Mufti Menk – Don’t just throw it out without serious consideration. A Proposal is RIZQ from Allah

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that Subhanallah may not be a wealthy person and that his success comes from his ties to Allah and his desire to take care of his child. The speaker also talks about Subhanaber's lack of wealth and his desire to be part of a larger group, which may lead to conflict.
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Salam aleikum. Mashallah a proposal has just come for your daughter. And this young lad is not a wealthy person, or perhaps he doesn't earn that much Subhanallah Should I reject him? Because he doesn't earn that much? The answer is no. look at whether he is responsible. Look at his Dean and his or her luck. how rich were you when you married your wife, the mother of the child whom you're talking about Subhan Allah, and how wealthy were your forefathers when they married, many of us, myself included, when we married, we were still relying on our own parents Subhan Allah, and later on, Allah blessed us. So let's not make a mistake by saying to ourselves, I will not allow my child

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to marry, because this person doesn't have so much of wealth or he doesn't have a job that I would like him to have Subhanallah if he is responsible, and he is a brilliant person who is going to take care of your child and you know that he is very respectable, let it happen. Insha Allah because of the responsibility, the connection with Allah, and because of the fact that they are very respectable, Allah will open their doors as a result of that union. In Kunal fukuhara. You will see him Allah who means Lee, Allah says in Surah, to know if they are poor, Allah will grant them independence, or Allah will enrich them through his own virtue. How many have Allah and has Allah

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enriched Subhana Allah, Allah has enriched millions of people after their marriages, how many of us are so hypocritical where, when we were marrying, people overlooked the poverty we were in or the financial standing we were upon, even though it may not have been so grand, but today, the same people are not allowing brilliant, brilliant proposals to be accepted, simply because there is a shortfall of $1 or two, may Allah subhanho wa Taala not make us from among those who worship material items, really, I know how important it is to have a little bit of wealth and to be able to live in a relatively comfortable way. If Allah once he can take away everything and if allowance he

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can bless you with what you did not imagine. Sometimes we reject a young boy. And 20 years later, we find he is the multi millionaire of the area. It has happened. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all and may we be able to look at what the prophets of Salaam has told us to look for the deen and the lack the level of religion and the level of character and conduct and at the same time, respect responsibility and so on. That is part of the dean and Alok aku Kohli hava was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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