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Lesson 59 – Chapter 67-69 Hadith 235-240

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah who would have had to

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do a lot of sudo you'll get him and avert Pharaoh the belay him in a SharePoint rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim furbish rarely saw that he was silly. I'm very wary of that. Emily's any of Coco de probenecid

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kita. Will will do. But Mayor Carmen and legislative assembly well Mary Maya Kuru, that which falls Minna Niger set of impurities of impure things for sumney in the fat Wilma II and the water meaning if something impure falls, in fact, or in water, does that fat or does that water become impure? Niger said impure things plural have no Jessa. So for example, urine or blood, or any unclean thing, a dead animal, if that falls in some, in some regions, I mean, those of you who have studied in Iran or didn't send me a fatty, original meaning with a lot of fat, so someone is basically fatter, you're talking about oil, clarified butter, things like that. And in these days, of course, 111 we

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have separate kitchens, and 100 kitchens are such that impurities are kept away completely, but it may happen that you may be washing meat and the blood may fall or something like that. So if fat or water gets contaminated by something impure, does that water does that fat become impure, too, does it? So for example, a pool of water or you were bathing a baby in water, and let's say the baby urine it's so does that water become impure?

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I'm not talking about whether it's gross or not, I'm talking about impurity or purity is it impure or pure? Okay. So, it depends on the amount of the water and the amount of the impurity that has fallen to the ratio basically, yeah. Okay, let's find out what is the Wii U and z he said lab seven man he there is no harm in the water, meaning water will be considered clean. You can use it you can drink it you can do will do with it. malam EULA Yahoo, as long as it does not change, what does not change, determine its taste, or the home or its fragrance, its smell, alone and or color. So in other words, you have to look at these three things, what three things what three characteristics,

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the taste, the smell, and the color. If these three things change one, two or all, then because of that impurity, then that entire liquid will become impure, meaning you cannot use it. But if the characteristics don't change, meaning there is no smell, the color has not changed, the taste has not changed, then that liquid will be considered clean. So for example, you have a jug full of water, let's say blood falls into you caught your hand, for example, and blood falls into it. Now the color has changed. Okay, because it's only a jug, it's only a glass, the color will change completely. But if that same amount of blood falls into, let's say, a bathtub, that's full of water,

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will the color of that water change? No, will the smell change? No will the taste change? No. So you have to look at the characteristics, okay, these three characteristics are important.

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Now, there is an article that was written by she has recorded I'll just read out part of it is that there is unanimous agreement amongst the scholars that an extremely minute quantity of an impure substance when added to a large quantity of a pure one will not make the final substance impure. When there is minute quantity of impurity that has been added to a large quantity of a pure one, then that pure one meaning the large quantity will not become impure. For example, if a glass of urine is thrown into an average sized Lake, no scholar would consider the entire lake to be impure. Yet there is no clear consensus on exactly how much impurity would affect a pure substance. So at

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the end of the day, it's not about the ratio. It's not about the quantity, what is it? It's the characteristics of that final liquid that you have, but the basic point is agreed upon an extremely minute quantity of an impurity is totally dissolved in a much larger quantity of a pure substance, such that the impurity does not have any discernible presence, the result in substance will be pure. So at the end of the day, you have to see the characteristics. Basically, there is a principle that is known as is the lack is the lack from Halak,

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which is when a substance dissolves completely in another such that it is lost. It has

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Last its existence, you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot taste it, when that is the lack has occurred, then the final product will be clean, but if there is no is the lack, then that means, you will see some you will find some characteristics of that impurity. So, when those characteristics are there, then the liquid or whatever you have will be considered impure as well. One more thing we need to remember is that large quantity, large quantity is not affected by impurity. This is also derived from a hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah Allah Yoongi sushi on water, nothing can make it impure when, when that water is in large quantity.

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So, for example, in our bodies, we learned about a particular Well, in which, you know, carcasses of dead animals would be there. Likewise, people would dispose us on their garbage even though but still that water was used. Why? Because the characteristics of the water would not change. So, for example, these days garbage, everything is dumped into seawater into lakes even. All right. So as long as the color the characteristics don't change, that water is perfectly fine. And besides the quantity is so huge that the impurity does not have an effect on it. Well, Carla hamedan and hammered said lab servation meter, there is no harm in the feathers of that birds. Okay, rubbish. Is

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what feathers? And who has feathers, birds? Which birds over here in particular Mater? So, if the feathers of a dead bird have fallen into water, does that water become unclean? No. Would it be impure? No, can you do will do with it? Yes, you can.

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So this shows that the feathers of dead birds are not impure. And when the feathers of dead birds are not impure, then the feathers of birds that are alive are also not impure.

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And this is the case with all birds, whether they are eaten or they're not eating, meaning whether they are halal or haram. It doesn't matter.

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And especially if you see feathers, you can't tell if they belong to a bird that is eaten or not. Okay, unless it is a very specific kind, only then you can tell otherwise, a feather is a feather. So feathers are all pothead. They're clean. Whether they belong to an animal that is eaten or not dead or alive.

