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AI: Summary © The Quran provides a message of fruit of beast's beauty and the physical attributes of the beast are not just a luxury. The beast is experiencing a firsthand experience of their names and attributes, and their relationship with Allah is limited to words. The speaker discusses the concept of a distance between actions and hearts, the deeds of actions, and the physical attributes of the beast, which are seen as a crude spiritual experience. The importance of having an open heart and being fully in control of one's own existence is emphasized, along with reading the Quran in a state of openness and being fully in control of one's own existence.
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The Quran is the words of ALLAH, speaking primarily about himself, it's a message to humans. So in the Quran and that's probably like one of the most accurate ways to look at the Quran, Allah is telling us about himself.

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And that's all what we humans really need.

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Guidance, comfort, peace, goodness, virtue, everything positive in life, has divine origins. It comes from Allah subhanaw taala. Everything that is helpful, everything that is necessary for human nature, to evolve, to grow, to mature, to reach its heights, comes from divine origins, because in a sense,

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goodness and divinity are synonymous.

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So inexistence good does not have an independent existence. In the sense, there is no background to what good really is. What good really is, is the divine names and attributes

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coming to the creation, Allah is the source of all good, that's what good really is. So Allah subhanaw taala, in the Quran, is giving us the source of goodness, the source of all goodness, knowing Allah is not a luxury, relating to Allah is not a luxury. Learning about the names and attributes of Allah is not a luxury and it's not merely an intellectual endeavor. It's not like I learned the names of Allah what their meaning is, I learned the linguistic meaning, then yeah, I can talk about that. That's not what learning about Allah is. It is part of the process. But the reality of learning about Allah is experiencing, Allah in your life is experiencing the names and attributes

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of Allah, in your personal life. It's a firsthand experience. The problem is we limit our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, to ideas to words. But the reality is our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala does not primarily

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go through or does not happen through our thoughts, our minds are or words, that actually goes through our hearts. There's a very interesting quote from even playing.

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He says, between the actions of a human being, whether they are proper actions or speech, and the heart, there is a distance.

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And the deeds when they are done, they performed the travel this distance to the heart.

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And there is a distance between the heart and Allah.

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The deeds first are supposed to travel from the limbs, to the heart, from the heart to Allah.

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On both these paths or distances, there are bandits, highway robbers,

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there is the desire of the human being, there was the expectations and the neffs, the ego of the human being, and there is a plan.

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Unless the person clears the distance between their actions and their hearts, the hearts or the actions would not reach the heart and thus they would not reach a wall. And they reach a lot obviously, that means they're accepted and rewarded.

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But sometimes the person clears the distance between the actions and the heart. But they don't clear the distance between the heart and Allah.

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So the actions will actually reach the heart.

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But they will seek and Ascendance to Allah, but they won't find an opening, because the path to Allah has not cleared.

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So they keep revolving in the heart.

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But they don't remain in that state for long. If they keep their revolving in the heart, this awakens the neffs, the ego of the human being. Then the neffs jumps on these actions and claims them to itself. And that gives it arrogance, and pride. So the person will start to see themselves better than others. I pray that others don't pray. I given so the hardest, don't even sadaqa

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This happens when our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala is limited to words is limited to ideas we can talk about.

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Allah, we can write about Allah, we can tell people about Allah, we can read about Allah. But we're not experiencing the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala as a personal experience, we don't have this inner experience, because that exists in the distance between our hearts and the last panel.

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What does the Quran give us? The Quran helps us travel this distance. So we engage with a loss panel to Allah at a personal level, it's a first hand experience, we experienced a loss as a person in our life.

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And this, it's not like any other experience. But it's a first hand experience, your heart is literally with Allah. It's in the spiritual proximity with a las Panatela that's what the Quran gives you. And that's the real experience of hate. Because we can talk about your head as theory. But that's just ideas. Allah is not an idea. Allah is a truth. Allah is your reality. Allah is the reality. And if we fail to experience that, and only if we only resort to second hand experience through thought,

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that we're not really experiencing to hate.

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What does the Quran give us? It offers this it offers us that experience. When you when we sometimes feel touched by the Quran, we feel that moves our hearts. And

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we feel maybe a tear rolling down our cheeks. And we don't know why. It's just because the Quran took us and fit in a firsthand experience with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It took our souls to the Presence of Allah, in reality, it's a real experience, we cannot see it with our eyes, we cannot

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talk about it or even think about it in the form of thoughts is just a crude spiritual experience. We have no words to express that or talk about that. That's what the Quran really gives. This is when the Quran awakens the heart. This is what the scholars call your cover. This is what it's called, it's called an awakening, you wake up to the reality of your existence because essentially, as for example, even Taymiyah says the reality of the human being is the soul. The body is just

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a host of the soul, the real reality is your soul, which is your heart in a sense.

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And you experience Allah you you will relate to Allah through your in your spiritual essence, not in your mental essence, or not in your meant in the mental layer of your of your existence, you experienced a lot in the essence of who you are a first time experience and reading the Quran properly,

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offers us this experience. So when we engage with the Quran, we should read it with an open heart.

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We should not approach the Quran with expectations. We should not approach the Quran with preconceived notions, we should let the Quran lead the way. These are the words of Allah. Allah, through his own words, takes us on this journey. But we just need to come or approach the Quran

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in a state of complete openness,

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in a state of humility,

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and in a state of willingness to make ourselves present

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before the true divine presence.

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And then when we do that, the Quran does its work. We usually don't allow the Quran to do that, with all our expectations with our ambitions sometimes I want to recite this right and Omar, I want to memorize this, I want to understand what this means. So we get sidetracked by some

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I would say

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lower level ambitions that are good.

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But they just take from the real experience.

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And when we experience the Quran that level,

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we just wake up to the fact or to the truth.

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That knowing Allah, loving Allah,

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experiencing the Presence of Allah and engaging with him

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is what we are created for. It's a realisation of the hate, rather than an internalization of some information.

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That's truly what the Quran offers us. All the details in the Quran.

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They are meant to facilitate this and augment it.

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They are not an end in themselves. They are the means to this beautiful end to this engagement with Allah subhanaw taala

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