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Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The radio show covers the story of Moemf, a woman who claims to have lifted people from fear and criticized them for their actions. Jesus's actions have caused a "monster" in the desert to create a "monster" in the desert that is seen as a "monster" in the video. The speakers discuss the history of Islam, including the implementation of the "ma'am" rule, the use of " cream" sauce, and the "Griff" sign. They emphasize the importance of taking a commitment to emulate the "character of being away from the formal living of cities" and the use of " cream" for men and women in relation to their bodies. The segment also touches on the history of the Roman Empire and its negative consequences, including the use of " cream" for men and women and the importance of rectifying situations and making people aware of their actions. Finally, the speaker discusses the importance of judgeability in behavior and how people can use their emotions
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah.

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Wa Salatu was salam wa ala Milena Viva La Mulana b

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t. What are you?

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He when I showed

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to him

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he was

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respected automa honorable Robert for playing a very important role, together with his team the nurul Islam committee, the radio Islam team Jimmy terranova for organizing the sealer in the most beautiful way in the past nine years And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it continue. We thank Allah subhana wa tada for his numerous papers upon us, which we will never be able to enumerate in Allah tala in the Holy Quran. Specifically, makes mention of one of his famous laughter

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is about Sufi masala mean unfussy him, I have done you a tremendous favor. By sending upon you are a soul. A prophet Minh unfussy him from amongst your own kind. He is a human being not in terms of stature and status like you, but he is a human being that he shares human attributes like you. I have done you a favor by sending a poor new a profit from amongst you. Yet Lu RMIT, who recites Allah tala is upon you when you suck at him. And he purifies you when you are in limbo. homolka will hikma and he teaches you the Kitab and he teaches you wisdom. This is under Donna's favor which Allah specifically mentioned in Manila, I have done you a tremendous favor. And nebbia Kareem

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sallahu alayhi wa sallam, every aspect is nothing but a rough mud and reflect upon us. The ross perot case is in the key raw material

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that would be upon death and that personality, that his life was a raw material. It was mercy upon mercy. respect our elders and brothers there are two aspects of our beloved.

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One aspect is his greatness and the reality with regard to his greatness is you and hi we will never be able to do justice in relating or in listening to his greatness. He is beyond what we can ever praise or what we can ever hear about our beloved

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brother Junaid Jamshed May Allah tala

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fill his cover was no room made certain knots and made certain isms very famous. One of them was aerosol, amin, Hartman mursaleen, Sakina II, II,

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all Prophethood there is no one like you, there is no one like you. It is part and parcel of our emotion and conviction that there is no one like you there will never ever be anyone like you does.

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And now has created to some Joomla moussaieff say huzzah Jaya Pooja he had inculcated within you and here the dawn within you all good qualities

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about cascading to circle in a circle he was beautiful. From the inception of time, that Eternity is beautiful from eternity, from the inception of time till eternity, there is no one like you. There is no one look you did call him at night he loved Karana he, he he the heart does not have the capacity. That tongue does not have the eloquence to describe you. Just to say in short, there is no one like you there is no one like you. We can go on to make mention with regard to the greatness of our beloved resorcinol but suffice to say we will never ever be able to do justice. We would like to thank and put on record but the man has made mentioned with regard to the praise of our beloved levy

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attorney himself

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While he was telling me Allah subhanho wa Taala reward him with regard to his eloquence and making mentioned with regard to the greatness of our beloved via creme de la when he was sort of

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just to give you one example talking about you know, the old poet said Salaam whisper justice, carpool Versa look at our beloved Nabi Salam upon him that when he received wounds from people, instead of returning it with wounds and returning it with abuse, he returned it with flowers, salaam prosperity snake, Alia Sankara

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salami upon that being that when he received criticism, and he received abuse, and he had received swearing from people, he did not respond in time. What did he do? He responded by making dua for those who abused him. You know, as a reply Manu Salatu was Salam May Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala What are two hussaini Yama Yama soon? Oh Allah do not disgrace me on the day of Tiamat and unawatuna without any formal Allah subhanho wa Taala made mentioned with regard to our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum Yama Yama Zilla

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Omar, oh prophet of Almighty Allah on the day of Tiamat we will not disgrace you and we will not disgrace those people who support you, the prime minister to a ceramic what Almighty Allah what you know money wore baggy and nabooda snom. Allah save me and my children from worshipping idols, Allah subhanho wa Taala declared in

