Crime In S Africa And Our Response

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AI: Summary © South Africa faces challenges such as crime, fraud, corruption, and lack of government policies to provide security for citizens. The importance of protecting the community and avoiding criminal retaliation is emphasized. The history and implementation of Islam in modern times, including deadly methods of enforcement, human rights, and criminalization of criminal behavior, is also discussed. The importance of introspecting one's deeds and becoming active in the community to avoid creating uncertainty and fear, and community involvement and watch in addressing COVID-19 issues is emphasized. The need for everyone to stay away from activities that encourage crime and take risks is emphasized.
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Al Hamdulillah

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salat wa salam O Allah May Allah be

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Allah May Allah be about the Mata bajo de vida de la vida kitabi will actually have

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a motto for COVID-19 mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem walakum Philip,

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will Alba de la la quinta Khun syrup along with ASEAN.

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My dear respected elders and brothers, it can be safely said

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that one of the greatest challenges that faces us in South Africa across the spectrum, and a call across the faith barrier is depth of crime.

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Crime is one of the most pressing and urgent matters in our country. Today, people don't feel safe in their own homes despite elaborate security arrangements. People have alarms, people have burglar bars, and still they don't feel safe. outside on the road, it's still the same people fear being mugged all the time and they can walk safely on the streets. Never mind that even sometimes elderly people who are supposed to be respected in all cultures, they have become victims of crime. And many times we see this that happens all the time.

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On other level, other levels, we have white collar crime. We have fraud, corruption, that is taking places in government departments. in the corporate world. Fraud people are defrauding one another in business in transactions in tenders, which is also part of crime. We cannot divorce it from crime that is also part of crime it lends this whole aspect of crime becoming more prevalent in our community and society. Then, another trend that has recently emerged is the abduction and the rent ransoming of wealthy Muslim businessmen, prominent businessmen and they have been abducted, kidnapped, ransom. Then you have the scourge that has become in the media recently of human

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trafficking. here Allah, small children being taken away and kidnapped and they have been trafficked for sinister purposes. And the situation goes on and on. And everyone will identify with it as a major problem hamari sub se para albia is mulk Major emka he fossati exam Kabbalah Judah, lo gourami or sir copper apne aapko Mahfouz Nisa much 10 is Surah Taha Sam cache nimpah? What do we do? What do we do? Now, of course, we know we would same. And of course, if ever, we have to say that if the South African, there has been many good things that have come out in the New South Africa, freedom, etc. But if there has been one failing, it has been the failing of the justice system. It has been

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the failure of the administration of the government to provide security for its citizens, which is the first responsibility of a justice system and of our government. And of course, we can maybe sometimes we can make mention of it and say, we as Muslims firmly believe that Islam has given us the solution for each and everything. And of course, it's also clear because Allah Allah is our Creator. When he is our Creator, he knows how human beings work. He knows how societies work, he knows how communities work, and as such, whatever system Allah puts in place, he is our Creator. The way the manufacturer knows best with regard to its product, Allah knows human society, he knows

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individuals he knows collective, he knows a society. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has said for example, what a comb filter says he hired that in the law of retaliation, the safety of life for you is no law of retaliation there is no safety of life for you. Islam has given very severe punishment for those who take to crime was Sarika was sorry for Sarika to factor why the oma cut the hands of those who steal, right? We all know this. Now look at the benefit of this.

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In a lawless society like Arabia, prior to Islam, the Arabian Peninsula was more worse than our country. It was a lawless society. No one was safe. When Islam came nebia Kareem saw Selim came, the burqa, and the blessings and the prosperity of the Islamic way of life was such that in such a lawless society, a woman could travel from Iraq to Makkah, and no one would harm her. This was when Islamic law was at its peak and Islamic law was being established. A woman could travel from Iraq to to Makkah, no one would traveler, no one would lift a finger at her. Now today we can we can even walk around the corner with without us worrying with regard to whether we are safe or not. This was

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an Islamic way of life. People always say what's the difference? Well, inside In short, in Islamic we, you know, in Islam, the emphasis is on the protection of the community and society, emphasis and priority is given to the community. Islamic one in

