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AI: Summary © The importance of honesty and integrity in leadership is emphasized in the face of criticism, including the loss of family members due to the pandemic and the loss of a jewelry given to a student. Jesus's actions and actions of his father have also been discussed, along with the importance of remembering actions of his father and his mother. The segment also touches on the personality traits of different people in the military, including Houma's actions and Kumar's actions and behavior. The speakers emphasize the need to be aware of one's emotions and words and encourage people to be true to themselves.
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Why not have Will you buy the quadrilogy? Was salat wa salam ala Ambia you ever noticed that he was? He was he was seldom at the Sleeman interferon interferon Amudha do follow me last minute show he thought it

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was Nana Rafi loca

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rasool Allah He also worked on Hassan stuff Santa Paula with

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my dear respected elders ambras Alhamdulillah we are in a month of review.

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We believe that

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it is part of our Akita, part of our belief that we are supposed to have love for our beloved Maria Kareem salovaara, who was salam

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ala to make mention of any aspect of the life of our beloved Maria Karim saw Salam at any time is full of blessings, full of the words anytime, we are supposed to make mention of Libya Keemstar still, in any aspect is full of blessings. However, when that the aim of raviolo welcomes, because it is a month in which Libya Kareem sosna was born, and in every extreme sosna passed away, it is no coincidence. Allah has made it such that maybe acronyms now Salam was born and he passed away in the same month. So today is no extremes with regard to the two extreme emotions. In this month. There is the birth and the death of Nerissa serum in the same month. However, because of this, naturally you

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feel inclined to speak about the greatness of our beloved Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will come in I have this made me read other order. We started to chat on it you just said he said find our darker Hum Hum Aapke syrup for asthma killer

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content. Who is Lauren he says this minimal. Jeff behold this fellow said to a bias or biases Sabka Surya. Now one of the aspects that you always make mentioned when we speak about our beloved and reoccurring source. And I always like to make mention of it even if nearly everybody and when I speak about the surah ISATAP with us. We can't do justice RP Tarik Tama has intercepted

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or took a shine Nica the poet it says Mustafa Bucha Saba Tara Maduro, Santa Maria Busman and he marriage just the last minute he didn't call him Magna, he left Ronnie to salco in a heated circle in a him, oh prophet of Almighty Allah it is beyond our, our words. It's beyond our eloquence is beyond our vocabulary. It is beyond our speaking. It's beyond our yearning to praise you get to hear our hearts don't have the capacity. Our tongues don't have the vocabulary and the eloquence to describe you as you are. In short, there is no one like you there is no one. But together with us we have to say that maybe you saw someone is not only great and we can only speak about his greatness

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in a vacuum. Because Allah Allah has made the Vietnamese Allahu alayhi wa sallam his life. A perfect example of how to live our life. And if you only speak about the greatness of Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, which we can go on speaking for hours, and then too, we will not be able to do justice. We must not mystify it to such an extent that we don't benefit from the life of our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they can help you as much as up is in the de m automount Insomniac Delia mashallah Raha Quran May Allah Tala Annie art is in the decode better in the Munna Pattaya I made this zindagi ki Herpin, Lucia ameristep acid.

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So let me give you free examples. And I just don't want to speak about the greatness maybe I can install sort of taught us how to have to unlock how to come closer towards Almighty Allah many times, you can have the situation that you feel that we are supposed to do good to humanity. We are supposed to have good a flood. Undoubtedly it is. But you can't forget that the beginning stages of every of our spirituality begins with our talukas Allah subhanaw taala begins with our relationship with our Creator, our beloved maybe himself sort of taught us this. He taught us despite his greatness, that he turned towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala on every occasion, he taught us

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this, and he gave us an example with regard to this. When Lydia Karim saw Salam came to Madina Munawwara

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Before he even put up his own home, he put up the magic.