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the US

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prophet of Almighty Allah, all your family members, we will purify them from all types of calamities, and all types of spiritual impurities, as a primary Salatu was Salam. He was Felicity Akiyama Deen of Allah forgive me on the day of Ghana, Allah subhanho wa Taala declared for our beloved creme de la

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creme sauce is free from all falls free from any type of impurities in Ghanaian since minor wager. But yet Allah Allah says, Leah fear Allah kawamata your previous your subsequence Allah subhanho wa Taala has forgiven in its place Allah subhanho wa Taala has elevated your status beyond human perception has a masala Salatu was salam, a rubbish roughly Shangri La broaden my chest and open up my chest to receive your guidance and to receive your ye Allah subhanho wa Taala declared for our beloved NaVi

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la casa de la have we not widen your chest and extended your breast and your heart to receive the guidance in Hawaii from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala has a masala Serato Sara

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Sara Lee Omri, What a silly Oh Allah make things easy for me. Unless I know what Allah says, Well,

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we have made things easy for you. And we have lifted up all types of burden for you and the

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who will not keep our reputations and give us a good honor and good name amongst the people. Allah subhanho wa Taala declared with regard to our beloved nemea Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam, waterfire nanaka decra we have exalted your name, and your name will be taken wherever the name of Allah tala is sometimes I wonder, in the midst of the cities of disbelief. And they also you will find the more as it will say, as

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a witness that Muhammad is a result of Almighty Allah, we can go on my dear respective brothers making mentioned with regard to the greatness However, today I would like to take you on a journey that we cannot only make mention of the greatness we have to bring in inculcate the qualities of our beloved Libya, creme de la vida wasallam within us, after all, and now has not only in the Quran mentioned his greatness, and now has mentioned his greatness in many parts of the Quran. Yeah, you and me in

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Sha head Oh 00 when ilahi beginning he was he Raja Munira,

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Allah has revealed and Allah, Allah Allah Allah has him but also Allah had said la

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rasulillah he was what

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we have made your life a perfect example for people to follow and emulate. And that is a reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala has brought about various

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Conditions upon the life of our beloved via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that it is worth your emulation easy to emulate. So our beloved Lamia Kareem sauce alum was born and often and often will inculcate within him qualities of independence and humility. So you will find that is why ninja Kareem salsa, Allah tala has chosen that he must be born and often. Then when he was in his infancy, our beloved Lamia Kareem saw cinema set in the wide expanse of the desert. Now what did they create? He created simplicity, he created a situation of being away from the formal living of urban living in urban living, there's a certain degree of formality in the desert, you are free from that

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particular type of formality. We live a very simple life, and it is free from formalities. Allah subhanho wa Taala granted our beloved to be a criminal law and then our beloved maybe a cream sauce alum. When he was young, he observed and he witnessed a civil war of such magnitude, where people were killing one another without any reason, just because of tribal pride, and the reoccurring source from soldiers when he was young, it created in him compassion, and such compassion for humanity that was to be manifest in the latest stages of his life. Then when I

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was young, he remained single, up till the age of 25. That's a time when many times recently I was going abroad, someone asked me and said, Milena, how do we control our hormones when we are young? How do we control ourselves? When there are temptations? There are all types of things that are inviting us and enticing us towards doing something which is haram. Our beloved Livia Karim Salam showed us the age of 25, he was single, and he loves that life with such modesty with such bashfulness that the people used to say he was more bashful than a modest virgin in seclusion in the Navy of law could have done that. You can also do it, that maybe a cream sauce and remain single

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till the age of 25. And he remained modest, he remained chaste. He remained in a way that did not get involved in any type of immorality, then our beloved Lamia Kareem Salah Salem, when he first got married, he got married to someone who was 15 years his senior to show that there is no stigma in getting married to a woman that is more advanced to you in age, there is no stigma. Then also it showed his concern with regard to protecting those who are vulnerable. When he did get married to another woman. Then he got married to different types of woman with different temperaments to show us that if your wife happens to be of a different temperament, then learn to accept her despite the

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temperament that she has. Today we make a joke with regard to when we say that marriages are made in heaven, just like lightning and thunder.

