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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa salatu salam wa ala Mulana v Avada

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Avada Avada Amati Villa kita kita V, whether

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a model for the Villa shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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la Mota will Hialeah Blue accom au Kumar Salama Sarah cologne as in respected all ama, elders, brothers, mothers and sisters,

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Alana Murphy,

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who has been a source of inspiration for today's program, and for his work that he has displayed menara to law Kashmiri who is my mentor and someone who I look upon with great respect

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and the listeners on the various media stations. We begin by praising Almighty Allah, Allah Allah has made us part of a unique Huma and an amazing aroma. And that Allah has favored us tremendously in many ways. And it is correct to say when in doubt, Dhoni Amata la isla de Souza, if we try and count the favors of Allah we would be unable to do so. Salutations be upon our beloved nebia Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam all up to this day, so many years, since Maria Karim Salalah cylance passing on nebia Karim sauce lamb still remains an inspiration and motivation and a source of great love and respect for every believer inshallah till the end of time.

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Brothers I recited in Ayat of the Holy Quran in which Allah Allah says Allah Allah Kalamata will hire clearblue accom au Kumasi, and voila, we have created the cycle of life and death to test who does right he has deeds away from the object of the test to see who it is deeds and who and how he does it. The Quran and this is very clearly reveals that this life in this world is a test.

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And Allah tala also has the said in the 17 Super of the Holy Quran, one of lukumi Shall we will hire a fitna we will test you what sometimes is and sometimes difficulties.

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And I just recall once that I was in the university and someone asked the question, if Allah subhanho wa Taala exists, and even loss of Hanna what Allah is all powerful? And how is it possible that there is difficulty in this world? So I asked him a question because it was in a university student context, that when you write your examination, do you only get easy questions or you look at challenging questions. So he said I get both types of questions. So I said Allah, Allah has made this world a test. And just as you get

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easy questions in a test, you also get challenging questions in a test. So part of the test is that Allah subhanahu wa taala bring different conditions upon people as part of the test, which Allah Allah has created us for in this world. And alotta has made mention of this in various ways in the Quran, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah homea

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from Medina, Medina Seattle Hasina Tata fo how to want to go into it but it's the same theme has been that Allah has made tests and sometimes Allah tala tests you through ease. Sometimes Allah tala tests you through challenges. The sad part is that many of us in fact majority of us when things are going our way and things are easy. We get very happy a Lenovo moto Versace.

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Versace will say Allah has very great grace upon me things are going well the business is flourishing, everything is going well. Then we even coated iron has I mean funnily ropey, very seldom do we conclude that is yes, it is a grace of Allah. But why did Allah give you is why did Allah give you wealth? Why did Allah give you health? Liam Luna to test whether you are grateful

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or ungrateful. So the ease is also a test which many times you and I don't regard as a test. And it is part of this very test that Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes put certain people through physical challenges. And that is the reason why I say that this is part of the test and the end in itself, it does not signify a benefit or more importantly a disadvantage, especially in the spiritual realm.

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This physical challenge, it is not an advantage or disadvantage in the spiritual realm. In terms of making your accurate it is not an advantage, not a disadvantage, perhaps more inclined towards an advantage in this sense that maybe aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam had said that any difficulty you undergo in this world and not reward you and elevate your status, so nebia cream sauce limited had to shoka even if a thorn pricks you, Allah subhanahu wa taala elevate your status Allah tala wipes away wonderful sins and 100 maybe a cream sauce limits here. Whenever Allah tala takes away the vision of a person, and he remains steadfast upon that there is nothing but Jenna as a reward

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for those people who remain steadfast with such greater challenge. And from the other hand, whenever Latella gives you a privilege, remember what that privilege comes responsibility about which Allah subhanahu wa taala will question you about the privilege. Allah will ask you, what did you do with the good I have given you? You know, I was making mentioned during the course of my Juma talk about money over the long run. And let me just very briefly make mention of it again.

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theologian was a very wealthy Sahabi, someone who had such wealth in our history just to tell us about his wealth. We used to be in amazement. Recently, there was an article that was published by an economist, someone who knew about economy, he took what the historical narrations about his wealth was counted. They said he had 3 billion 100 and 3 million gold coins that he left behind. And that particular gold coins that dinar was equal to 4.365 grams per coin. According to that, according to modern value of his wealth, they counted it, Eddie came out to $528 billion.

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But just because we know Bill Gates, not that he's a hero for us, but just because we know, he said he's net value in December 2016 was $75 billion extra money over seven times more wealthier than Bill Gates. Right. And do you know that nebia creme de la Valley was celebrated after a man will go to jail? One day, as an eyeshadow the ultra was in her hoorah. And there was a great commotion in Madina munawwara and when there was this great commotion she asked what is happening in Medina, what is this noise?

