Ebrahim Bham – Harmony between Religion and the Material World

Ebrahim Bham
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ultimate in love

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for Seneca was salam ala Medina V Avada Allama Nana V Avaya One metabo Amati one Kitabi when actually at about a three

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to four movie last minute shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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dunya Hasina, Hoefler karate Hassan and there was no other than now set up Allah but as

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my dear respected elders and brothers,

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you and I, we are living in this world.

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And this material world is something that we reside in.

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So one of the big questions that always come into our mind is, how do we live in this world? And how do we relate to this world?

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When we look at the history of nations, we find that the history of nations provided two extremes in this particular regard. So on one extreme, there were people in the past, who felt

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that the only way to achieve prosperity and was success, spiritually and religiously, is to stay away from everything to do with this one.

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They felt that the more you stay away from this world, the more you will become closer towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah has mentioned this in the Holy Quran about earlier Christianity, where Bernie lifted the market up na microtube now Halleen, that the people who adopted monasticism staying away completely from dunya, staying away completely from this word, Allah didn't tell them to do so they did it on their own. They felt it, the more you stay away from dunya, some more you will come closer towards Almighty Allah. So you find that people are now in Catholicism, according to them, which is not a last command, that the people who are on the religious side are supposed to stay away from oil, you're not even supposed to get married. We know what happens there after the corruption. But I'm

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just giving you what they say. Even in Buddhism, certain sections of Buddhism, they feel stay away from all aspects of world, the only way to sheets, the only way to sheets, and they say this is what is our way to come closer towards Almighty Allah

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is a reaction to that, we have another extreme the other extreme is manifested in the western civilization. So, what happened in the western civilization is this that everything is only two

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everything is only this material world,

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the big wall in the end, all of everything is only material world, we are only happy, we are only successful if we got dunya we got well we got luxuries, we got the good of this world, then only we are happy.

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So this is the other extreme, which is the extreme of Western thought. Learn the Quran itself in here as

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The philosophy is we live in this world, we die in this world, everything is only dunya we are not going to be accountable to allow we are not going to get up and Romana who, who said we are not going to be resurrected to understand account for our deeds. Anyone who has such a philosophy of life, He will save everything is only this material world I must stop at nothing until I get the pleasures of this world because there is nothing else for me. The only thing that matters is this material world. If I don't get happiness, I don't get wealth. I don't get pleasure here. There is no point in my life. Because everything revolves only around this material world. Now both of these

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philosophies are on

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both of these philosophies or on Islam has come to give us a middle road between these two extremes. Firstly, Islam didn't say we must stay away from this material world completely. It doesn't say no don't enjoy the legitimate in the halal pleasures of this material world and that Allah warns us you want maybe you limit to 100 100 Allah Allah hola maybe why do you make around what Allah has made you

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to have people take you back openemis The good things

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This world don't make it haram. Allah didn't tell us that we must stay away from this dunya and that didn't tell us that we must stay away from the legitimate pleasures of this world to get married. Allah has told us dunya has

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or will not give us the good of this world and give us a quote of the after Muslim is supposed to live in this dunya enjoy the pleasures of this dunya correcting according to the Sharia according to the halal way. And then he uses that which is correct. He must live in this world by fulfilling the rights of Allah fulfilling the rights of his wealth, fulfilling the rights of his family, fulfilling all of this is a beautiful incident and will be a long term he was a very pious, very, very pious and Somalia facet of the Allahu Taala who also a very pious to having nebbia cream sauce and impelled them to become brothers. So Salomon FRC the ultimate came to the house of a Buddha. When he

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came to the house of the Buddha, he saw that the house is completely disheveled.

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No order. And it's not it's not kept clean. It's not kept ordered. Any he asked the wife of Kappa Delta meat and what is this? Why is your house like this? I mean, there is no odor in the house, there is nothing in the house. And she said your brother abou delta is no need for this world. So what is the use of keeping this house clean? He has no inclination to this one. He has absolutely no inclination he's only inclination is to make odd butter. Only worship

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semana fancy with the Allahu Taala and then said this is not correct. So at the end of the day, when they got together, some manufacturers reluctantly said Come on, let us click. Buddha said no, I'm not going to eat. So it's manifest to say you're going to eat.

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So he forced him to eat with. They have to after he shy he said I'm going to worship Allah. He said, No. You sit and you sleep. And every time you wanted to get up you say you sleep. You only get up towards the latter portion of the night. time of the day you get up and you leave your dad you don't spend the entire night. And then the next morning he told he told about delta delta this is not the way of Islam in America.

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Manikarnika what is it all about under you put as a hate over you. You can't sustain the entire night only making environment without sleeping. Your wife is right upon you. Your wealth is right upon you. They both went to Nevada Kareem saw Selim the Vsauce themselves. Sandman FRC is correct.

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So we don't believe that you must stay away from the soil completely. No, we say stay, take enjoy the legitimate pleasures, but do it correctly, channel it correctly and enjoy a contextual manner that is permissible. And neither do we believe that everything is holiness material what we don't believe in then also

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be allowed to just before the commodity allow to the one day so a person making dua right in hierarchy Sahaba the Kitab on the life of the Sahaba this incident is mentioned that he saw a person making one that keeps me away from this will keep me away from this one. I'm gonna keep me away from this one. So Melissa, what are you making? He said, I'm saying people keep me away from this one. So Omar says you don't want wealth. You don't want children saying I want to say that's part of the world. Why are you asking Allah to keep you away from the school we ask Allah to give you the good of the soil and to keep you away from the evil of this one. Don't ask Allah to keep you away from

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the world.

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We want the world but we want the good of this world. Not the negative

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and the other extreme is also not right. Maybe utter exhaustion of us to make to Allahumma that I didn't do

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or what not don't make this material was the be all and end all of our desires. Everything is only dunya only the world if we don't get it we are depressed. If we don't get it we are depressed and if we don't get anything we become said is a humanist consider one person was sitting depressing the masjid the Maulana the Imam asking why you depress he said you know what happened a couple of years back my my grandfather passed away. I didn't know through the means of that particular you know, estate I came to know I inherited so many 1000s 100,000 rents that my grandfather passed away and I got so many so many 1000 rents from his estate. I didn't know there was an estate. So okay, now why

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are you depressed? After after a little while, six months ago, the other grandpa father passed away and from his estate I bought another 100,000 then 100,000 Sure why

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Are you depressed? You see this one no one died

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just for no one day so they could nothing left so my whole happiness is tied up to this type of things

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so some sort of data loss protection that will make this material world the be all and end all of all your entire existence the Way You Are you deal with people if you get the dunya you are happy you're not happy if you've got dunya then you make salaam to people you don't make money I don't get salaam to people there was a poor person

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when he was poor used to go everywhere to make set up no one used to make himself because he was poor no one used to make him set up some of the other he became rich maybe you had an inheritance or you won the lottery lottery is not permissible obviously he got well some other you got well, so when he got well not everyone is making himself wherever you go.

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So now you're speaking I was a person that I used to make salon no one used to make me salon not everyone is making this up. So he said I will I will convey your salons I will convey yourselves so one day someone asked if people are making use Why are you seeing convey your salons if people I'm not making this up? I used to make them Salam never used to reply since the day I got were they making Mr. Lunch I said I will convey your salons to my well

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you making salon you making stuff to my viewers not to me because if you're making salaam to me I used to make you salmonella I used to keep reply. Now what type of situation is this? Libya Kareem saw Islam warned us about excessive love for this material world who put dunya rasuluh.

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The love of this world is the root cause of all evil, maybe occurring saw someone said he said love for two things. Love for dunya and lovepop for fame and power.

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Look at what's happening in South Africa. Why these two factions in the ANC? Why are people fighting throughout the world love for power, and they're not loving power to serve people. They're loving power to be able to loot and to be able to get money. The VA Kareem saw some said to hungry wolves

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let loose on a flock of sheep will not cause so much harm to the sheep the way love for dunya the love for material things and the lack of power will completely destroy your D in your religion.

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So on the other hand, we got the other extreme. So both of these extremes which have become common in this world today, both of these are not correct.

