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I should have been mousseline Satan and Muhammad Ali. He was a big man my beloved brothers and sisters today Mr. Ali Kamara, why better go to

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen all this we will begin with the praise of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and we send our loving greetings salutations subelement Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his price imperial family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah make us amongst them. I mean, I mean when hamdulillah for those of you on social media, and if you opened up your Facebook, go to Twitter, you would have seen many, many of the machines of the world many of the English language scholars, as a politician or minister a man. Whether it is Mufti mink, for

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example, you would have seen many of them talking about a brother a che, who passed away. And if you don't, if, if you haven't been aware of that, and there's a problem with your social media, you have no Maasai on your social media. It's problem.

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And you might wonder who is this this person that everyone is talking about? And, like you, I, Myself was not personally affiliated or attached or listened to many lectures of the chef Muhammad,

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Muhammad Sharif, and want to talk a little bit about this man and what it means for us nine Islam before we begin, we don't eulogize people we don't stand and talk about how great someone was. And that's not the purpose. We talk about people so that we can benefit from the lives we can learn from the lessons and we make dua for them of course we ask them and the will those who have passed God Allah grant them Jana and forgive their sins. And there's a little comfort for the for the family.

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Sheikh Mohammed, he was born in Canada. He grew up in Canada, he grew up in a Western environment like us, in spoke English grew up in the English household, learn half as a young age believe was only seven months that he learned half of the Quran. And then he went off to study in Medina, Sharia wasn't sure what to do. And he was told to study Islamic Studies. And so he went to Saudi Arabia in Medina and he studied Islamic Studies and they he meet many of the scholars that we come to know and love that time there wasn't much public. We know a lot of Islamic lectures in English in the English language. And the group of scholars I believe, is studied the same time as with the Minkin Yasir

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qadhi And they realize that look so much of the knowledge that is the it's an Arabic when you go back home, there's nothing limited. There's not much in the Western world. And it was this sheiks bright idea Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif the same. We have a unique demographic in the Western world, English speaking world. We can't bring the entire Medina that room to the Western world. But surely, we can upgrade the people there to a middle way. And so the idea of online classes, the idea of weekend seminars, where you want to learn about inheritance. For example, instead of sitting a year, in a mirror off class, we'll do a crash course or inheritance, one Saturday, one Sunday, and you

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won't be an expert. You're not here to become a chef or Mowlana mufti, you are there to at least know the ins and outs, the basics of that science. And you can move on. And through those courses. You do a few of them Alhamdulillah, you have a very good grasp of, of the Islamic sciences. And with that it will inspire a whole generation of people to be closer to the deen. This was novel, this was new no one else was doing in the world. There's a lot of criticisms against this idea that you're going to teach not in the masjid, you're going to teach in a university setting, you're going to have a text study guide, you're going to have digital thing. All online posters, pamphlets, when I

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mean when love I mean those who are maybe over the age of 50 I've ever seen a chef put a poster out come to this class and charge and all that sort of unheard of. But it was done it was it was launched and it was called Al Maghrib and Marguerite and this, Michelle Mohammed started and Margaret Institute, that is students in the basement to in little madrasa Hall. And today and it became it was the first Institute of its kind 20 years later 50 cities around the world more than 100 An odd 1000 students that directly live attended the courses and millions online, and many dozens of Institute's followed

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Yaqeen Institute Homarus Raman Shahi acid accordion came through that Allah co author in the other side of the world, Australia and myself part of it all these institutions really piggybacked and emulated this institute and Maghrib Institute. And he was listed as one of the 500 most influential men, Muslim men in the in the most influential Muslim people in the ummah. And what's amazing and what is also said, Is he was only 47 When he passed away, and he had this great impact in the span of a very few years, maybe 20 years, touch the lives of millions of people, and inspire and revolutionize the way Islam is taught and making Islam accessible to anyone and everyone. No

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Longer is Arabic a barrier, and no longer do you have to go all the way to Saudi Arabia or India to learn Islam, you can learn from the greatest scholars in the world from the comfort of your home. Pamela has taken that away. And so today inshallah we'll just touch on three, three points for us to reflect on.