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We say but this is a way to make different humans, different people, wives with different temperaments. Mashallah the Latina was enthusiastic via cream sauce them to care of enthusiasm, made her stand over his shoulder to see a display of the Warriors when she wanted to see when she wanted to be amongst those who wanted to inculcate and bring knowledge

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to them did not prevent stop preventing your women and your wives to improve themselves. Maybe I didn't do it with an eye shadow.

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He encouraged her that she became the fourth highest transmitter of ahaadeeth fourth highest in the history of the Sava over 1600

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he narrated

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Mr. Mallya louder when the via cream sauce and proposed to have

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certain types of reservation what reservations Do you have there are similar I'm starting to become advanced in age maybe a creamy sauce and said I'm also advanced in age then she said yesterday I got a family I will look up to your family you are a widow you got another family I will look after your family go and look at the Sierra Nevada cream sauce and every one of them Miss Mr. Viola and as children married then she said the other salon very jealous. I'm very sensitive Am I gonna stay in a household in which we have many navia what in the bathroom stall something I will take care of your sensitive

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I will take care of your sensitivity if your wife happened to be possessive then look let me encourage awesome also had such a life. Allah tala brought about these different situations upon our beloved.

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Sometimes in a battle he was victorious. Sometimes in the beginning there was victory and the enemy was setback. Sometimes in the beginning there was a setback. And in the end, there was victory who name all these came upon our beloved maybe a cream sauce alum Why? So that he can be a perfect example. Brothers lead, I would like to ask that today. We all take an oath and we all make a commitment that I want to

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Make Libya Kareem Selma while he was live the way I want to lead my life, what we all try and do that inshallah, instead of looking at other management gurus and look at other motivational writers, I want to take the number of Allah tala, sila, and I want to learn how to be dealt with Allah, how he dealt with people, how it turned to the community. And I want to make that the basis of how I'm going to lead my life as a Latina says that when our beloved Nivea cream sauce it used to be sitting with us with the wives and used to sit with us. And then the time of Amazon used to come in via cream sauce Salaam used to then carry on as if we were not in his midst. He used to immediately turn

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towards a lot as I shall have the ultimate Caesar one day asked

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why do you wish upon law in such a great manner that even your legs are swelling up, and they have blisters upon your legs because of standing in such long duration in Salah when Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted to such a great and high status, Allah has declared Leah

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kawamata Why do you continue doing instead of Allah?

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Should I not be a grateful servant of Allah? Allah granted me this elevated status? Why shouldn't I then go and praise and go and worship the one who has granted me all this great status. He showed us how to make you better before mighty Allah. Despite his greatness, look at how he went to this extent to go and make a budget. We are so far behind we find it difficult to make two rockets of numbers. And may Allah Allah have mercy upon that particular Imam if one day instead of eight minutes he made the shot 10 minutes you're not gonna have mercy upon

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Allah have mercy upon him. And the Navy of Allah would stand right to the extent that he used to have blisters in his feet was to swell.

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He taught us how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. He taught us how to interact and how to ask Allah subhana wa Taala. Then he taught us so many other things. Look at this. Today there are certain trends with today people talk about these things. And today we talk about democracy and we talk about the sanctity of human beings. Look at what Allah subhanho wa Taala to the means of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. In

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La Familia Bian Allah azza wa jal mean

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there is no superiority of the black or the white or the white or the black. And there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or the non Arab over the Arab everyone is born equal. Whether you are black or you are white or you are Indian, you are brown, you are pink, whatever you are, you are born equal. Whether you come from Gujarat, whether you come from Soweto, you are born equal, you are not going to search your head on the basis of your ethnicity or your race or your tribe or your color. The only thing that you are going to set your head is on the basis of your conduct in your taqwa and piety, if you want to go and compete, don't go and compete on the basis of

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the color of your skin go and compete on the basis of Taekwondo piety.

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And he talked to the means of the Quran when

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we gave honor to every child of Adam alayhis salatu wa salam

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on this higher man catalana

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He who kills one human being

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he is as if he has killed the entire humanity. Has it won a holiday Villa? Monticello Holly writes, travel Hayato insomnia is the hub for

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When you do not have the sanctity and respect for human life, and he then goes out of your heart, then it doesn't make a difference whether you kill one person or you kill the entire humanity.

