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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah May Allah be about a llama la la Viva la vida de la vida kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado favela.

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Aloma anioma Mottola calm Dena Kumar,

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Amati warrawee Hola, como la, la Medina, Serra de la ville, awesome.

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My dear respected elders and brothers. Today is a day in which who judge have gathered in arafa, which is the highlight of Hajj.

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In our situation, we are leading up towards the day in which many would be performing, and would be doing over here in Kobani. And I felt these two things would be the basis of our talk today.

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We all also keep in mind that many of

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the rights that we will be fulfilling as an oma throughout the world, whether it be the judge or whether it be people who are not in charge.

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It is based on great events, and great personalities of the past.

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Now, it has always been the way of humanity to pay homage to great events and people of the past, not only amongst Muslims, but across the spectrum amongst humanity.

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But outside the fold of Islam, people show home each in different ways. So they will construct a statue or they will construct a building, or they will have a day

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to commemorate an event or person of the past.

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Islam has taken the basic idea, but I've changed the focus. So Islam doesn't have this memorials in ceremonies, by saying that we are going to construct a statue for the sake of the great deed committed by Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam for example, what Islam Islam said that whatever he did,

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you inculcated in a small way. So, in this way, not only is it a befitting memorial and homage to the deed and to the personality, but he is great deed

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the the enthusiasm to put it into your life is also created. So, we find this many examples for sure will you say that in these days, we pay homage to Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and others took it as example I sometimes see as an hajra ran between suffi Marwa with what dedication, what what sincerity with what devotion towards Almighty Allah, how she might have called out towards Almighty Allah for the sake of that water of her newly born son was small infant son, and that Allah like the deeds so much till the Day of Tiamat no one's Hajin Kumara will be completed and perfected until he does not carry out what a woman has done. And for those people who say Islam does not give any home

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which does not show any respect to human. Our O'Brien hatch is not completed until we don't do a deed which was originally done by a woman.

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In a similar manner. Khalid Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam incident is also very well known. many aspects I won't go into the entire history, just one or two remarkable incidents and tying it up to these days. One thing that always amazes me is that he bribery salat wa salam life was one of full sacrifice for the sake of Allah, the One who submitted his will to the will of Allah. When Allah tala told him to leave your home in Iraq and he left it, he came to Canada, and he came to Palestine. When Allah tala told him leave that and go towards MCI mo karma, that type of barren desert, he did it. And then when Allah subhanho wa Taala told him leave your wife and child, he left

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his wife and child in that particular place without even a shred of any water, vegetation food, but with the commander of Almighty Allah. Then when Allah subhanho wa Taala told him come back and come and construct the Kaaba and Baitullah Ibrahim Alayhi. salat wa salam did. Allah says in the Quran woman Asad Medina, mimin as lama wotja hula hula Matson whatever our military Bara Hema hanifa what Taka de la jolla

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Hema karela whose Deen is better than one who submits his world to Allah. If you have one of the greatest example of submission, it would have been Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, but yet look at his humanity after constructing the Kaaba and Baitullah when he lifts up his hand in dua, what was his

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Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta Sammy Hola, Ali, our na except for me, you are on hearing all knowing. Sometimes I wonder and said that, if anyone could have said, if any human being was entitled to say, Oh Allah, you told me to leave my homeland. I did so Oh Allah, you told me to leave my wife and children in the barren desert I did. So I will lie. You told me to slaughter my one and only Son I did. So Oh Allah, surely you would accept my deeds. He could have said Allah you have to accept my deep but such was his humanity. That even at such a stage he said one law except for me. You are the one who will accept. I'm not sure whether you will accept. I'm pleading with you to accept my deeds.

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It is the result of such sincerity. It is a result of such dedication and humility. It went after he constructed the Kaaba and Baitullah when Allah tala told him that now give it a call towards people to come for Hajj. He said of Allah there is no one year and then Allah Allah says was in fitness, he will Hajj you give the call for people to come for hedge anyone who is entitled, and anyone who is in future going to come for hedge. I will make him say the big brother as it is a result of such sincerity today that people would love to go to Makkah the call. apparent call opposite ebrahimian salat wa salam, such as the power of sincerity and humility. He became a Serato Sam then continued

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as tie in with regard to these days of Syrah masari allama TARDIS and Ola Pani Petit Rahmatullah Lee makes mentioned. He brought him a Serato Sam sees a dream on the night according to catch us up on the night of the eighth of June.

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On the night, Missouri, prior to the day of April kibra, Melissa Tucson sees a dream that he is torturing his son, Allah tala showed him in a dream a dream is open to interpretation. If Allah would have told Ibrahim slaughter your son, he would have had no option showed him in a dream because the test is greater. So he sees the dream. On the eighth of July he has a Libra Himalayas that was Rama reflects what is the meaning of the theme. Now you would know that the eighth house will he is known in our terminology as the day yo via the day of reflection, the day of reflection. So the eight of us will be Brahim Elisa to ashram spins in reflecting what is the meaning of this

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dream? The ninth, zil hija, the night of the ninth of Sofia, habra, Himalayan Surat. wasallam, once again sees the dream that he's torturing his son. Right at that particular time, he recognizes that this is this is the meaning of the dream that I must slaughter my son. That is why the ninth of the hedgehog is known as Yo man arafa The day of recognition. Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam recognise that this is the command of Allah. And he saw the dream for the third night on the night of the 10th of the hedger. And the next day he went out to go and complete the meaning of this dream. And that is a day of Yeoman. When you sit down, how could shaytan sees such a great manifestation of

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submission, tried his utmost to try and stop Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa sallam? Time one time came to primaries, that was Ron's wife. Do you know where your husband is gone? We're going to slaughter a son does a father, daughter, their son? Allah tala told him. Even the Torah told him he must go into it. This is now the submission of the wife nevermind, Islam, then shaytan tries to put a barrier. Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam throws the three times stones to remove that barrier. And that is why the judge will tell the Mirage in in trying to inculcate that great lesson of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, eventually, he eventually the father and son and are ready to complete this command of

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Almighty Allah. I always wonder how Allah has made mention of it in the Holy Quran for llama, llama wa Taala Julio jabeen Allah tala when he said the father and son were ready. The father was ready to slaughter. The son was ready to be slaughtered Allah tala sees

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Filmora unni as backofen Zuma the Torah Oh my, oh my son, I've seen the dream I'm slaughtering you. Give me your opinion. The Prime Minister didn't need to communicate with his son. But this is a communication that we are supposed to have with our children to be able to communicate with them.

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He said yeah, but he fell moto Moto, my father, do what we have been commanded. inshallah, you will find me amongst those who persevere. Again, no posting. Many times we do a number of Kobani you know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna sacrifice my life, I'm gonna do this, I have done this, nothing is prepared to sacrifice, prepare to live and sacrifice his life, but what is he say insha Allah, you will find me amongst those who are perseverant.

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And then Allah Allah says, when they were about to do that, you know the heavens and earth must have stood still. The heavens and earth must have stood still, when such a great spectacle of submission, his humanity has the heavens is the earth ever seen such a great example of submission? Therefore, now when he says he said for llama, llama, when they both submitted without submission, this would not have been possible when they submitted if we had looked at it from logical perspective, how can you do this? How is it possible to do so? But they submitted to the will of Allah. That is why when we make over here, therefore brothers, hasten towards here, make it a spot and do it willingly.

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nebia Kareem cirsium was asked Mahavira What is the significance of what he and Kobani recorded for Bonnie in our indo Pak lexicon? And of course, in the Arabic or in the Hadith, it is known as well here, and then halfway when they did in the literacies, Yaba set up Toria you have to fulfill your vision that is now

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as Madeira what is the reality? He said Suna to Avi Kumi Brahim. It is a Sunnah to forefather Ibrahim. I want you to understand this brothers never saw them was asked what is over here. What is for Bernie? He didn't say go and take the meat and distribute it to the poor. He didn't say that. It Mahajan. avahi. What is that he said?

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It is when you slaughter the rim or the sheep or the goat. You do it that that small bit of sacrifice must come into our lives that characterize the life of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. So that is the main aspect of ghorbani

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distribution of meat is secondary Legionella. Hello Mahabharata Masha, Allah doesn't need your meat. Allah doesn't need the blood. Allah tala ninja taqwa doesn't mean charities are important. give charity in his due course, to the here is not is not charity, or the here is the pseudoknot of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. So this is one aspect that we need to keep in mind, which is, which is part and parcel of these days that we'll be going to today. Of course, we also know the Hajaj alpha brothers, I'm not going to go into a fifth he explanation with regard to what what is the day of alpha, when is the day of arafah When are we supposed to fasciae in South Africa, the prevailing

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view of the allama in South Africa and the view with regard to a llama like salamina theming and pin bars, you must pass on the day in which is a ninth of your day. That is that is the footer of the alama. But this platform of Joomla is not a 15 platform. It's a platform of inspiration. It's a platform to inculcate us to do good deeds. And there is no doubt that the day of arafah is a significant day in our calendar. It is a remarkable day in our calendar, that we are cream sauce limited, no day is shaytan more humiliated 10 The day of arafah because when he sees Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us coming down from Allah to the people. And I have written that on that day of

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yours that is a day of yoruba don't don't go into question with regard to wisdom and logic, leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala rather go and make common practice. Instead of becoming confused and becoming making theological debates. Go and make some sort of armor. Now via Kareem Salim has made mention of it that it is a significantly these Hakeem in his arm it is made mentioned when he used to come to America.

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He used to bring 100 slaves

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and on that

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he used to free those 100 slaves and they used to live

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in the wild. So when the slave of yours has freed 100 slaves, we are also in turn your slaves in a similar manner the way we have freed slaves, you free the slave from the fire of janome and emancipating. From the fire of journal for sale with

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the famous Sophie on the day of arafah used to address people with these words and used to say that it's such a great body of human beings so many people come to the most generous human being in this world and ask him for a dannic dannic means less than a cent will the generous human

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Feel difficult to give them half a cent. So the people who say no, he said Oh Allah, you forgiving people on the day of alpha is less burdensome upon you, then a generous person giving person one cent over love forgive the people on the day of all love the people.

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So this is a day in which we are supposed to turn towards Almighty Allah asking Allah tala for forgiveness for the many wrongs that we have done and we continuously do. And of course, when we talk about arafa, one cannot but also recall, the remarkable failure of football and sermon that maybe a creme de la jolla wasallam gave on the day of alpha.

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It was on the, on the day of alpha, in the farewell sermon that Creme De La Hoya he was selam came towards the choices specimens of humanity, the best people in the entire history of humanity, and the occurrence of La La wa sallam, then addressed them and said, Here you are nurse in de la Rani unnaturally ohada, helmetless, Yabba, I don't feel that we will

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ever gather in a similar gathering again in the future. And then when Muslim said this, it had a remarkable impact upon the Sahaba, who turn to look at maybe a cream sauce, because this was in many ways, the farewell advisors, maybe a cream sauce lumos give, and then they'll be a cream sauce amongst advisors, very briefly, let me go through some of them, maybe a cream server while he was selling, and then said, Oh, people, just as you regard this month, just as you regard the space, just as you regard this day, as something of honor, something of respect, in a similar manner, the blood, the respect, the honor, the wealth of each and every believer, is as sacred, as as honorable

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as this day, as this month in this place. Brothers, I think this is something that no matter how many bionz you can give on the rights of your fellow Muslim brother, this one sentence is enough to emphasize the rights of the Muslim brother, that it is is if not more sacred. Then the day of nines of the place of Macaca Rama and the month of soldier What more can we say with regard to it, yet? We go we don't we don't know when we're like, and people will be up in arms. If anyone goes in desecrate the harem. Everyone will be up in arms. The Bangladesh minister spoke against Hutch three days ago. I do not know what what happened to him that he spoke against how much he was fired, even

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in a secular country like Bangladesh.

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So no one would like the desecration. How do we allow the desecration of our fellow Muslim Brothers on a daily basis? And sometimes we are the one perpetuating. We are the ones who are doing it. So this is another aspect, then maybe a criminal law Hollywood cinema then spoke with regard to Reba brothers nebia cream sauce, spoke about rebar in the farewell sermon, and he said stay away and avoid Riba because, of course the Quran says you are declaring war against Allah is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah has forbidden you from taking usury and Riba therefore all Riba Shall we waive your capital, however is yours to keep. Your capital is yours to keep, we will not

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inflict nor suffer any inequity, how much capital you have, keep, take away your capital, don't take more, don't give more. That is what nobody says. And then to show the beauty of Islam, the first rebar that hi wave is a rebar that is due to my ankle above

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didn't only say the way leaders of today, give lip service when it comes to practice the Alas, the first rebar that I waive doesn't have to be given is the rebind interest that is due upon monken abasement. Abdulmutallab, then maybe a cream salesman said oh people, it is true that your whom you have certain rights over your woman, but they also have rights over you. He didn't forget the woman even in a farewell sermon. Even if we don't like it, but that's a reality. Maybe a cream sauce and say treat your woman well. Can Be kind to them, for they are your partners and they are your committed helpers. opoku people listen to me in earnest worship Allah perform your five daily

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prayers. First during the month of Ramadan, gives a cat perform Hajj. And oh people learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim, and Muslims constitute one brotherhood. And we saw some then said don't commit injustice so that no injustice is committed to you don't have

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Anyone so no one hurts you. You don't hurt anyone inshallah no one will hurt you. You don't come at injustice to anyone inshallah no one will commit injustice towards you. Then who made mentioned for the lowly Arabic in Allah Amin Amin Arabi in this remarkable aspect of the equality of humankind, it no human being is better than another person on the basis of the color of his skin, or the base of his ethnic background. There is no superiority over the Arab over the non Arab or the white over the black or vice versa. Each and every one is equal, except the one who surpasses another one on the basis of his taqwa and the base of his deeds. And then they'll be a Kareem said Allahu Allah wa

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sallam towards the end made mention of people you will be asked on the Day of Judgment, these are some aspect there are many other aspects who will be asked on the Day of Judgment. Did I fulfill my responsibility? And then they'll be sourced them as the congregation did I fulfill and then each and every once in a while last Teresa, what data Am I gonna want a softer oma? Oprah 404 Mattila ufotable Allah has obligation upon you to propagate the message of Allah tala to the human to human beings and to humanity at large and then the resource level of therapies in towards evidence. Hello, Mashhad. Oh, well, a bit testimony that the entire people who are here have given evidence that I

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have fulfilled my responsibility, and obvious indication, it was the last stages of Libya Creme De La Liga cinemas life and then after that, of course, the beautiful iron was revealed after a sir on that day, and yo MathML Tula codina what mom to Allah Mati what are the two locomole Islam Medina which signifies the perfection and the completion of our Deen? May Allah give you a topic of understanding and making our

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