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mean? Abdul Rahman, even the author of the loudness camels. 700 camels laden with goods is coming into Medina. The whole Medina is coming to see this goods that is coming from far off lens. And she said, I heard maybe a cream sauce and I'm saying Abdul Rahman will go to Jelena but he will go crawling into Jelena he will go crawling into Jelena because he will have to give account of his wealth. man heard about it, came running a movie.

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Did you hear this from the VA cream sauce? Yes. What is a way out of dorama given the path of Allah, she said, Oh, mama, bear witness 700 camels laden with goods, I have given it to the poor of Medina give it so when everyone has a privilege, you are going to be held accountable for that. And everyone has a challenge and that Allah rewards him with regard to it. And therefore not like the Holy Quran says was sin kamasan Allah will be good to others the way Allah has been good to you is a very beautiful saying which I also made mention of that when Allah makes you more fortunate than others, then lengthen your table. Don't make your fences tall. And Allah makes you more fortunate

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than others. Lengthen your table. Don't make your fences tall to be able to preserve your privilege. Know when Allah gives you then remember the one who gave you then you show a similar type of compassion to others that we gave you was in Kumasi and Allah really big be good to others they will Allah has been good to you. Nevertheless, the reward and punishment in the year after is not in the conditions that Allah put us

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In it is in response to the conditions and laputa sin. Remember I'm saying reward and punishment in the after is not in the conditions are not passing doesn't mean you are wealthy, you are rewarded going to be rewarded doesn't mean you are poor, you are going to be punished. Allah doesn't reward and punish according to the circumstances Allah puts you in. Allah rewards and punishes according to your response to the situation Allah puts you in. So a person can have wealth, he will be grateful, he will go to Jenna. And he can have wealth and he can be arrogant like Tyrone, and he will go to jahannam. And a person can be poor, like as a belagavi Ultra who has a bill out of your mouth, and

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we can say with certainty, we can sacrifice 1000s of qarun for one bill, despite the fact that he had very little. So Allah rewards and punishes not according to your circumstances, but your response to the circumstances. In this particular regard, the same thing we can say with those people who are physically challenged our beautiful students here who have brought tears to our eyes, those who are visually impaired.

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And I think it's so important for us to realize that this is part of the challenge, Allah subhanaw taala can reward them if the response is correct.

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More important, than the aspect of being visually impaired from the spirit from the physical point of view, is the fact to be blind spiritually. The What am I have written the word

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blind Bryan has been used nine times in the Holy Quran.

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And six times it has been used for those who are spiritually blind. Only three times it has been used for those who are physically impaired

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and those who are physically blind, otherwise, six times it has been used for those who are spiritually blind when

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they have eyes but they can't see the truth. So, this tells us a very important aspect. In today's time, when people talk about the physically challenged, then one aspect comes to mind. They look upon it as a criteria

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to gauge how countries and how societies look upon those who are physically challenged. And one aspect that comes to mind is they say that part of three things those who are physically challenged, those who are visually impaired correctly and ethically and excellently is the point of inclusivity to include them in your community and society. Normally, the definition of inclusion is the act of including or the state of being included, that is how we will normally define inclusion in this particular aspect. Inclusion, in the aspect with regard to those who are physically challenged, is a state of being feeling respected, valued for who you are.

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The state of inclusion despite your physical challenge, or you being visually impaired, is to be respected for who you are talking about who you are, this is very small. And I just let me just very briefly go on a tangent I'll come back to it just remind me on this and you also keep your train of thought on this. Let me just make a small slight detour. Just to say that how Allah is made this

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life in this world as a test Allah tala says in the end of the ATM superar an amazing thing, which is bada boom Libras in fitna, across the room, even your relationships we have made you as the test to one another. Allah has made the husband a test for the wife, the wife a test for the husband, the children test for the parents, the parents have tests for the children, entire world our all our relationships and not only currencies that test across the room won't up. Don't you make supper on those relationship? Don't go and fight. Don't want to break relationship. This relationships are test. It is like not like the way today we fight on every occasion husband and wife one day fighting

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and they were going and they were not talking to one another. So I won't say who it is. And other mothers also Yes, I won't say who was saying to who. But he said that one of their spouses as they were crossing and they were coming towards, you know, a lot of animals on the road and there were a lot of donkeys on the roads. So one of the spouses told the other one

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Your relatives. So the other spouse, he has my in laws.

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And talking about the aspect of being valued for who you are, when a child came to one of his parents, I'm not saying who had now I'm very gender sensitive. So let's say who said, Do you know what the other parents said what he said, we came from apes, the Darwin theory of evolution. So the other parents said she's talking from where her side of the family comes from.

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Anyway, what is inclusion in a state of being feeling respected, valued, for who you are feeling a level of supportive energy and commitment and commitment from others so you can achieve your talents? I want you to think about this now. That is, in today's time, the standard to judge how communities look upon those who are physically challenged. Now today, we know we have this inferiority complex we feel that this is the new standard of civilization that has been given to us by the West. La Isla de Long, long before this has become a standard. Our beloved Nivea cream sauce, taught us a standard of inclusion, that even today while communities and societies in the united

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nations will talk about these at a standard, our beloved nebia Korean saucer have taught, taught it to us long before he became a model of excellence, or extended of excellence. There was one visually impaired Sahabi right who could not see well, and he came one day to nebeker himself. Yasser Allah, Abu huraira, with a lot of knowledge, this hadith. He also lived visually impaired and blind. I cannot. Is it possible for me to read my salad at home? Maybe a cream salsa home set in your condition? Perhaps Yes. And as he was walking away in Libya, Kareem Sawsan called him back and said, Can you hear the Amazon? He said yes, I can hear the Nivea cream sauce from said come to the masjid.

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I wonder those who are not visually impaired, what excuse they have for not coming to the masjid for salat wa Jamaat. He says come to Allah when they look at this ad they say the reason why that may be occurring so Salaam wanted a state of inclusion, that despite your challenge, you still come to the masjid because part and parcel of the community and society. One of them or she made mention of Herbalife new in Mattoon, Yala What a great Sahabi, whom that's happy, that Livia careersource Ceylon used to respect and when he used to come in a merciless nebia cream sauce we used to say this is my companion about which Allah tala had reminded me about something, our Sabbath Allah, Allah ma

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have written, they are 15 to 22 is of the only foreign they've been reveal, because of a good

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15 to 22 foot Allah which are hidden

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as a motor, that whole aspect of Supra was revealed of because of appleid numato. And such a state of inclusion, that he took part in the battles, he used to tell the people that I want to be part of the battle. And he used to say that because I cannot see I do not know what's happening in the battle, give me the flag will remain and keep the Islamic flag aloft, irrespective of the challenge. And irrespective of what happens in the battlefield. I don't I don't I'm visually impaired I can't see I won't be able to make out on the trail I will keep that flag aloft. And then towards the end he told him that keeps me in the middle of the Mujahideen so that I do not cause harm to them in the

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progress. And while being in the middle of the Mujahideen. He became martyred and he became a Shaheed while being physically challenged. What fuzzy what inclusion do people play talk is a standard by those those standards that you have. We have surpassed long ago. We have surpassed long ago not only in slogans, but we have shown it to be that we have done it. If only someone can tell Helen zillah also that, huh? Talking about what what what civilization, what civilization, we are the ones that gave the world flight unfairness. We are the ones that gave the world first algebra. We are the world we are the ones that gave the world the aspect of technology. The place of Portugal

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came to be known as Uncle portata. The land of oranges because of the remarkable system of irrigation that the Muslims have put

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In the Iberian Peninsula, nevertheless, go of the of the tangent. The point inclusion, despite your physical challenge is something that is regarded to be a standard. That standard we as Muslims, as our civilizations have not only regarded it now, it has been part and parcel of our teachings from the beginning and inception of our teachings and our Deen And may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward manana, that in his situation, he has given us this whole particular aspect, that he has also made them and progress and has given them the tally that they must be inclusive, that they must be the ones and I was reading through the report. There were students from Ghana, who have now gone on in

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their teaching bathtubs there who stands despite the fact that they are physically challenged. Alhamdulillah May Allah subhanho wa Taala make them go from strength to strength in sha Allah. May Allah tala make manana go from strength to strength in his Institute. While it might be respective brothers. It fills me individually with great pride. And I think it should fill everyone sitting here everyone listening every day in South Africa, with great pride that monana has set up something that is pioneering that South Africa despite its situation of having such a,

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you know, few, maybe three 4 million Muslims here. We have been showing this vision in this regard. In many other regards to Muslims in other parts of the world. mana made mentioned with regard to how many different modalities has been set up because of the pioneering efforts of Marisa Nord for the blind. It's a matter that should give us great pride and not only in this field, whether it be in the field of Makati, and the field of madrasa education run by the genital alama South African Jamaat Roma kwazulu Natal and other bodies. In the field of halal certification I see my brother yo Sullivan Mohammed is sitting here from Santa Ana, South African National Authority. It is a matter

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that we should be thankful to Allah tala and grateful to Allah tala and make dua that Allah tala We are grateful to him May Allah tala preserve it one of the best ways of preserving an ailment is to be grateful to Allah tala for a Maja follow up as a shocker to Mohammed Why should Allah tala give you punishment if you are grateful and part of the punishment is another can take away. But if you are grateful to Allah, Allah will do so, in Nevada, you Rama, Rama and forsake him nevertheless In conclusion, let us say My dear respective brothers, we also see from molana what he has achieved what determination with what with what can be achieved with determination. It is such an important

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aspect in Matamoros. motherhood ah

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the determination of an individual and that brings Allah subhanho wa Taala has assistance.

