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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rubbish rally Saudi Arabia surly Emily wahala that's a mini Sani of Coco de manera blindman aloha Marina and Helga Hopkin, ozuna teba Marina and bottle a bottle and was a Christian Abba. I will now show us truth is truth and gives us the ability to follow it and show us false it is false. It didn't give us the ability to avoid it. I mean, Europa alameen Santa Monica, Florida cattle.

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So inshallah I'd like to share with you all our weekly motivation I have a Hadith, the prophet, so I'm alone a Sam Good job. You know, I taught a class this weekend and Alan and they did not pick up every time I said profit I waited for them, and they wouldn't say so. Milan SLM. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man hora, jeffie tolerable elmy can ifisa be de la he had diarrhea, jack, whoever goes out seeking knowledge is in the path of Allah until they return. So in sha Allah, you are right now in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, I asked a last Pattaya to accept this from us. And may He saponify be pleased with us and enter us all into gender with the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam Armenia, but I mean, so honestly, I know you guys asked for the open topic this week. And I had something else in mind. But something happened on Friday.

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On Friday, I went to a sister's gathering, and I met with one of my friends. And she didn't have her baby, my friend is always carrying her baby. And at this gathering, it was like a sister's gathering. She didn't have her baby. And another sister who had her baby with her, I said to her, where's your baby? And she said, Oh, you know, the invitation said ladies only no children. So I left her at home with her father. And then the other woman with their babies like, Oh my God.

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He has been watches her. How, like, what did you? How did you?

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And I told her instantly. Once the other sister walked away, I was like, recite the of God, recite that okiya and I told her what to recite.

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So I didn't really think anything of it. And then a few days later, I saw my friend. And she's like, dunya you're not gonna believe what happened. And I was like, What happened? She's like, you remember that night at the sisters gathering? I was like, Yes. She's like, I got home. And my husband broke two of his toes.

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My baby fell and her whole mouth was bleeding.

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And Subhanallah I was like, Did you not read the utkarsh? She's like, Tanya, you told me to read that car. I was like, Yeah, she's like, once I started another sister stopped me I started talking to her I forgot.

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So you might be thinking student yet? What does this have to do with what you're talking about today? What is this and today inshallah I want to talk about evil eye?

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And you might be thinking sister didn't even know maybe that's a coincidence. Maybe it is. And maybe it's not. At the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam. There was a Sahabi named Sal. And Sal was a very good looking Sahabi and he's his son says so his son is narrating this hadith says that my father went to go take a bath. And he removed his clothing, his upper clothing.

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And there was another Sahabi who saw him and the Sahabi said to him. I have never seen anything like what I've seen today. Your skin is so beautiful. It's more beautiful than the skin of a virgin, of a woman like a beautiful girl.

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And at that moment sell.

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Guts got sick.

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One Levi says he couldn't move. Another way. I said he just got sick. And so they didn't know what to do. So they went and they called the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and the Prophet Hassan came. And when the prophet SAW Selim saw what he saw and heard what happened they explained to him what happened. He said, Why does one of you kill his brother? Why did you not say May Allah bless you? Indeed, the evil eye is true. Another Hadith Li know how the professor Sam said, the effects and the influence of the evil eye is in fact true.

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That evil is true.

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And in another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah a new hack when ocana Shay inside the con cada Saba Cotta line.

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And the influence of the evil eye is true is a fact and if anything would precede this

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Tony, it would be the influence of the evil eye.

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The influence of the evil eye. So imagine the influence of the evil I can proceed our destiny. May Allah protect us from all these things panela so when we tend to think and talk about

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evil AI, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Did someone give me evil IRA?

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Well, before we talk about if someone gave us evil eye or how to protect ourselves from evil I, I want us to think about something that a lot of us don't think about. Unfortunately, we have to think about how we might or may unintentionally give someone else evil eye. It's very easy to look at all this person might give me evil eye, but what are we doing to protect other people from ourselves?

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intentionally or unintentionally, and Hamdulillah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he brought down this perfect religion, and he taught us everything. So he taught us how to protect ourselves from giving others evil eye and how to protect ourselves from other people giving us evil. So inshallah right now I'm going to talk about how to protect ourselves from giving other people evil eye. Now in the Hadees, the hadith of sin, the one that we just talked about, what did the Prophet Sam say to that Sahabi who said to him while your skin so beautiful?

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He said, Why don't you say May Allah bless you?

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In another Hadith either I had a comment as he he may your gebouw fell yet that Allah who bill Baraka, if someone sees something that he likes in his brother, let him pray that Allah blesses him.

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Mashallah, kabara Allah Allah humma baddeck blessings Allahumma barik May Allah bless you.

