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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the loss of the culture of thevenants and confusion surrounding their names, as well as a disturbing incident where a woman named Maris met with a woman named doctor Maris to align herself with the people of cities like expensive. The importance of fulfilling agreements and avoiding confusion between Muslims and non- Muslims is emphasized, along with the need for acceptance of agreements and blood money and privacy in certain countries. The speakers emphasize the importance of identifying and keeping secret in order to avoid disclosure and the use of "immediate" in English to describe the loss of a country, including the region or culture.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva

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La Mulana ba bada who Allah Almighty Allah kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati. A mavado favela Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim wasabia una una Mina al muhajir Rena valance or Valentina taba, whom is sort of Allah who loves him.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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from time to time we speak about the Sahaba kurama ridhwan Allahu taala and much more even with the intention of gaining lessons from the Mubarak and bless it life and there is no doubt that the loss of Anahata Allah has made them beacons of Hidayat and beacons of guidance. Therefore, in the ayat which I have recited Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the vanguard among the Sahaba amongst them Mahajan in the answer, and those who follow them in righteousness and guidance, Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah subhanahu wa taala. In this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala has spoken about the Sahaba in terms of beacons of guidance for us to follow them. And today, one of

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the sahabas who I would like to speak about is a very remarkable companion of Nivea creams Allahu Allahu wa sallam by the name of halifa. Binyamin are the Allahu taala at home.

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Or they forget his father's name was Yemen. He or his father was also a hobby. He was from the opposite tribe in mocha mocha Rama is he was from the vanilla ABS tribe of mocha mocha Rama due to an argument and dispute his father had killed someone in mocha mocha Rama and to protect himself. He took refuge and he went to Madina, munawwara where he allied with someone from the bunny I shall tribal. So they gave him protection and he remained in Madina munawwara born in mocha mocha Rama was in San Jose, because he killed someone he went to go and stay in Madina munawwara because he was close to the bunny I shall try he got married Jose for the ultra whose father was sama cannot use

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Eva. So Jose for the Allahu Allahu born afterwards because when his father went to Medina Mora got married to someone from the bunny I shall try. And he was given protection. Thereafter. He was amongst the when Islam surfaced in Yemen, who's a first father was amongst those few people. Who when in the beginning stages of Islam, maka, maka, Rama at the time of hatch, they pledge allegiance to Nivea cream sauce lamb there were 10 people who gave nebbia cream sauce lamb protection to come to Madina munawwara his father was among the very few first people of Medina to accept Islam. And because of this background, his father grew up in Makkah then he was in Makkah until this incident

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happen, they after he came to Madina, munawwara

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Jose for the ultra new head. leanings both in Makkah and Medina when his father accepted Islam, Jose for the Latin also accepted Islam, but he had never seen that we saw slim. So the longing was there to see in a via creme de la la wa sallam. And when he first came to meet nebia Kareem salsa because of the situation of his, his father strike was in Makkah, yet he grew up and much of his time was in Medina, maybe a cream sauce lumos has it was a four or a four. Where do you want to align yourself? Do you want to align yourself as a muhajir? Or Ansari? Do you want to align yourself as a person from Mecca or person from Medina? So say for the law to say I would like to align myself to the

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people of Medina, I would like to remain in and sorry. So now via cream saw serum, you know, gave him this honor of choosing where he wants to be from the muhajir or the answer. And, you know, one very amazing incident during the Battle of butter. When huzefa and his father were traveling somewhere. They met with Abu Jamal and this was very close to the better of brother. So Abu Jamal met Yeah, yeah, man and Jose fine said Where are you off to? He said we're going to Medina. So he said, I will let you go. Although we are in the process of fighting with ending the process of a war with Muhammad, I will allow you to go on one condition, then this war that is to take place. You

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will not align yourself and you will not fight against us. So

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Who's a father and his father he A man came to meet nebia Kareem sossaman Marina manohara on this occasion, via cream sauce. Lim asked them about the situation. They said we met a Buddha who took this. He took this I had, he took this promise from us. So that we are cream sauce and they asked to be salsa, Marisela, what should we do? Should we participate in this battle? Should we go within this caravan and then after which led to the Battle of other brothers, I would like you to recall this incident. And the vehicle himself said you gave your word. And you cannot go against your word. Can you imagine giving the word to the enemy of Islam. And that too, at a time when Muslims did not

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have sufficient numbers to fight against the enemies, but nobody actually even saw Salaam said to who's a father and his father, you will not partake in this expedition. You would not partake in this better because you gave your word to a non Muslim, even if he was the enemy of Islam. Well, there's three how you and I we go against our words, how we go against our agreements, how we go against our promise. Even sometimes Muslim, non Muslim, we make no distinction. Yet Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Holy Quran says you will Edina Armando Ofu below code O you who believe fulfill your agreements. whatever word you have given Jo botnet taqiyya casca Pura Karna Karna Surya Jo Wada,

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kiya wascana banasura yeah you alladhina amanu Oh for widowhood, fulfill your agreements as a Chandra, Lacey's 20 places in the Holy Quran.

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This is Jada Jaga Quran May Allah tala Naomi apne Barco manana Orozco Cusco parte Karna Allah Allah

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Allah has made it compulsory in over 20 is of the Holy Quran to fulfill our agreements mamoon b Moran, Ruthie ultimo says that there are three things in which there is no difference between a Muslim and non Muslim. Three things in which there is no difference between a Muslim and non Muslim. One is an agreement must be fulfilled when you have made it Muslim or non Muslim rights of relatives must be adhered to Muslim or non Muslim and Amman. It must be given back to its owner, Muslim or non Muslim. Three things no difference between Muslim and non Muslim men won't be one of the great scholars of our history. So this happened because of that they do not take part in the Battle of

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whether I win the battle of both the Father and the Son to part. However, the father yeah Monrovia loutra, who was made in charge of looking after the woman and children and when he saw the Muslims achieving victory. So yeah, man was he allowed to and his Sati and his companion was stabbed. He said, How can we remain behind from the situation. It has also take part in the battle. So they left the post, and they went to take part in the battle with the intention of achieving martyrdom. In this Sabbath, who was with your man, the father of huzefa achieved martyrdom, Jose for the allowed in the confusion because at that time, they were all trying to kill Libya cream sauce lemonis had

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put a fort and a protection around who seems awesome in that merely and confusion. They say the Muslims set upon Amanda de la Tran who and what is today known as friendly fire. Amanda lauchlan, who was mistakenly killed by the Muslims in that confusion. And after this nebia Kareem saw Salaam became very perturbed and he said to his son you safer you are your father was killed by the Muslims you have to take blood money and there's a hole is in the Holy Quran which relates the incident of how blood money must be given. If someone is killed by mistake. And he's got he's got tremendous value. That is why you find in certain countries where the Islamic rule is partially observed.

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People are very very, very frightened and very anxious of killing someone by accident by mistake. So that does in Saudi Arabia, for example, are very, very, very worried about killing pedestrians, because these are Blood Money attached to it, even if you kill someone by mistake. So in this particular way nebbia cream sauce them insisted that blood money must be paid huzefa said Yasser Allah, I will not pay the blood money. The reason I will not play that I will not take the blood money because my father wanted martyrdom. This was done by mistake. And in a way, he achieved the martyrdom because although he was killed by the Muslims, his intention was there. So when he refused

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to take the blood money, it increases his respect in the eyes of our beloved via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he Amman, his father passed away at that particular time. However, he is he had certain very remarkable qualities. One of his qualities was, he was in intelligence. He had decision making in critical situation and capacity.

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To keep secrets, three remarkable qualities of hazard, who's a father of a Latino, and this came to the fore in various times in the life of our beloved nebia cream sauce living his life.

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So you find that in the Battle of hunger in the Battle of trench, where the Confederates had come upon, and had attacked the Muslims, it surrounded the Muslims. Now via cream sauce lm required someone to go and do some intelligence gathering. So you see this concept of a spy, the concept of intelligence was in the time of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. Now, because it was extremely cold that winter, no one wanted to make themselves available, no one volunteered. So let me occur himself slim. Look at the Sahaba as Rosa said, I was in one corner, taking my shawl and protecting myself from the cold, hoping that maybe a cream salsa might not see me, and maybe sauce them summon me and