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Why is it important to know? Because birds, they drink water too. And when they drink they also obeyed. If there was water somewhere that's in a pool in a pond or something like that. And you see feathers like for example if a person has an outdoor pool and birds have come and they've had you know they were swimming they were drinking whatever. So they've left their feathers, is that water clean? Can you go swimming it? Yes, you can. Can you do will do with it? Yes, you can that water is still clean.

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This is the statement of a scholar he said Lavazza Vishal Mehta? No, because if it fell into the water and the water did not become ledges, that means that the feather was not matches. Now it could be a small amount of water even that doesn't matter. The point over here is that if feathers have fallen in the water that water does not become dirty. This is just like if a piece of paper falls in the water that water does not become dirty. So over here in Marblehead is trying to prove that racial maita are not impure. They are not majesta so there are different things that are being mentioned under this chapter heading if you have some jackets or pillows are or do is whatever with

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down with feathers it's it's perfectly fine the you don't know which which bird it is from it's okay whether that bird was slaughtered or not it's okay.

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We'll call is the Wii U and as every sad fear alarm will Mota concerning the bones of dead animals, which dead animals natural feeling, such as the elephant who have it and also other than it so with regards to the bones of dead animals, such as the elephant or other animals, and other animals over here first those animals which are not eaten, so animals which are not Hello, at Rock teunissen I came across I found I perceive meaning I came across nessen many people knocking on the shows many meaning I've seen many people mean Salafi from the predecessors Aloma scholars meaning from righteous knowledgeable people of the past. What would they do young Tashi tuna beha they would come

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with it meaning they would make combs with the bones of such animals. Okay, I'm Tasha tuna. This is from Masha Masha Allah is to come. So they would make combs with the bones of such animals were there he knew that he had and they would also keep oil in it. Meaning of the bone was such that you could make it into a jar it was hollow or whatever. They would also keep oil in it.

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Lay your own abebooks and they would not see in it any harm. So what does it mean that the bones of these animals are also by him? They're also clean, because especially the elephant is mentioned over here. An elephant is a herbivore. Okay, so technically it should be okay for consumption, but many scholars considered elefant to be Haram.

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Why? Because it has tasks. And because of its huge size, that it's actually harms human beings that it can harm people, it harms other animals do so because of that reason they considered it to be held on. But otherwise Also, if you think about an elephant, for an animal to be halaal, you have to slaughter it.

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Can you even think about slaughtering 5000 kg? Elephant? I mean, how would you bring it down? How would you control it? It would be almost impossible. Right? a camel, it's so huge and it's difficult to slaughter that even it's actually made to stand an accomplice but a slit is put in its throat as a result of which blood gushes out and then when the camel files then people got it snack. When it comes to an elephant it skin is almost an inch thick, okay, and it's extremely tough. It's almost like rubber. So it's impossible to slaughter it the correct way. The only way of, of killing an elephant is you know, using other means, which people adopt, you know, when they're poaching

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elephants. So this is the reason why many scholars they considered elephants to be Haram. Now when it comes to animals from other different kinds, one type is those animals that are hella. So you're talking about camels, goats, sheep, whatever animal chicken animals that are hollow, when it comes to their bones, their meat, everything is permissible.

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The second type are those animals which are absolutely home

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and which are they do animals, pigs and dogs and their bones, their flesh, their further saliva, everything is not just eternal.

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Then you have the third category of animals which are also held on for consumption. So you're talking about lions, or according to an opinion elephants, or mice, these animals Yes, they are haram

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but when it comes to their bones, when it comes to their bones, they're not considered impure

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such that if it falls in water, or if you use their bones for something such as making a comb or you know making small things around the house, then they're considered okay. Because they're not considered not just we'll call a new scene and even seen what Ibrahim and Ibrahim both of them they said whatever sir and there is no harm bt gel bt Java TRG there is no harm in the trade of arJ what is orange, ivory?

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and ivory is derived from what? From the tusks of various animals such as elephants or hippos, even walrus even a particular kind of a whale I believe. So there are different animals which have certain tasks from which ivory is made. So they consider the trade of ivory to be halal. Now, this doesn't mean that if the trade of ivory is illegal, use it Oh, but it's hella No, illegal is something else. And halaal is something that's illegal is when it is not allowed by the law of the land. And you have to observe that

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and how that is when it's permissible industry. So if it's not allowed in the law of the land, you can't do it. Because there is a reason behind why they have made it illegal. So there is no harm in the trade of ivory. Why is this mentioned to prove that ivory is by it, it is clean, because if it was unclean, then buying it and selling it would not be permissible just as the dog okay or the pig eating it is not something that's permissible. Likewise, you cannot even buy it. You cannot even sell it. The animal or any part of it, it's priceless is held on the profit gained over that is how long so the reason why Mambo Hari mentioned this is to prove that such bones are fine, they are

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clean. So they may be used for various purposes. And if they have contact with water, then that water is also clean. If a person is wearing that's a jewelry made of ivory, can they pray? Yes. Can they have will do yes. And also remember that when it comes to ivory, it does not have any blood vessel system. Okay, meaning it's not it doesn't have any, the rest of the bones, even your teeth, they have some kind of blood going into them right there is some kind of nerve, some kind of nerve tissue, but the tusks of such animals, they have absolutely no tissue, no blood, nothing at all. Okay, so this is also why they're

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Considered by it. Now, this is with regards to bones. Don't think that the skin of such animals is also clean. Okay, like for example of an alligator of a snake? No, that's a completely different thing when it comes to skin the ruling is different. When it comes to bones, the ruling is different, because they're, they're different in their nature.