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This teaches us with regard to spirituality. Before he put up his own home he put up his own. He put up the magic and he put up machete

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Shan gel kiya sera Cambrian Tata apne, absolute Allah Allah Subhana Allah says I look jordanelle tariqa secara

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Sipan and to be a cream sauce from Jeff Medina higher to apply girl banana SFLA budget NW

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and then when he put up the material number week, he himself partook in the construction of the magic. He resolved to part in the construction of the magic living Sahaba said himself slum headstones on his shoulder, and he was carrying that stones and he was putting it in the material. And the Sahaba because when they saw on the bat himself Salam also been in the forefront of the construction. They sang and they made no mention of this poem. Elaine Cardona wouldn't be you Yama. Come in the llama medulla are we going to sit here and maybe a cream sauce from Tommy has his salary for him ya better push sneaker and get yes there was a time and they themselves and followed near

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killing Salah when he was celebrated. As an eyeshadow the Allahu Donna says in one day Nebia Kareem saw some tea and said oh I shall allow me to go and make and to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe Italian sauce from worship Nebia Kareem saw slim made he bought it for the better part of the night. To such an extent that his feet started swelling blisters used to come upon his feet as it I shall not be allowed and out of extreme compression said the others will Allah Allah has forgiven all your past and previous if ever there was a mistake, there was no mistake. But even then Allah subhanho wa Taala has announced Allah has elevated to a status. Why are you putting yourself under

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through such great difficulty? Through such great exertion to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala Libya Karim sauce themselves afara ukwu Upton Shapira Should I not be grateful to Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Nabil himself Salam kasma Cubao June the Vietnamese Allahu alayhi wa sallam who Allah subhanaw taala to some Iraqi who they are divided because it tells us how much more we are supposed to make you bereft of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And let Allah in the Holy Quran says for either the fansub what Allah Arabic or feroza when you have completed your task to hire yourself in remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala Nubira Karim sauce from Costa Rica when you finish your your responsibility, and what was his responsibility, his responsibility was not only responsibility, it was a burden. It was downward, looking downward Cabala to download Kibana apne up quarter cow and nothing but a Canadian. tire yourself in remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala up to live he was the ultimate commercial work. Yeah, very famous incident. I made mention of it many times that

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you must be allowed to know says one day Libya creams Allahu alayhi wa sallam told me Abdullah read Quran for me.

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And Abdullah said Yara Sula, the Quran was revealed to you How can I read it to you?

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It kraly What is it? That how can I read Quran to you when it was revealed to you in the VSL Salam said I would like to listen to the Quran today. As I'm doing it, Massoud said I started reading from Surah Nisa when I came to the highest fortify that did not include mutton Misha hidden which speaks about Libya Karim saucer um, I won't go into what it speaks about maybe salsa. He said for far that he now for gullible Polka for fathered Aina Nebia Karim saw Selim could not keep that his tears, tears overwhelmed him until his entire beard became wet with tears. And he said has poker if NamUs owed has spoke numbers good enough he must vote inoculum was good even to look at him. I saw his

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whole beard was wet with tears.

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Brothers, this is another view of Allah I look at his tan lupus Allah look at his relationship with Allah look at his rebutted. When are we going to have that particular type of concern? When are we going to have that type of love in remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala this was our beloved crimson. Then our beloved maybe a cream sauce. Amongst the things we can make mention of everything, we will make mention a few things. One of the things that maybe a Kareem saw Selim taught us was honesty and integrity. One of the most important lessons of leadership. There was a survey carried out but one of the very, you know, very important people you know, who do a study on leadership. I think his

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name is Carson Posner rather mistaken. So if I'm getting the name

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Right. They did a survey of 75,000 people in six continents. And they said what is the greatest quality of a leader in America?

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What is the most important quality? What is the most important quality with regard to a leader? I mean, kill your subsea hunches. During the course.

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The most important thing is to have honesty and integrity. If you don't have honesty and integrity, then if there is no honesty and integrity of the messenger, then the message will not be looked upon with respect.

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Give respect to the messenger, then you will show respect to the message. That is why, when our beloved Maria Corinthos was told by Allah Angela Shirataki

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go and warn the people with regard to Allah is right with regard to adab on the day of geometry, they don't follow the truth. What did our beloved maybe a kid in star citizen do first? You will recall this aspect of history. Libya Kareem Sausalito, the people of Makkah that I stayed 40 years in your mud and water to Mooney Sadiq Khan Academy. Did you find me to be truthful otherwise? The first thing he said? Do you find me to be truthful or otherwise?

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Then he asked them if I were to tell you that there is an army behind this mount of suffer. Would you agree? Would you accept and all of them said, Oh, Muhammad, you spend 40 years of your life amongst us 40 years we never ever heard you speaking alive.

