Hatem al-Haj – Reward for Showing Patience

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of recognizing and rewarding people for their actions. They also mention guidelines from Allah's teachings about forgiveness and mercy, which will be given guidance to individuals. The transcript does not include a brief advertisement for a product or service.
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Also to recognize

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something that could also help you a great deal with enduring the decrease of a lot to recognize and to remind yourself of the great reward for those who are patient. In fact,

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Jabba reports from the prophets of Allah Salaam, that he said

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that the people of fear on the Day of Judgment, the people of safety on the day of judgment and

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the people who are prosperous and they were not afflicted on the Day of Judgment, they would wish that their skin or their skin was clicked out with clippers, because be because of the great reward that they will witness that people of Ebola receiving the people of affliction the people who are afflicted in the dunya receiving Allah subhanaw taala seven sort of the baton I

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hope you enjoy an oxymoron I'm wearing what I'm facing what emphysema Samarra have a serious surgery and we will test you with how to do fear, hunger,

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deficiency in you know, lights meaning

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when Why do you want emphasis Amarok and money and, and foods

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Covestor somebody get whacked by things to the patient ones, Latina savato see bottom panel in any layer in the layer as your own those who are when they are afflicted. They say another layer in a layer on your own. We are allowed to him we should return without him salvato never been here is the reward. Those are the ones who will have salata never beat him a lot when gifts a lot on those people. The Salah from Allah means what lessons and forgiveness and Baraka Farah Salah from Allah and Allah mix Allah sallallahu Sallam covenant that is fair and honest. And Allah him Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah and mercy, and there'll be given mercy for Allah to do and those are the guidelines

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that will be given guidance, they'll be given guidance

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