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have different is marine Allah had the sunny Malecon or niboshi heaven and obey the law hypnic Diller and habanero, bessin and maimunah and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah, he was asked on forgotten about a mouse, machine mouse, a female mouse circle thought that had fallen Fie some Nin in some fat, and this fat had solidified. You're not talking about liquid oil, but something like clarified butter, but it becomes solid almost. So if a mouse has fallen into fat, so what to do with that fat, has it become impure? Do we have to discard it? Can we use it? What's the ruling for Carla? So he said to her throw it meaning throw the mouse warmer hola her and that

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which is around it, meaning get rid of the mouse, and also the fat that is around where the mouse was get rid of it for who then throw it work Hulu and eat some knuckle your fat I mean, the rest of it is pure it is live.

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Now, again, we learned earlier that as long as the characteristics don't change of the liquid of the fat, then that liquid that fat will be considered by now, the characteristics did not change. This is why the profits are allowed cinnamon out that the people use that fat.

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Secondly, we see that the mouse is dead, it had fallen into the fat. But that fat is congealed, which is why the impurity will not spread everywhere. Okay, it did not spread everywhere. And because of that reason, Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed that the fat that was around the mouse get rid of that as well because that must have been affected. But all of it was not affected. Many times it happens in many countries. In fact, in Pakistan, many times we experienced this that you know, the taste the smell of the water, the running water in the house, you know, sometimes it smells bad, it is bad. So they have the water tank checked up. And sometimes you'll find a dead

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Crow, or a dead cat or something like that in the water. So in that case, the entire water tank is cleaned up, and then the water is made to run. And then once the water is clean, there's no smell, there's no bad taste than the water is considered clean. So if that animal has fallen into the water and that cause the smell the taste to change, then you will not use the water. But if the characteristics have not changed, then it is okay. Mouse is not hard and you don't eat it But still, it's okay. I mean, you would clean it up for other reasons, too. I mean, it's not safe, it's best to clean it. But as long as the characteristics of the water don't change, it's okay for consumption.

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If the mouse was alive, it wouldn't stay there. When the people would see it, it would run away. It would only stay in the fat when it had died.

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had bitten early you know Abdullah Kala had gotten a maroon color had gotten American and English. He had been under a delay of nerve delay him near me Miss Rudin and habanero Besson and maimunah and then a via sallallahu alayhi wasallam so he learned Latin sakata TFI summoning the same Hades bacala hoodoo her mama hola Fatah who Allah murnane had that an American mela or CEO Quran him near Besant and maimunah. Martin said that Malik related so many times that I could not even count it meaning this hadith in our bathroom narrative so many times that I can't even count it. So Mr. Bahari is mentioning this Hadees again. Now, before mentioning these two ladies, Mr. Mohali mentioned the

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statements of the scholars, these two bodies and the statements all of them prove each other. And what's the conclusion? What's the lesson that we learned from all of this? That when the characteristics don't change, then the liquid is considered clean?

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had done it. Mohammed, Allah Akbar Allah Abdullah, Marana Maroon, and Hammamet nimona B. and Abby Herrera and in a BS en Allahu alayhi wa sallam upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said caloocan min every wound, you clamor, who he is, given that wound who are Muslim, the Muslim visa beat Allah in the way of Allah. So every wound that a believer suffers in the way of Allah, he was wounded, he was injured, he bled, why? Because he was out in the way of Allah. If he was at home, he wouldn't have suffered if he decided not to go in the way of Allah he would not have suffered he suffered that wound Why? Because he was in the way of Allah. So every such wound Yakumo

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Yo wealthy ama, it will be on the Day of Judgment, k at her like it meaning he will appear on the Day of Judgment with all those wounds. On the day of judgment when the person will be resurrected, he will have all those wounds is that when the arrow was shot or you know when when he was wounded, meaning those wounds will be exactly the same, such that the fight journal demin blood will be gushing out, just as blood gushing out of that person in the world, blood will gush out of his body on the Day of Judgment even he will appear like this before his Lord alone, the blood will be loaning them the color of blood to the color of the blood will be like its color meaning red gushing

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out flowing out while are awful, but the smell the fragrance will be around full misc will be like the fragrance of mask. So a person will appear in the same state before Allah soprano

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that his body will show that Oh Allah This was suffered in your way in your cause? Why is it that a person will come like this on that day, because this will invite the mercy of Allah even more. When you see someone bleeding. When you see someone in pain, when you see the wounds, it brings a different feeling in you. So a person will come on that day in the state so that more Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala will be bestowed on him. And likewise, the criminals those who gave those wounds will be represented more severely will be held accountable. Because when the victim comes wounded in that state, and it shows, you know that the criminal will be in serious trouble, and how the smell the

