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The story of Nabil Moosa is discussed, with a brief recap of the events leading up to the end of the showdown and a discussion of the origin of the title of the book Nabil Moosa. Jesus is trying to convince followers to believe he is the one true God, but they believe they are lying. Jesus is also trying to convince followers of his claims to be the one true God, but they believe they are lying. The speakers discuss the potential impact of Islam on people of Egypt, including the belief that they are supposed to be reformers and that they are actually reformers. They also touch on the importance of guidance in bringing people back to their natural ways and avoiding harm, and the need for guidance in the aftermath of Islam's actions.

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Larry Miller Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while le wasafi Omar whatever bad Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to our next episode of the story of Nabil Moosa or Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, as well as his brother Harun or in peace be upon him. The story has now unfolded when Abby Moosa and Harun as prophets were sent to Pharaoh, the Pharaoh of Egypt, to give him guidance to coding towards Islam to coding towards submission to God, and to free the people of Israel the Israelites. Then, of course, then, when to fear our salmon summon these magicians, they had a showdown, and it'd be more stuff became a serpent

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which actually swallowed the magic of the magicians, and he showed them the signs that God had shown him, and they believed immediately, in the message of NaVi Moosa, Allah salat wa salam, they will be crucified by fear on their hands and the feet are cut off from opposite sides. And that was the end of the showdown we left off by speaking about the nature of miracles and what it is to witness a miracle and then the miracle of the Quran. Now in this episode, your own or Pharaoh turns to the people and he tries to convince the people that he is in fact Allah, and not this god of Nabi Musa and Harun Allah He was salat wa salam. So we began out to be lagging in a shade on the regime from

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Surah to Surah of the Quran verse number 51. When added for our new vehicle, me and for uncooled his people called among the people call I call me la Sally malcolmus Oh my people, don't I possess the kingdoms of Egypt, what have you and how do we really mean it? And these rivers are flowing beneath me, fella too soon Don't you see? So yeah, we can see is calling towards his power and his popularity and his kingdom and his rich years effluence so that he can actually win over the admiration, which is obviously a ploy. And we as Muslims should learn from this, that just because someone has power and fame and fortune does not make them aware the leader and a hero mean how

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they're living levy Who am I in while I occurred? He will be he then says Am I not Peter and this one in other words, have you Moosa Alexa to ceram with insignificant ease my pain is humiliated. He's debased, you know is nothing while I occurred to you being nice, he can only make himself clear is also pointing towards, that'd be more solicitousness speech defect. Within go. Serato Mahathir was 23 while aka Dr. Salma Mousavi is in our small tiny movie and Allah says, indeed we sent Moses without signs was autonomo been and a clear authority

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in Africa, Sierra Nevada man to Pharaoh and ham and waka rune or rune. Cora is another character who will speak about a bit later in sha Allah, Who is very very rich and so affluent that Allah specially mentioned him in his efforts in the Quran for call you they even said Sir, he'll get there. All of these opponents all of these people said that no Moosa is not a prophet, he is a magician cadet and he's a liar. So this is the response to the truth. Our the true cold was the Oneness in God, fella magic will happen. So we brought in the truth in Indiana from God from us, although they even said, Oh, Cthulhu abana and levena Amano. So they've been resorted to old

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tactics. They said, Now we're going to respond that instead of releasing the Israelites, we're actually going to kill the children of the Israelites if they believe, but those who believe along with him was the yo Cuesta UniSA home and keep alive and another meaningful disease in slave or even rape. The women folk now the biller, Allah forbid, why am I Why am I capable caffeine left the bottle and the plot of the disbelievers is not accepted, it will be lost. The plot will never come to fruition, at least not inevitably. So they might look like they're coming to fruition in this world. And at the end of the day, they will be the losers and in the afternoon will certainly be the

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losers. So this was the plot kill the male children as they did in the time of the birth of an IV Musa as I said to Sam, keep the goals alive and even enslave and rape the women folk. This was the response to the call of NaVi Moosa. We go to sort of aloha feet again verse 26, or call of your own the Rooney Aqua to Musa their own Pharaoh actually said, Let me kill Moses. Well, yeah, they're probably looking cool is load in a half. You bet the Latina come, because I'm worried that he's going to change the ways of the people and he's going to change the religion.

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You know the people so the word your deen is not just religion in the sense that many people think of religion, but rather as Muslim supposed to understand Deen, which is a way of life is going to change the way of life of the people of Egypt. They currently are subservient to me Pharaoh, but I want him but he wants him to be subservient to this unseen God, you know, Allah. Oh, are you the hero fee? Oh, that he will make a pattern fill out the in the land and facade a corruption. So this is what he's saying. But Subhana Allah is the poor answers. They think they are reformers, but they are in fact, the characters. So he's worried that Moses is going to cause corruption in the land,

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when he's actually causing the biggest corruption. But when you sow stupid evil, you actually believe that you're on the right path, you actually believe that you're doing good. And we see this from corrupt world leaders, that they believe that they are doing something right, despite the fact that the entire world can see that they are in fact evil, and doing something very, very bad. Well, Allah Musa Moses then said, he needs to be robbed, I take refuge in my road, or have become and in your load, Moses go on this path of trying to convince Pharaoh and his people that is only one God mingling with a kabillion I take refuge from every arrogant person, lie You know, below me like sab

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who does not believe in the day of reckoning. So this is of course, all working on the nerves of Pharaoh, he's really disliking the approach of Moses, who is actually trying to call into the belief in the one true God.