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say, Lucifer, I feel you are most worthy for this task. And for various reason for the very same reason, which I've made mentioned over the three different qualities that Allah subhana wa Taala has bestowed upon him. One was, you know, his intelligence, he's thinking on the feet, to be able to make a decision on the spur of the moment and making the correct decision, and his ability to listen to commands and his ability to keep secrets. So let me occur him source them, called him in the resource room, then told him, I'll make dua for you. He says the moment maybe a cream sauce let me draw for me, I felt the shivering of my bones evaporating and no more felt cold. And I went and

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never occurred himself said, only go and gather intelligence don't do anything more. Only go in together intelligence. And I know you will be the right person. Does it look man does he allow us to say, when you want to send someone for a task, then send a wise person and don't give him any instructions. When you want to send someone for a very important task, send a wise person, don't send a foolish person, send a wise person don't give him too much instruction, tell him this is objective. Because of his wisdom, he will be able to choose the right path he will be able to know what to do. So Jose for the lottery was sent. And he went and when he went in the midst of the the

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the Quraysh and the enemies of Islam was soufiane sense that they might be someone. So he said, I want to make an important announcement. Therefore, to see that everyone who is from our camp, let the person immediately identify the person who is next to him. Let the person immediately identify the person who is next to him to see that there is no one who is outside our gathering. Who is no one from amongst the Muslims, no one from amongst the enemy from the side. Immediately who say for this was now the importance of thinking on the feet. Immediately Jose for the Latino Assa t to people next to him Who are you identify yourself quickly. So in this way he was able to to save

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himself with regard to the situation that had arisen about Sophia and then gave a speech and he said things have become very difficult. The hailstorm that has come even the razor who was supposed to help us Why did Medina, the tribe in Medina, the Jews against the Muslims, they have also forsaken us. Let us leave them and I'm going to leave I can't take this one month, we have not been able to achieve our objectives and saying this he gathered and he got on his camel to leave the gathering and to leave the battle to end the siege. And Abu Jose first said at that time, he was right in in my sight. I took out my spear I took out my arrow to kill the the leader of the enemy. And at that

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time I remember what Nivea cream sauce them said, Hosea, you only go and gather intelligence don't do anything more. And I said nebbia cream sauce them told me only to do this. You see the importance of obedience. Sometimes you want to become do more than what you are told. And it can be counterproductive and was a part of the lotto game. He saw I saw Nivea cream sauce, lemon tahajjud prayers, and I came to know via cream sauces. And maybe a cream sauce them gave me great amount of Nivea cream said Allahu alayhi wa sallam you know thanked me with regard to this whole particular aspect. Jose for the Latino always remained very firm upon the tsunami via cream sauce them you see

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they have various methods with regard to you know, in terms of when someone criticize you. How do you deal with it is one of the method of Abu Talib Abu Talib, deep down in his heart he knew that Nebula Kareem saw slim is a true prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is why he used to say to the vicar himself Salah many many times I know that you are truthful in your claim, but I'm worried about the criticism of people. So sometimes you worry about the criticism of people that takes you away from the truth takes you away from the truth and one is I will remain firm upon the truth irrespective of the situation irrespective of the criticism that is leveled against me when I have

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funa low mattala Ultra says about those people who are close to Allah tala, they do not fear in doing that which is correct. They do not fear that

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criticism of the critic. That is why one day ago Jose for the lotto was sitting, and he was in a gathering where he was an expedition. And he was eating when a morsel fell down. And he started to pick up that morsel. And someone said, Oh, Jose, if I don't do it, you are in a foreign country. There are people looking at you. They don't like you doing something picking up a morsel that has fallen down from the plate. And he said at that truco Sunita, Habibi, Allah Allah hamaca Messiah leave the Sunnah for the sake of idiots. Should I leave the Sunnah This is a tsunami occur himself some to eat every morsel from the plate. Press one one does with regard to the sooner we see today.

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I've seen it many times people go into you know buffets, etc. They take so much on the plate, they can't finish it, just leave it just to be wasted. I mean, take that much that you can eat that much that you can finish. You can always go again and fetch more if you want, but this sooner has forsaken us. Eat how much you can do not let one morsel go wasted from your plate. The way we carry on sometimes in buffets is if the food is going to escape us, through kata through Sunita Habibi, Lee, how old I am, I'm going to leave the tsunami so slim for the sake of these idiots and fool. This was a method of Obuasi for the Latino because of the situation that I've made mentioned.

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Because of the situation that I have made mention of his remarkable qualities. The via cream sauce led us to put trust in Jose for the Latino. He was known as Sahiba sera Rasulullah. sallallahu wasallam, the keeper of nebia Kareem saw some secrets, nobody saw Selim said, only two people know the mana fake and the hypocrites in my myths in the middle of the Sahaba are in the middle of the Muslim community that time me because Allah subhanho wa Taala is revealed to me and I have shared it with us it was a for the ultra No, this was now you see, brothers, we must keep in mind secrets is a very amazing thing. Now via Kareem sallallahu. wasallam always to say, keep your secrets in your own

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hand, that we saw slim use to make dua Allah who must turati Rahman ro RT, O Allah always conceal my false conceal my secrets. But as there are very few people who do not have skeletons in the cupboards, but the moment we keep it concealed, it is in our hands. The moment we keep our secrets within ourselves, it is in our hands, the moment you make mention with regard to your secrets to someone, even if he's trustworthy, it is no more in your hands. Your secrets are like your honor. And that is why it is so important that you always keep your secrets to yourself. If you have to reveal it, reveal to Allah, if you have to reveal it, reveal it to someone who has to, to correct

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you with regard to what you are seeking assistance from quentel for example, you go and tell a spiritual guide with regard to a secret that he can guide you upon the right path. A very famous incident jicama robbery, was a very famous poet in pre partition India, Pakistan. So he changed his life. He was an alcoholic, you should take alcohol. He used to drink alcohol, then he changed his life. And to such an extent that he changed his life that the doctors told him that leave alcohol gradually, because all of a sudden for you to leave alcohol might be harmful to your health, because you are so accustomed to it. He said once I've made up my mind, I will never ever go back to it even

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if it harms my health. So he went to Maulana tanura Talalay because he had changed his life. Very briefly. He kept a small beard with the intention of coming according to the Sunnah. And the day he went to go and make bet and he went to pledge allegiance at the ends of the spiritual guide of modern autonomy until he once again shaved off his beard and he appeared without the beard in front of more autonomy. Matan grandpa said, you are keeping a beard. Why did you take it off? So he said, See, I have now come to pledge allegiance to change my life. You are hakimullah Ahmed Hakim means the spiritual guide. I am a marine. Marine means a sickness. And when a sixth person comes in front

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of the doctor, he must reveal all his weakness. I'm revealing all my weakness. That is why I've come in people they after so jigger amaravati, a poet who was an atheist, who had taken to alcohol, one men on one person made mention, I saw geger morata body on the in Madina, munawwara crying and regretting over his sins to such an extent in front of the cover of NaVi Sawsan that I feel envious. I hope that I could have been that person. I want to change his life. What I'm saying is that we must be very very careful with regard to reveal the moment you you take away your secrets and you give it to someone else. It is as if you have placed your honor in the hands of someone else. And of

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course today we know if you want to, if you want to leak something, they say just just tell someone Don't tell anyone. Surely everyone is going to see it. Especially with the

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Got to human folk it is more known that a woman is more tends to reveal secrets than others. So one day there was a gathering between men and women. And the men was saying, you know, we men can keep secrets more. And one woman said, Never. I don't think you can keep secrets. I think women can keep more secrets. And then they said no. And then she said, Don't you realize that I have kept the secret of my age for so long? And the men said one day you will let it slip. You say you have kept your age secret for so long, one day you will let it slip. She was a 21 year old woman she said. So, it makes it no one day you will make it slip. She said I kept the secret for 27 years. What do you

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mean I kept it for 37 years, I could keep it for more. So in that way, she also revealed his secrets in that way without knowing. So keeping the secrets when the moment you tell someone it is no more in your hands, then the person who has been told it is an amanat upon him to keep that Al majali subrahmanya. Via crimsafe said if anyone tells you something, that you are not supposed to reveal it, then it is a thrust upon you not to reveal it is a thrust upon you not to reveal it as majority subrahmanya and has been molecularly allowed to know was a close confidant of Nivea cream sauce and one day we saw some sending from Aaron for an errand and he came back and his mother said oh my son

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Where did you go Nevis Aslam sent me What What did he send you for? Oh, my mother never asked him said I should keep it secret mother didn't insist upon it. Oh, my son in law told you to keep it secret you're bound to keep it secret is not telling me. The person miser Sameera, the ultra No, was that Sahabi, who had done something wrong and he wanted to purify himself. And when you want to do purify himself, someone told him that go and tell tell what we had done to them. And this person used to boast that I was the one who went to tell my eyes to go and reveal his faults in front of you know, jasola and because of that he was he was stoned to death because of committing

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fornication. And this person used to boast and maybe salsa one day told him don't boast or lie, if you had covered the false of Mize eslami he would have been better than the punishment that he had received. So when a person gets he should always keep that in mind, who say forget this, you will save yourself to such an extent that after the death of nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he allowed us to approach him because of the fact brothers look at these two incidents and I will conclude and come to the conclusion of the talk. One day humara the lotto said oh zafer nebia cream sauce alum asked you and told you about the Mona fix in this room but did you by chance not make mention of my name among them? Yeah la humara about who maybe saw some said Omar Phil Jana he had to be a Navy after me right I've been Omar what what what are concerned about his Iman always fit the Navy of Allah not take my name that perhaps I'ma Manasa then one day O'Meara said, Oh huzefa I've appointed governance. Is there anyone who while I'm appointed I might not know he might be amongst

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those that maybe a cream sauce Lamb has identified him as a hypocrite. Jose Ferrara said one person Omar said tell me his name. He said I'll never tell my name. Because the name of Allah tala told me he don't make mention of it to anyone in Morocco use his own discretion to remove one of the governors whom he had doubt upon. And, and this happened to be the right person who was a part of a lot of knew about.

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And another aspect of Jose was he was the one who knew most about the signs of damage. Most of the signs of kiama in the book of a hadith is related by Jose Mourinho and you say people used to come and tell me so some various things I used to ask him about signs of cameras. So when they asked him Oh, huzefa Tell me about the signs of gamut. In Jose, San Jose first said, Omar Why do you worry. the nephew of Allah had said, Omar, he's a door against the fitna and the trials of Tiamat. He says the day Omar dies, the day the door is locked, the day the door is open, then the signs and the trials of chiamato start. So why are you worried about it? So he said that Omar asked him well, the

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door B was the door be opened over the door be forced open? Or would it be broken? So who safer said the door would be broken? So the students who say for us to ask, what is the meaning of whom are asking this question. He said Omar as the question because maybe saw some said he is a door against the trials of kiama. Omar as the question Would the door be open normally? Would it be forced open or broken? When he said it would be broken? It was an indication that Omar wanted to know whether he would die a natural death and we would emit shade. So I gave him the indication that maybe he saw some said that door would be broken open. And this was a form of you allowed him to when he passed

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away. You know he was he passed away he was part of the Sahaba who conquered the Persian Empire. And one very amazing incident that I would make mention of and this has been made mentioned in many, many books.

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cited you will find Cisco and Google when you say the aspect of as it was a photo, the altos grave, in April 1932. Now in this just last century, say about 78 years back, the king of Iraq, Saddam Hussein Fortunato came to me in a dream and said these water and moist in my cover, which is causing me the cliff and inconvenience, remove the water. He saw the dream for the two times he didn't know what to do. You call the Mufti of Iraq. And he told the Mufti of Iraq, you I've seen this dream, the Mufti of Iraq, Sir, I've also seen this dream. And they they then took a decision that they are going to remove the graves of these two Sahaba, which were on the riverbanks of Iraq, and they're

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going to put it another place, they're going to put in another place. When people came to know about it. They said no, you can remove the grave of the Saba till we finish, because near the time of Hajj, so after Hajj, they removed the grace of the Sahaba. Jose for the Latino and Jabir bin Abdullah de la Toronto, half a million people came a German crude actually had filmed this whole thing, one of the German crew they have to accept that Islam, when they lifted the graves of these two Sahaba the coffins when

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the girlfriends were in tech, the hair was, as it was, in the time of

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one amazing aspect was, no one could see in the eyes of these two Sahaba no one could see the eyes. They could not focus their eyes on those Sahaba and the allama make mentioned the reason for this was those eyes with the eyes, and it said sight upon the Navy.

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How could people in this age be able to see that this was a Filipino man, one of the greatest hobbies of Nivea cream sauce, the confidante of nebia Kareem salsa them And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant him a great reward on behalf of this oma And may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the topic of following in the footsteps of the Sahaba chrome in the lives