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He has a believable message is based on proof and evidence. What over took you about Islam that had you accepted?

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Jesus who was his messenger?

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There's only one

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is he's missing

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a piece? How are you guys doing another week? another exciting episode? Alexander How you doing? My brother? So I'll make uhm, salaam Peace be with you. Likewise, my brother, How's everything? Good, good hamdulillah. So it's the billion dollar question. I don't call it the million dollar question called a billion dollar question. And that's why you're here to share your story. Tell us people usually nowadays, like people are thinking that, hey, if I'm going to become a Muslim, you know, that's probably like the last thing that people are gonna have on their list. They'll join every other religion. You follow me? Because it's kind of cool. But nowadays, there's so much heat on

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Islam. But you became a Muslim. How long ago was that? That was 14 years ago, 14 years ago. I don't know which guest I asked was it? Was it at that time was there as much? When I say heat, I mean, it's like all over the news. As soon as you say Muslim people start thinking, some ludicrous things, you know, attributing to terrorism and all sorts of nonsense. But what was it about Islam, but we still see Islam as being the fastest growing way of life in the world. Because as a believable message is based on proof and evidence. What overtook you about Islam that had you accepted?

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Whatever took me Well, during that time, I know there was like the war in Iraq.

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And it was shortly after like the World Trade Center.

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But me accepting Islam had like, I had no idea who, who that was that did that or that had no impact on my,

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you know, finding Islam?

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I'd say.

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Primarily, it was a was a friend of mine who told me about Islam, like over a course of probably two or three months, maybe you try as a Muslim friend of yours? Yeah, it's a Muslim friend of mine. And what was it about Islam that had you find that had you accepted?

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Well, after talking with him, for some time, it had been, it would be odd enough. And we met through non Muslim friends, we were mutual friends. And from time to time, when he would invite me to his house, he would tell me a little bit about Islam. It wasn't the main focus of our of our Hangout time, but from time to time, he'd bring it up, he told me what he thinks. And eventually I picked up my own book, on on a biography of the Prophet peace be upon him and

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read that. And what really took me with the letters that he sent to the kings and the rulers at that time inviting them to worship alone. And

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so it was primarily the letters that's what actually brought me to able to be able to go to the mosque and take Shahada there. Oh, you see, you see you talking about the time in history when Prophet Mohammed, who we believe is the last and final messenger in a line of messengers. And that kind of when you explain that chronological order to people it makes sense, okay, there was the first man Adam, he was told to submit his will to God, he was a Muslim, that's what a Muslim is, you know, the sun is a Muslim, that trees and everything that submits as well to God as a Muslim. That's simply what it means. So when we start with the first man, Adam, and then you move along to all the

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other messengers, just to name a few, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad is that line, you know, and it's the same one humanity, one way of life, submit your will to the creator of life, the one who created life, and do good deeds, you're going to be accountable for on a day of judgment, you can just do whatever you want, and live life without a purpose. There is a purpose. Now, when you explain these things, it just makes sense. And now when we study the life, and this is what you're referring to the life of the last and final message documented, like no other human being, history is amazing. Everything. Everything that you need to know about him is documented. So particularly

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this amazing, he sent out letters to the leaders at that time, inviting them to God inviting them to submission to the Creator, not the creation to Islam, and that had a profound effect on you. Yeah, yeah. That would be it. And what was it about it, it was like, it was very straight to the point

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It was no beating around the bush no beating around the bush. It was it was still kind. It was firm, but it was.

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It was very.

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I like what you said to the point. It was like worship god alone, the worship the law, the creator, I'm the Messenger of God. And guaranteeing for the one who you know, and then it goes on everything is kind of outlined, right? It's not, you know, you can't read that letter and not get the message. Right. Right. And there were multiple letters like that, obviously. And

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but that that was basically, I can't remember exactly what it was about them specifically. But I remember that that's what had drawn me in because it's been 14 years since but, uh, yeah. And

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it was shortly thereafter that my friend invited me to come to the mosque in Islam kind of like grew on me, I would say like, a lot of times people become Muslim, and they think that it's just like

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that. But a lot, like a lot of times I think later on in life is when, like, two or three years after I became Muslim, that's when I actually started to feel like I was really being Muslim, because then by then I started reading and going to classes and stuff like that on Islam. So it took a while. And then actually, I feel like a conversion actually kind of like grew on me, rather than just like an immediate, like staying saying of the Shahada. And it was because a lot of people don't really study the deen. They don't study Islam like that, like they might get to a certain place in it. And then they kind of like, they just they pray, and they fast, but they don't really continue

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to like learn, which is very important, I think, for people to maintain their Islam and then grow also.