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What call Harajuku movement, and then a believing men mean, and if they're out from the family of their own, yet to a man who was concealing his faith, he actually believed in Moses, he believed in the message of Moses, but he kept his faith hidden, because he did not want to expose himself. And he tried to dissuade Pharaoh and the people from killing from killing of immortality to set up he said, a taco to Luna Rajan, will you kill a man? A akula? Robbie Allah, because he says that my load is alarm and what is the one true God or Khadija akun will begin at when in fact, he has brought you evidences Mira become he has brought you evidence from your load? What yaku can even so if he's

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lying, you know, if he's if he's false, file a cannibal, then he's lies against himself. I mean, he's only going to be proven false against himself when he saw the con. But what if he's telling the truth, then you sipper combined to levy your income, then some of that which is promising you of punishment and have to make this world in the world you're after? is going to come your way. So are you really wanting to take that risk by killing him? He said in Allah Allah yahi fervidly. This note the true God does not guide men who are Muslim, get them. One who goes into existence and one who lies. So this man is actually trying to save the life of NaVi Mousavi salat wa salam. And he's doing

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it in a clever way, by showing Pharaoh and Pharaoh what his options really are. If he's lying, you know, he's going to face his own consequences. But if he's telling the truth, then you're going to be facing the consequences. And this was a very convincing argument and this of course, angered fear and angered Pharaoh yakko. He said, Oh my people, Lacuna Coil, yo, the sovereignity, the kingdom is yours today. Boy harina fill out. You are dominant in the land, familia en su nam in basler. Who is going to be able to assist us from the punishment of God, injure and if it comes to us, call of your own within Pharaoh said, Matt recoome illa Mara, one de la Sevilla, Russia ferrosi I do not show you

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except what I see. And I do not guide you except to the way of right conduct. So Pharaoh's trying to convince the people these way. So this is back and forth dialogue between this man and between Pharaohs trying to convince the people that he is God, and He should be followed and Moses should be killed for Call of your honor. And Pharaoh said, Yeah, man, oh, hi, man. This was his chief minister. And man, he'd been in the Sarhan, he said, build me a tower, laterally abbulu as bad so that I may reach right to the top of all forms of means. And they get to the to the top of this of this problem. As bad as semi what I want to get to the top of the heavens or the show me the ways of

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the heavens up earlier, that I may arise and elevate myself up Illa to Illa he moves up to the God of Moses, what you need as new Caliban for I definitely think he's telling a lie. So in his stupidity is actually asking that they build a tall tower. Now, of course we know from from ancient Egypt, that this is something that they were that they were prone to do. They would build huge pyramids and Sphinx and things like that. So you see boulders, huge towers, I can climb to the top and I can meet the God of Moses to see if he really exists. And he said I'm convinced he's telling is telling lies. Okay, that

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asinelli around and then Allah says, like this, it was beautified to fit around. In other words, he became very impressed sulamani with his evil act, what should the answer be? And he was kept away from the path because he already decided that he's God, and if he won't be guided, and when you make a decision such as this, when you decide to go the way of falsehood, then what God does is he extends to you, that rope for you to hang yourself with God doesn't misguide people, but he allows people to fall into the misguidance. And God guides people when you seek when they seek guidance from him, or Mackey to fit around in the plot of Pharaoh Pharaoh was not 11 feet above except

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completely in ruin. Again, it sort of took off it was that the I will call a levee ama and then the one who believed this person will conceal his faith. He said yeah call me oh my people who follow me the concebido Rashad, I will guide you to the to the true way of guidance. Yeah, call me oh my people in the Mojave Hill higher to dunia. This is only the worldly life. This is only this this low life matter. It is only enjoyment for the time period it is temporal enjoyment. We're in an era but the after he added on curar that is the place of settlement meaning that is the life of eternity. And immortality. So don't live with this life. Don't go for the gold and the power and the fame and

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the fortune. rather live with your after. Man I'ma say at the end, he says to them crewsaver does an evil deed allow you just mithuna that person will not be convinced except for that evil deed. Woman Amina saw he had to save it as righteous deeds in the Quran, of male or female, or who are mocking while believing in God, but will like a Yoda who Luna Jana, they will enter into paradise, yours akuna they will be sustained and provided for free her in it. The lady he said without any counting, meaning God will give them alone will give them and he will not count how much he's giving them like the peer into the woods by putting the hand into the jar and taking sweets out without even counting

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how many sweets there are and just giving it you know, when he left will Allah to God belongs the highest of examples. And this also teaches us the ultimate form of equality. That while in this world, men and women are different physically, emotionally, hormonally, etc. We are different. Yet the laws of God applies to us differently in this world. But in the after, men and women are exactly the same, you're equal because our souls are exactly the same. And this is the fundamental belief of Islam. Men and women are equal in souls, even though the laws of this world would be different because we have physical differences and Allah knows best. And that brings us to the end of this

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particular episode, where the believer in the family of fear and fear, they will actually having a battle among themselves and a debate among themselves and fear only further into obstinance. But what we learned from this is that not only are they responsible for calling people towards guidance, but just you know, other people who believe in ambia. We are not the prophets, but we believe in the prophets. And because we believe in the prophets, we have a duty to invite others towards that belief, just like this man whom Allah kept unknown. He kept him completely unknown. We don't know his name. But he was calling to the same message that Nabil Moosa and Harun you know, was calling

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towards, and he was just quoting towards the message. That's our duty as well. We need to always call people towards righteousness and try to keep people away from harm. Because sometimes we need guidance as to what is right and wrong in this world so that we can get to that which is forever good in the world you're after. So Lola who is 18 and Mohammed hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen, wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh