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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace. How are you guys doing? Now? For those who have been watching the deen show for quite some time, you know, we're going on over 10 years 500 plus episodes with the main mission of claim many of the misconceptions, the false fallacies about Islam, educating people on this beautiful way of life, the fastest growing way of life in the world yet most misunderstood, delivering the purpose of life, we should want to know our purpose, right? We've been created for what is party and play? No, there is a purpose. And many have questions and we have a one 800 number that people can call. Now we have and we've been collaborating we

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collaborating with Dr. Sabina from gain peace and he's going to share some wonderful story. How's it been now since the new president presidents taken office, have the calls fluctuated gone up? Have they gotten down some stories to share with us? How are you handling Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Alaykum Sana from a Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you and to the all the listeners and the watchers out there. That severe there was a sister, a medical doctor, you were sharing with me a very just inspiring story about her kind of having some health issues, she thought she was going to die. She saw the one 800 number, inviting people to tell us Well, tell us about the story. It's very

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touching story. Okay. hamdulillah. So about three months ago, we received a call on the gain pieces hotline, 800 662 Islam. So this number is out there on the brochures and the billboards, TV, radio media, so many 1000s of people call so far Alhamdulillah. And after the shows, I usually put this number out, I see people if you have any questions, call the number before you leave a rude comment or something. Call us. Yes, call us. And if you have any questions, give us a call. If you need a copy of the Quran, give us a call. If you want to become a Muslim, give us a call, right? No force your choice. But we are there. So about three months ago, we got a call from this lady from the

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And she said that she saw this telephone number. And the reason she is calling is that she wants to become a Muslim. Just like that, just like that. And we were you know, so it's not as surprising to us because literally 1000s of people have called and they have embraced Islam on the telephone. So each time a person calls we ask them the question in a welcome to Islam or how did you hear about us? And tell us your background? You know, how what made you interested in Islam, but you usually someone like her who's called she's done her research she's been usually this is this is the end? This is like, okay, the decision has been made, if they want to embrace it, but have you found that

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most people who call and say I want to take Shahada or I want to become a Muslim, they've done their their research? Yes, almost all the time they have done the research. But even then, before anyone takes a Shahada, or embraces Islam, we go over the six beliefs and the five pillars, just to make sure that we are getting giving them authentic information. Yeah, you know, it so happened that they may watch a video, or they may interact with a Muslim or maybe read a book. And sometimes people become emotional. And they call and they take the Shahada, which is good. But before we give them the Shahada, we make sure that they understand the fundamentals of Islam. So Alhamdulillah, when

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this lady when this sister She called, we asked her the question, you know, what made you interested? Tell us about your background. So she said

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that she has studied Islam for some time, actually, for a long time. And she's a medical doctor, and she was having some problems, health problems, severe problem. So she went to the ER. So she was calling from the hospital, by the way. But the reason she was calling that time and not waiting until she goes home, is because she was saying, What if she dies in the hospital? What if she does not have time? She wants to embrace the message of Islam when she is alive. Even a baby from the hospital from the ER bed Alhamdulillah and she took Shahada brother Eddie

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lying on the bed in the ER she proclaimed La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, there is no other God besides one God Allah and Mohammed sotto la live Salaam is the messenger and the slave servant of Allah. I mean, that's, that's a reality. We're all gonna die. And I think life and all its, and that things entertaining us. That kind of has us not thinking about the reality of death, but she felt something coming on that she but she's still alive today. She made it.

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Not only she's alive, but she's an active Muslim. Now she's helping other new Muslims Alhamdulillah she's part of our WhatsApp forum, by the way. And if anyone you know is

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new person if they say that, you know, I need help and so and so situation is almost always the very first person to welcome them to Islam and to step out to help them out which form is that? It's a WhatsApp forum group. Yeah, for the new Muslims. It's a nationwide group that we have. So they can interact, they can help each other it's just really dangerous. Yeah to gain peace. So she's on there, she's helping people now Mashallah. She's on there. She's helping people. She became a mentor of the new Muslims, even though she is a new new Muslim, Muslim herself. Okay, so she went through investigating Islam looking at all the evidence that Islam provides. And some people need an extra

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push, so that he or visit whatever was going on in her life. Hopefully, we can get on the program, and she can tell us more of the details of her story and what what was affecting her. But it was that bad that she felt like I can die here, right. Yeah, you know, it's a wake up call. You know, our Creator gives us so many opportunities all throughout our lives. The challenges themselves can be assigns, maybe the 800 number that the C could be assigned maybe when there was the deen show and look at the truth of Islam could be assigned. So the science of Allah subhanaw taala opportunities are all over the place. If a person looks at the opportunity, grabs opportunity gives us a call was

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the dean show Alhamdulillah they are the chosen and the blessed ones. So I hope and pray that those who are watching the show who are not yet Muslims, give us a call 806 six to Islam. We are here to help out you know 24 seven, give us a call. If you need to study more, we can converse with you any questions that you have, inshallah we can we can answer that. Could that be about Sharia law, the misconceptions the media spewing out there could be the concept of jihad, you know, it's been twisted, right and left

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multiple marriages of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam or quote unquote, the violence by some Muslims any call any doubt any concern that you may have? Give us a call? We can let you know what the Quran teaches about this noble concepts. How was the How was the noble life of Prophet Muhammad? sallallahu wasallam. Right.

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So God has given a lot has given this opportunities. Let's grab the opportunities and we pray that may Allah guide you and all of us are the nest does the highest route to take many people as soon as there is a video or something to do with Islam. Many people we know that was it. Time Magazine, back in the early 70s. They printed an article talking about the over what was a 50 60,000 books, anti Islam books that were printed. You heard about this? Yes. In the Western countries. I believe it was time magazine. They say it's a higher number, by the way. Yeah. It was no that don't know, I'm sorry, over a span of 150 years. Yes. They were calculating that over 50,000 books were written

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against Islam. So that's over a span of 150,150 years. Yeah. Did you hear this one? Yes, yes. So now, somehow, you know, this is the

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information that people are getting on Islam. Now a person ends up hearing something, you know, twisted about it. The nobler route is to pick up the phone and call before someone you know, have you ever read taken a chance? You know, timeout, and you read some of the comments that people have made really just nasty, vile. You know, I invite these people, someone who might be watching this and someone has just usually they're projecting something of, of hate that's inside, they're just not happy with themselves. Usually a person just when you're at peace, you have peace, you live in peace, you're happy. You don't personify this. Usually, you know, you you you take, take a more

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nobler route, but even those person who are bitter and angry, I mean, this can be the key to eradicate that, that disease in the heart. Right. And I think that's the it takes some courage to do that. So pick up the phone, call one 800 662 Islam, ask any questions, you're saying it doesn't matter what course, make the connection and have a conversation. You know, one more story comes to my mind regarding people sometimes when they are brainwashed by the media or by some friends of theirs. So 26th of August, we had a open house at the Islamic center of romeoville. About an hour from here. After the presentation and the social activities and the tour of the masjid. I approached

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a non Muslim sister, a non Muslim lady neighbor, and I asked her Okay, what made you interested to come to the mosque, you know, and how did you enjoy the open house? And she said, she said that, you know, Seville, my friend warned me never to go and meet the Muslims because they make kidnap you,

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sir friends tell her to this. Yes. Yeah. And then she said, You know, my friend said if you're going to go to the mosque or

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House do not eat their food because it may be poisoned. Wow. Right. And then with a big smile, he said, you know, it's a bit I'm still alive, nobody kidnapped me, and I'm still you know, have eaten the food delicious. So when people attack Islam, some sincere people, they became more curious.

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And Alhamdulillah they leave with positive experience. In fact, on that open house, we had many, many copies of the Quran, every single one of them ran out, and we have to scramble to get more copies, because that was that much demand by our neighbors.

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People think now, since with the new president and Islamophobia on the rise, I was looking at some of the numbers where it was

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an all time high all time high.

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That it's ever been about on the amount of marches that have been attacked, vandalized, bombed. I mean, like never before. So, you know, people's, obviously through many corrupt and evil politicians who are also capitalizing off of this fear and false propaganda, you would think now, how is it because this is like, on the scene, the calls that are coming in to this number the requests to get more krons? How is it as it is, if you say business, if you look at it from a,

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from a business person is business low or high business is low or high

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Alhamdulillah the business of saving souls, there you go, I think there's a better a better way of packaging that message, but they're just given an example how people were, you know, if they had if this was something actual product, but this is something more valuable than any of that on the eighth of November, when Mr. Trump when he when he became victorious when it comes to the electoral college or so

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many Muslims, we were not fearful, by the way, but we were overly cautious what is going to happen to the Muslim Ummah in the West? What is going to happen to the world? I mean, obviously, we had trust in Allah subhanaw taala, right. So when it comes to the Islamophobia, the hate attacks and the burning down of the massages, there's a reality unfortunate reality of Islamophobia. But when it comes to Dawa, or the business of Dawa as we would say, how is the business going saving of souls? We never had better Edie as good of a year when it comes to data. As this year, the year 2017. And the year is not over yet. Meaning people that inquisitive to know about Islam Alhamdulillah Look at

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this. We had more calls from people asking about Islam this year than we had any year in the last 25 years. This year. Yeah, this year. 2017 more calls? Yes. And we had the dour telephone line since 1993.

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We had more people requesting copies of the Quran this year than any year in the past.

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Can you imagine that?

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We had more positive coverage by the media this year than all the media coverage is since the last 25 years.

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How about this one here? How about this one? That's amazing. How about this one here, right? We had more Masjid open houses this year in the USA, that all the open houses in the last 25 years combined. Set it against the more open houses where people are requesting to come visit a mosque or you're having an open house at the mosques, sending invitations and people come for themselves to learn to see to meet Muslims. So more than combined a combination of all the years prior to this year. Yes. 100 more people have been attending these open houses. Yeah. So we had more open houses, and also more people attending the open houses. You know, in fact, when we had early this year at

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MCC Masjid, right, our Chicago Masjid 1000 people came Alhamdulillah we had the ICN Masjid open house. Close to 1000 actually 1200 people came at the mercy of al Qaeda we had open house 500 people came in the Bolingbrook Masjid the MA B Masjid, about 400 people came right. literally hundreds of people are coming. So more people are coming more open houses than any other year in the last 25 years combined. And that's the blessings Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. But look at this one here. This statistic

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Alhamdulillah by the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala more people embraced Islam this year than any year in the last 25 years through the gain piece and the massages right.

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So so one set Yo, one such person by the way. Are you ready for one more story? Yes, yeah.

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So this

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And he called. And we had many call takers call associates. So I was the one from the law who took the call. And this person he said, you know, can I have a free copy of the Quran? I said, Okay, fine, Brother, what is your name, your, your, your address, and we will send one to you. Then I became curious, you know, so he was calling from Philadelphia from from Philadelphia. You know, john, what made you interested to read the Koran.

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This is his story. He said,

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that many of my friends, they went to Afghanistan and Iraq, to fight the Muslims, because we became really angry after 911.

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Then he said that I was not able to go because I had some obligation, my family, my business over here, but I took the mission to fight Muslims and Islam by reading their Koran by by examining their ideology, and they want to destroy the ideology.

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So he studied for the last about 17 years since 911. And finally he called and he said, I have a few more questions for you.

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And after his questions were answered, but there Eddie, that person used to be really aggressive islamophobe against Islam and Muslims on the telephone, the more that he read the Quran, the more that he examined tauheed against Trinity and all of their his heart melted on the telephone this person he recited La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah.

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This is a obviously when someone wants to accept Islam to see that declaration and they make, that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth and Arabic Allah, and that Muhammad just like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and all the preceding messengers, they were sent by God, they weren't gods. They weren't semi Gods demigods. They were callers of got caught messengers, calling people to worship only God exists, not just fits, that fits. That's like the piece I've been people say like, that's what I've been looking for. Because many people because of all of the esoteric, all the mystical, strange things have been associated with manmade counterfeit religions.

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They kind of throw them all in the same bunch and just get turned off a religion. So there's a big lesson for our audience out there, whether it be our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity, right? Give Islam a chance. read the Quran, examine the Loeb noble life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Because on the Day of Judgment, when you stand in front of the Creator,

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he is going to ask you the question, I have given you the opportunities. They were wonderful shows like The in show gain piece, telephone number free copy of the Quran they were offering, they were in running the open houses in in the mosque close to you. Why didn't you grab the opportunity, and that will be too late for them to come back and grab those opportunities. Now is the time my dear brothers, my dear sisters of humanity. Life is very short. It is unpredictable.

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people end up in the hospital and they're making the calls and 100 ilari. Yeah, it's he's not going to ask you about the Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather fight, or nelo, Triple G golf tour, that those are all the part the parts of the entertainment and it's interesting that when someone is like a in a position of life or death like she was, she started to reflect started to think I need to get serious, she accepted Islam be someone is now confined, let's say in jail, sadly, you know, there's many people who end up in jail. They come in as

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non Muslims, not yet Muslims. And you see that why is Islam the fastest growing religion not only outside of jail but also in jail. The statistics prove that Islam is in the prison system it's that these people they weren't Muslim you know, some obviously might you know who not practicing Islam they might you know, end up there.

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But people who had nothing to do with Islam they go in now what I wanted to say be it now they're confined, meaning now they got time to open up the books, so many distractions in life, right so much things entertaining us 600 satellite channels, you know, the clubs and a weekend's pubs on the weekdays. You know, it's so many things people just they don't have a chance to just sit and reflect and think city big building. But now you know about that number and in the prisons, now a person gets locked down. Now they can open up and read and they choose Islam because it has the evidence and provides the facts, not the fiction. The purpose in life and people are accepting it in the in

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the prison system. And system actually, you know, gain peace has a department called prison power. We have dedicated resources and personnel. We are actually advertising in the prison magazines for the inmates and the prison magazines for the admin

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faders showing them that we have this service. If your inmates or the admin administrators would like to call, they can give us a call. And we can send them free copy of the Quran and the literature because they have a lot of time. 100 Laurie? Yeah. In one more story, right. Are you ready for this one? This one is really interesting story.

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We had more visits to the masjid by the schools and colleges and the churches, right this year than any year that I can think about. And here is the story regarding this. So there is this teacher who used to bring her kits for many years, you know, each time the senior class social studies humanities class, and this teacher, she heard the message of Islam so many times correct. Allah subhanaw taala has given her the opportunity hamdullah two months ago,

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the teacher from Naperville Alhamdulillah,

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she accepted Islam, the teacher while he had accepted it, so she's been bringing in groups and she's been hearing the presentation has been hearing the introduction to Islam And finally, she accepted Islam she was thinking perhaps for you know, the presentations. So she comes to the MSI Masjid and other massages, by the way, right? So there are three important things that we need to discuss. One would be, they may be curious, our viewers may be curious, you know, what, what is the most important aspect within Islam? Or what is the number one reason people are accepting Islam right? Is it the concept of oneness of God? Is it the noble life of Muhammad peace be upon him? Is it the

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Quran guidance? Is it the hijab morality modesty?

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That say that's a question that will come to their mind the 1000s of people what is the number one reason

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what what do you think it is? What I mean? I think it's the the concept of God you know, the the pure monotheism the the direct and simple message of the purpose of life easy to digest, easy to implement. That is the answer whether it was my price, your price that a good deal offer, you might give you the best in this love and those in the hereafter you your family and the Muslim army.

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When we ask them the question of our fellow Americans and people of different nations when they call and they embraced Islam of their own choice, that what made you interested the number one thing that made you interested when they look into Islam, and almost always more than 60% of the time they say,

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it is the oneness of God, absolute monotheism, compared to the multiple persons in Trinity compared to the idol worship compared to giving divinity to creation, how Islam separates absolute monotheism, absolute oneness of God, from the law. It touches here it is rational, no mysterious dogmas. And it touches here, oneness of God, the same message that Ibrahim alayhis salam, Prophet Abraham, Moses and Jesus and Ishmael and Isaac and Muhammad peace be upon them, they proclaimed number one reason why. Second important point, the viewers may be curious, especially the Muslim viewers, you know, whether it's a bit what happens after the 1000s of people who convert to Islam,

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what do you guys do? What happens after the Shahada? Right? It's an important question what happens from the day that they embrace Islam? First and foremost, we give them a welcome to Islam package Alhamdulillah it's a gift from the Muslim community to welcome them, come join the Muslim nation and the Muslim ummah. Alhamdulillah you're one of us. Now you have a 1.7 billion family members. Second, we appoint trained mentors. So we have mentorship training that we provide to the massages and the data centers and the different groups. Number three, we have classes for this new Muslim brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah, both online classes and in house classes. So if any Masjid would like to

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obtain these resources, we can help them in Sharla. Number four, we have many social activities, right? Because Islam is not just about education and education. It's about healthy halaal permissible fun activities for the families and for the kids. And then we have conferences, you know, just we have the ignor is now mass care conferences. We have current conferences for our reverb brothers and sisters in Islam. So one such conference which is coming up is the first of October 2018 Sunday,

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right from 10am up until about 6pm inshallah, at the water food banquet. So if anyone goes to gain forward slash conference, or call us at the telephone number, and you will be part of that conference. It is for networking, socializing, educating

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It's a good fun education, educational activities for our new Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam inshallah, we're almost out of time. Just a couple more points. What's the common question? What's the number one misconception? So we, you told us what was the number one thing that attracts people to Islam? And obviously people now they know that Islam simply means to submit to peacefully submit your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth. And that's how you get peace in life and the heart and the soul. What is it that people have a misconception about? What's the number one thing when they call the question that they have nowadays in 2017? Yeah, the number one misconception

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people have is about Sharia. Sharia law as they say.

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So Sharia law, people have this notion that Sharia law is something harsh, it is going to come to America, it is going to force everyone to become Muslim, it is going to kill all the non believers. Out of this misconception that the media sometime is spewing. The thing that is what Islam or Sharia law is all about. In a nutshell, Sharia law is God's guidance that God has given so humanity can live in justice, morality, equality, and peace with all

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but Sharia law given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. For Humanity. It's not the very first time God's guidance or Sharia law came to humanity in a when we in fact, look at the 10 commandments in the Old Testament. Exodus chapter 20, verse number three, Deuteronomy, chapter five, verse number six, the 10 commandments, we say, was the Sharia law, guidance given by God to Prophet Moses and his people.

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take only one God, do not worship anyone besides him. Do not make any graven images, respect your parents be good to your neighbors, do not lie, do not cheat, right? We say that was the Sharia law given to Prophet Moses and his people. But what comes? Do you think further le comes to your mind when somebody says Sharia law? Or what do you think comes to the mind of our fellow Americans when they hear about Sharia law? I mean, totally the opposite of what's supposed to come to the mind. I mean, it just shows the power of the media and the brain, you know, the, the distortions that have been perpetuated out there, the false the lies, half truths. And it just, it reminds me of when

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somebody looks into this, they make the connection. I just recently had a investigative journalist. He's also an academic terrorism expert. He was a, he called he calls himself he, he called himself before he was a Muslim bigot. He was trying to blame Islam for everything, right. And this is what many people are doing nowadays, the politicians, right, the scapegoat, and he escaped well, but it's interesting. CJ Wheeler men had him on his show. And he was now he was talking about the genocide that's happening in Myanmar, right against the Rohingya Muslims. He is sitting there being on a voice for the oppressed Muslims, right. And he's saying that this is this is nonsense, right? The

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facts, the data, right, that he went down and investigated, he wanted to see what motivated people, because they try to link and say, okay, it's Islam, that's motivating people. But when he went down this rabbit hole, and he looked into it, he said, this is this is just fiction. It's not true, right? It's not true. It's, it's, and this is an academic, right? Yes. And many other academics who have, who have taken the time, but most people don't take the time. That's the thing. They just what's been passed down, they just, you know, repeat like parents. So it's important lesson for our fellow Americans and for the Muslims and for all of us. God has given us a mind and ability and

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blessings of knowledge and experience and we have to use it and not blindly believe in blindly follow. Yeah. So again, when it comes to Sharia law, it's important for us to know it is not just about a punishment system. You know, I give this example all the time, right? Suppose if aliens if there are aliens out there, if they come and come to earth and ask me the question, you know, Seville, what is the constitution all about? If I tell them that the constitution punishes people by lethal injection, by electrocution and by hanging,

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if that's all I say, and then they leave, am I doing justice to the US Constitution? No, not right. Why?

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Because I'm only touching upon the punishment system in the US, and ignoring the breath and the beauty of the Constitution. In the same way, within the breath and beauty of the Sharia guidance that God has given to humanity less than point 5% deals with a punishment system.

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And every society needs to have checks and balances punishment system. That is the reason we have the law enforcement the police force the armed forces the homeland, secure

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Ready, is it not? In the same way with proper checks and balances Islam also has the punishment system. But the rest of the Sharia law deals with Unity of humanity, Chapter 49, verse number 13, that how a law has created one male and one female, and made us into nations and tribes and people, so we get to know each other. That's part of the Sharia law. Part of the Sharia law is to fight racism any ways and forms it exists out there. Right Muhammad peace be upon him. He said that a Arab is no superior to a non Arab and non Arab is no superior to an Arab. A white is not superior to a black and black is not superior to a white, all of your children of Adam and Adam was made from just

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equality of humanity of all the races is part of the Sharia law. It's part of the Sharia law to take care of our neighbors, our our our neighborhoods, you know, Muhammad peace be upon him, he said that you're not a full believer, if you eat, you're full. And if your neighbors are hungry,

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it's part of the Sharia law to take care of the minorities in a Muslim country. Right, protecting the minorities the way Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam when he moved from Mecca to Medina, how he protected the Jewish people from them being preyed by the super powers of the time. The Sharia law is God's guidance. But you know, just like

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some Christians have taken verses out of context from their Bible, or the Jewish people have taken passages out of their Bible, and have caused the Crusades oppression of the Palestinians, the Inquisition, the slave traders and the colonial powers. They have used the Bible their ideology for their own agenda, some misguided Muslims, using the word Sharia law or jihad. They have oppressed that women, they have taken the rights of the of the minorities, they are forcefully converting some some non Muslims, if they're doing it, they're going against the clear cut teachings of the Sharia law that gives the protection to the minorities, autonomy, freedom of practicing their faith. So

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again, a lesson for all of us, my dear brother Eddie and for all of us is that do not blindly believe what people are saying and following and actions of misguided people. If you want to know what Islam is.

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Give us a call. We can give you a free copy of the Quran. Have your mind open, come to the open houses, converse with Muslims, then you will find the truth inshallah often so you got nothing to lose but so much so much to gain by making that connection. Take the higher route. It's easy to be a keyboard troll and say vile, you know, profanities and hurtful words. But go ahead and call before you do that. Be brave enough to make the call one 806 six to Islam, ask your questions, have a dialogue and make your decision from there. And then call right now. They can call right now right now you can call one 800 662 islaam Thank you very much. We're out of time. Thank you for being with

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us Dr. Seville. inshallah, we'll have you back again. And thank you guys for sitting through another episode of the D show. Subscribe if you haven't already, and call call us. Let's make the connection. Ask us your questions. And let's see what happens from there. Thank you so much for tuning in. We'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you. Assalamu