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Batticaloa hula barakallahu lackey barakallahu lahoma and look Look at this beautiful dot that the prophet SAW some taught us to say to newlyweds usually it's very easy for newlyweds to get in Why?

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Because they're the most beautiful right? The most beautiful you're going to be is what on the day of your wedding. Right? The most beautiful Background The most beautiful everything what are the profits are some teachers to say to a newlyweds? He said to say bad or cola hulak well Baraka Lake wa Gemma Bay nakoma fee higher. May Allah bless bless you bless this marriage for you, and may he be blessed upon you. And may He combined both of you and good, right? So make dua for blessings. When you see something

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that someone has that is beautiful. Say May Allah bless her, Masha Allah, may Allah bless her home, it's such a beautiful home. Even when you see it in your children.

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People can give their children aid. It's not intentional, it can be unintentional. Do you think this Have you wanted the other Sahabi to get hurt? Oh, they love each other. Right? The Sahaba gave each other half of their wealth.

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It's unintentional. So when we see something that we like in someone, even our spouse, our parents, our children, you know our siblings, even ourselves, when you see something in yourself that you like say Mashallah May Allah Pathak blessings in it for me.

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Allah home robotically along the vatic la la baddeck la, make da da Allah blesses it.

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So with evil I, there's two extremes. There's either the people who say, I don't believe in that that's not true. And then there's the Muslims who think everything is fine. Everything is evil i. So if they their child didn't study for the exam, and they went and they took it and they failed. She gave me nobody came over last week, right? You guys are laughing because it's true.

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Right? Or if you were driving and you weren't paying attention, because you're checking your text message or driving this brand new car that your husband bought you and you're checking your text message and you crash it What do you say?

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Sister so and so when I got this car, I saw the way she looked at it. No. Okay, if you did something,

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don't blame hygiene. Okay, so if you're not paying attention and you're texting and you crashed your car, most likely it wasn't. I mean, it was probably

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Because you were texting right? And so

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let's not be in the both extremes. Let's be Let's be in the middle, where we believe in nine yes because the prophets Hassan said that in hock, but at the same time, not everything is 18 and at the same time, the prophet SAW Selim taught us preventative measures were taught how to protect ourselves from it.

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So how do we protect ourselves? Is it by wearing those blue stones or those eyes?

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Suppan Allah, may Allah protect us? A lot of Muslims they don't know that that is shift.

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Have you ever been to someone's house and they have this blue eye?

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Vanilla from Turkey usually is paneling Allah protect us, right? Or

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they someone gave you that I throw it in the garbage.

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Don't use it inshallah. Or when you know, someone's baby is born. I don't know if they do this in indo Pak countries, but in Arab countries, they put a blue,

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a blue stone, or they put something black on them, or they make a black mark.

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They take something and they make some kind of mark on the baby's face the first time they bring out the baby right at the upkeep or something.

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Look, look at the prophet SAW someone he said.

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He said, The Sahabi said that once they were on a journey, and the prophets SM said,

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he said no necklace of strings should be left on the necks of camels.

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And no necklace kept unbroken. So he noticed that some people would put necklaces around their camels. Because they thought because before Islam in jelly, they thought that those necklaces would remove rain from their beautiful camels. So if you had a really beautiful camel, you put something around its neck, so that doesn't get another.

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So the prophet SAW Some said, No necklace should be on any of them. You should break them and take them off. And so Eman Malik said that, to my mind, this practice of wearing necklaces around the necks of camels or animals was because of the fact that they wanted to save them from the influence of evil eye. The prophet SAW Selim ordered the Sahaba to remove them. And another Hadith, the prophet SAW Sam told us a hobby. He's like you're going to live long time after me. teach the people this. He said, If any of you ties up his beard, or twists, or hangs an amulet, something like one of those beads,

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or puts on themselves something that's disgusting, like the animal feces or the animal bones, where's the animal bones, then we'll hummus or sell them has nothing to do with that person.

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On the day of judgment, the prophet SAW Some will say I have nothing to do with you. I don't know who you are. These are practices of Jamia. And unfortunately, we still have them. It's very unfortunate because we don't have this knowledge, right? These things do not protect us. So how should we protect ourselves? First and foremost, we need to trust a las panatela and know that only Allah subhanaw taala can protect us. Nothing can benefit or harm us except by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala so seeking other than Allah subhanho wa Taala makes no sense why? Number one, we're making shift with Allah subhanaw taala if we think that something else can benefit or harm us,

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other than Allah xpadder or making sure, number two, that means that we don't trust us. Right? We don't believe in the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So first and foremost, we have to trust that only Allah protect and protect us.