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Sorry for that.

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And I think what is important is,

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you see in previous times,

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the philosophers of the Muslims used to do many things. I was reading what Maria loutra who he established 4000 massages in his time of California. He established cities, he established educational institutes. He established post offices, and what and what he did he did cantonments for the Muslim army. So many of the things that was done previously by Muslim governments today, unfortunately, we have to say our governments, Muslim governments have betrayed us. They have not been able to provide the Muslim Omar with leadership or with regard to looking after the leads, in the absence of them, not doing what they were supposed to do. It is the organizations that are

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carrying out dysfunctions, whether it be the organization's carrying out the functions of Manas constitute all the aspects of the geminians or the aspects of the data rooms. These are the organizations which are carrying out what has been previously the functions of the elephant. And therefore these organizations are the anchors and stabilizers of our community. Don't look at it with insignificant brothers. They are anchoring our community. They are anchoring our spiritual needs. And in conclusion, I will say each and every one must play a role with regard to doing something for the benefit of the oma. I've been telling people that you know Nivea cream sauce made

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a diverse

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Should have labor be occurring salsa Luciana boonville Halawa, Hamada why dimitrova knows more about halal and haram? Afro looms ADB savvy. The one who knows most about the law of inheritance is a deeply fabric. And when the resources of wanted someone to have oratory skills, there is also a means to call upon Fabien case, when there was a need for someone, for someone to be able to protect the honor of Islam and Muslims through the lens of poetry, which was so much in vogue in the time of Nivea cream sauce. Upstairs, you know, insteps and come forward a sunny Sabbath. And when he used to compose poetry via cream sauce, we used to give him his number, and on his number he used to compose

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poetry, and that is also used to tell him Allahumma

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May Allah subhana wa Taala help you with produce in today's time, a journalist who writes in fame of Islam in the Muslims protecting Islam and the Muslims against the onslaught, he will be fulfilling that role he would be worth you have the dwarf opening up a cutting saucer. So they are each and every one that is going to skill. And just as Maulana has used his skill and use his life, and his passion to be able to forward this course. There are enough courses that you and I can play a role, even if it'd be a little bit of one small effort that you can do well as he made the respect of others, what is the use of our lives that we only worried about our own comfort? We only bring about

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wealth, our own comfort, our own life life, what is that life, what type of life it is, and don't ever think that I can make a difference for each and every one can make a difference? provided he is prepared to make that particular type of sacrifice is one small incident hotel concluded theater. This is English poet philosopher by the name of Loren eiseley. So a lot of Eisley one day said after a storm we took a walk on the beachfront and after the beachfront because of the great amount of storm that came, there was 1000s and 1000s of starfish that had been washed ashore. Right and he saw one small

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child picking up the starfish, which had been washed ashore, for which it was now know almost certain that they were going to die because they needed water for this survival. The small stash child was picking up his many starfish as he could and throwing it back into the ocean so that they could survive. So Lauren Ainsley say, I've been the poet philosopher, I went to him, I said, Do you realize what you are doing? So I'm just doing I'm trying to

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to save as many starfish as possible. He said, there have been 1000s if not hundreds 1000s if not millions that have been washed ashore. How many are you going to be able to pick up before they die? How many? So the small child perhaps he was not so a poet philosopher, so he didn't understand all the logic. He just continued doing what he was doing. And he picked up that one starfish threw it into the ocean. And he said it made a difference to that one.

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It made a difference to that one, well as in each and every one of us can make a difference. One us example has been one, if we can do that, may Allah subhanho wa Taala the students who have been given us such great inspiration May Allah Allah make them a source of inspiration for the oma, we are natella progress them May Allah grant them good in the solar garden good in the after. May Allah tala Dr. mana nice team great reward. All of you have come those who have helped assist me Allah subhanho wa Taala give you the greatest of rewards, and we are lucky to keep all our institutions, you know what fair and give it even more Baraka in doing the good work which Allah subhana wa Taala

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has blessed them with and Allah Allah accept

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We come to the highlight of the Justice proceedings.

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And he said, I know the program is there. Some are likely already brothers and sisters. We're feeling tired again.