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us if you kill one human being It is like killing the entire humanity. So one Allah look at the aspect with regard to sanctity of human life. Nevermind human life when a person is alive when a person is dead, has an eyeshadow on your mouth or Anna says maybe a cream sauce Adam said Cassie has mill Mayor de casa de

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to to disturb and to give hurt to the bones of a dead person is like giving the cliff to a person when he is alive. This is what a cream saucer of thought Never mind respecting a person when he is alive a human being when he is alive. Even when he is a male. You give him respect. Sahil been who knave, and Ty's been sad. We're in the Battle of cardassia when they were in the Battle of panacea, a person with whom they were fighting and non Muslim was killed in the battle and his janazah was being passed.

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Both these two Sahaba got up as the Sahaba. were amazed. You are getting up on the janazah of someone who was fighting with you in the battle. And you are getting up in respect. What are you doing so the sword we saw in the via Kareem saw Salaam one day getting up in respect of Amelia. And when he got up, someone said, Yasser Allah, this is a millionth of a to Libya Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No, it's a Jew. Is it not a human being?

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He showed us and he taught us respect. Today the modern world wants to tell us respect of human being. sanctity of human being. Our Navy taught us this 1400 years ago, nevermind teaching a sanctity of a person who was alive. He taught us the sanctity of human beings that they were did

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as a

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Muslim. It was a common trait amongst people at that time, that in the battle when they used to take out the frustration upon the enemies they used to mutilate the bodies of the dead. Libya, Kareem saw Selim forbade it. He said you will not mutilate the bodies of people in the battlefield. You will find the opponent because it's a legitimate reason to fight. But you will not mutilate their bodies. Look at this in terms of giving protection of honor. He honored even people who are non Muslims, nevermind the people who are Muslims. If we were to follow the zero look at Canada.

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Let us learn from the serum. We can on our own,

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used to honor those who are other people, people of other faiths.

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Whenever you saw Selim wrote a letter to the kings of the world. He wrote a letter to her Oculus brothers I want you to listen to this. Me Muhammad Rasulullah Illa Hara azima room from Mohammed Farah surah. Almighty Allah to Herrick Oculus, the great leader of Rome.

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He didn't call him by any other name. Oh, you just deliver, oh, you can feel Illa Huracan as even room Huracan The Great Leader of Rome Sahaba asked him and this is written by Maulana Allah He replied to this and he said nah ha Raja phenolic.

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him Yes, Karuna coholic there is nothing wrong in calling him by the title because the people of his land they call him by the title

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we can call our own by proper titles, he was calling the video of the Roman Empire Illa Huracan azima room writing a letter

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he gave respect and honor to people who are other from other fields. Then He even took into account people of his own companions, what was the what was the temperament I must keep in mind the temperament and deal with him accordingly has an eyeshadow villafana says maybe a cream sauce almost one day setting and he was in a relaxed mood. And of course normally when you are in a relaxed mood, you said with a certain degree of informality, you are not formal. So you are setting you are relaxing. Maybe in today's time you will say you are sitting with your T shirt and you are sitting with a shortcode right you are sitting with your donkey in that particular way you are more relaxed

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you are not sitting in a formal gathering where you are in a in a formal function or you are in a Masjid you are sitting at home. So at that particular time a worker came and asked for permission to enter come inside a worker and he said let's say an informal way

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Omar came and maybe a cream sauce from continued sitting in that informal way and then was

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knocked on the door

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and the via cream sauce lips

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of man. The via cream sauce lm gotta up, put his quota right set in a certain degree of formality and welcome of man, Ayesha is witnessing all this. Then everything went pass. And then as I said, Tell me, Abubakar key. Omar, can you sit in a relaxed informal manner, postman came to set with formality.

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What did he say? Why shall Why should I not show modesty to a person that even the angel show modesty?

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He took into account his temperament today You and I will say this man is difficult man who's gonna sit and listen to his nonsense. If he's got a certain temperament live according to his temperament. This is a tsunami.

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Nakata carella confy rasulillah he was gonna weigh the examples of your actions before you do something. Many times we want to do something we just feel our emotion say let us go and do it. I feel I want to do something without worrying about the consequences. What consequences will it happen to the people to the

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community especially if you are in some leadership position. If you are in the mom of a machine, you are a trustee of a machine. You are the head of your family to think about what you are doing what consequences it will have, at one particular occasion very long incident zaidan heard Abdullah bin obey saying that

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when we return back to Medina, we were honorable the people of Medina these who are disgraceful aljada beloved the people of mcheza kurush who have come with maybe sassolungo Mahajan, we will expel them from Medina. He is calling them a cream sauce of

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the Quran has made mention with regard to it. And at that particular time xenophobic came in tend to be a source of young savvy people said we have misheard a beloved obeys a very influential person, he is a leader of the tribe. with Allah tala revealed that this is what our beloved obey said. Omar took out his sword.