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So we do not believe that you must stay away from dunya neither do we believe we must make dunya everything. Now what is what is the solution after understanding the two extremes which have been adopted by humankind and why it is wrong? What is the solution? Now let's listen to Islam solution. Islam has told us that the situation is not to deny the legitimate pleasures of this world

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but to deny its privacy, to deny its superiority over the to deny it superiority over other more important values. That is

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not to deny the dunya any legitimate pleasures is to deny good supremacy we are people of both material and spirit. We are people who are people who have to fulfill our dunya and we have to fulfill our dream Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says all internal

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come with the one who was who was here to come

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to Mohan what Ijarah Shona Posada tell unto them Oprah for the Almighty Allah keep your children and your parents and your family we have one last word to put why Shira to

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end the well that you get and you accumulate what Ijarah Shona casada and the businesses that you fear loss the business man's greatest worry is what I got profit while he's got profit also He's worried that maybe the next month I won't have profit. So my debt business which I feel knows what my circulator gonna and the houses I'm living in a hamster in a coalmine, Allah He was only when he hadn't finished. Is it more if it becomes more beloved to you that Allah n is restored and striving in Allah's path?

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Humbly recommend Allah you want us to do what you have it for Columbus to then wait for Nicholas punishment to come. But look at what the word is. He didn't say you don't love your children. It didn't say you don't love your family. It didn't say you don't love the wealth that you accumulate. It didn't say you don't love your business. It didn't say you don't love your

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in your houses, is it a Hapa more beloved?

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It is beloved.

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But it must not become more beloved than alive as a school as a role model the Allah who tell you it is time of

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fit amount of prosperity for Muslims. So one day there was a great amount of wealth in the courtyard of budgeting.

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So, tomorrow the alarm was started crying.

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anyone cry when he gets well? We don't get weird we cry. Oh my god. Well, he was crying. And someone said, Omar, why are you crying people got weldless So happy the old Medina is happy, his wealth in the courtyard of material number which will be distributed to the people of Medina. He said, I don't say people don't have wealth. I know people love wealth. Allah has made it Beloved. Whoever says it is not beloved to him. The Quran says to eternal Ignacio Pasha,

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when Benina will fanatical.

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Allah has the tone in your heart, the love of women, the love of the opposite *. Allah has made it Beloved. And Allah has made her you know, golden silver beloved to you. So almost said I'm not saying that it is not beloved, I'm only wanting to inhibit this come into the mind that it is followed by corruption. People turn away from deals and people start hiding.

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People find more one day's work when they can compare to when there is no well, then there was no way as people used to live with.

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The moment there is love more wealth, people start fighting so much. And I'm not saying people don't love him. I'm crying because whenever this wealth comes into the home, and comes into families, people start fighting. So now, what I'm saying the solution is not to deny that United's privacy to deny its superiority. So we have to do it with what type of what type of conditions the first thing do not allow it to take you away from the remembrance of Allah to not allow dunya to take you away from the remembrance of Allah. Yeah, you are in the Dena Harmon who, luckily he come

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to come and decree. OBE will don't let your children and your will take you away from remembering Allah. When that when the wealth is taking you away from Allah, the debt to wealth is not a net. It's not a favor. It isn't.

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Return will not really he him teacher or two. What are they? And decree law

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says the knights who run the Sahaba were people. They didn't allow the business. They didn't allow the wealth to take them away from Allah's remembrance to take them away from salad. So the solution is Yes, take wealth. Don't allow me to divert you from remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala aim to take you away from Salah secondly, how we earn is important not every wealth that you earn is correct. Put everywhere that took him so slim is said in a hadith What did he say? Telugu Hana Lee for him freedom to have this hadith everyone has heard the acquiring of Halal is a religious of

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why did he say halal? Why did he say Telugu man? Why didn't he say that acquiring of wealth is a religious obligation? Because not every wealth earn is correct.

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Not every wealth earned is correct. So is it tenable Hala lead for either political psychological maliphant

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To earn

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then it becomes blessing. If you earn haram it's not a blessing.

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You earn through the means of interests. You learn through the means of riba if the Cova What are

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you going to marry and find them to follow father who will be harmed him in Allah, you want to stay away from interest, if you don't stay away from interest, declare war against us, today have the courage to take a walk into

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a time will come set up after himself.

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No person will worry what weighs only within an hour. It's a sign of Kiama when you don't worry where you are running your restaurant, it's a sign of karma.