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fragrance of that blood will spread everywhere as the fragrance of mask so that the people present over there all the people will witness will bear witness to the suffering of that person in the way of a law. And the people will know they will realize it's great virtue, right? Because today people feel pity for on that day people envy, beautiful Hardee's. But why is it mentioned over here How is it relevant

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water or liquid does not become impure by the mere contact of something that is impure, it will only become impure when its characteristics will change. Now we see over here that the blood, typically it has a smell, but on that day, it will have fragrance, right the fragrance. So the changing of the bad smell of blood into good fragrance changes its impact from them too much. Now, the exact opposite is over here with regards to the matter of the hollow that water will not become impure unless its smell changes, it has changed in its characteristics, it will not be considered bad, unless the smell has changed. So blood generally is is unclean. But on that day, it will be a source

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of reward and you know felina for a person. And we see that the characteristics have changed from bad to good. So the exact opposite, that water will only be unclean when the smell has changed from good to bad. This is one interpretation of that that's called escape. Another explanation that some scholars gave us that this proof that blood has a smell the Hadees basically proves that blood has smell.

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And when it falls into something, when blood falls into something and its smell changes, or its color changes and becomes like that of blood, then its ruling will be the ruling of blood

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that blood has smell, it has a color, when blood will fall into water, changing the smell and the color of that water, then that water will have the same ruling as that of blood, which means that if that blood was unclean was impure, then that water will be impure. But if that blood is barrhead, then that water will also be fired.

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So for example, I told you about the different kinds of blood, right? So for example, blood that is

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flowing blood out of an animal that has just been slaughtered. If that blood falls into a bucket of water changing the color of the fragrance of that water that entire bucket of water, will that blood will that water be unclean?

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Another scenario if you cooked some meat.

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Okay, let's say you had your steak, very rare. And as it comes on the plate, there's actually red liquid at the bottom. Have you ever seen that?

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Now let's say there's a sauce as well and it's mixed with that

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Bloody liquid. Okay, so is that sauce clean?

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Yes. Are the vegetables clean? on the plate? Are your potatoes clean? Yes. Is that meat clean? Yes. Even though the color may have changed with the red liquid coming out of that steak, yes. Why? Because that blood is clean. So even though it will change the characteristics of the rest of the food, of the water of the liquid, whatever, because that blood is clean, this is why that food will be clean. So, this room that blood has fragrant, this is what the Hadees proves this is why mahadi mentioned it here and when it falls into something and its smell its color changes becomes like that of blood, then its ruling would be the ruling of blood. So the conclusion of this entire Bab all of

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these statements and these are Hadees What do they prove that the gees meaning something will be rendered will be considered impure only by the meaning when there is the Euro when it has changed. When the characteristics have changed, something thought here will only become nudges when it has changed in its traits. And also the change of one characteristic is enough, like over here blood fragrance, the implication changed. So likewise, even if one characteristic changes, the color is the same but the smell is bad. Or the smell is okay but the color is bad, the color has changed or the taste has changed even one that is sufficient.

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We do learn about inshallah, in the following Hadith we will learn about some other secretions, okay, which the companions took from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of his body, for example, his sweat or his spittle. That is not enough, just okay, just as we learned earlier that the leftover water of a person is not notice. Likewise, such exclusions are also not noticed. If the characteristics don't change of the water, when blood fell into it, then you don't worry about it, you will only worry if the characteristics have changed. Now, how is this whole bar? Whatever we learn from it relevant to you? How can you apply it? How can you benefit from this in your daily

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life? Can you think of certain scenarios in which this will be helpful? How can this be done? Whenever

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it happens working in the kitchen you're dealing with meat is blood or your hand gets caught? It happens many times. Anything else you can think of? You know you're giving a bath to kids and you don't know they may have urinated they may not have and you're like it happened with me. Especially every time I would wash my my baby in the water, I would have to wash my hands. Okay, because I wasn't sure if that water was clean or not. It's based on Chuck. But now you don't have to be in doubt. Because if the smell hasn't changed, the color hasn't changed, then don't worry, then don't worry. Likewise, people are always you know, in the shock if they're going swimming over

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that the water must be unclean and mean. And people go to great lengths when it comes to their thinking and imagination. So it's best to stop your thinking right there. Stop your shock right there. The water smells like chlorine does it's not impure. So go ahead.

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question is that? Yes, you know, you know that the water is impure impure, but what if you're not comfortable using it because of hygienic reasons. That's totally up to you.

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Everyone has a different level of comfort. So you're not being sinful. But if it's making your life difficult, if it's making your will do difficulty attala difficult, you're working in the kitchen difficult, then you have to be easy on yourself.

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Because sometimes, we become too finicky about these things. Right? So balance is necessary. Because sometimes we make our lives difficult to make the lives of other people difficult. That if you see water somewhere, and the characteristics are fine, then go ahead use it to the again, the characteristics of the water will not change.

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So for example, you go to the beach, and there's a dog over there running in the water swimming in the water. So is that water unclean? No. Because a it's running water be it's a large quantity of water and see the characteristics don't change.