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Yasuo law, this man called you either he called you a disgraceful person, you are the leader of Medina. This is an act of treason. Allow me to take out my sword and kill him. What it will be a cream saucer himself, Omar, leave him Don't kill him. jasola Why should I kill him? Oman, the people of Arabia will say Mohammed kills his own companions.

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Don't kill him. People will say Mohammed kills his own companions. He was worried about the consequences of his action. He was worried what his actions what perception will happen. What will people think we can fight in our community, we can call one another names, we don't worry with regard to the perception that happens out to the communities or to the outside community. This was not the way of me sauce. He said, Omar don't kill him. People will say Mohammed kills his own companion. And this is something that is not a good perception that will be there. And in this particular way, his killing will be even more harmful, then

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his killing will be even more harmful than leaving him maybe a cream sauce and was worried what everything he did. Do we ever think about the consequences? Whether it be within our own family, whether it be in our own community, what we do? Look at how

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in the very same in the very same expedition, the Mahajan answer, we're on the verge of having, you know, having a war, a civil war between the people of Makkah. And one demon said

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what is the slogan of ignorance for montina it has an odor, it smells stay away from it. I didn't come to call you on the basis of tribes and on the basis of cleanse and on the basis of organizations. And on the basis of this is my party. This is my organization. This is my tariqa This is my I'm from this group and that is from that group. I didn't come in call you I have called come to call you on the basis of Kalamata ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah as a leader

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in the Battle of ohana, maybe a cream sauce llamas asking for Mashallah. What should we do, there is an enemy on the doorstep.

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And one view was we must go and fight the enemy out there outside Medina, one view which may be a cream sauce to them favored. We will stay in Medina, we know the landscape of Medina, we know the roots of Medina, let them come and attack us we will be able to deal with them more efficiently because we know the ins and outs of the state of Medina and the youngest avocet jasola. This is not the way this is not the way to fight. We are not coward who would like to fight them in the open. But in our beloved Nivea creme de la la wa sallam. He took into account the enthusiasm and he made the decision in the favor. And leader is never rigid in his decision making. Whether it be the

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leader of a community, where is the leader of his family, he listens to those people who are under him. He takes into account the emotions, he takes into account what they are saying, then he deals with it. What do we learn when you are in any position of leadership, then learn how to deal with it. If you want to influence people, if you want to change people, look at some of the ways our beloved Libya, Kareem saw some change. Sometimes you want to speak to people you want to give him a you know you are in the mood of giving a lecture, you are in the mood of giving advice. Sometimes a person is not in a mood, take that into account, maybe a cream salsa one day came in, in a wake up

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one Sahabi It was a time of the hatred of Russia, whatever. And at that particular time, you know, the Sahabi said certain things and said if Allah tala wanted to wake us up, and now they woke us up, he didn't get up at that time.

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Didn't get despondent. You and I will go and speak to one person He doesn't listen. You can call him for agenda. He says no, I'm not in this particular time or mood. I can do it. We become despondent what we say people have become bad people have become corrupted. They have

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combatant, let me start from didn't do so he came away from saying what kind of

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human being are prone towards argumentation. Sometimes when you want to speak to a person, he doesn't respond correctly. Tibet another time when he will respond effectively don't become despondent. Learn from Tamiya cream sauce alum. When you want to tell someone something with regard to coming up on the right path, then use the method of encouragement. encourage people to do so you can discourage people and then tell them they must do good as a mother the ultimo said that maybe a cream sauce no one day told me

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in the book. Oh my god, I love you. I love you palama see that there is no other recorded way that I never saw cinemas address any Sahaba in these ways. And someone who went to the cover of us and was

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on the cover of miles is written this word, Yamaha

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Yamaha, I love you. I love you. Read after every namaz Alabama Indiana decree Kawasaki.

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Allah helped me in remembering you in being grateful to you and making property by the two of you. As I said, I never ever forgot that.