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America, Puri, Samar J. Cusco Pirzada

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is COPPA, Sierra Nevada, Allah, Allah gives more emphasis upon the rights of the community, rather than the rights of the individual person. The Islamic Penal Law is such that Islam once that no one's hand must be cut, and they must be No, they don't know There must be no crime. No one knows there was no murder must take place, and no one must be killed in retaliation. Nakata, Lahore notices, Islamic way of life is such Islamic law is such, this is the emphasis, no one's a hand must be cut and there must be no crime. No law of retaliation must take place and there must be no murder. But if there is going to be murder, then Islam says it is better than the murderer be

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Then, and the entire community and society remain safe.

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In our situation today, the murderer has got freedom. And in that particular regard, the whole community is living in fear. So these these human rights for the murderer, these human rights for the criminal, there is no room on human rights for the community and the society. Islamic law gives greater emphasis to the rights of the community, rather than the rights of the individual. And unfortunately, in today's time, we don't have access, even for example, the jails terms that are given many times it is ineffective. Sometimes a minor criminal becomes a major one because in the jail, he mixes with those people who are experts. So he gets more and more ideas. And then he brings

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those ideas after he is released. And of course given with regard to jail terms, many times it doesn't happen. We see a person committing a crime and the next day he is free on the streets. Now all of that this one is the aspect of what Islam has done in the penal justice system, greater emphasis upon the rights of the community, rather than the rights of the individual. Islamic awani minjerribah setda Baba, Quran May, Allah tala Nikki says call zinda geka. Hi, welcome Philippine assassin, assassin is in the jihad. There is

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another aspect that is very important with regard to the Islamic system. Islamic system is not only about the justice system in the penal system, no, no. Islam is to create such an environment that is just and in the time of our beloved to be a current source and have you had that type of system. The entire community was just the community has social economic justice. So the employer, he was compassionate to the employee.

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And the employee was dutiful to the employer.

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The poor did not convert the wealth of the rich was the man on a ketogenic seducer at multiple why, because Allah tala had said what happened.

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In the wealth of the wealthy, there is a right for the poor. So the wealthy used to look for ways to help the poor, the poor never used to feel jealous about the right wealth of the wealthy. Today, look at the Gulf, look at the Gulf of the living standards between the wealthy and the poor.

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The wealthy will spend sometimes 300 400,000 when you know on issues and pursuits, and the poor doesn't even have a bread or a loaf of bread. In Islamic law, the Islamic system was not only the penal system, many times we make this mistake, we say Islam has got the solution. And for us, the only

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solution is, go and put the law of retaliation. There's not only the Islamic system that is not only the Islamic solution, Islamic solution was to create a social economic pattern that was just

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now there is of course we have that situation now we can talk about it. The end of the matter is we don't have that system we have to strive towards that system to bring about social economic justice, all of that is on his place. However, Allah knows whether it will be achieved now in the meanwhile What do we do? We need to take ponder over steps we as individuals, as well as community can do

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to Sapa cursor take a si euro. Unfortunately, we can't take the situation that we are going No, no, we will have to sit and complain. We are going to accept being victims, we cannot just give up and say we're not going to do anything. This is a defeatist attitude. And something needs to be done with regard to it. If we don't do something about it, it's going to be a case of when rather than if, one day someone is going to be caught up sometimes with tragic consequences, others with lesser consequences. It is so unfortunate, really, I can't emphasize how unfortunate it is as our community, we've got time to attack one another. We got time to score points over one another. We

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got time to do anything, but we cannot unite on an issue that is so critical and so relevant and affects every one of us. If we ask our community to not unite now, other ham is martaba is Bharani. para nada Agha jackery Adriana, huzzah Barker,

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it will become even worse with regard to it. Now, what do we do some of the things that we just say, first thing is up near Malcolm azabache. introspect your deeds. The reason why I'm saying because Allah in the Holy Quran, in an ayah has specifically made mention of our animals and our deeds been the cause of insecurity. And where is this? An ally in the Holy Quran has made mentioned in the 14 superar of the Holy Quran, that Ababa masala Perea incarnate Amina Medina. Allah gives an example of a city that was peaceful

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yachtie aresko Rotterdam in Colima can used to get the risk from all four corners. Allah tala hakomi Sol de sa sharika Bharani Pura monta her risk heartthrob service

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Yachty Roscoe Rotterdam in Colima for Catherine piano Mila Hunan in Nashua creaky they were ungrateful for different be anomala

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Lola bustle Judy will hopefully be McCann is known, Allah tala made and change that city of peace and prosperity into one of poverty into one of difficulty in one to fear. Why be McCann who is known because of people's doings, and autonomy among corporate law, of course, is what I said. Okay.