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That we see how the companions are questions they show how they were so keen on knowing what was right and what was wrong. I mean, a mouse fell in the fat and they're asking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what to do. These days, we're asking questions to get away. But they were asking questions to find out what they were supposed to do.

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Bob and boly Phil met him on urinating in standing water. At that time, that image from the one the one to remain, for example, is a Domo pilot, that women meaning when a bird opens up its wings, it's flying and it leaves its wings open. Okay, meaning it doesn't flap them anymore doesn't open and close them. So that is called the one

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So Maota aim is water that is standing, meaning it remains in its place. Because water what is its characteristic? Typically it flows, right? But if water is standing somewhere, then urinating in that water, is that permissible? So for example, if there's a lake, there is a pool, there's a pond, or there's a tub, urinating in that water. First of all, is that permissible? And secondly, if someone else urinated can you use that water or not?

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How does an abaya many color have been an issue or even call it a foreigner abusing it? And now, many of new hermoza had deja vu and no semirara hula, and no semirara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said no we are here on the last ones acerbic con the first ones will be is nadie Paul and the same is Ned he said layer bulan he should not urinate a haidakhan any one of you fill it in standing water under the layer D The one that does not flow, some may have the sudo fi and then he goes on washing himself in it.

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Now this Hardee's some of you may have it as one Hadith others may have it as to how these separate or how these basically it's the same narration, narration from above or below on who in one National Cyber con it stops there and another narration it continues that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam further said that none of you should urinate in standing water.

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Now what does it mean by this that we are meaning this oma the owner of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is of your own last ones to come in the world.

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But on the Day of Judgment, a cell phone? What does it mean that every single member of this oma will be a cervical?

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cervical not in the sense that the three types of people that are mentioned in the Quran, the people of the right the people of the left and the cervical not not in that sense, but technically in the literal sense that first ones meaning to be resurrected? First ones on the slot? first ones to be questioned? First ones, Do you know whose deeds will be weighed? first ones to enter agenda. First ones in that sense, so National

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Assembly have gone We are the last ones but the first ones in the next world.

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And in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that none of you should urinate in water that is standing. And then He further clarified and let the lady that is not flowing, that is not moving. It's not flowing as you're standing, do not urinate in that water.

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Some may have the sylphy. But then he goes on washing himself in it meaning how can you wash yourself with water, which you have made impure by urinating in it? Okay, so my philosophy the second objection, that how can you go on washing yourself and water in which you have urinated in it doesn't make sense, it's illogical.

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Now, this Hadees shows that it is not permissible to urinate in standing water.

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And that means it's opposite is permissible

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that it would be permissible to urinate in running water. Now, yes, a person would not do that, generally. But what if a person is in a state where he doesn't have an option? Where he doesn't have a choice? So is he committing a sin? By urinating in running water? No, or what if you're in it somewhere, but the urine will also wash off or it will flow into the direction of the water? Okay, it may happen, for example, a person is standing on a slope, and he happens to urinate over there. And at the bottom of the slope is let's say, a river or a stream. So that urine is going to trickle down, it's going to enter the running water or the lake or even the standing water. So, yes, it's

00:33:54--> 00:34:36

not ideal to do that. But what if something like that happens? So what do we learn in principle that it's not permissible to urinate in standing water, but in running water, it is permissible. But if the water is of large quantity, okay, like we learned earlier, the characteristics don't change. And if their urine happens to fall in that, then is that a problem? No. Let's say, You filled up a tub of water, a huge tub of water, and a child urinated in the sprinkles fell in the water, then will you have to drain all of the water? No. If the characteristics don't change, then no problem with that water. Now, if you think about it, the first statement of the Hadith and the second statement

00:34:36--> 00:34:50

of the Hadees apparently there seems to be no connection. You would wonder why did the Prophet Muslim say these two statements together? or Why did if we would Allah narrated the Hadith like this? Why did it note both of these statements together?

00:34:51--> 00:34:54

What's the relevance? What's the connection between the two?

00:34:55--> 00:34:56

What do you think the connection is

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

what goes in last

00:35:00--> 00:35:00

comes out

00:35:01--> 00:35:02


00:35:04--> 00:35:10

As Iran Indonesia Sadiq Khan, on the Day of Judgment what goes in last comes out first.

00:35:11--> 00:35:20

So if they're standing water and a person you're in it's in that and if he's going to take water out of that standing water than what's going to come out first hearing

00:35:21--> 00:35:31

so this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said so many of us up then he goes on washing himself in a meeting Why would you do that? How can you say it shows that it's not permissible to urinate in standing water?

