education you can get from this guy

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from this kind of interaction total. So what we do when I go when I go to universities, I tell them, you can live your life the way it is, but also pursue the Islamic life.

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