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The first one is, of course, the value of learning, the people of learning the Alama. And the students remember when we talk about learning, it's the student as well.

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There is no endeavor, there is no a project or thing that you can invoke or hobby, whatever you want to call it, that will give more dividends than learning. We know this when Allah Subhan says he had a fine level Latina, I'm assuming Quran, Allah raises up the believers, Allah elevates he raises them up, well let you know to him and the people of knowledge, dada, he gives them many, many degrees of preference. The only thing that will stand you in good stead of the Eman is knowledge, money, power likes followers on Instagram, Allah says these are meaningless things. But if you want to attach yourself to a winning ship, you want to attach yourself to something that's going to

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succeed that's going to give you success of the monument of course is first. The second thing is busy yourself with learning be part either you teach or you're a student, you can only be what you one of those two things. And of course, you're always a student, and attach yourself to some form of learning, either online or offline, read a book. And Allah says you will be elevated look, one level data that you will be elevated meaning when you look at the end, when you look back at your life, you would have ascended from where you began. And we see this time and time again. When movie stars die even though they had millions of people that loved them. When billionaires die even though many

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of us in b2b like them. They this comes and goes and doesn't touch. We don't want blinks right? But when someone of learning and knowledge passes away, the world feel sad. Because then we realize the true measure of what it means to be the value will love mme and Robin Allah is a way of all things. As we know that the enemies of sunnah says that if Allah wants good for you, if Allah really desires good for you, He gives you the understanding of the deen the opportunity to learn

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if you want good and now that Allah was good for you, and good for yourself, you would also go in wanting to learn the deen and if Allah wishes good for our community, it blesses them with gamma and mushy and have the greatest calamities a community can come before them is the loss of scholars, in fact, of the minus signs of Kiama that Jesus talks about the minus signs of clammy ease is really Allah does not withhold, he doesn't take knowledge away, by taking it out of our brains, you know, it doesn't delete it from our brains, but rather, Allah holds knowledge back from people by taking the souls of the scholars the learn that people die, you see many machines dying, and then what

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remains are ignorant people and ignorant leaders. And so the people follow the blind. And so it is the basically they go astray. And so once again,

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for those of us, whatever age you are, if learning is a part of your life, you are selling yourself short and especially stomach learning more more so than anything else. If you have the you have a particular degree for example, many of you have jobs and but you don't know the basics of things accounts, a pillar of Islam, you don't know the basics of the IRA. What is oh marriage, whatever it is these basic Islamic sciences. The opportunity is the Al Hamdulillah people like Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif made the opportunity accessible to any person anywhere you are in the world. And so if you want success, this is the way to do it. Number two, one of the things that you know every Imam, they

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are known for certain, you know, genre they know that this Imam he talks all about Jana, which you don't want to be known as that Imam right is too much probably very empty. Well, this Imam he talks about marriage or divorce, wherever it is different Imams, they focus on different subject matters, whichever resonates with him. This Imam was resonated with him a lot. And that's why perhaps many of us didn't sit because it wasn't a fifth class or Tauheed class with the theater class. It was all about achieving your goals in life. It was about living the best version of yourself. Living a life that is impactful. What kind of life isn't when you've gone to work, Monday to Friday, eight to

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five, the end of that you retire all you can show for those years is I've paid off my house bond and inshallah hopefully it's even the Sharia compliant house one. All I did is I paid off that. And that's it. That's the sum total of my life.

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I'm on this hamster wheel going nowhere. That is a sad life.

