Dr Hakim Quick – An Islamic Look at the Crusaders 2

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Part 2

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The speaker discusses the struggles faced by Muslims during the time of the Prophet peace be upon him with. They describe the way Islam is being displayed throughout history, and how extremist groups are pushing for grounds in the area between the presence of the symbol of the throne and the image of the man himself. The speaker emphasizes the need to respond in an organized fashion to avoid losing control of oneself and causing sadness.

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So as it happened in the time of the Prophet peace be upon him with kodesh making lies against Rasulullah saw Salaam. And after his time against Islam, it still continues today.

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And a type of evil spirit.

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A type of evil spirit comes into the people.

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And you see the spirit being being shown or displayed by the people at different points in different parts of history. You hear from the mouse, you see in the body language, and Muslims have to deal with this.

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We have to deal with this evil, this raw, naked evil and not let it overcome us.

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And Allah blessed us with the example of the prophet SAW Salem, and how he was patient in Mecca. 13 years ago, they tortured him, tortured his followers, drove them out of their homes, accused them, scandalize them, everything that they could even kill them, he still maintain the truth. And he still called them to Islam and forgave them

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that could not be found anywhere in history.

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And so we find today

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it is happening again in a systematic way.

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Recent reports have come to us about what is happening in Guantanamo Bay. And information has come clear that the book of Allah subhanaw taala

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was being defiled by the secular forces of the West, and even reached the point where they were putting it in toilets. And in one case where you have a Billa even flushed it down the toilet.

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This is something which bills the blood of any Muslim.

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But we have to realize it is being done for a purpose,

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to make us lose control of ourselves, to make us forget what our real goal is. And so we need to respond to this, but respond in an organized fashion, and teach our children that the struggle that we are in is not going to end next week. The struggle will continue right up until the day of piano.

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And once we realize this, that we will respond to it, but not allow it to make us so depressed, that we do something to ourselves or to our family or to our loved ones and lose our direction.

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It is also coming to us that extremist yahood have entered into muster up for grounds in the area between the Dome of the Rock and muscle aka carrying with them the cornerstone

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of the so called cornerstone for the Temple of Solomon.

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And they are forcing their way in. And Palestinian Muslims are resisting right now. Resisting them and taking a stand not just for themselves, but taking a stand for the oma for all Muslims by standing up against the Zionists. But we cannot allow this to overcome us with depression. It is part of a program with the Orthodox yahood inspired by shaitan. Well you have the villa, under the delusion or illusion that this is the Temple of Solomon and they have some weight to it. We say to them, as the prophet SAW Selim said to the yahood Maha Maha to the Muslim men.

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We are more deserving of Musa alayhis salam Can you know how to be silly man? men come without what Jamil and Dr. We are more deserving of the Prophet Solomon and David and all of the prophets than the extremist

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organizations, secular organizations trying to take over this land in the name of religion