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Not any type of rock, not any type of dirt, not any type of eye, not any type of black string. None of these things can protect us. Only a loss of pantai can protect us.

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Number two, we have to fortify ourselves protect ourselves by remembering Allah Subhana Allah and the prophet SAW Selim taught us exactly what to say, to protect ourselves. And inshallah you don't have to write these things down hamdulillah I made for you guys these papers. It's on my website. You can print it, download it, print it. And I want you know what I did. I actually stuck this on my door from the inside of my house. So before I leave my house, I see it and I remember to recite it. And I put another one in my car to remind me because I'll tell you why. Because there's certain things that the officer senses if you say it while you're in an area, nothing can prevent

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Nothing can harm you. That's why I told my friend see this now, because when you see it, it'll protect you until you leave.

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So, fortify yourself, protect yourself by remembering a Lost Planet Allah. Now what are the specific vicars that the prophet SAW son taught us? Listen to this, the prophet SAW Selim used to seek protection against the evil of the jinn and the evil eyes by reciting sudut and Falak uncertainness.

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Now, in another Hadith, the prophet SAW Selim said whoever recites called will I had quite a bit of will follow up and call out a bit I've been asked three times in the morning, nothing will harm them and it will suffice them and protect them until the evening and if you see it in the evening, nothing will harm you and it will protect you and suffice you until the morning against everything

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kohala who had come out of the horrible follicle out of bananas after fudger no matter what don't leave your prayer rug until you recite it three times. After I said the same thing.

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Three times.

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Now there's another guy that we talked about this smilla Khaled the lay of the room is me Shay on fill out the way last summer he was Samuel alim, the prophet SAW Sam says whoever recites this three times in the morning and the evening nothing will harm them. Absolutely nothing. And do we not believe in the prophet SAW Selim? Do we not believe lamb taco Anil. However, he does not speak from his desires that everything he says is what you knew her is way from Allah revelation revealed to him. So when he tells us this, we have to truly believe it. We have to believe that in sha Allah when we recite these things were protected. And another Hadith, the prophet Assam said, Whoever says

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this Bismillah let the lion Roma's mission will have they will have some of similarly he will not suffer sudden affliction until morning. And if he says that in the morning, you will not suffer sowden affliction until the evening. Now a Sahabi. Or I believe it was a Tabby. He was the son of Earth men, he actually narrated this heavy.

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So the son of ours man on the lower end, who narrated this Hadith, and

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one day he became paralyzed.

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And so the people who heard this hadith from him came to him and he said, they said to him, like,

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how are you paralyzed? You taught us this Hadeeth you taught us this?

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You know, he said, he said, I swear by Allah, I did not tell a lie about my father Earth man. And I swear by Allah, the earth man did not tell a lie about the prophets of Allah. But the day when I was afflicted,

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I became angry, and I didn't say I forgot to say

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So don't forget to say,

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don't forget to teach your children in Charlotte, say, and your spouse and your parents and your family and your friends. Everyone says a powerful doc

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and another Hadees whoever says Ooby kalimat to lead Tam Mati minchah, Lima hallak. Nothing will harm them until they leave that place. So if you say it right now, nothing will harm you until you leave. If you say it when you go into a sister's party, or when you go to a wedding, or when you have some kind of something for your child when he finishes his haircuts or whatever. When you say it, nothing will harm you until you leave

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another Hadith, same same day. A man came to the prophet SAW Some said and he said, I got stung by a scorpion last night. And the prophet SAW Some said had you said in the evening out the weekend Mr. Latta Matthew machete mahalik that Scorpion would not have harmed you so imagine this door protects you not only from humans and their evil eye, but from even animals and insects. panela Oh, they became athleta Matthew Mishima Look, look at the meaning. I seek refuge with the perfect words of Allah from the evil of everything that was created everything. So the evil of the food if there's some kind of poison in the food, the evil of an animal. I don't know if you guys saw in the news

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today, a man here in Plano was attacked by a bob cap.

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Right. So panela are the evil of you know, bugs. They're saying that a lot of these mosquitoes they

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carry diseases right? So the preface I'm saying that if you say this, he'll be protected not only from the evil eyes of people, but you'll be protected from the insects and from the animals, you'll be protected from everything in Sharla

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Now, this is a very important drop. This is a guy that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to say on and Hasson and Hussein and we know the status of hassle and has stayed in the process of Sam's heart. He loved them so much.