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Of course, it's even worse than that people that have

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done evil things with their life. And so

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the question that he had was, how do I maximize my time in the dunya

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I love the beast of the dunya and I also get the best of the era, as Allah says Swami was his Robina Artina for dunya Asana, Oh Allah, God is the best of the dunya will akhira herself asana and grant us the best of the era Okinawa, Na, they are those people that attain excellence, happiness, joy, bliss in the dunya and akhira. They will have a party in the dunya and a party in the era. That was how do I achieve that? And Allah basically says in Iowa summarizes Allah says, Man, Amina Saudi Han, who lives a good life mean that you will live a good, righteous Islamic life. You use your blessings, you apply yourself, you try to be the best person you can be whether you're a man or a

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woman, Allah says whoever does that will mean and you believe in Allah. But I know Hannah, who hire company Eva, Allah says, I promise you, I will give you a very, very good life in this world. What energy no matter who we ask any mechanical model, and I will give you the reward the best of rewards that you deserve in the era

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or didn't make it or didn't put hours you have to make time every night and force every day and build orphanages. No, Allah says, live a good life, but be a decent human being. Basically lift your your potential as you've as best you can, you will get OCC promises and who's better at giving a promise and Allah you He will give you a fulfilled life. You won't get everything no one gets everything's panela don't want to get everything. But you will at the end of your life, you'll look back, it's Alhamdulillah Allah, I had a good innings, I look really nice and happy.

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And that's only the entity when you die to a much greater reward in the akhira. Now who doesn't want that. And this is what this brother was trying to this Imam the Sheikh was trying to, to really, really

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focus on. And if you look at the lectures that he gave, the topics that he gave, the people that are happiest. And the most successful are those who worked with the akhirah in mind.

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Those who had they were part of something bigger than themselves. And they were part of something which they knew will last throughout eternity.

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You don't need multiple things just in one thing. I'm part of the masjid or I'm part of the orphanage, I'm part of learning, I'm part of feeding whatever it might be. But I'm part of something more than just paying the bills and looking for the next holiday. If that is your life. So the sad life if that is all you have in your life. And so the people who are happiest and the most productive and you know the thing is, when you focus it like that for Allah subhanaw taala, you will push yourself naturally because I want to do more. You will you will want you will ultimately you will find more motivation, trying to help the orphanage that you are attached to when trying to buy

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your next car. That's that's how we are built. That's what Allah made us that if your iman and your your, your Nia is sincere for something good. You would see amazing things coming out that ordinary people in inverted commas do extraordinary things. We're all into this Marvel Superheroes, when you look at people in terms of how they change the world. The people that do extraordinary things, doesn't mean you need billions of dollars, and you need PhDs, you need all the resources at your disposal. Just need a sincere heart and a motivated mindset. And in sha Allah, great things will be accomplished. That is something that he was trying to do to teach. That is why many of the

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institutions around the world that that came after Marguerite follow this philosophy

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and inspired people to do amazing things. And so love the best version of yourself.

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Focus on your goals, something which he spoke about very often was look at, you know, he says, you know, growing up yet he grew up with his books, called your journey books where you basically read and you decide how the story ends, does the character go through door number one or door number two. And if you say door number one, you go to page number 30. And so and so. And so it was, you are the author of your own life. I'm the author of my own life, I'm the main character in my story. And how sad is it when you have no input in it, you just going with the motions you just like that, you know, leave in the on the river being taken one side to the next. And you don't even know where

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you're going, why you're going what's going to happen to you. And if the clock ends, if molecule mode comes today, what do you have to show for it?

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One of the important ways to look if you're living a fulfilled life is May Allah protect all of us made this happen to none of you. But you get the call from the doctor and says, look, it's terminal brother. You've got six months to live. What are you going to do differently?

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The scholars of old these are the scholars of all the different kinds of caliber of people. They would ask these kinds of questions, and they would say sincerely, I wouldn't do anything different. I'm already working as if now

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I'm gonna die tomorrow, there's nothing I can change. I'm doing already I'm my plan is already for my death, I'm already working towards that. But if you end up changing your entire life upside down, you are not working for you. If you're not working for the inevitability, ality of where I'm going to go, then you're wasting your time I'm wasting my time. And so he says every six months is big goes big on leadership, he had a master's degree in marketing, big on this every six months that evaluate your objectives, where is your story going? And if you don't like the way my story is going, I'm gonna stay in this career. And after 10 years, I'm gonna get promoted to the manager and

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after that, I'm going to say I don't like that story. Throw it away and write a new one.

