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The speakers discuss the history and characteristics of the former model's behavior, including his propensity to command and prevent evil behavior, his propensity to command and prevent evil behavior, and his propensity to love and love his friend. They also discuss the importance of aligning one's actions with the Prophet's teachings and finding good opportunities to achieve goals. The segment emphasizes the importance of avoiding evil behavior, sharing ideas and resources, organizing events, and giving gifts to achieve success.

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When I

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need to shut up

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here with

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Carnival here

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to party

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the people of Saturday, a lots of panel data tells the story of the people of Saturday in the Quran. They were accountable a group of people from Venezuela,

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who had been commanded by God to leave their worldly affairs on Saturday.

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And so the panel was on and because they were a people who used to fish, and were prevented use the business of fisheries, to bring their livelihood, a lot of towns out. So much so that on all the days of the week that they would fish they will receive, or they would catch nothing. And then on Saturday, the day when they were to be assigned their business and their transaction, their worldly affairs, the fish would come in abundance.

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And this was the test from a muscle personalizada that he mentioned in the Quran. So

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Columbo was

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above the town that was buying, by the seat

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in the corner,

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see him

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when the fish used to come to them, openly on the Sabbath day, on the Sabbath, on the Saturday, the fishes to come in abundance, and on all the other days of the week, the fish will not come along.

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Cuz then it's such a way

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of support, we tested them, because they were always progressing, always going beyond the boundaries of our data. And even in this, they transgress the boundaries for our group of change. And they divided the plot our scheme in order to catch the fish on Saturday to bypass the commandment of Allah. And so they said, we'll put our fishing nets on Friday, I would love to fish on Friday.

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And then on Saturday, the fish will be caught in the middle. But we won't pick them up on Saturday. We'll wait till Sunday, when we pick them up. And in that way, we'll spend Saturday in hated and worship of Allah. And we'll we'll get the fish on Sunday, trying to trick us

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kicking themselves.

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When they did this, the townsfolk and this is the important part is that they divided into two groups about what was happening in this group of people, one of them began to command the good and evil.

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And the other

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was one that said leave them alone. Why are you wasting your time with them? But if Alesis wishes to punish them, they'll punish them, but it's not our business. And our panel data continues to versus

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what is

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the majority of

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They said, I want to community amongst them amongst themselves. Why do you reach Why do you get

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A people who love Canada is going to destroy any way or is going to punish them with a severe torment. And then listen to those college to good. They said on

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the phone.

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They said in reply to those people that wanted to stop them from encouraging the good and forbidding evil, he said, not

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as an excuse, so that alone will pardon us. So that alone will forgive us and pardon. Your Lord was saying today your loan forgiveness, when, and perhaps the number only knows whether there'll be guidance, that perhaps they may fear of loss, and stop what they're doing. And only they were the ones that were saved by

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everybody else was destroyed. Only those people that cultivated provision, the evil were saved, and those people that saw the evil, but were silenced when they would like the people that committed the sin. Because they were silenced. A lot of parents are innocent.

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So when we forgot the reminders that had been given to them, they were reminded, and they had revelations when they forgot it. And Jane and

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we say those people who used to prevent the people when the punishment came down, those people forbade the evil were the ones that were saved.

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But we see those who did wrong with a severe tournament, because of the way they used to rebel against the muscle.

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And disobeyed Allah Panasonic gave the reason why you punish them.

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So when they exceeded the limits, and they transgress a window beyond the boundaries,

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from what they were prohibited.

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We said to them, Kunal, the monkey has to despised and rejected. And so in one sweeping night, Allah Subhana, WA, tada, wiped away those people and transfigured them into monkeys and pigs in one night, and the only the ones that were saved were those who choose to permit them, and used to tell them that what they're doing is wrong. And so they came in the morning, and they found the people in their in their village, they found monkeys, and they sound pigs. And they would go to them, and they would talk to them. And that monkey would say that, such and such a person. And the pig would say that I'm such and such a person, a people that are muscled figure, for the disobedient.

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Brothers and sisters, it's the nature of a human being, to feel a desire to feel an urge to do good, and to feel a desire or a drive to do bad. That's the nature of it. Even if the person was secluded on an island, by himself, by himself, he would still feel embarrassed that he should do something good. And he would still feel an urge to do something bad.

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And it's that the characteristic of the government is not only

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that we have

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this desire to do good, but it's incumbent upon us that we have to encourage other people to do good. And not only in the characteristic that we stay away from evil, but we also must, and it's incumbent upon us to hold the hand of the people that do the evil and to advise and admonish those people and hold them back from continuing in their sin and continuing in the people that their

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concern. But today we're going to be talking about this characteristic of the former model,

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which is commanding the good and forbidding evil. If we had identification that badges for identification cards and we had a description of who we weren't as a Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala tells us what would be written in that if that was a valid part and personal was invalid. Most of us have tunnels Allah says what would be in the district in the description. A lot

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of region in

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a lot of times

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I thought that you were the best

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describes why they were the best nation why this woman was the best nation because they're commanding and encouraging others to do good. And their commanding their forbidding of doing evil and preventing other people from doing evil and believing in a loss of power.

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And when it comes to this,

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when it comes to good and bad, and encouraging others, one or the other people are in two groups, there are the people that command the good and forbid the evil command, when there's something good to be done to encourage other people to do it. When there's something evil being done. They discourage people from doing it. These are the believing men and believing woman, lots of tunnels artists isn't one

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And the believing men and believing with women, that they are the only close and sincere members of one another, yet

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striving to take command and encourage the good way and how and if we're busy evil, and then the second group when it comes to the good and evil, encouraging other, the second group are those that when they see something evil, they encourage people to do evil. When they see something good, they try to discourage and push people away from that. And these are

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the hypocrite men and women, Allison.

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Lots of panels on it says the hypocrisy. Men and women are from one another. They enjoy on the people and evil they enjoy and they encourage people to do evil, yet more.

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And they prevent people and discourage people from doing good things.

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for ourselves, that those who are successful those who

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are those people are those people that commandment and forbidding evil. And unless the panel Donna mentioned to us and find the verses come again and again, of people that set aside the commanding of the goodness or beating of the evil, they would command people to do something. And then the next day they would go to a party with them and be their friends. And nothing was happening as if there was no sin taking place. Among

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curves are those people who disbelieve in very sloppy is from the children

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on the tongue.

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And you'll see that the things that were the children of the children that were indeed when they transgress it was dealt with on a personal

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And the term of Acer are in the liquid in our

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offices, why they were then given also this is because of their disobedience and their disobedience.

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What can we oxygen, and they used to transgress and then God says what was that transgression? What was that disobedience chance

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that they would never

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they would never discourage person, they would never forbid some someone in the community from the evil the theory. This is why they were in the province of a mahogany who said

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in the teaching and also that when we did not commend the good and evil, we turned to a lot of panels out on the hard times come upon us and by leaving

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the hard times will come upon us and it's that moment that the political alignment knows that people know will turn back

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and this is the moment when the drama

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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that you are going to, and you will, and you have to command a good lesson.

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And that you will and you have to prevent the evil.

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we'll send down a punishment upon you so much.

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Then at that moment, you're going to turn it to a local Colorado and Utah.

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And in another, another narration, the process of aligning sentences, are we allowed

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or he will curse you, just like the person pursues.

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Remember, we said

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that these stories in the Quran are not just for them. And then any good ideas are talking about us know, Allah subhanaw. taala mentions these stories, because if we do what they did, our results will be the same results, and hearing the idea of the Prophet,

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or the local, Christian, and the person.

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And you'll see that the process of aligning his entire mission, if you ever want to find a study talking about it,

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just take any book of hobbies, and you'll see that every single Hadith is talking about

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every single setting, you have the entire volume to choose from. And you'll see the profit

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from the very first moment that he needs to do. When you migrated to Medina, and they came to him and they saw him, you'll see that the very first thing he said,

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was commanding the good as of the London center for the love of our documentary that one of the pseudo muscle allamani who came to Medina, the people reached out everybody reached out to greet the process.