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Like anything, if you love it. I mean, you want to really invest the time to get to know it. Right? You'll appreciate it more. Have you seen that many people who hadn't gone through the digging process, like you had to like do some work what I mean, like you dig, and then you find that valuable treasure of Islam, you got many Muslims, who are just born with the name tag Muslim, right? They didn't have to struggle and strive and many just, they end up not appreciating it, taking it for granted. not implementing it being ignorant of it doing the opposite of it. Right? Have you seen that contradiction? And then knowledge being the distinguishing factor factor to extend tech

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knowledge when you have that makes a world of a difference? And does does How long did it take you to embrace Islam to know that Okay, we got one thing you mentioned the letters, but how much time did it take all together? Before you were like you know what?

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This is really making sense. You know, Islam has a believable message, worship one God, only one guy, there's no intermediaries between you and God, you're not going to a confession box. You're not praying through a saint, a messenger anything in creation but the one God The one who created this whole universe, the ultimate reality God Almighty and Arabic Allah, that message is believable. We have the Quran it's a living, testable miracle. And I don't have to sell you on it. I mean, but for the people. I mean, obviously you figure that out. That's what you hear. But most people now if they tuned in for the first time, they see how the Quran memorized by millions all over the world, like

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know, the book and what etc, etc. But now, how was it? How long and it takes time because we take this to some people who take it for granted. They don't even know these facts. But how long it's like one fact to the next fact and the next amazing discovery about it like wow, you know, media is telling me one thing Oh, it's opposite here. Islam promote love combat compassion, mercy. You know, it's not blind faith. I just go on I get excited. You can see talking about I'm really amazed when we just revisit those basic principles of Islam. It's amazing. How much time did you put in month two months? Not too long ago, I had a guest on he was talking about he studied it for like, I think

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was two years. How much time did you spend studying before you're like, you know what? And someone can take 10 years study and they still didn't accept you know, because there's also that courage that you needed to security, right. How long did it take before you were like, Okay, this is it, man. This is this is from the crater. There's no more gates. There's no doubt about it. Yeah, I'd say less. I'd say less than a year for sure.

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Okay, so let's so

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over six months, not quite a year, so somewhere around around 1011 months Yeah. of start of investigation. Yeah, of investigation. I mean, even after I took Shahada

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I continue to learn what I needed to know about Islam because it's not always covered when you take Shahada Yeah. So you know, I did my own research and and that's when

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I was really firm in it. I mean, initially, when I was growing up, I always believed in God, yeah, I always believed in the Creator.

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But I just didn't have a religion to place that in. Because I guess, you know, from having the Mormon background,

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and just general Christian background,

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I really wasn't settled with it, it didn't feel right to me. It didn't fill all of the questions that I that I had growing up.

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Let's get into that we're gonna hold that thought I want to get into covering a little bit about the Mormon background. And then from there, the other processes that you went through your journey here on the deen show, with Alexander Alexander. And we have a lot more to talk about an exciting episode on one he went right back sounds like

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back here on a D show with Alexander. Now you talk about the letters, those letters, that Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him who we believe is the last and final messenger sent to mankind in a line of messengers, including Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, and all the other the messengers that the the creator sent out of his love. Out of His love, he sent messengers, and those messengers came with the same message worship the Creator, not the creation that came with the purpose of life. They warned people about accountability on a day of judgment, right, you know, just gonna just, you know, turn to dust and I say, Go to sleep. And you're, you know, when life is out

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note, people gonna be accountable for what they did in this life. And the message is clear. You also you've spent almost a year studying Islam, finally you accepted it, but the journey continues. It's like, always seeking knowledge. And then you appreciate this, the the more it's, for me, it's like, the more you study it, the more you're convinced of I had so many different scholars of different religions, and the more they gained a proper understanding, and they really went deep into that religion. They figured this is a man made religion, right. And then they got more knowledge of it, but more unconvinced that it was divine. But it seems to have the opposite effect with Islam. The

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more you study Islam, the more it has the effect on you that there's no way that this can come from Mohammed, a group of men, or any anybody other than the one who created creation. And before that, let's get into a little bit of the history you said that, you mentioned the Mormon religion, right? Yeah. So your parent, parents, Mormon? Yeah. My mother was Mormon.

