When You See Your Opportunities In Your Difficulties

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I said oh

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my god wants to Oh Lalo

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madonn rasuna All

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right you're almost

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Hey y'all

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all work boom

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy women who Allah COVID Oh praise do to align his praise and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad salallahu Salam, his last and final messenger.

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In one of my trips to Malaysia, I had a person who traveled with me. And he drove me crazy in that trip, because he's very negative. And the whole trip complaining about everything about you know, his first, I think trip to that part of the world. And he keep comparing, you know, whatever he experienced in the west, to the Watusi in the Far East, and it became like too much. So this is the only with a way to get guy, you know, in a good mood. I took him to one of my favorite dessert place in Malaysia. Anybody been to KL know what I'm talking about. It's called Big Apple donuts place. They have this nice, juicy, fluffy, you know, thin and very nice donuts, you know, I said, just load

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him with some sugar, he will change his attitude. So I took him to the stores and it's Big Apple. So you know, remember, you know, New York, and I walked with him to the store, as it tasted is very nice. He said, Yes, but it has a very big hole in the middle.

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So no matter what you do, some people always have this negative way of looking at the world. You know, they just look at the world from this lens of ours, there's something bad or was there something wrong? Or was there is something missing? You know, the only thing he can see in the dots is the hole, not the doughnuts. You know, and it was interesting to see people like this and I experienced in my life. A lot of people live their life. While they believe that you know, evil and bad things and diseases and calamities surrounding them and no way you will survive. And I don't know how people like this will ever be happy in their life. While they always expect bad things to

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happen and always expect the terrible thing outcome will come and things will not go in the right way either. It is hassled either too. Is it somebody gives me evil eyes somebody you know did something bad to me. Or they always there's something there. You know to ruin your life as if life meant to be just nothing but difficulties one after another. Well the reality is yes, that has difficulties in life. There is challenges in life, but didn't each one of them that is a gifts. There is opportunities for you. And that's why Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot say you didn't would have had it in your own answer the Allahu Anhu kind of kind of you but

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what can they be used for Salem yet? I've had the Prophet SAW Salem loves optimism love to be up to he was an optimistic person.

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he also salah the son of a preteen his you always want positivity surrounding him and his companions that's why he's very particular and meticulous about the words that he used from day one put him in Medina what kind of to some method a minute to three boho next fall in the beach Nabil solemn bell here Piper, he changed the name of the city from yesterday, which it means have a negative connotation to it to call it payback the good city sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what's your what's your daughter's name? Carla Alcea Bella Bella Jamila. She is what's her name? I'll say I'll say Admin Center. He said no color Jamila. He said, What are you

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from? He said no, no money out of the new Paulo Lucha Libre. Oh Afra Carla Bella here hubiera it's not you know, dusty, empty land is call your land you came from the green line. Miss smoke when added on the Allah and want to name his son. How can you read and you sent me a banana? It hasn't help for Colin who said in law?

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Who hasn't? Well, Carla, Carla Miranda Rajan, Carla missing Okpala herb Kyla Euro which Allahu Sillim in Ibiza Salam refused the word how to be given as a name to a child, even his annual Allah and His child he want to name him How does it know what he said? No, he called them Hassan. Jimmy beautiful. And another man he called change your name to peace. In Nabi SallAllahu. alayhi wa sallam has so many stories like that were in a piece of Salem will always so his companion that sense of optimism that you always see sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a great future waiting for him. And that's the religion that case he came with a religion that taught us the beautiful concept of a Toba

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repentance to Allah Maha toga. Repentance, Allah is nothing but optimism, but to put hope that Allah not only will accept you back, but he will reward you, he will elevate you, he will erase your sin. He will, you know, draw you nearer to Him, and He will guide you. That's that's a great sense of optimism. Can you imagine if you go to the pinch Allah while you have all this pessimism or negativity, now, you know that the tilba will raise and will wipe out your sins and you have that sense of optimism and trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, we always have feed from our sins, but that should not take away the sense of optimism, the sense of trust in Allah Subhana Allah, the sins

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of His Nolan biller that you expect nothing but good from Allah spanner. Todd, another concept or Sharia, which is a draft

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Can you imagine if you raise your hand while your heart full of negativity you know it's not gonna happen you know it's not gonna work you know, you're not gonna get out of nothing out. You get nothing out of it. No, in nama under Allah had taka and NEMA Arabi Jimena von Neumann, Allah Hassan do, I pray and I can visualize in front of me what ALLAH SubhanA data will do to me.

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I remember one brother for telling the story of his he no struggle of having children for so many years with his with his family. Then one brother told him once Do you really make dua? He said yes. Do you really really make that while your heart really full of you know, you're certain about it.

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He said, You know what, before you make your dad today, it's all about your child. Let's go. And he go and he bought one for him from the mall. A set of clothes for newborn baby said that's put it in your closet.

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Then he said I want you to make Tao while you're sure you already have the clothes for the baby.

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And Allah subhanaw taala accepted from him and he has to he got twins actually.

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But when these beasts and he said yes, there is a consequence it is Allah Subhan Allah made it happen that day. But he said for the first time when he meant when he prayed to Allah, it felt different. When I have that certainty in my heart, that yes, I know that the last month Allah hears me and accept me. And I hope that you will give me what I'm asking for. You know, that call concept of Kadar that Allah subhanaw taala said things happen when means are taken. When hundreds are removed. I'll come there where Allah subhanho wa Taala said, whatever I decreed upon you is always the best for you, even if you don't see it right now. But the outcome eventually will be always the

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best for you. That's so different than a community that didn't to be Salam came to a society in a world that didn't be so solemn lived in and a world that's and maybe some brought a message to the

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him with that sense of optimism versus that pessimism, or being sort of superstitious superstition is a big huge chunk of every culture on the face of the earth.