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And he said I was in that crowd, trying to see going through the crowd trying to find the face of the pocket for the line. I just wanted to see. And then when he saw the pocket,

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and he looked at his face, he said

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he said

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he said when I saw his face, that I knew that this was not the face of a lie. I knew by that statement normal face

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that this was not the face of a liar. And then he said that can

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be employed in your

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and gentlemen, the first thing that the body said when everybody was gathered that he said he said more people

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spread amongst encouraging the good of the

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is feed the hungry people was supposed to be lazy.

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And free in the night when other people are sleeping and other people aren't going to take that time to pray for solution. Ladies and

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gentlemen, you entered

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an hour our

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last session, he was good at preventing evil in all categories of the community with the children with the women with the men, anybody who saw anybody who spoke in

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good and evil or

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Madonna. You will see given sentiments.

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He was a young boy and he was under the care of the process of aligning with center and as they sat there to eat, he said for 10 it is sufficient

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that my hand wouldn't what building in the dinner plate or the food place that he was a young boy didn't know how to eat he didn't know the electricity so it would go all over the place and the province of a lot a certain city or young boy

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told him

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or could be any any with your rice band.

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And he

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he's just been employed as a hobby.

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He says that after I heard that from the process of aligning, I never made it in any other way. But that was the way I used to be. I would say this you are in front of me and I will eat

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and I will eat with my right hand. And

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if you win, you will get the chance to advise the women for the long run

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You can, Xena, the wife,

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of the Lamar Tyler and her wife, she said that the lesson lesson just in the long run is going to address them saying,

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for women, to give charity, even if you're going to give with your children,

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and the process of aligning our code,

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even when it came to his own life, he will not allow any miracles to happen. As

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she says, she said that I said one time that the prophets of Allah has spoken into that watch out or look out for meaning that Sophia was short, and otherwise.

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And then above messengers of allottee was sent and said, cause

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the movie just remember the messages, he sent it to her.

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You said something, that if it were to be mixed with the water of the sea, that it will overcome the water of the sea, and the water will not be able to liquefy will not be able to clean. And

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she says that after that, it no matter what anyone would give to me, I would never like to say anything about anybody.

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And this is what the team is all about encouraging good and forbidding the evil, this is what it used to be, they are to the process of aligning your pledge allegiance to this

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rest of your life. For the longest time.

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It was an honor so many filaments of

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For the amount of time

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that we've placed the legions to give back to the process of aligning with the center to listen and obey and what we like or dislike, and that we would not find the people of authority, and would stand for the truth, wherever we may be not fearing for the sake of a muscle crowd to honor any criticism from those who would criticize us. A Polo pony has

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an iron solid and discovered and how to love God, whenever he would go on for a class or leave his house, he would see people committing some people who will always advise them and would never pass them without speaking to them. And sometimes, as

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in the book

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says that sometimes that they would meet him for what he was saying. And he's the scholar, he's, these are the people that are lost.

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They will beat him for what he is saying. And he would fall off from the beatings, but that will not stop the next time that you would go out that he would continue to advise them to abstain from the evil that they were in.

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I remember the brothers and sisters one time in class was someone, one of the younger boys had come to me and said that he

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was telling me what kind of pregnancy is going to get through his first

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birthday. And this assignment studies and birthdays are in something that

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should be participating in, and it's not.

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And so I asked him, and then the other kids that knew the ruling, and he started chanting loudly in the class, no more, no more,

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even to the point that that boy started crying. But it brought that many memories of growing up in an anonymous

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where the focus was on evil, for the focus, they will encourage evil, and they would call them to the evil in fact, even the teacher would be the one that would encourage the evil and forbid people from just by the nature of the way that things are. And in those days versus it was something then all the kids were talking about. If you didn't have a birthday, then you were the door in class or, or someone that everybody looked down upon. And if you didn't get invited to this in person, they were at that birthday, that you weren't cool, but you weren't part of this.

00:24:32--> 00:24:48

So this is a male lesson about mercy on those tests that have brought the children out of these kinds of environments where they're in a truly an environment where people are saying no more birthdays. And not only that men encouraging the other kids to do good and forbidding the other kids from doing evil

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave us a parable. A simile of those people that command the good and

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And those people are saying he is a similar to some of those people that stand on the panel data and upholding and those that don't uphold the

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laws of love the commandments of of love as a people on a boat. And this is a famous Madison is something that we should always keep in mind, he said that it's the default, if people are the ones that are doing good, and the ones that are doing that they're all on the same boat. And this is the example of like that the people that are doing good, they're on the top level of the boat, and the people that are doing that are on the bottom of the process of aligning themselves. In order for those people on the bottom to get water, they would have to go up to the people on the top and ask them for that water.

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And so because they kept saying no to me, I have some water to me and have some water. And these people are getting annoyed that they keep asking them for water. They said let's not annoy them anymore. Let's let's keep to ourselves, and poke holes in the bottom of the bubbles to get our own water. So when I'm bothered, you don't want to bother

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holding the boat and drink from that water.

00:26:08--> 00:26:09

The problem

00:26:10--> 00:26:36

is they need to do their evil, that those people on the bottom of the boat will drown, and the people on top, meaning they'll be punished together, so drowned together. And that if they go down, they stopped and they hold their hand from committing the evil from poking holes in the boat, they'll save the people on the bottom. And they'll save themselves. They'll save the people on the bottom and will save themselves.

00:26:39--> 00:26:42

There are characteristics of the person called for

00:26:43--> 00:27:01

the good and forbidding evil just going quickly, they should do so with knowledge of the team, they can call someone they don't know themselves, what the dean is calling to number two, they should have patience, they should have some local man and his son What motivates one hand was

00:27:03--> 00:27:40

commanded to visit evil and have patience for what's going to happen. Because when you do this, and you take this path that people have been partners, for just for taking them, and that they shouldn't be just when a person is in demand and distributing evil, they shouldn't forget the goodness that a person may have even though they make a sin or something, they still have goodness in them. And they should do so with wisdom with Heckman. Certainly, we should be kind to those that are advising when we advise someone, what's the goal, the end goal is that you want the person to be guided in the end, you don't want to relieve some anger. Sometimes when we see an evil happening, we just want to

00:27:40--> 00:27:43

get angry and hurt the person with us.

00:27:44--> 00:27:45

That's not the purpose of

00:27:47--> 00:28:07

the end that she wants to get this person being guided. So go backwards and think what do you have to do in order to get to that, and some people don't humiliate someone is doing, only making that person get bigger, and have to defend himself in this evil that they're doing. Other people may insult humiliation, this is not how it

00:28:09--> 00:28:09

taught us to do that.

00:28:15--> 00:28:16

In conclusion,

00:28:17--> 00:28:21

we just have some suggestions of how to become involved.

00:28:22--> 00:28:41

It doesn't always have to be with the speech. And of course, this is a very good way of getting lectures feature having colorful, but you can also get booklet, make templates or something and handed out to people describing certain situations, or a general email that you send out to people and teach them about this issue or that issue to have

00:28:43--> 00:29:22

to give it as a gift. And many people already do this by assigning tape and then go and say to someone, this is a gift for you. And that the love comes in and they sit down and listen to the guidance and the tape. A person can organize an implant newsletter at Atlantic magazine, or an Islamic newspaper that has information and guidance encouraging good and forbidding evil. A person can if he needs to discuss with someone, he can maybe write a specific letter to that person, not humiliated not even talking face to face, but give the letter to the person. So that side arkenstone that you can read the letter and reflect on what's happened. And the list goes on and on. In

00:29:22--> 00:29:25

conclusion, we all want to be successful and Allah

00:29:26--> 00:29:27

tells us how to be successful.

00:29:37--> 00:29:44

Lots of chronic dialysis arise out of you a group of people inviting all good things.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

A lot of data sets out there right the group that calls the policies, commanding the good and forbidding the evil

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

And then also

00:30:02--> 00:30:03

while all

00:30:09--> 00:30:16

these people, these people who commanded in a forbidden forbidden evil, they are successful in this dunya

00:30:18--> 00:30:20

inshallah tada we all want to start with

00:30:21--> 00:30:26

the first person that we're going to give down to commander. Evil is ourselves

00:30:28--> 00:30:30

in the world woman advocate for lunarlon really

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00:30:37--> 00:30:38

enough lay down

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on him

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in a

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while in high

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