00:35:32--> 00:36:24

That either opia Allah Allah was only around when other some impurity is thrown on the back of Amazon Li meaning of a person who is praying Salah Oh gee fatten, or a dead animal or you know, dead. You can say a piece from a dead animal. Okay, that has a foul smell. If that is thrown Alamosa Lee while he's praying, remember Heidi said lamb Duff sued early use Allah to his Salah will not become facade, meaning your Salah will not be invalid, his Salah will still be valid. So if a person is praying, and something impure falls on him during his prayer, then that will not invalidate his prayer. person is praying under a tree in the shade nice and breezy. And there happened to come a

00:36:24--> 00:37:08

bird on top and he's covered in impurity. So will that nullify his prayer? No. One can ignore Amara, and even aroma. But remember, it's conditional. Okay, it's conditional. And what's that condition? We'll find out? What can I ignore even rumor? He used to eat era when he would see faith ob he in his clothes, demand some blood? What were you Sally and he was praying at that time? What would he do in the prayer? What are who he would take off those clouds, a warmer bar and he would continue to use it in his Salah. So even or more what was his habit? If he was ever praying, and during his prayer, he saw some blood on his clothes, and that blood would be impure? Then what would he do? He

00:37:08--> 00:37:45

would remove those clothes and he would continue his prayer meaning he would not break his prayer, he would not repeat his prayer. Now, this is only possible a person can only do that when removing those clothes will not expose his elder. So for example, you're wearing an obeah. And under that you're wearing normal clothes. And you see that your via has some impurity on it in your Salah, then what can you do? Just simply take it off and continue your prayer. You don't have to break your prayer. But if removing the clause will expose there are a lot then what will a person do? What should he do? continue praying, no, he will break the Salah. He will break the Salah. Okay, and then

00:37:45--> 00:38:27

worship is going to change and then he will pray again. We'll do doesn't break but he has to be clean, meaning his clothes have to be clean. But isn't this contradicting what was mentioned previously? That shows that there is a condition what's that condition that a person knows or he does not know, even remote found out he saw. That means he knew that it was impure blood, which is why he would take that off. But if a person does not know let's say you standing under the tree praying something fell on him. He doesn't know what it is. It could be a leaf could be a twig. It could be you know something else. He doesn't know what it is. So he can continue praying. But after

00:38:27--> 00:38:46

the Salah if he finds out that oh, this was something impure? And I didn't know then does he need to repeat his prayer? No, he doesn't need to. For example, you're holding a baby in the Salah, and that baby, urinate or whatever not wearing a diaper or that I relax. Now you know what it is?

00:38:47--> 00:38:58

So then you have to break the Salah. But if you don't know what it is, it could be water because you don't know. Then in that case you will continue with your Salah.

00:38:59--> 00:39:01

So what's the condition, knowledge?

00:39:02--> 00:39:10

If you're taking off the clothes in the prayer, now, isn't that wrong? Because you're not supposed to move that much in prayer is that movement allowed.

00:39:11--> 00:39:15

Even if you have to open up your buttons, let's have your Avaya

00:39:17--> 00:39:27

that movement is allowed. What's the evidence of that? The prophets are allowed to sit and removed his shoes in the prayer when he was told that his shoes had impurity on them.

00:39:28--> 00:39:35

Okay, if there are biases that you have to take off your hijab and then take off your body then obviously you're gonna have to break your prayer. Okay, in that case, you have to break your

00:39:36--> 00:39:53

Wakarusa, you have a sharpie, it has Allah Wabi Sabi Domine when a person is praying and honestly there's blood out and a baton or a semen only laden Qibla or he prays other than Qibla meaning he is praying in a direction that is not the right Qibla oh dear mama or he had done

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

okay, and then he had performed prayer. So therefore things mentioned over here, a person finds blood on

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

His clothes or Geneva, okay in his clothes on his clothes meaning semen, or he prayed, facing the wrong direction. Or he prayed with them for Salah, and then he prayed some miracle man, if he walked he and then he found water in the time of Salah, meaning that time did not expire. Let's say he prayed lower with a mom. Okay, it's not the time for us to read, and he found water, then Larry do he does not repeat. So in any of these cases, he will not repeat the prayer. So for example, a person prayed Salah after surah he found that there was blood on the clouds after so that he found that there was some kind of impurity on the clouds, or he prayed facing the wrong direction and

00:40:46--> 00:41:25

after so that he found out that it was the wrong direction. Or he prayed with them. Later on, he found water. Does he need to repeat the prayer? No, he does not need to repeat the prayer. But remember, with regards to the first two cases, when he finds impurity on the cloud, this will be when he did not know and only found out afterwards, he discovered afterwards. So in other words, he was jailed. He was ignorant of it. So if he was ignorant of it, then no harm. For example, a woman is praying Salah, and she felt as though she started her period. She felt as though there was a gush of blood or something like that she doesn't need to break her Sunnah. She will finish her slaughter.

00:41:26--> 00:41:54

And after her Salah if she finds out that she was bleeding her beard had started, did she commit a sin? By completing that Salah? No, there is no harm in it. No explanation, nothing on that. Let's say it was not time for her to have her period. It's too long. Now does she need to go wash up and do will do and pray again? No, she doesn't. Now there's one more thing. What if a person is praying Salah, and during his Salah, he find he sees some kind of impurity on the throat.

00:41:55--> 00:42:24

So what should he do? either remove those clouds. If that's not possible, then break the salah and Go wash up and come pray again. But what if he breaks the Salah goes and washes up or changes and comes back, he will lose the salon meaning the time will expire. Or let's say it's solid tumor, it's a man and in the strategy more in the salon he finds out so by the time he will come back the salon will be over he will lose his tumor.