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It was probably around. I was like eight, maybe nine years old. I started going to the church. And that's a rough estimate.

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And it was three hours long. And what was three hours long, the whole service like for on that Sunday? Every Sunday, every Sunday, every hour sermon was not just a sermon there were like it was divided into three classes. But there was like a main thing for everybody that's like their Juma? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So and then there were smaller classes are broken up. By way of, like age groups. Yeah. So

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But yeah, I was a deacon in the church for you are a deacon in the church. Yeah, I was. Oh, yeah. Church. Yeah. Like when I got older. Mm hmm. And that was that was short lived. But um, so Wait, is this in the Mormon church? Yes. Okay. So you've all Wow, I didn't know that. So you became a deacon in the Mormon Church. Now, what's the main difference between Orthodox Christianity and the Mormon? mormon church? I'd say that Joseph Smith, something like that. Joseph Smith, yeah, he's considered a prophet. And they also have modern day prophets that, I mean, they claim to be prophets today.

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And that they receive like, divine inspiration or revelation from God. Yeah.

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And that's definitely one of the main one of the main aspects of Mormon versus just a general Christian. Do they still What about the concept of God of Jesus being divine dying for your sins? That's still there in Mormonism? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, it is. And they believe they have a Book of Mormon which apparently came from

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you know, Joseph Smith, he had found them there. Apparently, it was during the time of Jesus. There was another book called The Book of Mormon that was lost. That apparently he found

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from my understanding, yeah.

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But what did that entail? You being a deacon in the Mormon Church, basically, we we'd pass out the bread like when it was time for

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sacrament water

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and this is where they start you to become like

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it's like the beginning stages of coming to like becoming a missionary.

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But I never did complete all of that I started to get Maybe it was because I was also young and I was also like getting into high school and all that started to not go to church anymore

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didn't want to it was harder and harder for my mom to give me up to do it. So just stopped going

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what is when you go to the three hour session on what is it Sunday's the morning What do they call that?

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their particular name for it? I'm not that I remember Okay, so now did they have what would would anyone be allowed to come like anyone can come to the mosque on Friday that's like every Friday

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anytime you can actually visit the Muslims at the mosque you know come in and to learn about Islam but let's say Fridays Muslims are called to leave off work and go for half an hour to listen to the talk given hooked up. And from there this is supposed to like recharge you for the week along with the other things that we do and you usually walk away if you came with the clear message that there's only one God and some of the basic principles of Islam of doing good deeds you know, developing a relationship with the one who created you did judgment and kind of a you know recharging your heart on that you'd walk away with that for sure right that's always reiterated

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worship god alone alone No one else but God right and Mohammed his last final messenger etc amongst other things

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but now what do you walk away with from these three hour sermons? What what what do you remember walking away with if someone and with someone from the outside allowed to come in on these?

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I didn't normally see that people would come from the outside. I didn't see it from yourself.

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I would assume that you know, I don't know if they take an appointment. I'm not sure. But I normally didn't see non Mormons that I could you know, tell off top that Yeah, they were just visitors. But what what would be the message someone can get away with I get a leave with coming to one of those. Those Sunday sessions? I mean, for me, I guess I didn't get away with much because it's really didn't.

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didn't stick didn't stick nonstick now. Now you talk about later on? Did you end up leaving Mormonism and you came more towards Orthodox Christianity? No, I just left religion altogether. Okay, right. That's what usually happens. People just totally leave religion. Right. So that's what I didn't I didn't leave God necessarily. I always believed in the Creator. Like I said, but

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but religion as far as in general, yeah, I just left it alone because now's doing the typical High School thing. Music and intoxicants. And that's what I that's how I grew up in high school. Yeah, like just not so much the chasing women or anything like that. But, you know, just my friends, my small group of friends and toxic kills. And that's it. That's the sad reality that's kind of like, you know, what you go through if you don't have the proper direction, right, you end up falling into those pitfalls, drugs, alcohol. partying, right, right. Absolutely. Yeah. So what what happens from there somewhere in your story, did you Okay, you get to a point. So you didn't disconnect from from

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God, right? You still believed in a creator. So what happens from there?

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Basically, get out of high school.

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I have a lot of issues with being a headache to my parents. So I definitely spent some time staying at friends houses staying on the streets even sometimes. And,

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and no direction.

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Still believed in God this whole time didn't necessarily pray I just saw when I started to meet my friend later on through these non Muslim friends.

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He just revived that, you know, what was already in me with as far as believing in God, and started to question it and you know, just basically, rediscover that, you know, that part of me. Is this a Muslim that you're talking about? Yeah. Yeah. What was what was his name? Who was this person? His name was Adam. Adam. Yeah. How did you hook up with him? I hooked up with him. I forgot exactly which non Muslim friends we hooked up with. But uh,

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so he was giving you down now? Yeah, he was giving me not like full time like it would it would come up in conversation from time to time he, you generally made sure that every time he met somebody, he would tell them about Islam. Yeah, maybe not.

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So straightforward, but it would, you know, be subtle. And you just yeah, be subtle. And depending on how you, you know, react or how you respond, he would deal with Yeah, give you more or asked you also, you know what you think so? Yeah. And obviously the things that he was, he was sharing with you, were they were they things that sometimes you'll you'll hear these weird things, things that just don't make sense. You don't wanna hear more of it. But I mean, with my experience, the the message of Asana is so powerful, right? And you can appreciate if your ears are closed, eyes are closed, and you're just like, you know, brainwashed by the media. But if you're open, you're

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receptive. You're like, hold on, I want to hear for myself, and a little bit that you do here. It's like, I want to hear some more. Right? If you're sincere, absolutely. That what was going on with you? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I was.

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I definitely wanted to hear more, I thought, because I remember one day that after talking with him for some time, I decided to

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go out for a walk. But before I did that, I was at home and I prayed to God alone that I that I was praying to now and I would like to say that I was sincere about really trying to find what's true, because he Adam was telling me something. Other people were telling me other things, things that I was reading, were telling me different things, you know, so basically, what I thought to myself was like,

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either all the religions are wrong, or there is one that is correct. You know, and I was just, I believe I was sincere when I asked God to show me what the right path was. So then I left my house took a short walk, ran into some Jews for Jesus, who were downtown, where I was living.

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And that's what I thought that was the sign. Yeah, hold on, let's let's we're gonna take a break. That's interesting Jews for Jesus, let's give up right there and come back to the rest of his amazing story. Don't go anywhere.

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Back here on a D show, we left off where you ran you made, okay, this is very important. So we're dissecting kind of your story and seeing where we can derive some benefits. And I think this is really profound, some simple and some are just the most simple and basic things are overlooked by people. But there that's right there. That's where your remedy is. That's where the solution is. That's where the power is. And somebody simple, basic things that you just did, and

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many people are not doing. You prayed to God alone. Right? Not to the creation nothing not to Jesus, Muhammad, nobody just to the Creator, you prayed. Right, right. And you asked for some direction guidance, right? And we believe firmly if you're sincere with yourself with God, with the Creator, right? You don't have an image of God, not a painting, not a statue. Notice nothing. It just the one who who is above who created creation above creation, he's running creation, the one who created Jesus, and this whole universe and everything in it. You prayed to him. And now you bump into Jews for Jesus Jews for Jesus. How does that work? So I mean, basically, they were outside giving their

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Dawa. Yeah, and calling people to their way, but uh, and I didn't really know what was going on with them. But for some reason, after I had prayed and left and I thought that was, you know, naturally, I thought that it was like, Okay, this is it right here. Yeah. So I know they gave me a Bible. And they gave me like a little cross to wear something like a little cheap cross to wear. Yeah. And I came on I came home with that stuff and started to read the Bible. And my brother said something,

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basically disapproving of it or, or he was just like, thought it was silly that I was like, engaging myself older brother, younger, younger brother, younger brother, brother. Was he into any religion at all? Was he? I think at the time, he was like, into Buddhism or something like that. But he wasn't telling me to follow that. But he was just like, Nah, man, like, the I forgot exactly what he had said, but

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and then and then I kind of agreed with him. I guess I kind of like, you know, followed suit with what he was saying. Yeah. But I can ended up coming back to Adam and talking with him and talking with him until, you know, like, he invited me to the mosque. So he kind of took me by the hand to come to the mosque. I didn't say like, Yes, I want to go right now or anything. He's like, so would you want to come to the mosque? I said, Sure. Yeah. So, you know, he kind of led me there and took Shahada with some witnesses. Yeah. And then he asked me if I felt any different than I said, I mean, not really, but a little bit, you know.

