Mohamad Baajour – Actions That will Save From The Hellfire

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam have been discussed, including the relationship between Islam and religion, the success of Islam's "has been on time" (the NIT), and the use of "has been on time" (the NIT). Manners and the importance of not being treated like family have also been emphasized. The segment concludes with a discussion of a state-certified hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip hip.
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Hola hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah la Muharram had the usual attire hon Alameen.

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true believer

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his main goal in this dunya

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is to gain the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and enter Jannah and be saved from the Hellfire

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today in sha Allah Allah rasool Allah SallAllahu wasallam in few authentic hadith, he mentioned people that Jahannam the Hellfire is forbidden for them

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they will never go to jahannam

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Who are these people?

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One of their characteristic

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the relationship between them and Allah.

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One is the relationship with others

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and one is a DUA. We will take three today in sha Allah Tala first

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called Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a solo Atul comes men half hour Allah when Allah will do him. Well me Kati hin wa Roku a hint was to God hin era Allah He how can i lay

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her remind him not

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anyone who performs the five daily prayers

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with a perfect will do

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on time

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perfect truco

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perfect sujood

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knowing that this is an obligation upon him to Allah

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the NAR the Hellfire will be forbidden for that person.

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How was your salad? My habibi.

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How was your salad? How do you feel? The salad is is it something? yella? Let's get it over with.

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I'm done.

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It's finished. Or you really look forward for the salad.

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How's your we'll do we'll start with Oh do

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we have no do we have two extremes? We have the express one.

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And we have one brother told me 15 minutes we'll do that we have up 15 minutes. What are you doing?

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Rasool Allah Allah is Allah if you notice in many Hadith men s barrel odo whomsoever perfecto do, and then also salam continues, then he walked to the masjid, then he did this, and the rewards are huge. So, when we are performing the one, make the intention, that I am imitating Rasulullah Solomon every step.

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Make the intention or before that that I am fulfilling an order from Allah and secretly made a very long Aya

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prescribing the will do and explaining the pillars of voodoo

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when I'm making wudu I am imagining the hadith of Rasulillah Salam that all the sins of dropping like he said, When you wash your hands as soon as that you did in these hands are dropping, the sins of the face are dropping. I'm leaving all these Hadith as I'm performing the

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on time

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on time means out of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Allah gave us a window between one solid and the other. The closer it is to the then the better the summit is.

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Many people they want to do a combo

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they leave the door till two minutes before acid.

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So they make one voodoo. Play Dora and acid. Right? No. And yeah, there's a lot in sha Allah data is valid, but that's not a good sign.

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The person who's constantly I'm not talking about a person every once in a while. The person who's constantly delaying the salad that's a sign of new fac

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perfect record.

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Perfect sujood Have you ever seen our record

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Have you been where are you going?

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No, no. No tranquillity Yeah. When one of the or can one of the pillars of

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a lot you know what pillar is? One of the pillars of Salat is Sakina tranquility peace is a pillar of the salaat take your time in your record, you are praising Allah azza wa jal Where are you going?

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Enjoy your seafood today? It's raining outside. Right? And that in the why the training is accepted Allahu Akbar. So you are fasting. You are in sujood it is raining, you are a father. You are in the masjid. You're happy before you go enjoy yourself you would make a lot of especially now in sha Allah and your prayer you're making a lot of

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you have all these reasons for the acceptance of the

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he knows he believes that this is a hack. It's not a favor because some people pray that they're doing Allah favor.

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No, no no. We pray this is an obligation upon us. This is a must on every single Muslim, Muslim and don't pray do not go together.

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Muslim and do not pray they do not go together.

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Salad is not an option. Hijab is not an option.

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This is these are fruit men Allah subhanho wa Taala Unfortunately now we pick and choose whatever is convenient for me. Many people now you know what fasting is beautiful.

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They fast and they do not pray. Yeah, okay. I took me know nothing about Al Kitab water Karuna without Turner j omega F al daddy coming in love his yawn Phil hayati dunya you took you pick and choose Allah says in surah baqarah you pick and choose whatever you'd like from the Quran from the Dean. No one we have one.

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So this is the first one whoever does that. May Allah make us from these people? Then the NOD is forbidden. Let's take the second one quickly. Subhanallah I suppose I Soleimani I want you to live this hadith.

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Sitting with the Sahaba said a little bit of Kamala when you go out to dinner. Should I inform you about a person that dinar will be forbidden for him?

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Holy mutton naira? Isla Cooley Caribbean? Hainan sad

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this is the more omelette.