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But how do you what is the next step for you? So you know where you want to end we know where we want to end. We want to end what do we want, we want to end when we look back, our families all around us. They sad but they're also happy that you live the good life. You have so many friends that are around that are going to miss you. And you have all these memories of great projects, great soccer cards that you leave behind.

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Those are the things that you want and you can sell hamdulillah Meridia, Allah to meet you. We all want to be that's how we want to go out. That's how we want to end this this life.

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But it goes down to how do we plan the next step. And subhanAllah when you think of life in that that way, and then every day, every blessing every Rand becomes an opportunity to attain Jana. Remember Allah subhanaw taala says the prophecies, the Hadith, save yourself from Jana, from a piece of a date, meaning you can actually save yourself you can get to Jana, by giving charity not to the value of a date less than a date, when you look at it like that Allah has given every single moment and second as an opportunity to get Janna every ran. And since everything is opportunity for Jana, and when you look at the world full with opportunity to succeed, to do amazing things, it should

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motivate us to do those things. And so this was something which, you know, he was very passionate about in line with what the Quran wants us to do in line with the resources to be to aspire for a son to be the best. If if Subhanallah union says, Look, that's not for me, I'm not going to help orphans, not interested in that. I don't want to feed people, I am happy being an accountant or tax professor.

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If that's what I was created, that is what Allah created me to do, at least be the best in that, at least the be the best in that. But don't even be mediocre in that it's fine Allah, there's no better or worse. Sometimes when we give lectures like this, the lady says, But I'm at home, I'm just looking after my kids panela I'm going to be the best mom in the world. Remember this other couple jatiya When we think of sadaqa jariya, the sadaqa that will remain after you die, we always think about this mercy that we're going to leave behind the well we're going to dig for this village in the middle of nowhere. Remember, one of the categories is the children that you leave behind and

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make dua for you.

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Meaning this hadith, if you wealthy and all puts you in this dunya to make money. I'm gonna get Janna through my money by leaving endowments. If you don't have money, but you have a brain and hamdullah you live knowledge behind. And after you go that knowledge benefits people. And if you say look, I don't have money, and I don't have much to give you the Shallum having children is not so difficult in other places with children, then

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some some are very reluctantly to say.

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Which of them Allah bless us with good children.

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That we can then say I'm going to be the best dad with the best mum, and these kids and their kids, I they will be my selected to God.

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This man's panela

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millions of people and organizations are in this mess article Jharia 37 years. We talk about him and again I said last night to Allah was the first time I listen to a lecture from the scholar. First time in my life, as I was heard about him never listen to a lecture. And the first lecture I listened to was it was really about like as if he's talking is maybe 20 years ago, he gave his lecture and was about himself, not himself. He says he's talking about he meets a young man who's crying and he says the young man did your dad died and the man says not my dad didn't I should have been basically he passed away and I feel so sad. And so he says, Allah I hope one day when I die,

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people will feel sad when I die like this. That's what I hope for one day. So highlights as you film is as if though he was talking about himself. The last point at the end of the day, as you said 47 years old, no health conditions. He was out playing with his kids just collapsed and he died. This has his own time.

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Molecule mo does not respect how healthy you are, how sick you are, how young you are, how old you are, how much money you have. When it comes it comes.