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So the first thing is introspect our deeds. And is it important that we introspect our deeds to be able to say that is our deeds not causing the insecurity? The second thing is by become active in the community? Nadia, Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam kitara Masha Masha may upset Gomorrah here, become active. You can just say that I'm only going to be worried about myself massive apne Apogee enemy, he has a trauma.

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He Nika I gave this example many times the very famous example. One day there was a loud noise in Madina munawwara khaufnak. Do some q&a. I was there was a Madina, munawwara and look up negros. Bought offstage and Nicola Nicola has a very difficulty out of the homes YAHWAH What is this noise? What is the situation Suhana low what us what the site treated them nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam on horseback. None other maybe saw someone could have told Saba you couldn't find out what the noises let me sell saddam when himself to go and investigate the noise. And he came back and told the people Oh, people go back in your home. Joe was up Nero Metallica go back. I have went into

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the house. I went to go and see. I went to go and see where the noise is. There is nothing to fear about. This is a tsunami of nebia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that to worry about your community or society. It is a noise. If there is a crime if there is something that is happening. Nobody has

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sauce Allen was in the forefront of addressing it.

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So if you want to follow the sooner This is also part of the show now, what are we doing with regard to worrying about our community and society? Everyone is only worried I got the best security system let me lock myself up. If he hears that noise in the in the night.

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Tonight, anyone will ever get up and say that maybe my neighbor might be disturbed, disturbed, maybe he might be killed. Maybe he might be a victim of circumstances or robbery. No one thinks like that. Very seldom do we think like that? And brothers today it will happen to someone else tomorrow, it might happen to you. If you don't take interest with regard to what is happening to someone else, then who is going to take an interest if it happens to you.

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If you don't take an interest over what is happening to someone else in the neighborhood to her set it

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up to seek a mother nature again to

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satisfy you, then what are you going to do?

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So this is the second thing. The third thing that we also make mention, he who assists other people selflessly, Allah will come to his assistance.

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Allah He fionnula McConnell Abu Fiona fee, the 30 if you help other people and I will help you. So you make make it a point that you will take an interest in the community in the society what's happening, who is being if anyone has been robbed, try to come to his assistance try to seek we that no one gets robbed. This is our responsibility. We have to take back our streets. We have to create these type of situations otherwise the metal will get worse. The fourth thing is we know about our neighbors and neighborhoods about our neighbors in our neighborhood. He slum places so much emphasis upon the neighborhood and on our neighbors masala debris. You see the bill jar Hotez and unto

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Oh come upon me saw some set. Jabra emphasize the rights of neighbor so much. Generally salat wa salam Nam Soto kookaburra make it not it not tacky. To messenger I thought that he is going to make the neighbors part of our inheritance mechanism Jackie Jana hum, Sayaka. Up namale make his sudden

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Mira Mesa Makoto karenga.

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himself Some said I thought as it is, we've got so much problems in our inheritance with our own family, we can imagine what would happen if there was a situation with regard to our neighborhoods and our neighbors. But this was there's one Hadith that I read today Subhan Allah, who himself said, if your neighbor asked you for permission to knock a wooden, a wooden, you know something a beggar into the wall, give him that permission, give give rights to your neighbors, who himself said you are not a believer, if you eat to your family, and your neighbor is hungry, of muscle man in a hot moment in a now this is a situation that least one can do is getting to know one's neighbors and