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And then like, it wasn't until much later that I started to read and all that. I wouldn't say much later, but sometime later, I started to read and all that and it felt like, like veils kept being lifted from my eyes as I started to know more and more about Islam. So to see the world differently, I felt like I started to see a different you know, I started to see like, wow, there's a lot

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People who don't know this Yeah, you know? And

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you know, it's it's real, it's real. It sets a lot of peace in my heart to be able to know that we know what's gonna, what's gonna eventually happen after. You know, everything is said and done and we're in the graves. Yeah, so

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that's important to you. You mentioned that yes. Should you feeling any different many, many people after they take Shahada inshallah is simply

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a declaration of faith obviously for the people who don't know, is testifying, declaring what's in your heart. Let it come out with your lips. If you love your wife, you love your mother. You tell them I love you. Right? Right. You testified to it.

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You'd have no problem testifying if someone stole your wallet. And the police needed a description said who's the person who took it all testify right in court? Right? When you testify. So now you know that Who's your Creator? A lot, one who created creation a lot. That's my crater. Mohammed is messenger testified to it? What was the problem? So you, you testify that there's nothing worthy of worship. So the Creator of the heavens and earth, Allah and Muhammad is His last and final messenger? and amazing thing is, this wouldn't exclude but it would include all the preceding messengers, obviously, Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the other messengers. And from there, many

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people, they feel like a weight has been lifted off them, but not necessarily that you're like, you know, something mystical, and you're waiting for this experience. Nah. But now you know your purpose. And that, that it's like a riddle has been solved. Right? You have some direction in life. So you're enlightened. Right? So that's the distinguishing factor. Because when people they search for that, yeah, there's a good feeling you feel like you know, weight has been lifted. You feel like, you know, because when you do accept Islam, all your previous sins are absolve you sin free right? often see if you owe somebody something, you got to make sure you pay that debt. But from

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there with God, you're right. Right, right. But this is important. Now you continued on seeking knowledge and the veils now it's like, okay, now I can see it's like persons in the dark, and they just run for this temporary world. But now you can see like how to be a better neighbor, how you can be a better human being all around, right? Your parents,

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better worshipers of God. And there's hope now for the end with all trials and calamities. There's a reward. Jenna paradise where we're striving for, we don't get attached to this temporary life. So there's direction now there's purpose in it. And that just gives, that gives the heart

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It strengthens the heart makes a person stronger and more committed. But that would you said it takes more reading. It takes more studying, it takes commitment. Absolutely. Yeah. Because I remember when I told him I took Shahada, he asked me how I felt. And I said, I didn't feel what I believed in the words that I said, Yeah. But it's not like, like you're mentioning some examples earlier, like a white light was coming down or something or, you know, but yeah, it took some time. And I think

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that's what's important for Muslims, especially, they won't always find everybody to take them by the hand to teach them what they need to know, a lot of times, you got to really, I mean, some people, you might have one or two, who might really like push you to do it yourself, or will take you by the hand and help you. But you really have to, like,

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you know, do a lot of self study. Yeah, you know, you have to you have to go and seek it. Just like you saw that the first time to become Muslim. Yeah, you have to seek how to really be a Muslim.

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Afterwards, you know, say, yeah, it's like anything in life, I mean, when you you can make the we can make these small comparisons. But if you've decided that this is the best university that you can attend, and you're going to benefit from everything that has to offer is going to take you a to make the commitment to sign up now. But just because you sign up, you're not going to have all the knowledge that it has to offer our benefit until you start implementing it. Same thing with Islam. Right, you have you realizes the truth. Now you submit it to that truth. But now the faith, the benefits come after you implement the truth. See, people miss them, see, they try to you know, get

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all the benefits first now you got to first submit to it with your Creator wants you to do start implementing it. And now your face starts to increase. Right? You start to grow, you start to benefit from everything that Allah has told us to do. And you reap the rewards. Absolutely. Yeah.

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And being sincere, you know, like, I can't express the sincerity more because like a lot of people like they say, some people will say that they would like to know the truth. You know, they would like to, you know, if there was a creator or whatever, that they would like to have knowledge of that but you know, it's

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Depends like I like a lot of people. Like if you're just even I think even if I'm not a lot of cases I might be wrong, but even if you're just like a little bit insincere, like you really kind of don't care, like a lot of people don't care, there's so many distractions, music, TV, you know, work, school families, what do you do on your off time?

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That can just keep you distracted you can just keep one thing after another and so you're not really thinking about it. And

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and I think if you're 100% sincere about really trying to find the truth God will God will definitely you know, make it available to you heard me right, sincerity you got to be sincere you got to want it just like you wanted that man or woman right? you chase that person just like you wanted that job. You chase that you got you wanted that car, whatever you wanted a material things. These are all material things, right? You chased it, you fought for it. You saw it for and you got it. This is the test now, are you willing to do the same, even half that much to acquire the truth, to connect with your Creator. But like you said, people are distracted entertainment, all these

00:31:08--> 00:31:31

other things are more important. And that's what's going to show and testify at the end when you die and the reward of Paradise there. And the Hellfire is their judgment. What is the test? Now? It's like Hold on, the people who studied the people who put in the time they passed the people who didn't. And God is all just he says messenger he says the warning but people turn away a blind eye. So who can you blame but yourself? Right? Yeah.

00:31:32--> 00:32:14

So what we're almost time just flies by. So what piece of advice would you say from your long journey? Now? Obviously, another thing, it's a whole different topic, but the struggle continues. Right? So what what advice do you get for people who are kind of a nice stories are meant to enlightened people who are kind of struggling? They realize by listening to your story that you're not? Are you an Arab? No, no. Okay. You were born. Were you American, Brazilian someone? My parents are Brazilian. I was born in Chicago. Oh, Chicago. And yeah, so Islam is, is a universal way of life. It's not because some people, many people think oh, if you're Muslim, you're an Arab. So we

00:32:14--> 00:32:51

dispelled that myth. You're an American. Many people like they'll pick a foreign car over an American one because the quality let's say of Honda's better Toyota, for example, or Mercedes, but that doesn't mean they're a traitor to their country, does it? So just because you want to worship the Creator, not the creation, right? You want to submit your will to God doesn't that isn't just doesn't mean you're a trader, right? still love your country. I'm sure. I love mine. And we want the best for humanity. So people see these things, right? But some people are struggling they think okay, man, I'm going to be outcast, outside of what advice do you from someone who was investigating

00:32:51--> 00:33:03

Islam now you're living it? And what advice simple advice do you give for people who are kinda in that dilemma? Like, you know, they're, they're nervous, what society is going to say what my parents gonna say, you know, and some people accepted Islam and others struggling struggling with it.

00:33:08--> 00:33:32

There's a lot there to cover just some basic Yeah, yeah, no, um, I would say just, I can't put sincerity or you can't make somebody sincere. So try to find the sincerity within yourself to look for the truth. If it is important to you, it's there. It's not like it's not hidden either. Yeah, just gotta be sincere about finding it. And,

00:33:34--> 00:33:51

and, and continue to research because Islam always you know, in the Quran, Allah asked you to question and ask him to, and to do research and reflect. So to continue to do that and, and be sincere and inshallah you'll

00:33:52--> 00:34:36

be sincere like that. That's the key right that you got to be sincere. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being with us. God Almighty Bless you. And thank you guys for tuning in. Here to the de show. Sincerity is key. You got to sincerely want to know the truth. You got to search for it and ask, ask and you shall receive. So as the one who created you say the one who created me? Why am I here? What do you want from me? guide me? Is that simple, but often, it's overlooked. So start earnestly asking the one who created you don't put a middle man in between you and your Creator. beseech him alone. And then from there, start investigating, start researching, remember death, it's

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

going to come at any time you have all these aspirations and goals Okay, shoot for him. But remember, prepare for what's going to come possibly before you even achieve most of those goals death and what when it comes. What excuse Are you going to have that you chased everything under the sun, you accomplish every goal, except the ultimate goal figuring out what the purpose of life is, why am I here? Where am I going when I die? And how you can you expect to get better

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

iridized ultimate reward promise to those who believe in the one God and do what he told them to do have good deeds.

00:35:08--> 00:35:41

You can't get anything. You can't expect to get that reward if you didn't chase it. So, tune in every week to the deen show. Start with these simple steps. Call us one 800 662 Islam if you have any questions, a lot of false propaganda hype out there lies misinformation about Islam. Don't get me which by it, it behooves you to look into it for yourself. Make the human connection with a Muslim visit a mosque call us and Subscribe here to The T shirt. We got a new exciting episode with a new and exciting guest. Until then Peace be with you.