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Time's up, time is up. And so each and every one

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of us must be conscious if that time comes today or tomorrow. Now for in the future, are we ready and when they will be fully ready, but at least Allah does not ask for perfection. And Allah doesn't ask for eviction, but you need to be on the path of getting the, you know, like the one who doesn't get to Hajj but he went to Hajj clauses and his name was on the list and it's saved Alhamdulillah Tina, even his path, Allah doesn't look for the Allah looks for the sincerity. And if you're not on the path that will lead you to the destination you want, and you're not living a fulfilled fulfilled life. And so we think of the ayat and it's not in the slides. But look at this one LA Times like

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this, we think of this idea in sort of de Haan verse number 25. To 14 up to 229. Allah says about frown when he died and some people come talk to me in genetic volume of how me gardens and palaces and rivers and springs the the leaves behind money coming in. You can't even count them. It baffles how many Ferraris and Lamborghinis and properties were left behind was the roaring Famicom in Kareem and plantations and investments and assets and beautiful palaces, how many of them some of them he didn't even use a visit once in his life. Whenever Martin can we have hurricane and all kinds of luxuries we entertain himself in but you but how many people are like that? They pass away with

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mountains and mountains of money, mountains of property, all the beautiful clothing. They're not just Canada they can just like that. In one second. All Ruffner Coleman athletic was given to someone else, one second, all that you worked for at a mess, it disappeared in a second and went to someone else it ran away to someone else. That's not the sad part of the sad part of the eyes and I come now, this is the reality for all of us. The sad part of the eyes or the state of Iowa to the next one. In three rounds lifetime. He was the wealthiest man in the world. He was the most powerful man in the world. He had the most followers on the version of Facebook. He was the most loved

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inverted commas man in the world. Everyone knew him. They praised him so much he believed he was a god. But when he died, Allah says for my backup data him somehow went out that nobody in the heavens and the earth cried for him. Not a single person shed a tear for him. Not the heavens, the earth, the stones, the animals, no one felt bad at his death. Well, American woman didn't and he could not get no warning that nope, no protection for this.

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He left this world without even being missed for a second. All his money to nothing, all his efforts were nothing. Then there are other people when they die. They make people that never made them cry.

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Because of the love insha Allah that Allah had had for them, that this love we know this hadith that everyone loves someone that Allah loves. And you only get that by living a life that is inspired to be close to Allah. And so this is perhaps if you if any of us wants a goal when objective not that we want to make people said she never want to make people cry, but at least yeah Allah when I die, I want the base of people on earth to cry for me.

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I want people of substance of quality people that you love ya Allah will feel sad when I cry at my janazah one of his posts that he put up Subhanallah on his Facebook is very active on Facebook. He says, The world is temporary. Death is a reality. And the punishment of the grave you see is to spend your days and nights in bettering yourself and getting closer to Allah at the time of your death. All those arguments, all those needless words, and those war of words will mean nothing. What will matter, the only thing that will matter are your good deeds, the amount of Quran you read, how you treated other people, how you helped others and how much you prayed. And how often you saw these

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differ repentance of Allah. This is all that matters. When your soul is about to be taken by Allah grant all of us a beautiful death. May Allah grant us a fulfilled life a life to the to the fullness of our of our blessings that was given us when all it takes us may take us in a time of in which he is pleased with us. Malaga Mark Farah to all those who have passed away. May Allah make it easy for the chef's family. Yes, very, very young children spend his life in Darwin. You know, he's passed away and the kids are still quite young three years old, and Allah grant and make it easy for them in their and suburbs. And for all those who have passed on condom mcphedran genital filled dose,

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just a quick two announcements. August is of course women's month and the

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blue cups, the massaging of the Blue cup, or having a haram obviously, Amara March and we're also having a iconic women historical theme around the the women of Cape Town and that is happening on the ninth of August insha Allah

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next week in sha Allah parts of the southern Fujairah you can't get the kids who don't have the wife or the husband yet right. It's part of you have to get there. And so we're having our first hello Muslim speed dating event. The Muslim Meet and Greet Alhamdulillah we've got all our sisters, the lot of sisters only

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One person one of the males pulled out. So there's an opening for one male, special between the ages of 20 and 35. If you're a male between the ages of 20 and 35, and you're ready for marriage in sha Allah, please sign up. This is a SOS call out for you. We want you to sign up inshallah to psychologically it was ALLAH said no Mohammed Well, it's actually Sam was in Hannover datamine I said I want to come