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Never ever heard you speaking alive? When we saw sort of impressed his credibility on his honesty and integrity, then the cream sauce them said yeah, you weren't as kulula hugging the last two people, oh people say Allah, Allah and Allah you will be successful. He first impressed and establish his credentials as a person of honesty, integrity and truthfulness. Then he gave the power of care said our classic again. Just runner up such I mean when you are not when you are not honest. What am I Brian told me we came recently and he gave a talk to one of the first things he said without sadaqa without truthfulness, without honesty, you will not be able to be effective in Dawa

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let me say Allahu alayhi wa sallam showed his uninsured his credential is a person of integrity.

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How old am I have written under the if you have a suitability

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to file

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or a sole? Give make believe of what Allah Tala has revealed to do what he loved the far end if you do not do so, you have not fulfilled the responsibility of why

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this episode Rahmatullah Lee Maracle Quran course has an eyeshadow Viola who says if they if they had to be an iron

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that maybe a Kareem saw some poor Shida retina Chaturthi to his eyelid corrupt Satya you would have hidden this if we are not Allah says make it make Eva make Doublelift if you don't do them leave you have not fulfilled your responsibility.

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Now we actually saw some carried in conveying that I have also in front of in front of people

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when I'm not gonna tune the vehicle exhaust ourselves and I will What are you reckon I know who you are circa when a blind Sahabi came to the vehicle himself maybe a car himself slim was speaking to an influential people have published and maybe saw some thought that this particular matter of speaking to the influential people of courage was more important. Maybe a cream sauce turned away from Abdullah if you remember to under gala reminded the via cream sauce from Abba water.

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You turned away from a blind person.

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If Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was honest, is in conveying the message of Allah.

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Perhaps not is the law while he was Siliconera conveyed this, but he conveyed it to Allah reminded him and said Oh prophet of Almighty Allah, did you turn away from a blind person when he would have been better to give concentration to him because he was more sincere. This was show your honesty and integrity with regard to the message then your message will be more effective. Any times when a person becomes very great.

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Then sometimes he forgets his family. He forgets his family. Because he's so great. It now has drawn a wall up their family kibarim A cool sneakers Uplifiting family comapany because they can Corbin J and W Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, up near the Honda and Nicobar Tao Kia Hoon quayside has a masa Kia, who's your machine or a VM came okay for us to buy

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I Subhanallah look at the reoccurring Salah when he was salam, how much love he had for his family. Despite his greatness. He came and brought himself down to the level of assembly. We speak about As Darren was saying, and recently I gave a talk with regard to him. Let me give you another example. Omar Radi Allahu Tirana was the granddaughter of nebbia cream sauce.

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Nawaz city, the the daughter of Husayn of the eldest daughter of maybe a cream sauce. Let me so I sort of loved her tremendously. She used to sit on the beach and Allahu Allahu wa salam ala resorcinol was in system. Let me saw some of your student get up until she got off.

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One day to be occurring sources him had a very expensive jewelry that came in the hands of Nabisco Ostrom. There is often said to borrow our give this to someone who might have tremendous love for all the family of nebbia cream sauces and wished that they must be given the jewelry because maybe sauce them said I will give it to someone whom I love. Some Johanna arguably let me start some kiss coding the VA Corinthos from called his granddaughter let me so slim gave his granddaughter this particular piece of jewelry. How much as a Jaffa the amount on again after so many years after the Battle of haber when the Vsauce in them won the battle of table as a Jaffa came to Madina Munawwara

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when Jaffa came to Madina, Munawwara Larissa sort of got up to welcome him his cousin and you know what you said that at the EPA EMA Afra we could do me Java unbuffered

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which any product is Cheeseman, which is the other cushy

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database yada yada Jaffa kianak which is which is

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I don't know what gives me greater happiness. The victory in the Battle of Sabre or the coming of my cousin and see him after so many years.

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What What was our dad look what people hasn't seen that would have you allowed to send a message. Yara Sula, my son is in a very great state is in the last stages of his life. Maybe I can install Shalom comes Lisa slim catches his grandson sad crying because he was in the last stages of his life. Sad be sad Ursula you also cried. Maybe a cream sauce them said in her Rama. This is a mercy and kindness and compassion that Allah puts in the hearts of people. He cried with his family. He joked with his family. He took care and concern with regard to his family. When as it Sofia, the Allahu Tonhalle the wife of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You know she had a backache

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maybe a creamy sauce and a made a small cushion. Took something maybe a small cushion. And to Sofia, when you get up on the camel, put this behind your back. It will help you with regard to your backup.