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When he would be making the hotbar. And he'd see them walking and running and they come up to him. He'd carry them right, in solo and he was in sujood. And they would climb on his back, he would just stay Institute for them. He saw celeb, he used to put them on his back. And he used to go around. And he used to say that, you know, they're the best people who wrote something he'd act like a camel for them to lie. So he loved them so much. Look what he used to say. He used to say, your forefather Ibrahim alayhis salam used to say this on his smile and his hack. Now think about Ibrahim alayhis. Salam Ibrahim was kalila he was a last part as close friend right. Ibrahim alayhis. Salaam lived

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most of his life, not having a child. And in his old age, alas, Pattaya gave him his hack, and it's made Halima Ceylon

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and to protect them, from the people. Because imagine when you're very old, and you have a child,

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it's easy for people to want

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to give them love.

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Right? It's like, how are you having a child, you're so old and AIDS, and they were both what profits. So you're a prophet, and you're having children that are profits. So look at what he used to say. He used to say, oh, that we can imagine lead Tamati min Cooley shaytan and Warhammer woman quickly I in in lambda, Allah, I seek refuge with your perfect words from every devil, and from the poisonous pests. And from every evil and harmful and envious, I

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get this beautiful, encompassing that this is the door that you should say yourself. This is the door that your spouse should say that you should say upon your children, put your hand on them and say it recite it before you take them to school. recite it before you put them to bed. This is why you should teach them to recite on themselves.

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You should always be reciting the start basically, always. Because it's so encompassing, right? You're asking Allah with his perfect words, to protect you to protect your family to protect your children from every type of evil, every type of envy, right? A lot of times, especially in this day and age.

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You know, I have social media. So I'm not saying social media is bad. And I'm not gonna give some kind of fatwa. But I want you to imagine this, Mashallah, you have beautiful children, and you have a house and you have a car, and you put a picture.

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And so Pamela, there's a person out there that last Peridot did not bus with a child, they've been married for 20 years. And they make that for a child every day, and they're not an evil person.

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And then they see that picture and something happens in their heart. It doesn't have to be intentional. It doesn't have to be evil. You're not an evil person. If you if you give someone I mean,

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how easy is it not to get a? So easy, right? Because we're constantly posting stuff on the internet. So it's not just people who we know are looking at it. It's people who have no idea. It could be for God's sake, a child that starving on the other side of the world and they see your Fancy Feast and Subhanallah something happens in their heart. Do we know? No, we don't. And we'll handle that we don't handle all those peda did not give us that ability. Because probably we would we wouldn't be able to look at each other anymore. If I knew that you gave me a winner I fight if you knew that I gave you I know if I looked at you and this jealousy in this envy. Right? So we don't know. So

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protect ourselves.

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Let's not be like a businessman who that that one day, he got angry and he forgot. Let's not forget the same way that if we have a medicine a pill that we take every morning, which a lot of us do, right? A lot of us have something either cholesterol medicine or thyroid medicine that we take on a daily basis. Do we forget it? We don't. So let's not forget this. Let's make it a habit. Right takes about 21 to 30 days to make a regular habit.

00:25:00--> 00:25:33

Every day after fudger say it takes what 30 seconds. And every day after I'll say, add it to your to spear. You know how we have the spear after Salah, add it to it, right? The cones, and these three drops every single morning and every single evening Sharla teach this to your children, to your friends to your family members. Don't forget to say it for yourself. So what do we do if we suspect that we may have been afflicted?

00:25:34--> 00:25:50

I'm going to tell you something that I saw with my own eyes. This is not a story that I heard from someone. There was a sister who she was at the masjid and her hijab was a little loose. And someone came up to her and said, Wow, you have such a pretty neck.

00:25:53--> 00:25:54

She went home

00:25:56--> 00:25:58

and she found a black ball on her neck.

00:25:59--> 00:26:01

I saw it with my own eyes.

00:26:02--> 00:26:04

sticking out of her neck of black ball.

00:26:06--> 00:26:38

She instantly knew it was a pain. She was sighted on herself, and it fell off. panela you might be thinking sister dunya Yeah, you saw it. But that doesn't make sense. I want you to listen to this hadith that's narrated by own selama la de la and who are mother, the prophet Sessoms wife. She said that the prophet SAW Selim came home and he saw this little girl that had a black spot on her face. And the prophet SAW Some said she is under the effect of evil eye. So treat her with Rukia

00:26:40--> 00:26:52

this actually happened at the time of the practices where a little girl grew a little black thing on her face. And what happened the professor Sam said she's under the effect of evil eye suicide through Kiana.

00:26:54--> 00:27:01

So if we believe that we're under the effect of evil eye, we should recite, to look young ourselves.

00:27:03--> 00:27:29

Once gibreel alayhis salam came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said you had a sort of Aha, Are you ill? Are you sick? And then the professor Sam said yes. And then jabril Elisa Lam said this to him. Bismillahi or kick Minh quilici in unique woman shall be equally neffs in a way in and hassad in a law his feet Bismillah or click

00:27:30--> 00:27:58

the dawn of Rukia that you should say in sha Allah. If you suspect that the one of your children or yourself has a evil eye. This is what jabril la Salaam said to the prophets of Salaam and recited upon the Prophet SAW Selim. In the name of Allah I exercise you from everything and safeguard you from every evil that may harm you and from the eye of the jealous one. May Allah cure you I invoke the name of Allah for you.

00:28:00--> 00:28:04

sha Allah few suspect that recite

00:28:06--> 00:28:16

recite this Vicar but don't wait, do the preventative measures first recite your card and then if you suspect something beside this door

00:28:17--> 00:28:58

also, we have to understand that Allah subhanaw taala told us that this quarter n is a healing is a cure could end in itself. Every day we should be reciting a portion of the Quran. Right insert facilite surah number 41 ayah number 45. As Pankaj says, say it is for those who believe a guidance and a healing a cure. The Quran is a cure. And it's sort of the Surat surah number 17 is number 82 when Nunez the luminol Kuru en mer Who was she fair Anwar, I met one little mini

00:28:59--> 00:29:45

and we have sent down the Quran that which is a healing and a blessing for the believers believe that the Quran is a healing suited in fact, he has seven times. That's a healing. You guys know the story one of the Sahaba they were traveling, and they went to a village and they asked for for food or something and they weren't given. And then the leader of the village got bit by a scorpion. And so they asked does anyone is anyone know how to do something to heal him? And so he went and he recited total fat has seven times and blue and the man was healed. And so when he went back to the prophet SAW Selim, he told me out of Sula, I did this was this, okay. And the premises on smile.

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He's like, how did you know that? So the fact he has a sharpie, so seven times certified when something's hurting you seven times certified the hand blow. Right.

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So little baccara protects from the show.

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The recite certain Bakara in your home. Right? And there's a lot of rookie you can find them online.

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There's different types of rookie there's rookie a few believe there's evil eye, there's Rukia from Sahara. There's rookie from all different things from from maybe if you were sick, there's a type of Rokia that you can recite. So just know that Allah hatha did not leave us alone. He gave us everything that we need. But what what's that saying? An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right? So prevention is what we can do inshallah, right now, recite these, these uska Let it be a habit inshallah in your home or you recite them, and like I said, chill if you go on the website,

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there's under the dots for protection. You can download it and print it, print copies, give it to your friends, your family, let them recite it teach your children these of God and tell them that this is a protection.

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You know, I

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and another note, this is not about evil. I but I heard a story that I believe it was, shall we live bisutti from a mother of Institute and Shakira somebody, they were reading Rokia on someone because someone was possessed. And they heard the sound of like a whip. And one of the brothers with them screamed, and they saw a mark of the whip on his back. And so when they were doing this Rukia they started talking to the gym, and they're like, why is it that you didn't hurt us? Why did you only hurt him? And the gym told him, You said something that's protecting you. I can't reach you. But he didn't say it.

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So these do these, these cars are protection. They truly are. You should truly feel like you're protected.

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And you should teach your children to feel that way that nothing can harm you. You said this today because we have to truly believe it. Right. A nine double Nat DB loss POTUS as I am is my servant thinks of me precedes me to be if you truly believe that last petal will protect you by resetting this car last petal surely protect you shall have your clean, have trust and full faith in Allah Subhana Allah escolas pada to protect us from all evils ask Allah subhana wa to protect us from the evils of the jealousy and the evil eye and the evils of Saheb and the evils of the shape line. I asked Allah, Allah to protect us from ever giving anyone any type of evil or harming anyone in any

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way, shape or form. As those paths are the same way that he gathered us here in this blessed day in his blessing house together as on the highest level of gender with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Allah Subhana Allah knows that each and every one of us is going through something that only he knows me unless panatela relief all of our stress and all of our sorrows and, and make all of our hardships are easy and give us the patience and give us the knowledge and the wisdom to deal with them will fo dat 100 layerable alameen wa salam o cinema Allah say the mahamadou Allah Allah, Allah, I mean, I mean, I mean Zack la Hayden, and in sha Allah, I will see you guys next time until then

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esto Darrow como la la de la to they are where they are who I placed you in the trust of Allah, in whose trust nothing is ever lost and in sha Allah if you'd like, I will make a short video with the explanation of this. It's one of my favorite dots in sha Allah to add to these drives of production, to Zack la Haden a salon sulamani graphlab like I do