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Part 4

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Now, under normal circumstances, if the Muslims were in a healthy state of Islam, this would not have affected us. But the reality was that abbacy Khalifa was in a state of weakness. The strongest groups in our oma with a small Jewish boy hits small principalities, we lost control of the Mediterranean basin.

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And so they burst out with a false premise. They said, We are saving the cross of Christ, just like weapons of mass destruction.

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But there were no weapons of mass destruction today.

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And in that time, there was no true cross of Christ that was lost. But they came out the real reason was economic and political. There was not religious, but they use religion as an excuse. And by 1099, they had come into our lands, desecrated our shores, and controlled five principalities along the coastline of the Middle East. In 1099, of the above or below, they reached Jerusalem outputs and they laid siege to the city.

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They came inside. And the reporters tell us that inside the complex by the walls, they had killed over 10,000 Muslims until the horses were knee deep in blood.

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These are the followers of Jesus Christ. This is the man who turned his cheek.

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This is the man who came in peace. No, an evil spirit came over them as it is coming over them Today's

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a secret organization with another intention. And they called it in those days the Knights Templar

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the Knights Templar they learn from us hiding skills. They learn from the esmaeili people amongst our nation, secret audits, secret numbers, secret systems of going from one stage to another stage in secrecy. And so they continue the crusade that Allah subhanaw taala raised up in this ummah, those who would stand remember these names? a mega Dean's engi Rahim Allah

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from Mosul in Iraq. He took a stand and drove back the Crusades and captured adesa established it and then he was assassinated Rahim Allah. Then came his son, Nora de zanghi wahama hula, never forget those names, teach them to your children. These are some of the great leaders and heroes of Islam who stood in the face of the next crusade that came and held them to the ground and then rose up from amongst them. Salahuddin Liu be Rahim Allah. Never forget those names, but teach it to our children in the true way with a true understanding of who he was.