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Part 3


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for a fully understanding of the concept of crusades, which is a term used in history. They stress the importance of learning from the experiences of young Muslims who have experienced the similar struggles. The speaker also talks about the negative impact of the term greeting the Western powers with a message of peace and forgiveness, which has caused people to lose their minds and struggle to achieve their goals.
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And so we ask ourselves, what motivates these people? What is inside of them what is driving them, we need to, we need to see the full picture.

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We need to know the full picture what takes this young American man who is ignorant of Islam, and drives him to defile and desecrate another person's religion, and he thinks he's doing something right. That is the spirit in back of him. It is an evil spirit that has shown itself and many times in history. And we need to teach our young people what is going on. Because the Cafiero was ever built up, have developed the ability to tell rise in an organized fashion.

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They create stories, put it into a visual text with sounds and sights, and a young person would look at it and think that it is real.

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And believe that this is reality, and be confused about themselves and confused about their history.

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Recently, and it all ties in a controversy came started in the West. And it hit many of the Muslim countries rising out of a number of articles and film productions concerning the Crusades. And it is important for us to understand this concept of crusades, and to understand the response that came by the Muslims, that Allah subhanaw taala raised that Muslims who responded to this, and we today need to learn from their example. Because the same thing is happening again.

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And we need to never forget our response, and not what is told to us in the media, or in the movies, or in false publications.

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It is hard for Muslims to understand it is hard for us to go back 1000 years. We think that we are poor people that we are weak people, that the Western powers, that they are intelligent people, they deserve money, they deserve power. They have airplanes, they have elevators, they have new computers, they control the media, it seems like they're doing everything that is right. But it is hard for us to go back in time. But we need to do this, to understand that when these crusades happened in the 11th century, and going on, it was part of a process that the European countries were coming out of what they call the Dark Ages, the Roman Empire had fallen.

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Their science, mathematics, their knowledge was controlled by monks in monasteries, who would kill and torture a person who studied science. If you study mathematics, they torture you.

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It's hard for us to imagine. But when contact was being made,

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when they realize through the trade is their job, their merchants, what the Middle East had, and what India and China had and what deep into Africa in Timbuktu. But these areas had, it drove them to a type of insanity.

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They lost their minds. Marco Polo came back and he showed them. These people, they don't live like us.

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They have running water.

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They put spice in their food.

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They use deodorant.

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They have silk,

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they have mathematics. They have senses. They they do operations on the brain. They understand the nervous system. They have so many things around them, he came back and the people lost their self. They lost their minds. And they started to respond.

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And it is reported that in 1095 the Pope Urban the second one of the infamous Pope's and that's the reason why people don't are not sad when a pope is gone.

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This Pope called a crusade.

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Now the word Crusade, in the English language, and in many languages, it means a concentrated effort to achieve a goal.

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So you continue and continue and struggle and struggle and struggle until you

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Get your goal. But this was different

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because for them, it was civilization.

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It was a new world for them. And they lost their minds. And Pope Urban the second call for Crusade, and he did it with false premises. He said the people in the Middle East have the true cross of Christ. They have the Holy stuff lockup. They are killing Christians. They are torturing Christians. This is a lie. Because the Christians and the Jews lived under the Muslims in a state of peace. When he called them and he said, if you go on this journey, you will get forgiveness of your sins. If you die on this journey, you will get forgiveness of their sins. And he said God wills it

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and 150,000 people responded to the Pope.