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From far east, far west, from north to south, and people have very different ways of, you know, being superstitious by colors by animals, look by people who are, you know, who have disabilities, you know, so many things names, numbers, month, you know, the famous, I mean, our SWAT Massenet, harati one of the worst example I've ever seen in my life ignore Rooney, how the shattered and Mysuru and Mauro Abner Romi, one of the most pessimists person I've ever seen in my life heard over my life Jow Mirage, Carla is had medical other smokers smoke, tobacco, and VHS Canada is a sham to Bismack many bright, gifted

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and a crowd who will X

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either COVID X can lab aka

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Yanni he personally invited him he said what's your name? And he said he read his name backwards when you read his name backwards it has a negative meaning. And he said no, I'm not gonna going

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that's like a bad luck.

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It's just how ridiculous the person can be and He's smart. He's a very famous poet.

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But optimism is not we don't have something in us either. A button that you push and I become an optimistic person. You know, it's like a fake Botox you put a Botox and also they have smile unlike face like smiley face it just yes because you just put inject yourself with Botox. That's why you're smiling. You know, it just is not genuine is there is like a Botox, you know, or a shot that it is make you an optimistic person. You just take it it became an optimist and does not work that way. It's something that you need to train yourself to, to train yourself to have that positive attitude towards life towards happen to you. It's not all about what happened to you. It's about how your

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attitude towards what happened to you. How can you see it in a positive way? How can you take it and you build on it? You can learn from it. You know, that's that's what Lakey make you change as they say your attitude will determine your altitude. May Allah Subhana Allah give us this positive outlook for the wallet and positive attitude towards what happened to us alive. Hold on Mr. Mehta. Mustafa Allah they were a combustible

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah one of the beautiful things in our religion that all psychologists talk about when it comes to the sense of optimism is the importance of how you carry yourself. That's why in our Sharia, it's important to dress nice, you know, you might have no control over your look but you have control over their style. That's something you have control over, dress nice smell nice, you know, walk with in Allah subhanaw taala when you describe the believers and salted Furqan about Rama one of the first thing to talk about how they walk

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you know, they don't walk with arrogance but also they don't walk like dead when someone saw somebody walking like his hoods down and his shoulder clocks like that and dragging his feet or Omar Abdullah kala Tomita Elena Dean Anya don't make us look like didn't

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walk what will the you know in no ethical what I am she mannequin will never let me a computer wotja When you walk with confidence with with you know, with firm steps, it gives you that sense of, you know, good self esteem.

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I love it when I grabbed somebody's hand and he grabbed my hand and look at me mind.

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The first thing they teach that gives you build a confidence lead to a positive outlook to the world in their face and taught us to smile and to always keep your smile

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you know, I been traveling a lot lately, you know, that's why I thought it started 1230 And I'm coming like 15 minutes early, you know, it's how messed up it is. But you know what? positive outlook I learned how to make my super short. Okay, so one thing is to smile and since I came back I feel like there is a couple of faces here I'm very familiar with that a smile need to be polished, you know, to bring it back. Don't ever be that borderline grumpy person ever. Stay away from their smile is make you happy and confidence and you know give you that you know,

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positive attitude in energy inside you so you can bring it outside

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I'm finally I will say being an optimistic and talking about optimism is not just some fluff talk to make you feel good about yourself. You know what do you do you didn't know in Hattie mill abdomen shakin mill Ebisu bad I want to tell you you want to tell me hey sure what did you don't know what's going on in my life you know I have a kid who's sick at home I have a disease I have just got laid off I'm in debt I'm this I'm that you know everybody has his own set of problems. But just don't add to them another problem

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you know, start one step up the time.

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You know, don't talk about your problems, start talking to your problems, start dealing with them. And you know, when you deal with them and positive attitude, you will find yourself able to overcome optimism doesn't mean that you live in some lala land on fantasy world, no. Optimism it means that you know that is diseases out there.

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But also you know, that there is cures out there for in Allahumma Angelica Ilja and Anna Hudaydah inland moat I will haram Paulo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no disease unless there is a cure for it. May Allah Subhana Allah make us always among those who Allah bring cure through their hands and to bring happiness to their hearts and to others into their families. May Allah subhanaw taala give us success on this live and the next May Allah subhanaw taala make outcome of all the strategies that you see tragedies that and calamities that we see in the world, the outcome is good for us alone Minnesota and Dasara one and there must have been a philosopher Philistine Lama caldera

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to Satyananda Muhammad Allah homea their jewelry with a crumb lawman Subhan Allah and Ida home. Allahu Allah is similar to a lot of the other Ginola the Quran is set out by the candidate of the other God where He cannot lie Minya said okay, are you a human totally Muslim enough era one to be unknown sharara one too early early enough era now integrate into sharara now Allah to Allah later we had our beloved women like Africa to peak Allahumma Al Hamra himedia Their journey crops in order to be ability can fit up with an illegal firearm of TuneIn alumina and silica and default on our dinner will be less than a mile an hour Halina whether yatirim and coolshot. Allah who may Allah be

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similar to a lot of believing Ramadan Allahumma Boliviana Ramadan in Nivea Allah Samuel pm Allahumma coolamon Allah del hijab the Center for en where sudlow had Jehoiada Jana Liberty Karim Allah Minister Luca Antonia and Eben fugly Qumran ametek Nikka Intel Carrie Maloney universal Hamid wa sallahu wa salam and at the Vienna Muhammad

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Allah bottle