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The novel The Hellfire is forbidden for everyone who's Corrib

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easy, close. accessible. Whenever you need him. He's there. You want to move? He's there to help you move. You're sick. He's there to visit you. You are sad. He's there to console you. You are happy he's there to joy your happiness. Anything you need. Whatever you need this person is there Corrib close. Hey INCEL easy going

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very easy. Brothers. Okay, Hadas forgive him. No problem.

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Brother. You know what? I'm sorry. I know that I borrowed some money from you. Can you give me one more month? No problem. Okay.

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One more month whenever you're ready. Pay me whenever you're ready. No problem.

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Hey INCEL ah

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you don't have the rent.

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Allah I know someone May Allah guide me and him. You don't have the rent. I'm disconnecting the power.

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I'm gonna throw you on your family outside on the street.

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don't tell me to go talk to him. This guy I can. I can approach him asking Him to forgive me is out of the question. Sometimes brothers like very close and then something happened. And the brother comes in apologize. Yeah, can you forgive me? No, you're done. You are done. You're out.

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This is no legging no shall not

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the person whose crib and Hanan and sell Wallahi the children will be happy with him. The children will be happy to have such a father. The wife will be happy to have such a husband. The employees will love to have such a boss. The neighbors would love to have such a neighbor

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and the other way around. Imagine your neighbor every time you do something the ball fell under in his garden. Oh how are we going to get it now?

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You're thinking and planning how you're going to tell him the ball fell in your backyard.

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Where is the high yield lane? No no no. Imagine Yeah, why would I please think carefully. Hurry Muharram dinar is haram. dinar is haram Look at this. So let's read

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He tried to adapt these kinds of manners. Especially start with the Accra Boone. Start with your family first.

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The kids sometimes they say when Baba walks into the house, we are all shaking. He's always frowning. You cannot talk to him. You're happy. Who do you think you are? If you're treating your family, your most beloved like this

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What are you doing?

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They're learning from you. You think they're going to be different when they grow up? They're going to do the same thing to their families.

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Let's be Corrib Hey and Sal, and the last one Subhan Allah.

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Allah rasool Allah say salam, either call the lab La Ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar Khan Allah sadaqa de la ilaha illa Anna, we're in a couple, either call an

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Illallah call Allah sadaqa de la ilaha illallah wa, but either carnal, Ilaha illa Allah luxury color, your call Allah sadaqa de la ilaha IL Anna well actually Kelly, either according to the law Illallah Luhan molk wala hunt, Allah La ilaha illa Anna

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Lee Al Mulk Willie al hunt, but either call Allah with a con la ilaha illallah wa La Quwata illa biLlah con Allah sadaqa de la ilaha illa Ana weather Hola. Ellerbee min Rosie Kahuna in the mouth, he he lent me sooner.

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So as I said, and said, I want you to memorize this. Let's leave today with something Jama. Even though it sounds like a lot, but it's very easy. The first statement is Leila illAllah. If you don't know it by heart, you have a problem. So let ilaha illallah right. First is that ilaha illallah wa sorry, Allahu Akbar. Laila Hill Allah, you add to it, Allahu Akbar. Second La ilaha illallah wa.

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Follow up with me please. That ilaha IL Allah Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa la Ilaha illa Allah, lashari color.

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Good Safar La ilaha illallah La Hoon molk. While the one hand and the last one La ilaha illallah wa ala how La Quwata illa Allah? Of course Hassan said whomsoever these were his last words. They're not as haram

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for you, how can I make these my last words?

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By always saying them constantly repeating them. Not like I never say them and you expect them to come just like that. On the on the on your deathbed. And another thing when when one of your

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dear ones or when you are at the presence of someone who is taking his or taking her last breath, please

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even though sometimes they're in coma, sometimes they're not replying to just say it you never know what's going on inside. Say it slowly. quietly. Don't scream La la la la, la, la la la, la la la sharika Lulla

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Lulla weather hola with a converter illa biLlah who's going to who wants to say it

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100 Albania Allah, a beggar in this blessed morning while it's raining, Allah everyone here and everyone who's watching us yeah Allah make Jahannam haram for them. I mean, you're a bit Alameen ya Allah make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah. Ya Allah Karim. Yeah hammer I mean, make our last deeds, our best deeds and do not take our soul. Unless you're pleased with us. I mean Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine there are a few more people. Maybe we'll discuss them in sha Allah on Sunday Subhanak along with a handshake that should allow the state federal cabinet to work

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