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So the second condition is see that when you earn your risk, it is haram. Otherwise, that particular wealth at that particular dunya becomes darkest. And the third thing that we have to do is we have to use what Allah has given us to benefit humanity. We have to use whatever Allah has given us to better

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us and Allah will be good to others the world has been good to you is a very interesting incident for saving as he

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was to make. He used to be in the arm only making Ibaadat in mechanical Rama so for several years, he said

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Shetty What what are you doing in your with your

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If and why are we doing this in your life? So it should take about three Rahmatullah said I'm going to only spend my life making. So he said, why? He said, One day I was in the forest, I saw a blind bird. And I was thinking, yeah, Allah who's going to look after this blind bird. So while I'm looking at his blind bird, I see another bird coming with the world, putting that word into the beak of the blind bird.

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So I said, if Allah can look after a blind bird and provide risk for it, Allah will provide me his Ashraful buffalo card was received. I completely dedicate myself now to make od Ibaadat. I'm going to make you by looking

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at from this one incident, I learned, Allah will look after me, I'm going to make you buy them.

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So you know what present when I asked him who said said Shut it. Tell me something.

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Why did you choose to be the driver?

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Why didn't you choose to be the bird who was giving the world?

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Why did you choose to be the brand but why did you choose that burden was giving the world to the blind but why don't you say I'm going to become red bird? Skeptic Why do you choose to be applied? Well, why did you choose to be the bird that is giving people money to helping people? Do you know the reward of helping people? Maybe I caught him saw some said I saw a person enjoying himself in Jamna. Why? There was an offensive item on the road. He removed it a little granted in Jannah.

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Brothers Go ahead, take whatever Allah has given you going you can use it to help people take what Allah Allah has given you will

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offer the ultimate head well. Do you know the type of wealth that he had? Recently, there was a study done about the wealth of money. It was in the Gulf magazine, one of the Gulf medicines. Historically, he said he left so much behind so much denial, so much denial so much that they counted how much dinars is left out. And dinner. One dinner is a gold point, which is equivalent to 4.34 grams of gold. They counted how much gold points he left behind. They did a survey Ileft $606 billion

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in today's time. That's the amount of wealth

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more than anyone who is rich if you see the wealthiest person please Got

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it 606 times more than the wealthiest person. But you know his condition. He used to sit at used to have people bringing food and used to invite people. And then all of a sudden we used to say

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people who are better than us didn't have food to eat. And he used to cry. The people used to cry and they used to take all the food away and they used to stay without

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wealthiest person in the world. This is a situation one day in a time of eyeshadow the Allahu khairan who is Conway of goods came to Medina he was very wealthy. So all his goods were coming in the old Medina was going to see the wealth of Abdul Rahman how convoy of attainments of cables coming to Han Allah. So people told us in Asia, so I should say what is a commotion in Medina? What is Why is everyone running? You're going to go and see the wealth of a grown man coming into Medina. So I shot this happened to say, I heard he said, Man is a shrine mashallah he will go to China, but you will go crawling to Jannah because he has so much wealth he has to account for his wealth. year

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you get wealth, you are an advantage. You got well, you get business class, you go to the airport, they put you in front of the cube. You go and sit in a in the best seat. You got a flex in the cape, a classic OC, you got well, you got advantage. There. You got well disadvantage compared to the one who doesn't have anything go to gym that 500 years before the one who doesn't have

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the one who doesn't have well above five or 10 years before the one way is where you're where there's an advantage there could be a disadvantage. So as Aisha said, either said he will go crawling into China. Someone went up Rockman he came running. Did you hear this from the reoccurring source the Komodo the faithful? As

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I heard him said you will go to gender but you will go crawling to account. Open will mean bear witness that my this entire convoy that came that everyone is admiring. I give all of it for the poor Medela

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I have distributed it I've given it in charity.

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My the respect of others, that is a situation so let me conclude. We are living in a school. There are two ways that people have looked at this world either you stay away from it, which was the one

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You have Christianity Rania, Allah tweak the other ways you made this Pina everything the way you play the Western civilization has become both of these.

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The middle part is Islam zwei what is Don't? Don't we don't deny the pleasures but we don't we deny its primacy. Then don't get it diverts you from remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala earn it in the correct manner and then utilize it in a way that is pleasing to Almighty to be understood Inshallah, would you all do whatever ALLAH is given us to utilize it for the sake of Allah for the sake of the deed? May Allah give us co equal to the one

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