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Do we ever care and concern with regard to our people?

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Hygiene buccellati McKinnon Amira was the kicker to MTI biologics,

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he can't even look at how he's looking after his wife. This is a student at

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the Academy started I'm taught as amongst many things, someone do that you could you repeat

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as it Halima the mother foster mother, that is awesome. Kiera, I am me i Libya cream sauces got up let me Sinhala while he was still put the shawl in front of his foster mother BB shame mocking the foster sister of maybe recurring source of

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the Sahaba couldn't make out she said when Daniel neither Mohammed AMI system he said where do you have the resource we made a system set go in tell you go and tell your leader Mohammed AMI system. And I want to show him the mark that he did when he was small upon me.

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So the beard cream sauce on him when he's so insistent

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gave us so much of wealth and free his her entire claim. Although he was the one who conquered them, fried his entire claim because of his foster system.

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he taught us that the deen of Allah is more important than your own personal interest. Today we find personality clashes in organizations

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in the DEA, now people who are doing work of Deena fighting you Allah What are you fighting for? You're supposed to be doing the same work for the same reason for the same intention. But yet these personality clashes and we saw some thought as what she came to me a cream sauce. Maybe a cream sauce is needed with washy insulin is long I don't ever touch the time. I'll just make mention of two more incidents, why she came and then the via crimson Allahu Allah was accepted when he came into the masjid because of what he had done. Wouldn't that be so slim Concetta coin Karis, kosher hipcamp Sahaba it near Hussain wash Yaga Yara Sula, give us the permission to kill him. You know

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what he did? Until

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the VA telling him set him down? What she can us. Tell me how you kill him.

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Hello my name

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is Amanda RCL benefit kissa maybe a cream sauce kid didn't mess up the

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eight years previously that things hadn't happened yet it is still fresh in our minds of maybe a cream sauce that we actually saw slim years it and he tells him what she don't come in front of me every time I see you I will remember my uncle but he didn't prevent him from coming in the deal

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he didn't prevent him despite his own situation with regard to the fact that because you kill my uncle I won't be able to see you they can go to Islam and Africa right.

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Let me occurrence awesome Totus tolerance. We have put the clip to him for a robot robotic robotic isn't hidden Cassatt patient.

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You don't you'll be able to learn they didn't so that was a great Jewish scholar. He knew from the works of the

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the previous scripture that maybe a Kareem Serova while he was still on was the last Nabhi but he want to do this test one aspect. So maybe a kid himself some took a loan from him, and Mr. Slim agreed to pay it at a particular time and date. He came few days before that a few days before and said give me my money.

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And he said you operation you Bani Hashim, when you take people's money, you don't give it back. Still PMA ca posted on our blog to an app net basic or other naked.

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So O'Meara, the ultimate got so angry, and he took out his sword out there you speak in front of

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the vehicle himself. Some said, Omar, don't do that. Don't kill him don't harm him. You should have told me to give my loan back to repay my loan. Or you should have told him that to ask courteously.

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You should have told me to pay back my loan. And you should have told him to even he asked for his loan you should look at yesterday. So let's get started. I'm told Houma and told people go and give him money and give him even more. Give him some extra give him some idea. So when he got the idea, he was surprised and he said why are you giving me extra? He said the name of Allah said you must give you some extra idea. Then he asked Omar is up at until midnight on who? You know who I am.

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I don't even know. Would you find out oh, God is happening. That is awesome. Because that is true as a bartender. Would you please help me? Would you have just been a icon? I got no interest in who you are. After we spoke in front of our Navy the way you spoke. He said Omar I am Zeytinburnu

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Kumar said, Are you the famous scholar? He said yes, I'm the famous scholar. He said you got knowledge and you spoke to our Navy like this.

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So he said, Omar, I read in our books,

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that maybe you have another loss, maybe you have a lot be very tolerant.

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And you see especially with the people treat him harshly. He shows more kindness and he shows what tolerance I want to test this method. Now that I have tested that what our previous scriptures have made mention of the Navy of Allah is true. I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship besides and Muhammad is the Messenger

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app minister I said okay, I'm lucky. This is the way he treated people. Idea respected weathers let us make a firm intention in this month of review. It we will bring a flock of our beloved maybe a cream sauce living our life currently inshallah what we do so Allah give us a topic