00:42:25--> 00:43:07

You understand he will lose his tumor completely. So in that case, what will he do? He will continue praying he will continue praying even with that new data on the cloud, even with the knowledge that there is impurity on the cloud. Why? Because things are beyond his control. He didn't start it that way. He didn't start with the awareness that there was an agenda on the code. And this is why some scholars said that, that for example, if a person is praying so that the Juma and during the Salah his widow breaks and if he goes and does Voodoo and comes back he will miss the prayer then what should he do he should do thermo right there even though he knows that on the second floor or in the

00:43:07--> 00:43:46

basement there washrooms and he can go do will do and come back but if he comes back then he will lose the gym or completely he will miss an obligation and in that case, what will he do? He will do time right there and pray. For example, in the harem, if you lose break you will do over there what can you do? It will take you half an hour in Ramadan it will take you over an hour to go and do will do and come back. So in that case, do tempo and prayer right there. Okay, because so that is something that has to be prayed right there and then if you miss the two rockers your Juma is gone. In the case of women remember that it's not an obligation upon us to perform. So as a doula so your

00:43:46--> 00:44:25

case is different. Okay, this allowance is for men. Because insalata Canadarm Amina kitan makuta, you have to pray at the specified at the designated times. She's mentioning an incident when they were at Hajj, and they were stuck in traffic for the entire day. They were in the bus, they could not get out. They could not pray even outside and one of the women her clothes got dirty. They had urine on them. So she didn't know what to do. And the question arose that what are you supposed to do in this situation? Because she could not change you could not wash up? She couldn't do anything. So in that case, again, what can you do things are beyond your control. So you will just do them and

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

pray. This is just like that companion who was traveling who was sick. And he became gentlemen the night people said that no, you still have to wash up and that men died. Right and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that you've killed him. So now you can live a long enough sin. It allows her this Deen is practical. It's realistic. It's you can apply it anywhere in any condition. So where and remember that Alma Shaka to deliver icy difficulty brings about ease as well. inshallah you will learn about that in detail. Sorry, didn't I even sorry, it is not just mud.

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

It's not just sand. It is the top layer of natural Earth. Okay? So for example even if it's marble, it's from the earth it's ground so you can even touch that and there will be dust on it and that is sufficient if there is rock you can even touch that. Yeah but it's not just carpet you can quickly run to the door or something and you find something okay, pots plants, wherever walls even if they are if they have that dust. If you missed a rocker in the middle then you obviously you make it in the case of the Luna even haram becomes halal for a person right? I think that is haram but if a person is in a state of extreme duress, he's gonna die otherwise and he can even eat that it's best

00:45:41--> 00:46:17

you know, it's most convenient that if you take some sand or rocks or whatever with you, that if ever you're in such a situation then you're not in difficulty. have gotten out of there no color of Bharani or be unsure about that. And Avi is how can give me my moon on Abdullah avena Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sad then once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was said it had that we mean another narration clodagh had that any element of newerth man potterhead definition a urban Muslim Mata. Allah had definitely brought him with the use of an OBE and Avi is how Allah had the Blue Moon and Abdullah have numerous Odin had data who and then the via sallallahu alayhi wasallam

00:46:17--> 00:47:04

of Ghana. He was used earlier in the debate once he was praying near the house meaning the Kaaba in Mashallah Hara or Abu Javelin and Abuja Hill was hyperbola who and his friends do loosen they were sitting, meaning they were also present in mustard on watching the prophets all of a sudden performing the Salah is all about the home when some of them sadly burden to others a Yukon which of you yeji Ooh, he will bring be be with Salah, the womb Jesu re of the camel that has been slaughtered by who Benny Fulani of so and so tribe, meaning who will go and bring the Salah, the womb of the camel that was just slaughtered by by new Fulani. Bring it failed, ooh, and then put it

00:47:04--> 00:47:44

throw it Allah wa t Mohammedan upon the back of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that when he performs such that from birth, so he got up who told me the most wretched of the group, the most wretched Person of the group. And who was that require been married for a B and then he went and he brought it for Nevada. And then he waited he looked hot until either said an abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam went into such them. When he went into such that, well, there are who he put it, our level he upon his back bainer kataifi between both of his shoulders, were

00:47:45--> 00:48:23

given this root set, I was looking left shaven, I could not change anything. I couldn't do anything. I was helpless. Because there he was even worse, rather than on the other hand of withdrawal, and all of his friends the elite of Makkah, so he said I couldn't do anything low can alumina, if only I had some kind of protection. If only I had some, some kind of, you know, help some kind of protection people who could protect me I would go and help the prophets out a lot. Because him going and helping the prophet SAW the laws in a meant that I would challenge his family and his friends would attack him. And the only reason why they will not attack him is when even Massoud had some

00:48:23--> 00:49:04

protection because of which a Buddha and his friends would be afraid and as a result, they would not attack him so he said lo can eliminar Allah, He said for jello so they began yelled Hakuna they were laughing they started laughing Will you heal and he was falling back to home earlier about some of them and others mean they were falling on each other leaning on each other. Falling uncontrollably laughing uncontrollably what a sudo Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said you don't want the prophets Allah isn't it wasn't such the layer for who he was not even lifting his head up. He was not even getting up from that position. had that until to Fatima until Fatima little the lower on