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Because he told me in such a way now can you imagine compare that a gala Cooper and then tell him

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I love you with this as a nice awesome to have sir. Your brother to live your humor is such a wonderful person with such great qualities. If only he can end it is Amal

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Newman when he came to hear about it he said after that I never must have

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I never met. He doesn't say you are such a person who can't even read that. He is such a good person. If only he does this thing. encourage people especially in the time that you and I are living that way even if you want to rectify our wrongs that they are doing.

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He used to one day he was coming to the masjid he ran now many times with some sometimes we do you know we the mom is waiting to ruku and now we are running and while we are running, you know we making we making ours our

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three subs behind and then we making Allahu Akbar and then we are ready to get the ruku someone came in Tell me salsa, okra the young Sahabi This is what is doing what it will be a cream sauce. Oh boo boo Cara.

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Cara, May Allah increase your enthusiasm for Santa but next time don't do it like this.

00:32:46 --> 00:33:33

May Allah increase your enthusiasm but next time don't do it this way. When rectifying a situation do not make the situation worse than what it was. Many times we want to correct people and we make the situation worse than what it was going to be a crimson lava saw person and he was urinating in the masjid. We all know the situation with regard to the incident. Now when we saw him urinating in one corner of the masjid, now when he was doing that Sahaba said stop him. Let us stop him. Let me sit by leave him what he is doing. Let him finish it. Now just imagine and think about this. Someone is remaining in the machine. You go after Him and you go and stop him. Now he is in the in the in

00:33:33 --> 00:34:13

the in doing something what is going to do you are going to chase him he is going to run and while running will still do what is doing. So while he is doing something in one corner, if he is going to run you know cheesy, so instead of one corner of the machine becoming Napa the whole machine will become Napa cassava leave him Let him finish what he's doing after he finished all my Sahabi This is not the way you do things a merchant is not for this. Oh the other savvy take a bucket of water and clean it. So when you have to go rectify something, you don't make the situation more worse. Today unfortunately we don't have this perception. We want to go and rectify we saw someone doing

00:34:13 --> 00:34:27

something wrong. Now we have become the gracias and Allah we want to win correct him and in correcting him if we can make the situation even more worse. One of the amazing things that we hear with regard to the 11th edition Allahu Allah Salem was you know, he also made mentioned with regard to it.

00:34:29 --> 00:34:42

There How did he change people? I find it amazing how many acronyms are syllable change people in terms of hint. Hint was amongst those who mutilated the body of Nivea creme de la vida salams.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:52

Uncle and when she mutilated it, she became a Muslim. And after that when becoming a Muslim, not one's definition,

00:34:54 --> 00:34:57

that you are the one who mutilated the body of my uncle

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

and how many summer

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

Because Okay, and after a long period, a long incident, I don't have the time with regard to making mention with regard to it somehow.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:42

He came in via cream sauce when he used to be among the foremost people in that tribe that used to influence and give the cliff and inconvenience to the tribe and to the Muslims that they used to do traveling for journey for business. So when he got caught in the Sahaba got hold of him, they put him in a Masjid, and they tied him up to one of the pillars of the masjid. He remained one week. And when he remained one week, one week, after that one week when he came back, and when we saw some freedom when we saw some news to pass by him, let me say, Mama, how should I treat you?

00:35:43 --> 00:35:58

If you punish me, you will be punishing someone who is working and entitled to be punished, given what I've done against you and Muslims. But if you show me kindness, I will repeat. So when any sort of one day came in the resource, just freedom nccco sama.

00:35:59 --> 00:36:05

sama came back. In one word I want to share with you my dear respected brothers, for Mama.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:56

After you became a Muslim jasola one week ago, you are the most detested person in my sight. I hated you more than I hated any human being. After seeing your way of living after one week, you are more beloved to me than even my family members. We live with people whole life, we can make that type of influence because we haven't got the seed of the resources. One week, hint what she did. And then afternoon cream sauce lamb said whoever is in the house of Hindi, Annabelle, Sophia and they will be safe. This was how they were cream sauce from Dell, even with regard to the aspect of dealing with people, interpersonal relationship, give everyone importance. There was a mentally disabled woman in

00:36:56 --> 00:37:08

Madina munawwara she was somewhat disabled. And she used to have innate charm, you know, chatting amongst herself, and she used to walk and no one you should take us seriously. One day she came, he called me

00:37:09 --> 00:37:33

and said, I want to speak to your cinema. And I want to take you and maybe Susan said, What do you want to tell me? She said, I can't tell you here. I will take you and then she took me saw cinema in one corner of the of the road. And she put me down and she spoke in a vehicle in Sausalito. Sort of given importance, an ordinary woman who people never used to look at because of the fact that she was not well, maybe

00:37:35 --> 00:37:39

there was a hobby when the navamsa had been Haram. He used to come

00:37:40 --> 00:38:15

and I'll just give you one to two incidents, so many other incidents I would like to share but in this particular case, I have been harmed I used to come from the desert and used to be an ordinary person. They used to bring things that normally you get in the desert you don't get in the city and when you used to go Let me saw slim used to give him things that you get in the city you don't get in the desert. And they also say he is my Desert Island City. He is my Desert Island City. So one day he came in he was selling his wares in the, in the bazaars of Medina maybe saw some cave let me sell something loved him a lot. And he used to make a lot of jokes with maybe salsa. So maybe sauce

00:38:15 --> 00:38:26

them blindfolded him, came behind and put his hand You know, so he started wiggling his way out of it thinking Who is this he was somewhat anxious in no particular way. When he was anxious. Then

00:38:27 --> 00:38:46

he came to realize it was nice, awesome. So he came closer and he saw some to gain the blessedness of Nivea cream sauce lose body. And then when Livia Kareem saw cinema realize that he knows who I am. Let me sell some said who will buy the sleep from me? Who will buy the sleeve from me and Zion said

00:38:47 --> 00:39:01

what are you gonna sell me I am worthless. And Nivea creme de la la he was Selim said will lie he will lie he has here in the law he lays out because it in the eyes of Allah you are not with us. You have very

00:39:03 --> 00:39:06

ordinary person from the desert as a viola who

00:39:08 --> 00:39:12

used to make a mammoth in you know, in one of the machines in Madina munawwara

00:39:13 --> 00:39:20

outside in the outskirts of Madina, munawwara that is another example. Don't judge people. We don't know what people

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

will deal with them. We like to judge people. So it's majority A lot of us to make, you know, salad and used to make very long salad. So once the hobby couldn't bear the long salad, so he won't be allowed to do his making salad with Jamaat. He used to make his own salad outside and go home. This was a sign of that type of an African a hypocrite who doesn't read namaz with Jamaat. No matter what. Your complaints against the masjid the trustees of Imam you cannot stop reading namaz in the masjid. You do not have enmity against a mosque.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

And you cannot take out the enmity against a machete. So when this happened it was a major thing. So the people came to complain to me so I called him and said, What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Listen to his commands listen to his reasoning jasola we go out every day after fudger and we go plow the lands we stay home all day in the lens whole day in the fields when we come back we are tired. We want to sleep immediately after I mean after Isha we normally with these wonderful muscle is gonna know you want to go and sleep at night, you know, so he was a man we want to sleep after after he shall we want to sleep, you know, and was is reading surah baqarah and is reading surah

00:40:40 --> 00:40:44

Halima jasola. I don't have the capacity, I read my own numbers,

00:40:45 --> 00:41:02

maybe a cream sauce and ask him to complain to me sauce. This man has become a monastic. He has become a hypocrite. He doesn't read numbers with Jamaat. So when Muslim heard his explanation, maybe saw some took his spot. And he told me, Omar

00:41:04 --> 00:41:17

Omar, are you putting people into trial by making such long salad and putting people in trying to read short salads. And the results from coding to it's up to his man was somebody that

00:41:20 --> 00:41:29

they don't beat also Baccarat hamdulillah. So it's a particular time. Then he said one thing he said was call me a hypocrite.

00:41:30 --> 00:41:40

One day I will show him who is a true believer and who is a hypocrite. He went out in Jihad and he sacrificed his life in the path of Allah.

00:41:41 --> 00:42:09

He that person who was called hypocrite, he will sacrifice his life in the path of Allah when he passed away and he saw some quality while I was here is the person who used to call a hypocrite. Today he will give his life and he has become a Shahid brothers, these are some examples. I would like to make this appeal. Let us inculcate Yes, the greatness of Libby's Aslam is great. Let us inculcate these qualities when we try and do so inshallah. Give us a trophy

00:42:16 --> 00:42:23

for enlightening us with those great lessons from the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that is refreshing.

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