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one's neighborhood. And this is a most effective way and amongst the steps in combating crime. The consequences of not helping our neighbors in our community why in difficulties, that it promotes each household to become insular and secluded from one another, therefore, exacerbating the scourge of crime, as it gives the criminal elements freedom to operate. If everyone only worries about themselves and everyone is secluded, then of course, this is perfect for the criminal element. No one is worried about the other knowledge is power. In this particular regard, knowledge is power. The first thing one can do is to join neighborhood watch us there are certain forums and initiatives

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that have become essential for communities to start in order for them to take the streets back. You have WhatsApp groups and everything. You have whatsapp group to make Panchayat also, that you got, but you can have a whatsapp group in your own neighborhood to tell people about the goings in your community. Who is coming who is not coming, please they are suspicious person. There is something that happened on the street be aware with regard to it. And today, the community police forums they cry out, despite the fact that it is such a pandemic. They cry out and they say people don't assist. People don't cooperate. Yeah, Allah if you're not gonna cooperate now, when are you going to

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cooperate? If you're not going to unite now, when are you going to unite? If you can unite on something so important that whenever you see the importance of unity, so this is a simple situation. We have become good at complaining about situations and extremely poor at getting involved in doing work. All the time. We worried about scoring points. You know, sometimes there's one humorous incident. Let me make mention of

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tells you how we sometimes we, we we do these things and when we fight with one another how it becomes harmful. So the husband and wife they say one day was fighting, so they were not talking to one another. Now the husband had to catch a flight the next morning. Normally his wife used to wake him up. Now the wife was not speaking now what does he do? So he wrote that note by his wife's bedside, I got to go to the airport early in the morning wake me up at half past four in the morning, not speaking but left a note. So the wife what she did was half past four she wrote a note note, it is half past four get up until

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that person got him afterwards and he said, You didn't wake me up the day I woke up to see when we fight what happens everyone loses his humerus, but is there is a lesson in there

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to SeolA the whole community suffers. So this is a situation you know and of course we also know it should not in part of the world to take precaution nebbia Crimson said tie the camel and then trust in Allah tala Ah, first time your camel then trust in Allah tala. So make the record together whatever can also take necessary precaution see that the Lord doors of your house are low. See you got proper security. See that the aspect right for example, we know that there is an aspect of you know abduction of children. Never leave your children alone in public. But Chaka BB public Joker Akilah Natura toreador carabiner. Don't leave them even for a moment even if they have to go to the

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bathroom go with them. These are part of the because maybe saw some said first tie your camel den trust Allah. Someone came as many Samira Salam as we just leave our cameraman the first time.

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So this part of sooner that we also make mention. And although people don't like to do this, but it does help in reporting crime, because of course, it becomes part of the stats. And of course, people who are working in the lobby, they can then you know, put pressure upon us. And of course, very briefly is now concluded. If we need to eradicate crime, we also have to stay away from activities that encourage crime. Yes. If you want to stay away from crime, then stop buying stolen goods.

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If there is going to be a market for stolen goods that try the company's gonna steal more. If he doesn't find our market with regard to stolen goods, what is he gonna do with those goods. So if you are serious in putting a stop to crime, then you also stop those activities that encourage crime. If you someone comes and sell you something and you've got a doubt, stay away from it. He might have stolen them you're gonna buy stolen goods, he's going to become more brazen to go and go and get more stolen goods. To do this if you want to be serious, and you also stay away from taking part in encouraging crime. And lastly let us always make dua to our everyday now it has become compulsory

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for us every time we are supposed to make dua certain types of doors we must bring into our life. Michele slim has told us about doors along mania silica fatale mala g hydrometallurgy Bismillah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Taala Europeana Taka when you leave the house, maybe that is difficult. Everyone says inshallah, when they leave the house from today they will make this to our Bismillah hit our call to Allah insha Allah every time you leave the house to eat with us. ayatul kursi Bismillah historical to Allah Allah Allah Wa La quwata illa Billah Hello my Nana De Luca, Pharaoh torium when we come into him ayatul kursi after every salah and inshallah if we do all of these

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things that we have made mentioned, we can make a difference we can take a defeatist attitude unfortunately, that is not the way these are some of the things that I've made mentioned here lucky was a trophy.

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alameen Allah give us a MOBA can bless it, you know existence one of safety and security because that is the right of an individual in a community and society. May Allah make it happen inshallah with our efforts