00:49:04--> 00:49:48

her came to him for thought I had so she threw away unbloody from his back for Farah lotsa who then he lifted up his head. So macula and then he said Allahu Malaika Lupo H O Allah upon you polish me Allah you deal with the Polish and notice he is praying. He got up from the such that and in the prayer, he prayed he made Dora Allahumma alayka the Polish salata Marathi three times for sure parlay him so it became very difficult for them is there are lay him when he prayed against the meaning. Hearing the prophets of Allah said and pray against them was something very difficult and unbearable for a Buddha and his friends. Why was it unbearable? Because Allah He said what can oh

00:49:48--> 00:49:58

and they used to Your Honor, they would see an errata that there are fee their nickel ballot in this city, Mr. Java, it has responded and they knew they had done something wrong

00:49:59--> 00:50:00

and then you

00:50:00--> 00:50:14

That if someone makes the wrong to Allah in this mustard in this place and this city then his daughter will be accepted. So masama then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went on praying and he named out teen named Allahu maharlika. brb jell

00:50:15--> 00:50:24

O Allah on you a Buddha meaning you deal with a Buddha Allah Allah Kabir to better bureau beer was shea butter, vanilla beer. Well, he didn't know what will

00:50:25--> 00:51:14

work with abney or be more, what are the savvier and he also numbered the seventh from Yahoo. But he the narrative mean given Massoud, he did not remember his name. Allah He said for one Levine fcba he was routed by the one whose hand is my soul. La Casa de la a to certainly I saw a Latina, those people who are the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he numbered them meaning he listed them he named them, he counted them. I saw every single one of them sadara fallen dead, Phil calib in the well, which will probably be better in the well of better, meaning all of these people were killed at butter, and every single one of them was killed and he was thrown in the well off. But now the

00:51:14--> 00:51:54

reason why mahadi mentioned this Hardee's over here is to prove that the prophets have a lot of them carried on his prayer even though something just foul smelling. Okay, had been put on his back. Why did he carry on with this bear because he did not know what it was. And unless you see it, you know it for sure you're not going to break your solder. Okay, so awareness is something that is important. And there are a number of other things that we learned in this Hades, one of the things that we learn is that, that this are these shows the enmity that the machine had with the prophets, Allah has no meaning who would perform this horrible act, putting the womb of a dead camel of a

00:51:54--> 00:52:34

camel that has been slaughtered something so big, so nasty, foul smelling on top of someone. And what is worse is that this was done in mustard, how long and what is worse is that it was done while he was praying. And what is worse is that it was done when he was in such that so only an enemy would do such a thing. Likewise, we also see the long side of the Prophet sallallahu Salah when he was in such and the filth was on top of him he did not try to get up even one of the reasons could be that it was too heavy he was unable to but another reason could be that he didn't want to. Because the longer you are Institute The more you can pray to Allah, the more Mercy of Allah you're

00:52:34--> 00:52:49

inviting. So in difficult times, lengthen your sudo then we also learn this Hadees that those who order something to be done are like those who do it. One of those people said Go and bring the Salah

00:52:50--> 00:53:34

everyone did not go one individual when the entire group was laughing they participated in it, although one of them instructed and one of them went and run but all of them the profits or losses and prayed against. So this is why we should not participate in an act even indirectly, even indirectly. Then we also see the compassion and love of Mr. De Lauer and how he wanted to help and defend the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But he could not this is just like Lutheranism said low unreleased cool weapon. If only I had some cool oh, are we in Iraq ninja deed and the shows that sometimes you are unable to help someone who is being treated unjustly. Your hands are tied. You can

00:53:34--> 00:53:36

do nothing you can only watch

00:53:37--> 00:54:13

you are sometimes in a situation I mean, you would wonder why wouldn't even go and help the boss and he couldn't he wasn't that he wasn't in that position. Sometimes you are in a position where you cannot help another you can only see you can only watch but in this situation what should you do recognize the wrong as wrong in your heart. In like the head he says the when you see one cop stop it with your tongue when you cannot know it as wrong in your heart. And at least have that wish that desire if you could only help like he said Little can eliminar If only I could. We don't know if he had we're hearing this

00:54:14--> 00:54:22

okay because it's not mentioned over here. Another important thing we learned this Hadees is about the permissibility of making the raw outloud

00:54:23--> 00:54:40

of us pregnant it says in the Quran right about odorata bekam call upon your Lord Jarrah secretly and openly in different ways so making dark out loud. Also, this Hadees shows that in the Salah, a person can make dark

00:54:42--> 00:54:59

okay, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam got up from sajida and he prayed. No, he did not complete history. The Hadith says that he got up from Saturday and he said that out loud. So even in the Salah you can but when is it going to be

00:55:00--> 00:55:19

After you have said what you're supposed to say, in a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that after that the Shahada and after the selected sample of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam then a person may make Torah but that there are will be in what language in the language of the Salah. Okay in the language in Switzerland is to be performed.

00:55:20--> 00:55:29

Alright, we'll conclude over here so panic alarm will be handy going to show the ilaha illa Anta that's the federal governor to be like Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh